the foursome…

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the foursome…
My first experience with group sex involved my girlfriend at the time and her best friend and her husband. I was young and still naive when it came to sex and my personal preferences. Confused you might say but I new what I liked. Strapon fuck my ass and I’m yours for the night and if I can cum in your pussy and then eat it back out making you cum in the process, I’ll even make you breakfast.

I mean, I love eating pussy and having my GF cum in my face as she got off but sometimes I got a little curious as to what my cock tasted like as she sucked me off and swallowed every little bit. The way she devoured it, it must be good, right?

It was that curiosity that started me eating my own cum out my GF’s wet and juicy pussy after we had fucked. This got me off as much as it did her. I love creampie!

I had had next to no experience with the same sex and was still kind of hung up on the blossimg bisexual feelings I was feeling at the time. That was to change, fast.

I was actually working for my GF’s (H) BFF’s (L) husband (A) and we were staying at their cottage/house on the lake while A and I finished a local contracting job. The evenings were pretty much uneventful with some socializing, drinking some beer and wine and getting to know one another being the most popular activity as we spent time together. The four of us would go for a swim at the local lake so we had seen each other almost naked for the most part and of course, I had seen my GF naked and in some pretty interesting positions, as we had been an item for some time now.

What I wasn’t prepared for was seeing her L and A stark naked from time to time as they walked around the house. I wasn’t surprised as it was their house but the ease and comfort with which they sauntered by, and lingered maybe a little too long, around me and my GF, well I finally clued in. What the hell, I’l give it a whirl, I started dropping little hints and flirting back a little with them both hopefully showing that I was more than curious. L was hot and so was A. Both fit and firm bodies. Let’s see where this goes and with whom? I knew my GF H was into it as it came up in pillow talk a number of times, and she had probably already been with them both before I came along already, but I didn’t care, this might be fun.

The very first time I saw my buddies cock, well he was completely nude when I turned around, it was hard to miss. He had come out of the shower and called to L for something but I wasn’t really paying attention but when I did look up and turn around to see what was up, I got an eye full. Slighlty flacid but clearly better hung than I was and gobs of foreskin!

I’m cut and had never seen another cock with the foreskin attached and had always been curious. I love them now and I think this is likely the reason why.

My first reaction was to blush, and to continue to stare while L responded to A’s request and held out the facecloth he was after. He walked over to her and pulled it from her hand. I was still staring and they both saw this and had smiles on their faces when I finally realized what I was doing and looked away.
As he returned to the shower, wash cloth in hand, I snuck another look at his muscular ass and back and honestly, felt a little aroused.

At the time I didn’t realize but L was watching me intently for my reaction and must have been satisfied that she could broach the subject. She walked over to me still on the couch. I was sporting a little bit of a chubby only I could feel so I rearranged myself as she sat down at the other end of the couch.

“Have you ever had a homosexual experience?” she asked. Right out of the blue!

“Well, yeah when I was younger we messed around but nothing long term” I replied.

“What about a group encounter? Have you ever been with a couple before?” she then asked.

“No, nothing like that but I used to like to secretly watch when my buddies used to hook up with their GF’s.” I responded.

She then asked me the question, “You want to join us tonight and bring your GF, we have a little something planned if you want to try?”

Wow. Just wow, my mind was spinning but I wasn’t saying no! “Sure” I blurted out, “We’ll be there.”

I immediately wondered to myself if I was supposed to bring this up with my GF or was she already aware of what was planned? I guess I’ll find out when she gets home from her waitress job later.

H came home from work and greeted me with a huge smile and a huge hug. “How you doin’?” she asked with a wink. She knew. She must have. She had this planned all along.

“Great!” I said with a big, knowing smile. “How you doin” babe?”

“Better and better every minute. Did L ask you a question today or did A?” she inquired.

“It was L and you knew what was going to happen today all along didn’t you?”

She just laughed and gently squeezed my balls through my shorts and said “Yeah baby, you know we talked about it. Now is the perfect opportunity!”

That evening we all had a somewhat formal dinner together and sat around the table afterwards enjoying the wine and company. We were all loosened up by the alcohol and were very relaxed and enjoying the vibe.

L got up and calmly undid the buttons on her barely there blouse and almost immediately A jumped up and dropped his shorts in one swift movement. I sat there mouth agape and H just giggled and got up from the table too.

I followed the lead and we shed our clothes on the way as we all headed towards L and A’s bedroom, which was barely lit but well equipped with a camera on a tripod in the far corner, almost out of sight.

My GF held my hand as she led me to the edge of the bed and sat me down as L sat down beside me. A was headed to the camera and I presume he turned it on and started recording with the lens turned towards the bed we were all about to occupy.

H pulled my arms up and slid my t-shrirt off as L brazenly reached for the top of my shorts and popped the button and unzipped me. H pushed me back and as I fell backwards on to the bed, L pulled my shorts off leaving me naked and very aroused as I lay there. I wondered what was going to happen next and was just going with the flow. I then noticed A heading over to the bed, naked again but with a substantial hard on prominently protruding up and slightly to the left, with a grin on his face.

H then locked lips with L as H turned around and arranged herself so she was positioning her pussy just inches from my face. L was lost in the kiss. Straining, I reached up and stuck my tongue in H’s pussy, as I had done on numerous occasions, and was rewarded with a flood of juices on my tongue. She was soaked!

L was busily licking and sucking and basically devouring H’s lips and tongue and A had positioned himself behind L. I heard a gasp from L as A plunged his hard cock into her. Momentarily breaking the lip lock she had with my girlfriend but immediately went back at it.

I was busily lapping at my GF’s soaking wet cunt, getting a steady flow of juices in my mouth and juices dripping down the side of my face into my beard and moustache. She was really soaked. She must have been really turned on as I was servicing her as was L. L was of course getting serviced by A’s hard cock that he was now furiously pounding into her. The wet slapping noise was making me hard as a rock and I then realized, HEY someone is being neglected here! My cock was prominently on display here and I wasn’t getting any of this action!

My patience paid off because just as the thought passed through my head, someone got the head of my engorged cock in a rather tight grip then a warm mouth engulfed it fully. I didn’t bother to look but it felt fucking exquisite. I shoved my tongue into H’s asshole as I thoroughly and unashamedly thrust my cock into the mouth of whomever was sucking on it. H loved that as a prelude to anal but I went back to lapping at her pussy after a few laps of her asshole. I thought to myself after a few seconds that it couldn’t be my girlfriend sucking my hard cock so exquistely so it must have been L taking the lead but just as quickly I made the realization that L and H were still sucking face and it was in fact A who was now sucking so efficiently and effectively at my cock that I thought I was going to explode right then and there. Shocker! I thought for the briefest of times “What the fuck am I doing?” but was so into the pleasure of it all that I just resigned myself to the whole scene and went with it.

What I wasn’t prepared for was the butt plug that I then felt slowly being pushed up and into my asshole. A was still expertly sucking me off but he was also simultaneously working a plug up and into my ass. It felt amazing. I had done this with H many times before and to each other so it wasn’t unusual or uncomfortable. Just different that another guy was slipping me the dil this time. I liked it. It made me all the harder too knowing that it was the same guy I was just working with earlier that day, getting dirty and sweaty, sinking a fence post into the ground and pounding in fencing nails, and now he was engulfing my cock in his mouth while slipping a butt plug into my now well oiled hole. Hot stuff! At that point I let all my hang ups dissolve and just enjoyed the sensations.

I got so into it in fact that I lifted my knee’s and legs up to give better access for the plugging of my hole, all while trying not to break the connection of his mouth with my cock. My legs were spread eagle in the air and A was still working my cock over. H grabbed a hold of my legs in mid air as if to hold them for A.

H and L had already broken the lip lock but I was still lapping furiously at H’s pussy. Moving my legs, this allowed the plug to pop into my asshole almost audibly so I gripped it with my sphincter, sucking it all the way in, and holding it tight. Someone wasn’t about to let that happen and gripped the base of the plug and gently tugged on it as if to pull it out then let it go again. This normally makes a spurt of precum ooze from my cock and sure enough, this must have happened as expected. I heard A say almost to himself “I got it!” and quickly engulfed the head of my cock in his mouth and sucked at the dollop of cum dribbling from my prick.

We had to change position or I was going to cum way too fast. Right on cue H got off of my well glazed face and hopped off the bed. L was already up and in the corner tightening a HUGE strapon dil and harness onto her amazing body. As I looked down at A he had already let go of the plug in my hole and disengaged from my cock. He got up and off the bed too so I let go of my knee’s and dropped my legs back down. I flipped over onto my stomach and got up on all fours to shimmy off of the bed. No sooner had I got on all fours that I felt a stinging slap on my wet ass cheeks. “Fucking OW!” I almost yelled. I wasn’t prepared for it and it smarted!

“Where are you going?” I heard L say.

I turned to face her and she was standing at the side of the bed with a bottle of lube in her hand and that strapon locked and loaded and ready for action

It was big. Bigger than I had used before. I then remembered that the buttplug in my asshole was still there and reached back to pull it out. It came out with a little bit of difficulty but I then realized why when I took a look at it. It was much bigger than I thought and had opened me up pretty good.

I assumed the position of bottom slut, face down, chest touching the bed, ass up and legs slightly spread. H and I had done this before but this time A walked over to the end of the bed my head was at and H was nowhere to be seen. Hmmmm what was going to happen? Where was H? I was going to follow through with this no matter what but I hesitated slightly when I saw A’s cock as he stroked it and climbed up on the bed. He was going to make me suck him off as L buried that strapon in my ass.

OK, I thought, this is going to be fun.


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