The Librarian Who Loved To Fuck

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The Librarian Who Loved To Fuck
Laura Weber cast a sidelong glance in the direction of the nineteenth century romance novels and saw that there was trouble brewing. From her position behind her desk in the center of the library, she could see everything, even Kenneth Wilcox’s hand inching its way under the reading table toward Mary Kepler’s knee. Laura knew that the youngsters who frequented the Maple Grove Public Library were only there because they were forced by their teachers’ reading assignments.

She knew perfectly well that, given half a chance, they would turn her library into just another place for hot fucking and sucking. She knew that was aIl these teenagers cared about. But she wasn’t about to let such things happen in her library. Laura stood up briskly, adjusted her glasses and walked over to where the troublemakers were sitting. She gave them a stern look. If there was any doubt in Kenneth’s mind that his hand should stop prowling, she banished that doubt by slamming a dictionary onto the table in front of him.

When she opened the book and pointed to the word chastity, both Kenneth and his intended object of affection blushed. Laura walked back to her desk with a feeling of accomplishment.It wasn’t that Laura Weber was cold and unfeeling, although that was the way she seemed to her long-suffering charges at the library.

Under her prim exterior, she was a sensitive woman with the same needs and desires as other mature women. But in Maple Grove, a librarian was expected to behave like a librarian. Laura had lost her husband in an auto accident several years earlier and supported herself and four sons on her librarian’s salary. Jobs weren’t all that easy to find in the sleepy village of Maple Grove, and Laura had to keep up appearances.

Laura had been wondering lately if maybe the image she had been forced by convention to project for the past few years was becoming her own self-image. She wasn’t really as prim and proper as she let on. She loved a good fuck as much as, in fact more than, the average woman. She often found herself looking back at the wonderful hours she and her husband Tom had spent in the sack, fucking and sucking all night and half the morning. She definitely missed having a hot stud like Tom to stick his big thick prick in her cunt at the mere drop of a pair of panties. Of course, Laura had the looks for it too, with long honey blond hair and rather nicely shaped breast.

They were still firm for her age of 37, despite the fact that she had four c***dren. Her ass was still firm too. Too bad she was as old as she was, because if she was still in her twenties, she easily could have been a successful exotic dancer or magazine model. Laura had stayed away from men for a long time. It was as if she had gotten locked into the image she had been projecting for the benefit of the people of Maple Grove. She had to shake herself at times and remind herself that she was really not the prim and proper Mrs. Weber, the widow lady who ran the local library. She was afraid that people would talk if she started dating. Laura was a woman of strong sexual urges. She knew perfectly well that once she got into a sexual situation with a man, she would let it all out and become a wanton slut in heat. If it ever got around that she was an easy fuck, she would be run out of town on a rail. Sometimes Laura wished that her life was more like her sister Arlene’s. Arlene had lost her husband too, only in divorce.

Unlike Laura, she had managed to stay relatively free of the constrictions of smalltown life. She had her own business and was out of town quite frequently on business trips. She had confided to Laura that she used those trips as an opportunity to let her hair down and fuck like the little vixen she was. Just the thought of all the mischief she could get into in her sister’s situation made Laura’s tight little pussy quiver with excitement. “Mrs. Weber? Mrs. Weber. I . . . I have this book to bring back. Mrs. Weber?” “Oh, my! Joyce, I must have been thinking about something else. I’m terribly sorry. Let’s see. You have brought back the Dickens. Let me stamp it. There!” “I almost didn’t make it by closing time, Mrs. Weber,” Joyce Wilson said, breathing heavily, as if she had run a block or two. “Closing time?
Oh, yes . . . closing time. It is closing time, isn’t it? I just don’t know where I am today!” Laura said, shaking her head.

Later,when everyone was out of the library, Laura sat on the edge of her desk and thought about leaving town for a few days. She
could go to the city and meet a nice young man in a singles bar. No one would know. She could let all her inhibitions fly out the window and have a good hot fucking time. She had such an itch between her legs, an itch that had been growing more and more all the time. She knew that only a big hard tireless prick could scratch that itch. She could take her vacation early. She could probably leave in a few days. But no. She knew perfectly well that by the time she got the courage, she would be an old maid. She knew that she would eventually resort to her trusty electric vibrator, stuffing it way up her hot cunt and letting her imagination bring her off. She was so hot that she wished she had her dildo in her briefcase right now. “Enough of this! ” she said to herself, grabbing her briefcase and heading for the door.

She was about to flick off the lights when she stopped and listened. She thought she heard something odd. It sounded like pages being turned. And there was another sound too, a sound rather like slurping, a sound that she couldn’t quite identify. These sounds seemed to be coming from the aisles between the rows of bookshelves. Quietly, Laura made her way to the source of the sound. It sounded like paper shuffling. Something made her shiver a bit with excitement. When she peeked through one of the shelves where a volume was missing and saw what was making the sound, she did more than just shiver. Her cunt suddenly tingled and twitched with excitement. Sitting on one of her step stools on the opposite side if the stack was David Slater. It wasn’t particularly unusual or exciting to see young David hiding in the stacks, reading. The young boy read a lot. What was unusual and very stimulating to Laura was the fact that his jeans were open and his stiff young prick was sticking up as straight as could be.

The boy had his fingers wrapped around his stiff prick and was jacking off. Laura didn’t know what to do. He reminded her so much of her own son, Michael, who was 18 years old. The boy had obviously gotten so caught up in his masturbating that he had lost track of time. What was she to do? She couldn’t just let the k** stay there all night playing with himself. On the other hand, she couldn’t just break in on him and stop him in the middle of his jerk-off session. The boy would be so embarrassed that he would never set foot in a library again.

She could make out what the boy was frantically leafing through, a book of old etchings. She couldn’t quite make out what the subject matter was, but she could imagine. How such a volume ever escaped her eyes was beyond her. Perhaps it was part of the collection old man Winters left the library when he died recently. She had always wondered about that man. Holding the book in one hand and his prick in the other, David stroked it up and down until the oozing pre-cum that dripped from his piss-slit covered his hand and made the slurping sounds she had heard. Laura noticed that the boy had an incredibly stiff cock, and a nice big one, too. She couldn’t help staring at the k**’s swollen prick. His prick head stuck way out of his fist when he squeezed the shaft.

She couldn’t help wondering how such a nice hard cock would feel in her own hand. It had been so long since she had touched, or even seen a hard cock. Of course, David was only a youngster, and she knew that she had no business having lusty designs on him. But a hard cock was a hard cock, and in Laura’s frustrated condition, she really needed a stiff cock. Laura’s cunt was beginning to moisten. The itching and tingling she had felt earlier was getting more and more intense. She couldn’t help reaching up under her dress and rubbing the crotch of her moistening panties. The hot-assed librarian felt wicked beyond belief, leaning up against a bookshelf and rubbing her hot pussy through her panties.

She would never have thought in her wildest imagination that she would be doing such a nasty thing in her library. But then, who ever would have guessed that young David would be exposing himself and jacking off in the shadows of the stacks? Laura pressed her fingers against the material of her panties, making the lacy crotch go up inside her seething cunt-gash. She twisted her finger just a bit,
making her cunt blaze with every movement against her tingling clit. Her legs began to tremble a bit as she fingered and stroked her cunt. She stared through the open space on the shelf, watching the boy’s hand flying up and down on his rigid fucker. His underpants were hiding a part of the base of his cock, so she really couldn’t tell exactly how long the thing was. His prick was sticking through the fly of his briefs.

She wished the boy would push his underpants down so that she could see more of his cock. Laura couldn’t stand another minute. She had to decide now whether to sneak away and try to forget the scene and the burning between her legs, or to approach the boy and confront him and the hot desires that were seething inside her. For once, she decided to plunge headlong into the whirlpool of desire that was starting to swirl about her. She knew that once she approached the boy, there would be no turning back. She knew that what she was about to do was taboo, but she had to do it. She had to satisfy the craving for stiff cock that burned within her.

She summoned up all her courage and took a deep breath. She realized that she would have to be in complete control of the situation at all times. She didn’t dare let her courage fail her for a moment. “Well, David Slater, what have we here?” she asked in her most authoritative voice. She had slipped silently around the shelf to the boy’s hiding place and was standing directly in front of him, staring him in the eye. “Oh shit! Jesus! I . . . I was just reading,” the youngster choked, trying desperately to get his hard-on back into his underwear. “Oh, really? Just reading, David? You have an interesting way of just reading, David.” She smiled, enjoying the way the boy was struggling to cover himself. “I . . . I gotta go, Mrs. Weber!” David rasped, jumping up off the step stool and trying to get by Laura, who was blocking the narrow passage between the stacks. “Not so fast, David. I don’t think you’re going anywhere quite yet,” she said
firmly, putting her hand on the boy’s shoulder and pushing back gently but firmly. “But . . . I . . . I gotta go . . . honest . . . I gotta!” the boy protested, sitting back on the stool and putting the book over his lap.

Laura noticed that the open book was moving in his lap, jumping up and down a bit with each jerking movement of his still swollen prick. She watched the boy try to hide the long hard-on that jutted up between his legs, but to no avail. The book wasn’t as long as his cock, and the swollen purplish cock-head showed. David tried to pull up his jeans, which had been pushed down to his knees. In the process of pulling up his pants, he knocked the book out of his lap, once again exposing the hard prick that he had been playing with only moments before. Laura sucked in her breath when she saw the k**’s big stiff fucker.

The hard cockshaft was covered with clear pre-cum that ran in little rivulets from his piss-slit. The head of his cock was much larger in proportion to his prickshaft than any cockhead she had seen. She could just imagine how nice such a big cockhead would feel fucking in and out of her cunt. The boy managed to get his pants up and fastened, but he couldn’t get his stiff prick back into his underpants. He shoved his unyielding cock down into his pants leg and zipped up with great difficulty. He knew that Mrs. Weber had seen every bit of his exposed cock. He flushed as red as a beet. Laura knew how the boy was suffering, not only from embarrassment, but also from the agony of not being able to shoot his cum-load when he had been ready to pop off. She had to ease his suffering in some pleasurable way. But first she was going to have some fun teasing the boy.

She was feeling terribly horny at the moment and quite capable of doing almost anything to have some nasty fun. Watching David squirm made her even hornier. At the same time, she wondered how she could have these horny feeling about a teenager. After all, she had four teenage sons at home herself. But, he was 18, nearing 19, a time when young men begin their sexual lives. This boy was no boy, but a young man. A young man who was ready to fuck. “You seem to be very caught up in your reading, David. It must be something very . . . very stimulating. Why don’t I just have a look?” she asked, bending over and picking up the book that had fallen off his lap. “Please don’t look at it, Mrs. Weber. Please let me go. I . . . I promise I won’t come back . . . honest.” “But I don’t want you to stay away from the library, David. Don’t be silly. I want you to enjoy what you read, and you certainly seemed to be enjoying this book. Oh my! My, my, my! Just look at these engravings! This must have slipped by me, David.” “I . . . I just found it by accident, Mrs. Weber.” “If I had found it, I would have taken it home and looked at it myself, David.

These pictures are very interesting. These people are all naked. Just imagine, David. All these men and women are naked out in the woods. And just look at this, David!” she said, turning the page. “They’re doing things together, wonderful things. This man has something long and hard sticking up in front of his naked body, David. It looks very much like what I saw sticking up in front of you a moment ago. Why, I believe that’s his cock! Yes, David, it is. And now he’s putting it in this woman’s mouth!” “Mrs. Weber, please
don’t talk like that. You . . . you’re making me feel funny . . . you’re making me . . . ” “Horny, David? Am I making you horny?” “Uh . . . yeah, Mrs. Weber. You’re making me . . . horny,” the k** said, his prick jerking wildly in his tight pants. “You seem to have made yourself horny without any help from me, David. Why just look at that hard cock sticking out in your pants leg. You should be ashamed of yourself. And here in my library, of all places” “I’m sorry, Mrs. Weber. Honest, Mrs. Weber. I didn’t mean any harm . . . I just couldn’t help it.” It seemed for a moment that poor little David was about to burst into tears.

Laura decided that it was time for a little tender loving care. “I’ve been too hard on you, David darling. It’s really not that serious an
infraction. I think I can forgive you. You’re young and horny, David. I know that your cock has a tendency to stiffen up at the slightest provocation, darling, ” she said softly, sitting down on the stool next to him. She was so close to the boy that her leg was touching his. It felt good to David to hear her soothing voice, but the words she used and the way she was sitting close to him didn’t help him get rid of the hard-on that was embarrassing him half to death. In fact, she seemed to be trying to keep him hard. She even laid her warm hand on his leg and squeezed gently. “Look at me now, David. That’s right, darling boy. Thee’s no need to be ashamed of what you have in your pants. All boys your age get big stiff hard-ons when they see things like what you saw in that book. Those pictures are really quite stimulating, aren’t they, David?” “They sure are, Mrs. Weber.” The boy felt her hand moving slowly up his leg, getting closer and closer to his crotch.

His cock was aching unbearably. He hadn’t been able to get his stiff prick back into his underpants, so it was rubbing against the rough material of his brand new jeans. His cock was jerking in his pants so hard that he knew she could see it move if she looked in that direction. Inch by inch, her warm hand moved closer to where his balls were bulging in his pants. He sighed when she took her hand away and started turning the pages of the book. “You know, David, I too am getting quite stimulated looking at these engravings. They were made a long time ago, darling, but people still do the same exciting things together in real life. I find this one particularly interesting.” She smiled, pointing out a page to the wide-eyed boy. David swallowed hard when he saw the picture she was pointing out to him. It showed a woman with her hand wrapped around a young man’s naked prick. The woman in the engraving wasn’t nearly as
pretty as Mrs. Weber.

The young man has such a satisfied look on his face. “Wouldn’t you like to feel a woman’s hand on your cock?” “Gosh, Mrs. Weber . . . ” “Well, honey, wouldn’t you?” “Uh . . . I guess, Mrs. Weber.” “Has anyone ever touched your cock before, darling?” she asked, laying the book aside. The boy shook his head. Laura heard him gasp when she put her hand right on the long hard bulge of his prick. She let her hand slowly move down the hard cockshaft, all the way to the head of it. She could see the overly large bulge the k**’s cockhead made in his tight jeans. She pinched the head of his cock through his pants. She could feel the slippery moisture of the pre-cum that had oozed from his prick in his excitement. “My, but you are excited, David. Your stiff cock is just dripping with excitement, isn’t it?. Have you ever tasted your own jizz, darling? I how you have, David. You don’t need to answer. I’d like very much to taste the juice that drips from your cock, David. Do you mind?” Before the boy could anything, the pretty librarian was bending over his lap.

She moved her face so close to the hard prick that stuck down his pants leg that he could feel her warm moist breath. Then the k**’s body stiffened and his cock leaped in his pants. She actually pressed her warm hips right against the head of his dripping prick and began sucking at it through his tight jeans. “Delicious, David! It’s so hot and salty-sweet, darling. I really must have a closer look at that big stiff cock. You don’t mind, do you, son?” She smiled, licking her lips. “Do you really want to see it, Mrs. Weber? Honest? ” the boy asked in total disbelief. The last time his mother had seen him with a hard-on, she had yelled at him. “I really would like to see it, David. Why don’t you let me help you get it out?” she said, attacking the boy’s jeans and tugging them down around his knees. She gasped when his surprisingly large prick leaped up from the tight confines of his pants and slapped against his stomach. “It’s huge! It’s
just lovely, David. It’s much prettier than the ones in that engraving.

You’re a real man, David. ” “You . . . you mean it, Mrs. Weber?” the boy asked, his eyes lighting up with pride and excitement. “Do you really like it?” “I love your cock, David. I must touch it. It’s so hard and hot! No wonder you were playing with it. Your cock feels so nice in my hand, so heavy and so thick. Do you mind if I rub it up and down a bit, David?”‘ she asked, moving her silky fingers ever so slowly up and down his dripping cock. “Does it make your cock feel good when I do that to you?” “Oh, Gosh yeah! It sure feels good, Mrs. Weber . . . but . . . I don’t understand why you’re doin’ this. I . . . I don’t get it.” the boy rasped, sitting bolt upright as she stroked his prick. “I’m doing it because I know you love it, David, and because I’m very hot.

I just love cocks like yours, darling. And I know just what to do with them. Shall I move my hand a little faster, David darling?” “Jeez, Mrs. Weber! If . . . if you keep doing that, I’m gonna shoot the stuff!” the k** said in a shaky voice. “You’re going to come, darling? You’re going to shoot hot white cum all over the ceiling? Is that what you mean, David? Will it happen if I move my hand faster?” she teased, her hand flying up and down his slippery prick. “Yeah, Mrs. Weber, yeah! You’re gonna make me come!” “Then I’d better stop,” she said, taking her hand away and watching his prick jerk wildly.

The head of the k**’s excited cock was swollen so that she thought it would explode any minute. “Oh, shit! Jeez, Mrs. Weber . . . I . . . I never meant you should stop. I just didn’t think you wanted to get it all over you ! ” David said in a pleading voice, staring at his throbbing cock. “There’s plenty of time to let your cum shoot out of your cock, darling. Why don’t we have another look at that book and see if we can find some more interesting activities? Oh, look David! Doesn’t this look like fun? This lady is sucking on this man’s cock! Judging from the look on his face, he seems to be enjoying it. I wonder if your face would have that look on it if I put my lips on your nice hard prick and started sucking on it.” She smiled, pursing her lovely lips and unfastening her long golden haIr. The boy hardly recognized Laura when she let her hair down and took off her glasses. She was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen in his young life. And she was about to suck his cock! He couldn’t believe it was happening to him. He half expected to wake up and find that he had been in the middle of a wild wet dream. But the hand on his prick had felt real enough, and the hair that was now brushing against his naked prick felt real enough, too.

“It looks so tasty, David,” she said as she lowered her lips closer and closer to his jutting, hard-on. “I simply must have a quick suck!” Laura heard her willing captive gasp when her lips touched the dripping head of his cock. She trembled slightly when she felt the incredibly exciting heat from his swollen prickhead against her lips. She flicked out her tongue and licked a drop of his pre-cum as it oozed from the piss-slit of his cock. The taste of his youthful cock lube made her ravenously hungry for hot cock meat. She opened her mouth as widely as she could and plunged down on the boy’s hard prick. “Oh, shit! Shit, yeah!! Oh, Mrs. Weber! That feels so good! Wow! Please keep doing it, Mrs. Weber. You won’t stop, will you?” Laura had no intention of stopping her cock-sucking just yet. In fact, she liked the feel and taste of the young man’s prick in her mouth so much that she wanted to suck his cock all the way to his balls. She took more and more of the boy’s prick down her throat, choking briefly on the big knob at the end of it.

She loved the feel of his hard prick-head stretching her throat as she swallowed it. She could feel his hard cock pounding with every beat of his wildly racing heart. Laura took his cock into her mouth all the way to where it disappeared through the fly of his white cotton briefs. She reached down and cupped his large balls in her hand, feeling the warmth of the swollen ball-sac through his underwear. She knew that he was rising to the things she was doing to him. She wanted to do even more to his cock and balls, but she would have to get him out of his underpants first. Somehow, she didn’t think that would be too much of a problem. He would do anything she told him to do, and she knew it. “Your cock tastes just wonderful, David! It’s so big and hard! Did you like the way that felt, David?” The
boy’s face was still contorted in a look of pleasure almost to the brink of pain.

She told the boy that he would have to take his underwear off so that she could feel his balls and suck on them a bit. The k** scrambled to pull his briefs down the minute she asked him to do so. He had a lot of trouble getting them down over the hard-on that stuck out through the fly, but he managed. Laura got on her knees between the k**’s legs and began licking his exposed balls. Her tongue moved his balls around in their tight sac. She sucked his balls into her mouth one at a time, nibbling them gently. She caught the skin of the boy’s ball-sac in her teeth and tugged at it gently. “Doesn’t that feel nice, darling? You have such big fat balls, David. I’ll just bet they’re all full of hot cum. Would you like me to suck that cum right out of those swollen balls and let you shoot it into my mouth, darling?

Would you like me to suck you off, little lover?” “Oh God, yeah! Please, Mrs. Weber! Please suck me! I gotta shoot it, Mrs. Weber!
My . . . my balls are hurtin’! I’m awful horny!” “Hold onto your seat, David! I think you’ll like this!” she said, plunging down on the k**’s rigid fucker. Laura bobbed her pretty head up and down on his cock as fast as she could, taking the thing down her throat all the way to his balls on each downward plunge. She knew that it wouldn’t be long before the horny k** shot his wad and filled her mouth with jism. She could hardly wait to taste the boy’s thick hot cum.

The boy began bouncing up and down on the stool, forcing his hard prick into her throat with each bounce. She reached between his legs and fondled his balls while she sucked him off. She could feel his balls squirming in their sac as she played with them. With her other hand, she reached up under her dress. She let her fingers find their way under the crotch of her damp panties and push into her cunt-gash. She had never felt so hot. She stuck her finger way up inside herself and finger-fucked her cunt. Mrs. Weber was doing things that the boy never thought possible with her lips and tongue and her sucking throat. He had imagined how a blowjob would feel, but he hadn’t imagined anything like this.

He felt his balls suddenly tightening between his straining legs and knew that he would soon feel his cum spurting. “My stuff’s gonna shoot, Mrs. Weber! I can’t help it! I’m gonna shoot it! Jesus ! Suck it! Oh, Mrs. Weber! Suck me! Please don’t stop! It feeIs so good!” The boy grunted as he blasted his first wad of cum into Mrs. Weber’s mouth. Laura kept right on sucking and bobbing up and down on the boy’s prick when she felt it stiffen even more in her throat. When she felt the first hot spurt of cum against the roof of her mouth, she grabbed his balls and squeezed tightly, heightening his pleasure even more. “Jeez, Mrs. Weber! Oh, shit! That feels so fucking good!” the boy moaned as his balls exploded with pleasure again and again. The young man’s body shook with each shot of cum that spurted into the librarian’s sucking mouth. He thought he would never stop coming in her mouth. He closed his eyes at the height of his pleasure and saw stars. He thought he would keel over from the sheer wild pleasure she was making him feel.

Laura tried to drink down all the hot thick cum the k** shot into her throat, but to no avail. The creamy stuff ran out of her mouth and dripped down the shaft of his cock, soaking his young balls and dripping onto the stool. She finally had to let his cock pull from her mouth and take a deep breath. She looked into his eyes and smiled wickedly. “Now, wasn’t that more fun than playing with yourself?” she asked. “It sure was!,Wow! I’ve never felt anything like that, Mrs. Weber!” “Would you like to feel something else?” “Sure, Mrs. Weber. You gonna do it again?” “I thought you might like to feel this,” she said softly. Laura stood up and lifted her dress, letting the innocent boy have a good long look at her barely covered cunt. She knew that the boy could see the shadow of her pussy through her
lacy panties. She watched his eyes widen.

“Would you like to feel it, darling? Would you like to touch me there? Would you like to put your hand right up against my warm little pussy? Don’t be afraid, David. I want you to touch my cunt.” David held out his hand, but he couldn’t bring himself to dare to touch her there. He had tried to look at girls’ cunts before, but they had always stopped him, and sometimes they got really mad at him and threatened to tell their moms. Did she really want him to feel her between the legs? He still couldn’t believe such wild things were really happening to him. “Do you really mean it, Mrs. Weber? Can I really touch you . . . there?” If the boy had any doubts about her intentions, Laura dispelled them by taking his trembling hand in hers and guiding it between her legs. She sighed when she felt the back of his hand against the warm furry mound of her cunt. Only the thin material of her white panties kept his hand from making contact with her bare cunt. She held his hand there for a moment. When she took her hand away, the boy kept his hand between her legs, starting to move it a bit and explore her secret places.

“Doesn’t it feel warm down there, David? Isn’t that a nice comfy place to put your hand? ” “It feels hot, Mrs. Weber,” the boy said, feeling the warmth of her cunt soak into his exploring hand right through her panties.”Would you like to have a look at my pussy, David? I think you’ll find it prettier than that silly engraving you were jerking off over.” “You’d really let me see it?” The boy choked, his hand still roving over her barely concealed cunt. “I’d love to let you see it, David. It would make me so excited to let you look at my naked pussy. In fact, darling, if I slipped my panties off and got out of my dress, I might be so hot for you that I might even let you lick me there. Does that sound like fun?” “And how! I get to eat you out? Oh, shit! This is something else, Mrs. Weber! I bet I’m the only k** in town that ever got to eat pussy in the library!”

“That may very well be, David, but no one else must ever know about it. This must remain our little secret, in spite of your natural inclination to brag about it to the other boys at school. Do you understand, David?” she asked, slipping out of her dress. “I . . . I wouldn’t ever tell anybody! Honest, Mrs. Weber. Golly, Mrs. Weber, you’re almost naked!” Laura stood before the bug-eyed lad, wearing only her panties, bra and shoes. She eliminated the shoes easily enough. The bra didn’t take long, either. She wanted to show the boy her luscious naked tits. She unfastened the restraining garment and held the cups to her tits for a moment. “Would you like to see my tits, darling boy?” she teased. “God yes! Let me see ’em!” the k** rasped. His prick was already completely stiff again and standing up against his stomach. “Say please, David,” she cooed, letting her bra slip off her bulging tits a little bit. “Oh please, Mrs. Weber!

Please let me see your tits! I dream about tits all the time! I’ll do anything if you let me see them!” “If I let you see my naked tits, will you lick and suck them for me?” she asked, letting her bra slip a little more. “You’d let me do that? Oh, wow! I’ll do it, Mrs. Weber! I’ll do anything you tell me to do,” David promised, dizzy with youthful lust. Laura crouched down in front of the boy, who was still sitting on the stool, and gyrated her shoulders a bit. When her big tits started to move, her bra fell away, presenting young David with a sight he would not soon forget. She lewdly shook her tits in the k**’s face for a moment or two. Then she moved closer to his face and lifted her naked tits in her hands, pushing them up against his cheeks. When his handsome face was buried in her cleavage, she reached down between his legs and started slowly fondling his responsive young balls.

David began kissing and licking the tit flesh that surrounded his face. He inhaled her feminine fragrance. He licked her resilient tits all over, tracing every curve with his eager tongue. When his tongue reached the goose pimpled flesh of her areolas, he noticed that her nipples were stiff. He kissed the hard little peaks of tit-flesh and noticed that she seemed to like it when he touched her there. Soon, the boy was licking and sucking her nipples with a wild passion. “Oh, God yes, David! I love your lips on my nipples! You do it so perfectly! Are you sure you haven’t sucked a girl’s tits before?” she moaned, her whole body tingling with raw lust as he licked and sucked her tits. “I . . . I’ve never done this before, Mrs. Weber, honest. Am I really doing it good?” “You’re doing it beautifully. You do such wonderful things with your tongue, darling.

I want to feel your tongue somewhere else-where I need it even more.” “Gosh, Mrs. Weber, where do you want me to put it? I’ll put it anywhere you want it!” the boy rasped, his balls seething in their sac as she played with them. “I’ll show you where I want that tongue, David,” she said in a voice that dripped with honey. her hand down over her silky stomach and into the golden hair that covered her pussy. Then she raised one leg, resting her foot on the top of the stool on which the boy still sat. “Sit on the lower rung of the step stool, David,” she commanded. The boy obeyed eagerly. “Jesus! It . . . it’s sure pretty, Mrs. Weber. It’s even prettier than I thought it would be!” he said in amazement, staring up at the luscious looking crevice of the librarian’s pussy.

“I thought you’d like it, darling. Move your face closer to my pussy. That’s right, darling. See how wet it looks? I’m so hot that my cunt is just dripping with lust for you. I have such an unbearable itch between my legs today, David. I think your tongue could help a bit. See the lips of my cunt, these raggedy-looking little folds of flesh? I’m going to spread them open for you, David. I want you to stiffen your tongue and shove it right up my cunt. Would you do that for me, lover?” David’s tongue pushed up into her cunt in a split second after she told him what to do. She closed her eyes and abandoned herself to the intense pleasure the boy was bringing her. It had been so many years since she had felt a tongue on the sensitive inner flesh of her cunt. She felt his tongue moving slowly inside her hot wet cunt-gash, tickling the inner flesh of her pussy until she shivered with pure delight. “Your tongue feels so nice inside me, darling boy. Move it, David. Oh, yes! Yes! Bury your little tongue in my cunt the way I need it today. Move it! Oh God, yes! Lick it! Lick my fucking hot cunt, David! I don’t care if you are only sixteen. I want you!” David’s tongue flew wildly up and down the crevice of her pussy. She could feel the boy’s nose pressing against her cunt-flesh as he licked and sucked away at her.

She had never felt so wanton. She could do anything now, anything that would satisfy her sexual itch. She worked the muscles of her cunt against the k**’s tongue, holding it inside her. “Do you feel that, darling? Do you feel how my cunt clutches and holds your tongue when you shove it way up into me?” “Yeah! ” the boy muttered, his words muffled by her cunt. “Just imagine how it would feel if your cock were up inside me instead of your tongue ! ” she breathed. “My dick? Up in your cunt?” the boy rasped. “Yes, David, your cock up inside my hot fucking cunt! You’ve been such a good boy and made me feel so nice with your sucking and licking that I’ve decided to give you a little treat.

I’m going to let you do what I know you’ve wanted to do ever since we started our fun and games. I’m going to let you fuck me right in my cunt!” “Fuck you? Oh golly, Mrs. Weber! You’re not k**ding are you? You’re really gonna let me?” “I insist upon it, darling. I really must have that big hard cock inside me!” “I . . . I’ve never done anything like that before, Mrs. Weber. I really don’t know what to do.” “I’ll teach you everything you need to know, darling boy. I know you’re a fast learner. The heat in my cunt is proof of that. I’ll show you how to use that nice hard-on to have all sorts of nice nasty fun.” Laura removed the boy’s shirt and told him to take off his shoes. Her hands were all over the boy’s young chest and shoulders and she was thrilling to the feel of his warm muscular body. “You have such nice hard muscles for a boy your age, David,” she breathed into the k**’s ear. “Do I, Mrs. Weber?” he asked, a sparkle of boyish pride in his eyes. “Oh yes, darling. And it will take all of those nice young muscles to fuck me properly. Of course, the muscle you need the most is especially well developed.” She giggled, reaching down and grabbing his stiff prick.

Laura told the boy to spread his clothes and hers out over the cold marble floor of the old library. Then she lay on her back and raised her legs, resting her feet on the floor and parting her long honey-tanned legs. She knew that the pussy she offered the boy was too tempting to resist. He would try to fuck that hot and inviting cunt with all his strength and eagerness, even though he didn’t have the first idea of how to fuck. She opened her arms and invited the boy take what he was staring at so intently. David stood there staring for a moment longer, his dripping prick sticking up in front of his lean naked body. Then, without warning, the k** fell on the lusty librarian. He started bucking his hard ass and driving his long fucker aimlessly against her body.

She eventually had to reach between the boy’s striving legs and take his jerking prick in her loving hand. She helped the k** position the hard fucker between the lips of her hungry cunt. She held her breath for a moment, preparing herself for the wild fucking she had been longing for these many years. When Laura felt the k**’s cock-head push between the tight lips of her cunt, she cried out in pure delight. She cried out so loudly that the boy thought he had hurt her. “Don’t worry, David. I’m all right. It just feels so good! Your cock is so hot and thick! Shove it in me! Hurry! I can’t wait! Fuck meeeee!” David felt the incredible heat of her cunt as her flesh engulfed his aching prick. He thrust hard, burying his prick in her all the way to his cum-filled balls in one mighty fuck stroke. She cried out again as if he had hurt her, but this time he just kept thrusting. His cock snapped up inside her, stiffening even more inside her sucking cunt. His prick swelled to incredible proportions inside her, squeezed and stroked as it was by the muscles of her greedy cunt.

He began banging in and out of her, fucking her faster and faster by the second. Her cries and whimpers of pleasure became louder. “Oh! How lovely! I love your prick! This is just perfect, David! Give it to me! Fuck me! Oh God, yes! Fuck me hard! Fuck me deep! I want it! Fuck meeeeee!” The boy was lying on her now, his chest crushing up against her naked tits. She could feel the boy’s heart beating wildly in his chest. She began fucking her cunt up onto his prick, raising her ass off the floor to meet his every hard and deep cockthrust. She gyrated her pelvis too, grinding her hot wet pussy against his groin. She could feel his young balls slapping against her steamy crotch. “Mrs. Weber, I . . . I think I’m gonna . . . I’m gonna . . . do it,” the boy rasped, his cock suddenly jerking up against the walls of her hot cunt. “Are you about to shoot your cum, darling?” she said breathlessly. “Yes, Mrs. Weber! I’m gonna shoot off! Oh, shit yeah! I’m gonna shoot! My balls! Oh, fuckin’ shit! I’m comin’, Mrs. Weber I’m commiinngggg!” Young David felt his balls suddenly get tight in their sac. He thought his balls were about to explode, so intense was the feeling of pleasure between his legs. When his orgasm ripped through his youthful body like a tornado, he closed his eyes tightly.

Blast after hot blast of thick hot cum shot through the stiff pipe of his prick and into the librarians’s cunt. Each shot of cum into her cunt was accompanied by spasms that made the boy feel like his balls had been struck by lightning. He wrapped his arms around her and held on for dear life. “Fuck me! Come in my cunt, David! Come in my hot fucking cunt! I’m going to come too, lover! Oh God, yes! Yes! We’re coming off at the same fucking time! Yesssss!” she hissed. Flash after flash of delight went through Laura’s luscious body. She experienced an orgasm more intense by far than anything she had experienced in years. She abandoned herself to her pleasure, feeling wave after wave of sensation rush over her like a tide of delight. “Oh, David, darling boy! How lovely! How perfect” she whimpered as they lay together in the nest they had made of their abandoned clothes. “You screwed me so perfectly, darling. I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed it.

I haven’t been fucked so well in years!” “Can we do it again, Mrs. Weber? I can get it hard again in about five minutes,” the k** said, his prick still buried in the woman’s clutching cunt. “I’d love nothing better, darling. But it’s getting late. You must realize that your mother will be concerned about you. We can’t just lie here and fuck all night. I think you and I had better get dressed and try to forget about what happened tonight, if we can. ” “Gosh, Mrs. Weber, I don’t ever want to forget about today! You’re the most beautiful woman in the world, Mrs. Weber, and this is the greatest thing that ever happened to me!” Laura kissed the boy on his cock when it pulled out of her cunt. She got dressed and helped him get back into his clothes. She gave him another kiss on the cheek, then he walked out of the library and ran happily down the street. She didn’t know whether or not she would ever again let herself go the way she had tonight, but she had the feeling that she just might, under the right circumstances. Sex with teenage boys was too much fun for her to rule it out in her future.


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