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I was dating this guy and for some reason he liked to fuck me with objects from pens to fruit and dildos.. He would ride me but it always started with something else.. He would always tell me; COME HERE… If I heard him say that I know he wanted my ass for something but I didn’t care because I knew he was going to pay attention to my ass and lead to a good pounding and some tasty Cum for me (I look forward to it)..

I’m a total bottom witch makes me the bitch That means I can take his cock when and where ever I want; as long as don’t hurt him but I must do the same for him and never deny him for any reason even if there are people in the house.. I would just stand there letting him unload in me and go back to what we were doing (I love to please a man) Like if he was in his office and I heard him say; COME HERE …I would walk in the room looking for things by him knowing he wanted my ass but I knew to walk up to the desk and turn around lifting my skirt or dress and assuming the position with no questions and just stand there for him with my ass in reach and wait.. Sometimes playing hard to get and move it away when he touched it with my skirt/dress up (but never move out of reach).. So he could fondle my ass playing with it maybe work his pin inside me or the dildo he kept in the drawer..
One time I was a little worried about getting shocked when he worked his Mouse in me pushing it deep inside me with the PIN then pulling it out slowly with the cord or he may just grab my hips and start eating my ass…

But the first time he ever inserted a bottle or anything of size in me we had been going out for about 8 months and he was sitting on one end of the couch and I was sitting on the other watching TV.. He finished his beer and told me; COME HERE.. he knew I had just gotten out of the shower so I was all cleaned out and juicy.. I moved over to him putting my knees against the side of his legs and laying out over the arm of the couch on my elbows pudding my ass right there for him.. He pulled up my silky teal nighty and kissed the side of my ass as he pulled down my teal green panties and gently started working his fingers in me.. I just stay there not saying a word just lightly moaning mmmmmmm as I open my legs some for him .. He put his left arm over my back rubbing the sides of my puss with his hand as he fingered me with the other.. He works 2 fingers from each hand inside me then gapped me wide open pulling my ass over against him to where he could see and roughly started working more fingers in me.. I laid out on the arm of the couch with my ass in the air against his chest just enjoying him working my ass lightly moaning and moving it against his fingers.. it started to hurt a little bit making me cry out some I couldn’t open my legs too much because he had my teal shiny silky panties down by my knees..

After 10 or 15 minutes he had a bunch of fingers in me I don’t know how many but he had my pussy stretched open more than it has ever been before.. I don’t know why but I was enjoying it with the pure pressure stretching my puss out… He pulled his fingers out then I felt the top of the cold tallneck bottle going in me till the bottle part started stretching me open it took him 10 minutes to work the wide bottle part in me ..I was squirming and crying out but he had his left arm around my waist and working the bottle with the other telling me; YOU CAN TAKE IT..Then he pulled the bottle out and lifted my ass up by my waist and slid my panties down to my ankles.. I move my knees apart arched my back way up and I could feel my wet juicy puss gap open with slippery juice going down my legs.. I knew I was ready to take it.. I told Mark; OKAY YOU KNOW I’M YOUR BITCH LET’S TRY IT AGAIN..
I looked over my shoulder and I could see a smile on his face as he fingered me a little bit then started to work the tallneck bottle back in me.. It took a little bit of work for him to force it all the way in me but I was determined to take it for him..

Once he had most of it worked in me it started to feel good as I began moving my ass on it with him holding the bottle still for me… I was moaning Softly As He told me; OH YEAH BABY WORK IT DEEPER TILL YOU FEEL MY FINGERTIPS HITTING YOUR PUSS…It felt so good like I was a virgin again with my puss stretched open as far as it could go.. I was getting so hot and telling him; OH MARK OOO OH MARK MMMMM YOUR SO GOOD TO ME OOOO OOOO THAT FEELS SO GOOD MMMM MY PUSS FEELS SO TIGHT OOO OOO OOO I could feel his fingertips banging against my puss everytime I shoved down on it … I moved back some and unzipped his shorts pulling his hard cock out and squeezing it real tight as I quickly stroked it Mark started fucking me back with the bottle…I was so hot all I wanted was his cock down my throat with my ass stretched wide open and moving it in the air.. I kissed the head then pushed all the way down my throat in one motion pushing my face tight in his bush holding it there as he fucked me then I wildly started throwing it in rhythm with him telling him; DON’T STOP DON’T STOP.. When I would come up for air then forcing it right back down my throat…
I was going crazy moving my ass all around while roughly throating his cock he started crying out; I’M GOING TO CUM AAA AAA AAA YEAH AAA AAA AAA I never slow down I could feel his nice warm loads of Cum shooting all around in my throat but I was so wound up I didn’t stop I was enjoying the feeling of my puss stretched wide open and being pounded and his long cock unloading in my throat I actually needed some air but I didn’t want to stop till he was done Cumming .. When he was finally done I quickly pulled it out choking and gasping for air!! I was dizzy and felt like I was going to pass out.. I just laid my head in his lap for a few minutes.. Once I caught my breath I suck and cleaned his cock getting every drop of Cum I could.. Mark pulled my panties up and use my small nighty belt to hold them up and told me; YOUR GOING TO KEEP THE BOTTLE IN FOR A WHILE DON’T TAKE IT OUT .. I thought what the hell !!!
But it actually felt good as I would move around or walk I started making excuses to get up one time I went in the bathroom and you could just barely see a small outline of the bottle pushing out on my panties.. I went in and took my time doing the dishes moving my ass and making my panties push it in and out of me.. I was really enjoying it even when I went back in and sit down the seat push 90% of it up in me and I could move my legs and ass and feel the end of it moving around up inside me.. but what I really liked was for a couple of hours I could regurgitate bringing the Cum backup just getting to taste it over and over mmmmmmm …

When we went to bed that night he started to pull my panties down to take the bottle out and I lightly smacked his hand for the first time ever I denied him I wanted it left in me I was enjoying it but I think he could feel my legs and ass moving in the bed so he wanted to get some telling me HEY COME HERE.. I grabbed his hand and put it back on my panties and my God they were soaking wet (I helped him pull them down) …I reached back and gently stroke his cock as he pulled the bottle out and juice just started flowing out of me I tightened my puss but I couldn’t get it to stop.. I reached in my nightstand and grabbed a plug giving it to him to put in me but it didn’t help it was just leaking out around it.. I was so stretched out from the bottle the plug actually popped out which had never happened before.. he had got me in the habit of wearing a plug so I was always ready for him and they had never came out before…

So he rolled me on my stomach and climbed on top of my legs and pushed his cock right in me and started pounding my ass and his cock was so long it opened me up even deeper and more juice started flowing out around his cock it almost made a splashing sound every time he drove it to the base and I just cried out; OH YES MMMM YES FUCK ME AAAA AAAA A AAA FUCK ME OOO OOO O OOO OH POUND ME HARD… He laid down on top of me from behind and forced his arms under me grabbing my shoulders and putting his head by mine as he quietly talked to me; YOU LITTLE SLUT I’M GOING TO FUCK YOUR JUICY OPENED PUSS REAL HARD .. He started pounding me real hard and fast I could feel the head rubbing up on my back from the inside tell he hit bottom then using my shoulders to pull his body way up forcing the head down on my abedin then pulling it back and doing it again real fast’..

I was shaking and quivering under him.. Moving my in a small circle crying out; AA AA AA AA YOU FUCKING BASTERED AA AA AA AA FUCK ME OH FUCK ME AW AW AW AW YOUR GOING TO MAKE ME CUM .. I could feel my warm Cum shooting out under me as I grabbed the top of the bed wildly pulling myself back in forth in rhyme with him.. As my slippery juicy insides tightened up around his cock the flow slow down after 20 minutes or so he started Cumming In Me but I really couldn’t feel it we were moving so fast when he was done he quickly slid down spread open my cheeks and started eating my ass and cleaning me out.. I just laid there enjoying the whole thing and catching my breath.. When he was done with me I moved over sucking his cock clean as he just laid there all sprawled out.. The way that he fucked I just wanted it to get hard again and fuck me some more but he was all done I got on my knee’s crawling around sucking on the sheets trying to find my big Cum wet spot I was so in heat all I could think of was more Cum and my juices..

Ones I find all I could I rolled on my back in the big wet spot with my knee’s up and started rubbing and fingering my ass amazed at how juicy I was asking; Mark WHY DO I ALWAYS GET THE WET SPOT.. and I got up and grabbed a towel and we both went to bed.. The next day if I coughed or bent over juice would squirt out after my second pair of panties I had to go to Walgreens and buy a box a feminine pads the ones with a string to keep my panties dry.. By that night everything was okay but my God I could not believe how big those Kotex things will swell up.. but what I have done since then is to go to the next size up in a plugs but making sure they’re not bigger around than his cock so I would still be tight for him when he was ready… We still do the bottle thing every once in awhile but only on weekends 1 time at New Year’s we tried a champagne bottle but it was just too big I guess if we would have worked at it long enough we could have done it but really I don’t want my puss stretched out that much.. Mark and I Stay Together for a round 4 years he got a new job but I did not want to move to New York with the cold ass Winters he comes down and visits once in a while and we have fun but that is just the extent of it now..

my point is for telling you guys this is you should never turn your partner down you may find something you really like and enjoy or maybe not but it will reassure your partner you trust him / her and you’re willing to try something new and not the same old same old all the time.. just like with Mark and I we don’t see each other a lot anymore but when we do I can’t wait to see what he has came up with for me to do.. sextoy101

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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