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She smiled…

I had noticed her right off. A redhead with a drop dead body. She was so remarkable, so beautiful, so damned sexy! I, of course, am just me… Jericho.

I’m not much to look at, certainly not the type a woman smiles at for no particular reason. Nope, a woman smiles at me and I immediately check my fly.

She was still smiling…

I checked my fly. It’s zipped up tight. What could she be thinking? I mean, I can be quite charming, no doubt about it, but I’m the kind of man a woman has to warm up to, you know.

My body is no prize… Not even a consolation prize. My best features are my eyes… expressive… always containing just the right amount of sadness/intrigue. A woman looks into my eyes and I’ve got her mesmerized. Then I pour on the charm. Let’s face it, I’m one darn engaging guy. I love women… I love to talk to them, to touch them, to make them feel special. They sense that and they like it. So, even though I’m no prize, women like spending time with me. Once I start talking to them, they warm up real fast!

But I hadn’t said a word to this woman and she was smiling at me. I was trying to work up my nerve to cross over to her and say “hello” when my train of though was abruptly derailed…

“You Mr. Xavier?”

“Pardon me?”

“Jericho Xavier. Are you Mr. Xavier? Hmmmm?”

I stared at the short, balding man tugging on my sleeve. Shaken from my thoughts of the exotic woman, all I could do was mutter a monosyllabic reply… “Yes”.

Baldy broke into a huge grin, “Glad to have you staying here with us at Jack’s Inn. I’m Jack.”

I looked back for the woman… she had vanished. Damn… Thanks a heap, Jack.

“You’re at the top of the stairs, first door on the right.”

He dropped a key into my hand and went to greet a couple who had just arrived. I grabbed my bags and trudged upstairs to my room.

I’d been sent to town on business. I elected to stay in a quaint Bed and Breakfast rather than some corporate chain hotel because I find it so much more relaxing. I prefer home cooked communal breakfasts to bland restaurant food. I find a room furnished with antiques more enticing than a cubicle decorated with formica, steel and press-board. Hey, what can I say… I’m a sensitive guy.

I gave the room the once over. Very nice. Jack had good taste. The bed was a big, comfortable four-poster. The bathroom actually had a claw-foot bathtub. I decided to test it immediately and began to draw a hot bath.

I undressed and went to hang my suit in the closet. It was there that I noticed something peculiar. There was a door on the back side of my closet. Obviously when Jack had converted the large home into a Bed and Breakfast, he’d had to do some rearranging of the rooms. The closet used to be a hallway to another room, which must have another entrance. I tested the knob. It was locked. Jack obviously felt that it was easier to simply keep the door locked than cover it over.

I was about to go to my bath when I noticed the keyhole. It was the type found on doors long ago. Big and… well, inviting. There was light shining through it, so without a thought, I bent over and peered into the room beside mine…

My gasp was like air rushing into a vacuum.

The bed in the room was positioned facing the keyhole. Through it I could see a woman, lying on the bed. She was totally nude.

Embarrassed, I backed out of the closet. Who was she? Could she possibly be the same mysterious woman who smiled at me downstairs? Positioned as she was, spread-eagle on the bed, head thrown back in ecstacy, I could only see her sex, her protruding breasts and…

Wait a minute… Head thrown back in ecstacy… What was she doing? What had I missed? I crept back into the closet and peeked again through the keyhole.

She was masturbating. So shocking was the image when I first looked through the keyhole that it hadn’t even registered on me. She was still on the bed, spread legs apart, one hand tweaking the rock-hard nipple of her left breast, the other snaking underneath her body to reappear at her pussy, three fingers working rhythmically in and out of her moist hole.

My penis sprang erect. As she pleasured herself in the other room, I began to stroke my cock. Pulling and squeezing my manhood in rhythm with her pussy poking fingers.

Abruptly, she flipped over. She rested on her tits and knees, and continued to play with herself. Her fingers left the dark cavern of her sex and began to trace and fondle the outside of her pussy. Her cunt lips were moist, large and swollen. I’ve heard large labia like that referred to as “Turkish skirts”. Odd the things you remember. I longed to play with them, to feel them, to caress them. Instead, she was playing with them herself, driving myself to an even further state of sexual excitement. I couldn’t believe how horny I was!

Her juices began to flow more freely. I stared, pulling at my cock with abandon, as her fingers again found their way through her lush lips and abundant pubic thatch into the slick wetness of her cunt, triggering waves of pleasure in both her and me. As I watched, liquid began to pour forth from her twat as it twitched in orgasm.

I was just about to come myself when I heard the splashing sound. Was she that wet? No! Shit! The bathtub was overflowing! I bolted from the closet, ran into the bathroom and promptly slipped in the flood water and fell on my ass. I regained my composure and turned off the spout. I quickly used every towel in the bathroom to clean up the overflow from the tub. With nothing to dry off on, I decided to postpone the bath. I pulled the plug on the tub and raced back to the closet.

She was gone. She must have finished up and gone into her bathroom. I waited for awhile, but she didn’t reappear. I checked a few times throughout the rest of the evening, but she never came back. She must have dressed and left during one of the periods I was not at my closet viewing station.

Early the next morning, I went to the stairs landing to get a cup of java. The brochure said that Jack always had coffee available there by 7:00. True to his press, a steaming pot of coffee was on a serving tray with china cups and condiments. As I poured a cup, the door to the room next to mine opened. It was her… The smiling woman from the day before.

She smiled again. “Oh good, I really need a caffeine fix!”

She crossed to the tray and began to pour herself a cup of coffee. I stood there dumbfounded.

“Good morning”, she offered.

“Yes, it is, isn’t it?” I felt myself blush. What a dumb answer.

Before I could think of something witty to make myself look better, she had smiled and walked with her coffee back into her room. I resolved to maneuver myself so that I sat next to her at breakfast and finally find out something about the remarkable woman who had smiled at me and who I’d spied masturbating.

She didn’t come to breakfast.

I spent an incredible long day working on an account I wasn’t even sure would benefit the company. That evening I checked the keyhole. She wasn’t in… at least, not where I could see her.

I went out for dinner and returned to the room. I checked the keyhole. No luck. I tried to work on the account, but I couldn’t concentrate. I went for a walk and found myself in a bar. I drank too much and walked back to the Bed and Breakfast. It was well past midnight. All the lights were out save for a soft glow coming from the sitting room.

As I quietly entered the large house, I gave a glance into the dimly lit room… and there she was. Curled up on the couch, reading a book.

I didn’t know what to do. Should I nod and say “good evening” or be bold and approach her… I stood there for what seemed hours… then she looked up from her book… and smiled.

“You’re up late”, she whispered.

“So are you”. Did I say I was charming? Man, I sure was botching it with this lady. “So are you”. Hey, snappy retort there.

She put down her book and stretched. I noticed her breasts. She was wearing a low-necked, thin top. It was cold in the room and her nipples we taut, poking against the sheer fabric. I could tell she wasn’t wearing a bra.

I gulped a greeting, “My name’s Jericho, what’s yours?” I extended my hand. She leaned forward, putting her book on the table and I was treated to a view of her delicious tits down the low cut top. When she took my hand, the soft warmth of her hand made me weak… and there was that smile again.

“Sarah. Nice to meet you, Jericho.” I still held her hand, until, at last, I reluctantly let go.

“It’s very nice to finally meet you, Sarah”, I offered.


There was an awkward moment when I was sure she was going to pick her book back up and continue reading. All at once I blurted out… “Why were you smiling at me yesterday?”

“Because I had just found out from Jack that you had the room next to mine.”


“So… tell me…

“Did you enjoy the show?”

I was stunned. I couldn’t move, couldn’t reply. She knew. She knew I’d been watching her last night!

“I’ve stayed here before. I knew about the closet and the keyhole. You see, Jericho, I’m an exhibitionist. I love performing for an appreciative man. I was hoping that someone who might enjoy a performance would be staying next to me. When Jack told me it was you, and I saw the way you looked at me when I smiled at you, I was sure I’d found a voyeur. I’d hoped you’d find the keyhole. When I heard you test the doorknob, I knew you’d be looking. I knew you couldn’t resist the allure of that keyhole.”

How right she was… and I couldn’t resist the allure of her now. She was still leaning forward, showing me her ample cleavage. Boldly, I made a move. I slipped my hand down her décolletage. I sought out her breasts. Most men would have made the mistake of diving immediately for the nipple. Not me. When you’re no Adonis, you learn just the right way to pleasure a woman. I went for the most tender, most sensitive portion of the breast… the sensuous flesh underneath… The full and firm bottom. I gently caressed the sensitive underside of her breasts.

She moaned and looked at my erect cock, jutting smugly beneath my pants. As I continued to manipulate her tits, she slowly pulled on my fly. She fished my rod from by briefs and my proud penis sprang forth as she removed it from the confines of my clothing. I began moaning slightly as she took my cock into her mouth. Only the head at first, and softly, very softly. Slowly, deftly Sarah sucked more and more of me into her mouth. Without allowing me to slip from her lips, she hiked up her skirt. She was naked underneath. With one hand she played with my tight balls, teasing and fondling them. With her other hand she began to finger her snatch. The sound of her fingers slurping in and out of her cunt and the sounds of her mouth sucking greedily on my rod filled the room. I was worried we might wake the others. She must have read my mind. She let my cock slip from her mouth with a wet popping sound.

“Let’s continue this upstairs, okay?” She grinned, her chin wet with her saliva and my pre-cum.

“You bet”.

We quickly mounted the stairs. “Who’s room”, I asked. “Both”, she replied.

She opened the door to her room. “You go in and wait for me in the closet.”

My heart leapt and I hurried to the closet, shedding my clothing on the way. She was already naked on the bed when I kneeled in front of the door and peered through the keyhole.

I could see all of her this time. She was propped up on pillows, fucking herself with her fingers for my viewing pleasure… She mouthed the words, “Don’t cum without me” plainly. I had no intention of doing so.

She put on an amazing show. She pulled a big vibrator from underneath her pillow and began working it in and out of her pussy. I tugged and pulled on my cock, but not too much… just enough. I was determined to keep my promise not to cum without her.

She fucked her cunt feverishly with the vibrator, all the while teasing her raw clit with her thumb. Fluid flowed from her freely, gushing wet lust from her soused pussy. She then pulled the dildo from her cunt and got out of bed. She walked seductively to the door and bent over, spreading her cheeks, giving me a very close view of her cunt and asshole. I crouched there choking my cock as I watched her petting herself. She alternated between stuffing one finger up her ass and three others up her cunt. One… three… one… ass… cunt… ass… I slowed my pace masturbating. I was so turned on, but I didn’t want to cum too soon. Her twat was inches from the keyhole. I wished that I could cram my dick through the keyhole and into her cunt… it was so inviting.

She whispered, “Like what you see, Jericho?”

“Yes… very much.”

You see my cunt, Jericho? It’s very wet.”

“I know, I can see your love liquid glistening on your pubes.”

She laughed, “Love liquid?”

She turned. I couldn’t make out what she was doing. The keyhole went dark, the lock turned and… the door opened. She stood there, naked before me.

She held up a rather large key. “Skeleton key”, she said, “I picked it up in an antique shop. Guaranteed to open most doors with these old locks.”

I stood up and looked into her beautiful blue eyes. She reached for my aching cock and petted it softly… “Aren’t you going to ask me in?”, she asked.

I did, and led her to my bed. She lay before me and I could smell the sex on her. It was a thick, heady aroma. God, I wanted her. But instead of diving into her cunt, I forced myself to take my time. I slowly and gently caressed her legs, delicately, deftly teasing and kneading the flesh of her thighs. Her eyes never left mine as my hands explored her, coming closer and closer until at last, so softly, so tenderly, I touched her swollen cunt lips. I felt a shock run through her entire body. We were both positively dizzy with passion. It was so incredibly exhilarating…

At last I pushed a finger through her matted thatch, between her satiny pussy flaps and into her thoroughly drenched hole. I tried to be calm, but I couldn’t help emitting a low, satisfied moan as I continued fingering her, putting another, then another finger into her. As I slowly worked three fingers in and out of her, I teased Sarah’s distended clit with my thumb… Just as I had seen her doing moments before…

Her cunt made a squelching sound as it reluctantly released my fingers. When I pulled them free they were as wet as if I’d dunked them in a stream. I winked at her, then brought them to my mouth, sucking her “love liquid” from them. Another wave of hot lust flushed through my crotch. She looked at me, eyes afire with desire.

She said, “Now, let me show you a trick.”

I was not about to deny her…

She laid me on my back, then crawled up my body, licking and nibbling as she did. She sucked my toes, kissed my thighs, gave my balls a lick and cock a playful nibble, she kissed my belly, my chest… then we were face to face. We kissed.

I was suddenly aware that this was our first kiss. It seemed odd, but at the same time, completely appropriate. The kiss was long, passionate and wet.

We parted, and she smiled that secret smile of hers as she slid her body down mine. She stopped when her mouth was directly over my cock. She engulfed it, deep throating me. My mind and body both exploded with pleasure.

She let my cock slide from her mouth, wet with my pre-cum and her slick spit… She then grabbed her tits and trapped my rigid shaft between them. She rocked her body back and forth, moving her breasts up and down the length of my cock. The pleasure was exquisite! We were in an orgy of hedonistic passion. I fucked her tits, bucking and driving my cock between her mounds of flesh.

I began a low, throaty moan and she knew I was about to cum. I couldn’t hold out much longer. She smiled at me as I pistoned my rod between her tits.

“No… not quite yet”, she grinned.

She sat back, freeing my cock from the fleshy confines of her bosom. It swayed like some red snake in the night. Then quickly, so as not to lose my mounting orgasm, she straddled my body and dropped onto me, plunging my cock deep, deep inside her.

“Now, now”, she moaned, “Fill me, shoot your spunk in me, Jericho! Now!!”

I thrusted into her. Pushing into her as she bounced in concert on top of me. In moments, we both came, our sighs and moans filling the room.

We kept fucking until we both were spent, then she collapsed on top of me. I held her a long time, stroking her as she petted me. We said not another word… We fell asleep in each other’s arms.

When I awoke, she was gone. There was a note on the dresser explaining that she had an early plane to catch. No last name, no phone number… just a short PS: “I’ll be back here on the 15th of next month. Same room. I’ll bring the key!!”

I showered, dressed and raced downstairs to find Jack. I needed to make my reservation for the 15th of next month.

The End?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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