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I watched as he moved in next door. This neighborhood was currently going through revitalization, as the young couples who used to live here had become parents causing their need for bigger places. Only six months ago the moving van was in front of my place moving me in. I continued to watch while I covertly watched the men move all of the furniture in. I noticed some pretty hip stuff so I concluded that the new owner must have been one of the four younger college guys. They were split, three in their fifties while the others seemed to be in their twenties. I continued to watch them for about fifteen minutes, then not to appear too obvious, I went inside. I could feel all of their eyes on me when I entered. I am not sure if I did it intentionally or not, but I knocked over the chair I was sitting in when I got up. I hastily picked it up knowing that the noise it made definitely drew the attention of the movers. I of course took the opportunity to swing my tight young ass as sexily as I could when I sashayed inside. Glancing over my shoulder just before entering I confirmed my suspicion that the men were watching. All of them had stopped and were looking my way, well actually staring. I flipped my long, halfway down my back, blonde hair seductively in their direction. I went inside to accomplish my chores, every once in a while sneaking a glance or two next door.

Over the next few months I watched the comings and goings next door but noticed no in particular female friend, which I had hoped for after seeing this hunk. At 6′ 2″, 160 lbs. this guy certainly kept in good shape. His swimmers body with a slightly hairy chest looked good enough to eat. We had a chance to talk a little over time until I finally had the courage to ask him to dinner, promising him a great time. At 54 years old he was a little taken back by the attention this young lady was giving him, but he never saw what was coming. Bob readily agreed to dinner on Friday night. She nearly creamed her pants at his acceptance, her mind racing to how she would seduce her new “Daddy”.

She went shopping that week picking up her outfit, knowing she had to dress special. Exiting the store after picking out a nice little school girl outfit, plaid skirt, plain white blouse, bobby socks, and white dress shoes. Underneath this she decided not to wear a bra but instead let her 34a breasts hang free. Ya she knew they were kind of small, but concluded it just added to the effect, she would ask him later she thought. For under the skirt she chose a white lace thong that just screamed “fuck me”. Looking at the effect this outfit had on her she could only think of one way to describe it, erotically naughty! With the blouse constantly rubbing on her nipples, they stayed quite hard and quite visible through the white blouse. It was tied in between and just below her tits so that when she leaned over just right a clear view of her excited nipple on top of her tit could be seen easily. This she would definitely use to her advantage throughout the night.

During their conversations it was revealed to her that since catching his wife cheating on him two years ago, he had not been with other women. He somehow felt inaccurate, or else it would have never happened. He said her only excuse was that she had grown old of him. He although did get a little satisfaction in knowing he left her with minimal assets, actually all he left her with was the house and bills. Turns out the guy that she cheated on him with was laughed out of the area in a divorce that cost him every thing too. Even though she tried to cheer him up with her words, it did not seem to work. She knew she had to help and it had nothing to do with her being so hot for him she used her vibrator and thought of him almost every night.

When he rang her door bell that Friday night he got quite the pleasant thrill. Bounding into his arms was this delicious young, 19 years old, girl from his dreams. Dreams he had been having but never really thinking it would come true.

Jumping into his arms, kissing him on the cheek, she blurted out, “Welcome home Daddy! I could not wait to see you. I am so glad you are home!” She did not give him time to respond. Taking his hand she was relieved to find that he was following her agreeably. Pushing him down onto the couch she put his feet up on the table. Glancing down she could already see the beginnings of his hard-on, obviously getting excited.

For his part he was totally surprised by the actions of this young girl. Recovering he knew what part he was to play in this scene, one of his favorite fantasies. She was right; he was definitely getting a hard-on watching this young school girl removing his shoes and socks. Leaving him she went to retrieve a drink for the two of them, scotch on the rocks for him and a soda, complete with straw for her. Leaning over to give him his drink he took the opportunity to get a good look at the hard nipped tit that came into view. She also noticed the look and was happy to see the pleasure in his eyes.

Snuggling closely next to him on the couch, “How was your day daddy?”

“Oh honey, you do not want to hear about my day do you? I know you want to tell me why you have been a bad little girl,” he said with a stern look on his face.

She knew that something she did was not right. She thought about it for a second then realized that when she bent down to get the scotch he must have seen the panties she had worn. Not letting on, “Daddy, I have cleaned the house, did the laundry and dinner is almost ready, what did I do wrong?”

“Is that the proper school uniform that you are supposed to wear?” Reaching in to slightly twist one nipple, hearing a small whimper escape her mouth, “Just where is the bra you are supposed to have on covering these sweet tits? You know all the boys and men stare at you when you do not wear one.”

“Daddy you know I hate that thing. It is so tight that it makes me look like I have no tits!” she replied as she continued squirming due to the sensations giving to her nipples, as he alternated twisting both of them.

“So you would rather go to school looking like a slut young lady? Do you like that the guys stare at you? You know what they want to do,” he replied as he brought both hands to fondle her ripe young tits.

“Yes I feel pretty when they stare at me Daddy, is that wrong?” she inquired.

“Yes I really do understand honey, that’s why you can not dress like a slut when you go to school. It is different when you are here, I rather like it,” he responded.

A glow came to her face knowing that Daddy liked her being a slut. “So it would please you see me dressed this way? You like my young body? I would do anything to please you!” Thinking that she may not get punished for the panties, “I would love to keep you happy dressing this way.”

“I would like that, you have a nice body, but we still have a problem. You know that you were not supposed to go to school dressed like this,” he said reaching down to raise the front of her dress, “What do we have here honey?”

“But Daddy you know the other ones make me too uncomfortable. They always bunch up when I sit and that’s not fun.”

“But it was wrong to go to school in these sexy panties. You must have driven all the guys and boys crazy.” Reaching over to grab her free hand, he brought it down on his hard-on. “This is what happens when you tease every one. You know how hard it is to walk around in this condition? Are you really being fair to the guys, dressing like that, giving them hard-ons that hurt?”

“No I have not thought about what I was doing to them, I just wanted to be comfortable,” she told him.

“What do you think we should do about it honey? You knew it was wrong and did it any way,” he said as he stroked his cock outside the pants using her hand.

“Daddy I know I deserve a spanking but it hurts too much, can we forget it this time and I promise to only dress this way when I am here?” she questioned, hoping he would go easy on her.

“OK then we can make a deal, I think you deserve to get 20 spankings for your actions but if you promise not to do it again I will only give you 10. Does this sound fair to you?” Knowing how excited he would be after only ten, he snickered to himself.

“That sounds very fair to me, that’s why I love you Daddy, you are always fair.” She could feel the wetness already building between her young thighs.

“Now be a good girl and bring one of the kitchen chairs out here.” He marveled at the sweet swaying ass as she went to retrieve the chair. He was sure that she was giving her ass a little extra shake, implying that this was one of her fantasies too. The two hard nipples, bouncing up and down freely, held his eyes as he stared intently. He sat down in the chair and instructed her to remove the skirt. “Bend over my lap honey and prepare yourself.”

He rubbed the hottest little ass that was now exposed to his desire. Reaching down and in between her thighs to confirm what he already guessed, he found that her pussy was indeed already wet. Without any notice he reeled back and let loose a shot across her ass, leaving a pink hand print in its wake. She let out a little scream as it came without notice. He continued to spank her nine more times before stopping but continuing caress the now pink ass. He stroked her ass more, listening to the moans emitting from her lips. He moved to stroke her pussy lips, inserting just one finger. He went in and out a few times before using another then another.

Fucking her with his fingers he stated, “It seems that you liked this young lady.”

“And judging from this.” She rubbed his now raging hard-on, “you also liked it.” As she slipped off of his lap, she slid between his knees. Unbuttoning his pants and undoing his zipper, “I am going to make up for getting you hard by taking care of this.” Pulling his cock out, she kissed it, tasting the pre-cum that had already formed there. She really went to town sucking his cock with a fever she had never known. Being nearly naked and having his cock in her mouth turned her on like no boyfriend had ever before. She was so excited that she gave him the best blow job she had ever given, taking it in until her nose hit his stomach. All she wanted to do at that point was to make her Daddy as hot as she was. She wanted him to ravage her hot body.

He let her go on for a few minutes, looking up at him with lust in her eyes, but stopped her just short of reaching his orgasm. He stood her up along with himself, embracing her tightly, his hard cock pressing on her pussy. He carried her over to the couch, laid her down and dove right into that hot wet pussy of hers. His whole mouth engulfed her pussy while his tongue did quite a number on her clit, licking it ferociously. She was squirming and moving around, raising her ass up to push it fully into his attacking mouth. She was so hot and horny at this point she let go with the biggest orgasm she has had to date. It was so intense she almost bucked them both off the couch. Some how, he kept them on the couch, while continuing to lap up her pussy all the way through her orgasm.

“OH MY GOD! DADDY THAT FELT SO GOOD! Now I want to feel that cock of yours in my tight little pussy. Fuck me good Daddy! You have gotten me hotter than I’ve ever been!”

He slid up her body and slowly entered her well lubricated pussy. Driving all the way in he could see her wince but you could tell she wanted more. The lust in her eyes as he varied his rate of driving deep in her was precious. He pounded her pussy faster and faster, watching her face turn to one of pure satisfaction. He stopped long enough to turn her over to on all fours. Giving her ass a playful little slap as he rubbed his cock up and down her pussy lips, he then entered her, much to her delight. She loved being fucked in this position. The cock seemed to go in deeper, plus the fact that she knew her partner loved looking at her ass as he fucked her. With him it was no exception. Seeing that now pink ass as his cock drove into her pussy finally pushed him over the edge. Reaching around to grab and twist her nipple causing her to have an orgasm while he shot load after load into her. When he had finished shooting his load into her, he pulled out and was pleasantly surprised as she licked his cock clean.

As we lay there, his strong arms embracing me now, we relaxed for a few minutes. I could not help but feel so incredibly satisfied. The passion put forth by this older sexy guy next to me made me feel so hot, hotter than I ever could achieve with boys my age. The passion that emitted from this mature man was just what I was looking for. The urge to do any thing to please this man must have been evident that night, for after this first time we continued with our roles, a role he fell into since first setting foot in my house. I can still see first the surprise in his eyes turning into total and complete lust right before my eyes. I have never seen any one that wanted my nubile body more. His cock immediately became hard as I ground my pussy on him while kissing him hello. When I pulled him into the living room I noticed that he loosened up pretty quickly, falling into a role I wanted him to take. A warm feeling always came over me when I knew that I could invoke such emotion in a man twice my age, it was so totally erotic.

I reluctantly rose up to check on dinner, looking back at the worn out but happy man on my couch. Sashaying into the kitchen clad only in my soaked panties and blouse, I could feel his eyes lock on my ass as I left. I noticed a slight twinge in his semi-hard cock when I sneaked a look over my shoulder. I felt the fabric rubbing against my sensitive nipples as I went, invoking a feeling deep inside my still dripping pussy.

Dinner was placed on the table and went to retrieve my new ‘Daddy’ from the couch. Remaining naked we went to the kitchen. Hand in hand we walked, his semi-hard cock bouncing so seductively, looking so inviting. While eating I listened intently as he explained what he did at work. It actually was quite interesting hearing how this powerful man achieved his goals while directing his employees, some of which I found out were the ones helping him move in. For some reason I felt so safe and secure sitting so close to this man, a feeling I so thoroughly enjoyed.

When we were through eating I stood up to take my dishes to the sink to begin washing them. I was pleasantly surprised when I turned to go get the other dishes but instead I turned into his chest, as he stood over me. Leaning over he kissed me deeply, our tongues tangling inside our mouths. I could feel his hands reaching around to grab my still slightly sore ass, caressing gently.

“Thank-you so much for such a delightful dinner, I loved it,” he said while continuing the hug. One of his hands had come up under her chin, pushing her head back slightly so he could see her loving eyes. He kissed her once again before moving back so they could finish washing the dishes.

Standing there doing the dishes you could see the look of satisfaction in her eyes, along with the total look of lust in his eyes. She felt his eyes devouring the sexy look of this hot young blond next to him, causing his cock to begin still another rise. He marveled at his luck in finding, or more like her finding him, this totally hot and sexy young girl next to him. This was a fantasy that he, along with most guys his age, had since he was much younger. He never in his wildest imagination ever thought he would live it out, but here he was.

He was taken aback when after the dishes were washed and put away, they walked into the living room once more. He enjoyed rubbing her hot ass as they walked next to each other to the couch. Seems this young girl had listened to what he had to say, which impressed him to no end, as she turned on the TV, already set to the basketball game he wanted to see. This was the home opener for his hometown college team, a game he was looking forward to seeing. Sitting back and relaxing, he watched her walking so sexily into the kitchen. He knew she was putting on a show for him and he was thoroughly enjoying the show, taking in every inch of nubile teen flesh as she danced on her way. When she was coming back with a beer for him the view changed from hot sweet ass to the view of two extremely hard nipples bouncing inviting inside her blouse. Her long luscious thighs leading up to the now sticky white lace panties, covering a cleanly shaved pussy looked so good to him. Actually the sight of her, whether walking away or towards him, always seemed to make his cock twitch.

Handing him his beer and snuggling next to him, her head resting on his hairy chest, eyes locked on the hardening cock just below her, she sat down. Surprising him with her knowledge of the game, she was raised in a sports family and was used to watching such games, they watched the first few minutes, commenting on the action as they watched. About ten minutes into the game she could not take it any more, so she slide her head down to engulf his amazing cock into her mouth. She licked from his balls, then up to the cock head, invoking a reaction. The feeling of a cock growing in her mouth as she sucked it made her feel so happy. She loved the control she had over the cock in her mouth, causing it to fill with blood and twitch, awaiting release. She knew how to bring him right to the brink, only stopping just before pushing him over the edge. He was totally taken aback when this hot young thing removed her mouth from his now glistening cock, grabbed the VCR remote and pressed ‘record’.

She got up to face this hot man, placing a knee on both sides of his thighs. Looking into his eyes, she lowered herself, impaling herself on his hard wet cock. The feeling of his cock, splitting open her sensitive pussy lips as it entered her sweetness, was causing her to shiver in a small orgasm. For his part his hands reached up to grope and grab the tits swaying in front of his eyes. Leaning forward he took one of the very hard nipples into his mouth, biting down slightly. He always liked the little moan that escaped her mouth while he sucked on the hard nub. She bounced up and down on his magnificent cock for about ten minutes, all the time feeling so filled and wanted. Knowing that her hot body was responsible for the pleased look on his face made her feel so good inside. She wanted to give this man all the pleasure she could muster, so she did nothing to stop him from pushing her over to lick her sopping wet pussy.

Her hands held his head as he drove his tongue in and around her pussy insistently, bringing her so close to orgasm it was driving her crazy. Lifting her hips to meet the tongue that was so thoroughly exciting her, she continued to buck on the invading tongue. She held his head as far into her pussy as she possible could, almost smothering the man. She enjoyed this attention for a couple minutes before turning this man onto his back, his cock standing up proudly. With her knees on each side of his head, she offered up her pussy to his drooling mouth. In the mean time she leaned over taking his cock into her mouth. For some reason she remembered the old saying about sucking a bowling ball through a garden hose, and that’s what she tried to achieve. Taking his super hard cock in and out of her mouth, she sucked liked her life depended on it, doing her best to give this hot neighbor of hers the best blow job of her life. Judging by the intensity of his tongue probing her pussy she thought she may have been doing a great job, pleasing her to no end.

This red hot sixty-nine session went on for about ten minutes, both of them groping and grabbing each others bodies. His hands caressing her tight ass, while she used her hands to fondle his balls and stroke up and down his shaft as her mouth took it in and out. The next position she found herself in made her feel so nasty, but she loved it. She was placed on the couch, facing the back, with her knees spread wide apart. This in effect left her ass spread wide, while giving him a clear view of her wet, red pussy lips so sexily displayed and offered up to him. Looking over her shoulder she gave him a sight of her right tit, nipple standing out so predominately. A shiver shook her whole body when she felt his cock rubbing up and down between her ass cheeks, lubricating the head with her juices, preparing for the next action.

Taking in the lewd display of sexy young flesh, ready for his attack, he entered her slowly, stopping only when he could go no more. Slowly he increased the speed until he was driving into this hot pussy fast and hard. In and out he fucked her ass, which was being driven back to meet his thrusts. The sex could be smelled in the air as he pounded away at that hot tight pussy. After pounding this pussy with all he had, he reached around to pinch her clit, just before he erupted deep inside her. This in effect triggered an explosive orgasm, beginning from way inside her, and moving to her pussy lips. When he was in as deep as possible, unloading all of his cum as deep as he could, he could feel her pussy gripping his cock. Her orgasm seemed to last forever as her pussy released her juices all around his cock. She could feel the combined juices running down the inside of her spread thighs. A feeling she had been waiting for all of her life.

The last thing she remembered was him leaning over her to give her the most passionate kiss while taking her into his arms and lying over on the couch. This is where she now found herself, the bright sun shining through the open blinds, indicating that it was indeed morning

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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