The girl from the bar

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The girl from the bar
I met Michelle at a bar which I frequented on Fridays. She was a beauty, all natural, no modifications that I noticed. She was white as snow and a bit skinny with nothing much up top, but to me she seemed perfect. She had those light honey brown eyes and dirty blond hair which appeared nearly black at night, but it became almost golden in the sunlight. Michelle had a natural innocent blush upon her cheeks, which made her appear much younger than she actually was, still she was quite young.

That night, I met Michelle purely by chance. I went over to the bar to order a drink for another girl who I also had just met there only minutes before and Michelle was sitting there over on the opposite side, looking all lonely. She was so beautiful, she instantly caught my eye as she gazed over at me with her gorgeous eyes. I walked over to the other side of the bar where she was and I asked her if I could buy her a drink to which she replied, “Yeah… I’d like that…” We stayed chatting for hours until the bar closed and I even forgot about that other girl I had gone to get a drink for. Then came the time to ask her the main question right after we laughed together over the most trivial comment, and I smiled at her when I said “… How’d you like to come home with me tonight beautiful?” She bit her bottom lip nervously it seemed, just the way I liked it, and she replied, “Okay… Sure…” Just like that I was taking this gorgeous girl home with me and we had just met, but I just had to know what she looked like naked. We both left more than half a glass drink in our cups and I hardly touched mine the whole time we were talking. We got up and walked over to the parking lot as we got in my car and headed off to my place.

Once we arrived, I opened the door and we walked in closing the door behind us. I said, “Here we are… Home sweet home…” Michelle looked around my living room for a while and I followed her closely. She then turned around as she came closer to me while I stared into her eyes as she leaned her head in and I did the same. We kissed for the first time just then, as we headed over to my bedroom and before we knew it we tumbled onto my bed. I pulled off my shirt and then I struggled to loosen my pants as I undid my belt buckle, pushing off my pants too. She rose up as she knelt next to me and she began by removing her tight small shirt. I stared in awe as Michelle removed her shirt and then she reached behind her to unhinge her bra. Finally after a slight struggle, her sexy laced bra came apart revealing her cute, rather small “B” or maybe even “A” cup breasts. Her tiny pink nipples were like two little rose buds, just at the peak of her small mounds, about the size of “pretein gurl” breasts.

I looked down from her rather flat exposed bare chest, passed her smooth slim stomach and then my eyes became fixed upon her rather short skirt, I wanted her to raise it so badly. She looked at me in the sexiest way with her index finger hanging from her bottom lip as of telling me it was my turn. I looked down at my underwear which was pitched up in the middle like a tent and I reached down to pull them off. I pulled my underwear all the way down as I kicked them off and I lay back stroking my fully hard 7 inch circumcised cock in my hand.

Michelle looked down as she played with the edges of her skirt and all of a sudden she seemed a little more nervous than before. I came closer to her as I decided to help her out and I reached for her skirt. I began lifting up her skirt with one hand up front and one hand lifting up from behind so I could get a nice view of her ass too. I saw more of her skin uncovering her upper thighs and I couldn’t wait to see more of her. I kept raising her skirt all the way up full speed, but then suddenly I froze as something caught my attention. I saw an obvious bulge out in front, as it appeared she had something concealed inside her laced panties and I lowered my head to get a better view. I reached for the waist band of her laced panties and I carefully pulled them down slowly, just far enough to reveal what it was she was hiding. I let go of her or his panties and I moved back instinctively out of panic when I noticed she had a dick! Instead of a pussy, Michelle had an uncircumcised penis and a pair of balls hanging under it, cradled between her legs, attached to her body. I jumped off the bed, being scared of my shocking discovery and Michelle covered her mouth with one hand as she said, “Oh gosh, I didn’t think… I thought you knew by now… I’m so sorry…” I waited by the corner of my room for a minute as I watched her hop off the bed and she began to gather her clothes again to redress herself while she kept on apologizing. I looked down, only to see that my cock was still fully erect despite the fact that I now knew Michelle was a dude.

I walked up to her slowly as I said, “Umm… Hey… Wait… It’s okay… I don’t think I mind… In fact I think I may be Bi or something because…” I pointed down to my obvious erection and in spite of the way I had reacted just moments before, she giggled saying, “Hmmhmmm… Well, I can help fix that… If that’s okay with you?” I nodded my head as I leaned in to kiss her again. It was crazy, I could swear to anyone that I was straight since I had never felt anything for a guy before, and yet now that I knew Michelle was really just a pretty looking man, it didn’t stop me from kissing her. The pink lipstick he had on made his lips appear more womanly by adding a natural bright pink color to them and overall he… Well, she was beautiful no matter what.

Michelle reached down for my hard cock and she gave it a few light strokes with her soft, lady like hands as she knelt down before me looking up at my face while she did it. Michelle parted her lips as she allowed my cock to enter her mouth for the first time and I moaned, “Ohh… Uhhh!… Yeah… Ohh!…” She took the first few inches of my cock into her warm wet mouth. Michelle eagerly swallowed my cock whole as she backed her head away a little before taking it all in again making gagging noises while she deep throated my fully erect cock, taking my blunt cock head into her tiny throat hole several times. I moaned feeling a better pleasure than any woman had ever given to me before as Michelle continued to suck my cock good. “Uhhh!… Ohhhh… Ohh fuck!… Ohhh!…” She wet my cock excessively with her saliva as she took my cock in her mouth again and then, out of nowhere she pulled my cock out of her mouth completely.

I looked at her as she stood up again and I asked, “Why did you stop, that was perfect…?” She looked at me and smiled as she said, “Come on ya big stud… I want to see if you’re as good in bed as I think you are…” I followed her to my bed once more as she pulled down her skirt letting it fall down to the floor and she laid back on my bed spreading her legs, revealing her full package to me as she raised them up. Then she spread apart her smooth, rather plump bum cheeks with both hands giving me a good view of her tightly puckered pink hole. I boldly climed up on the bed getting in position in front of her as I moved my naked body closer to hers.

Michelle covered her balls with one hand, hiding them from my view as she tapped between her spread bum cheeks for me to proceed. I aimed my 7 inch long fully hard cock down towards her bare bum and I playfully nestled my thick cock head in between her smooth, warm bum cheeks. I spat in between her perfect bum cheeks, ass crack before nudging my hips forward. She moaned as I dove my cock into her tiny pink, tightly puckered hole. I gazed into her dream like light brown eyes as my cock plunged deeper inside of her and it didn’t take long before my eyes found themselves staring at her hairless man parts again. She had pulled her hand away from covering her balls and I saw she was using her other hand to pleasure herself, as she moaned deeply like a man would, “Ohhh!… Uhh!… Uhhh!… Ohhh!…” Michelle stroked her cock in short fast motions, she had to use only two fingers which she wrapped around her small, fully erect cock, since it was about the size of a pre teine boys hardened maybe 4 inch long pecker!

She began stroking her own cock lightly while I began pumping my cock into her, my hips began pounding upon her smooth, milky white bum. I watched in amazement as a slight bead of precum started building on the very tip of her smaller, rather boyish looking cock. She continued to work it over with her hand ever so gracefully, while she was getting fucked good in her ass hole by my larger, fully erect cock. She moaned, “Uhh!… Ohhh yes… Ohhh!… Uhhh!…” I slowed down and I moaned before saying, “Uhhh… Ohhh!… Okay… Alright hold on… Let’s switch positions now… I wanna fuck you from behind…”

I pulled my cock out and I hopped off the bed as she followed me. We switched positions as she stood before me next to the bed and I got behind her as she bent over, leaning over my bed now. I spat on my hand rubbing it all over my hard cock to wet it again before I guided my cock back in between her bum cheeks. My cock head squeezed back inside her bum hole as her puckered anus spread open for me again, although this time it was much easier. Michelle moaned deeply as I shoved my cock all the way back inside of her bum, “Uhhh!… Uhhh! Ohhh! Oughh!… Yeah! Come on, fuck me harder!… Uuhhh! Ohhh!… Ohhh!…” She teased as I picked up the pace making my hips smack against her pretty little ass hard and soon I was keeping up a good fast rhythm.

Soon I was gonna cum inside her and I felt like I just couldn’t control it, as I moaned saying, “Oh shit I’m cumming!… Uuhhh!… Uhhhh!… Ohhh! Oohhh! Uhhh!…” Michelle kept pushing her bum back against my crotch, making sure my cock remained inside her while I spilled my seed as she moaned some more saying, “Ohh… Yeah, that’s it Danny cum in my ass!… Uhh!.. Uhhh!… Ohh!… Oohhh!” I gave a few more thrusts, feeling my sperm being released in heavy spurts as all of my cum spilled inside her gaping bum hole. Then I paused for a moment with my hands wrapped firmly around her waist on either side, and my spent cock was still inside her as it shrunk to it’s normal form.

I watched my thick, milky white semen gushing out from her gaping pink hole as I pulled out my spent cock and she tried pushing some out before her anus tightened back up again. My cum trickled down her bum crack, creeping down to the space between her legs as my fresh warm semen dripped from her hairless ballsack, and landed all over her laced panties which were down by her bent knees. She stood there before me, still leaning over my bed, catching her breath.

Michelle then bent over to pick up her cum stained panties, putting them back on as she pulled them back up to her waist. She then lowered her frilly short skirt as she reached down out front to tuck her softened cock back in between her thighs and she grabbed her bag before headed outside.

I followed her leading her to the front door as I said, “I had a good time… Can I see you again sometime?…” Michelle turned around and handed me a blank card with her phone number on it. She smiled giving me a pop kiss on my lips before turning back around and heading out the front door of my apartment.

I shut the door as I smiled to myself knowing that what happened that night was only the beginning…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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