The Nurse. Doing the Rounds

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The Nurse. Doing the Rounds
Patricia walked nervously up the corridor. It was to be her first day on the ward after her previous day’s interview.

Click, click, click, click, went her 5-inch heels. She felt the uniform (probably one size too small,) pulling tight around her thighs, making the suspender bumps clearly visible to anyone who cared to look.

She thought about the interview. It made her hot and flustered.

She thought about her husband. She felt a pang of guilt. The previous days’ meeting was not what she’d been expecting. Actually it was anything but. But she couldn’t say she hadn’t enjoyed it. Maybe she enjoyed it rather more than she let herself believe.

So with some apprehension she walked in to the staff nurse’s office.

The staff nurse looked up over the rim of her dark framed glasses. Even sat down she looked very tall. Her long blonde hair tied back behind her hat. The nurse nodded towards a trolley in the far corner of the room. ‘The gentlemen are waiting for their medication.” said the staff nurse, in a rather short manner. “Oh and one more thing…” Patricia froze. “Turn and face the wall.” said the Staff nurse. “Now lift your dress to your waist.”

Patricia obediently did as she was told. Within seconds she sensed the staff nurse right behind her. She could feel the woman’s breath on the back of her neck. Patricia felt the warm wet tongue below her hairline, then around to her ear. Patricia closed her eyes a breathed deeply. “Bend over. I have something for you.” the staff nurse whispered. Patricia could do nothing but obey. She felt her knickers being eased down and again felt the warmth of the nurse’s lips around the tops of her thighs, gently kissing, licking, and teasing. Involuntarily she spread her legs as far as her knickers would allow.

The usually conservative woman was becoming accustomed to this tsunami of sexual activity.

She felt the tip of the nurse’s tongue glide along her slit. She arched her back trying to make firmer contact. But the staff nurse was having none of it. It drove Patricia crazy. Up and down went the tip of the tongue, gently flicking its way along the wet cleft. Every now and then burrowing itself beneath her clit, but just not long enough. Then upwards. Past her aching hole. Upward to her anus. She heard herself moan out loud, thrusting herself at the tongue. Patricia wasn’t sure if her knees would keep her up. She was trembling. Trying to hold something for support. Then, without warning, she felt something hard against her little hole. Although her eyes popped with shock, it took the tiniest of pushes for Patricia’s anus to accept the butt plug.

Then the staff nurse got to her feet and ordered Patricia to stand up straight.

Confusion reigned in her head. “But… but… I want…”
“It really doesn’t matter what you want” interrupted the staff nurse. “I’ve just given you your ‘on call’ device. It’s operated by remote control.” The staff nurse held up a small box with a small dial on top. “Whenever you’re needed by one of the patients they can just ‘summon you’ by a tweak of this dial.” With this the staff nurse turn the dial. Suddenly the butt plug began to vibrate. The sensation overcame her. Patricia went weak at the knees. Then the staff nurse, switched the machine off.

“Right, as I said, the patients are waiting.”

Patricia reached down to pull her panties up.

“And leave those where they are. Knickers-round-your-ankles is a look that suits you. Make sure they stay there.”

“But they’re…”

“Off you go” the nurse commanded.

With that Patricia took the tray laden with medication and preceded to shuffle out of the office and into the well-lit ward. Five beds faced five beds across an open floor. The space was spotless. And she felt the eyes of ten men fall upon her as she entered the room.

She was very conscious of her white knickers taught around her knees.

Suddenly there it was again. The ripples of pleasure from her anus took her by surprise. Her eye’s rolled back in her head. It was all she could do to not drop the tray.

She noticed one of the beds at the far end of the ward had a flashing light above it. The patient had one hand raised.

She waddled along the ward towards the patient. He must’ve been in his mid sixties. And he had an evil glint in his eye.

Patricia made it to the bed; the buzzing up her arse subsided. She placed the tray on the bedside table. She walked six or seven yards but was exhausted. “C… can I help you?”

“Can I help you sir.” The old man corrected her.

“I’m sorry. Can I help you SIR?”

“Err. Yes. He replied. It’s my eyes. I can’t see too well. There’s something not quite right.”

Patricia was puzzled. “Oh. Erm.. Well what’s wrong with them?”

“Well you’re stood right there, a mere two foot away, and I still can’t see your tits.”

An evil smile flashed across his lips.

Patricia looked at the ceiling. She could hear the snorts of laughter from around the ward. The low wolf whistles. She remembered her instructions. She began to undo the front of her dress. All eyes were on her impressive cleavage. Then she scooped out her left tit and then her right tit, both still encased in their sheer white bra.

“Can you see them now sir?” Patricia asked.

“Hmmm.” the old man replied. “Maybe you should come a little closer…”

And with that both hands were all over her big tits. Squeezing. Groping. Inside the sheer material, easing the mounds out of their cups.

“Yes. That’s much better. I can see them quite clearly now.” smirked the old man. Then no sooner had he finished than the buzzing began again. Patricia steadied herself as she stood up straight. Looking over her shoulder she saw the light was flashing down the other end of the ward.

She began to shuffle toward the far end of the ward, making sure her knickers would not drop to the floor. The butt plug was making it very awkward. She had a deep aching in the pit of her stomach. Although it was contrary to all she stood for, all she knew, she was very wet. Extremely wet.

Once again she had to endure the lewd comments and whistles from the male patients.

It seemed like an age before she got to the far end of the room.

The patient was a much younger man. Late twenties. Extremely athletic looking.

“Nice tits,” He said casually reaching up and giving each tit a squeeze. “So, err… where are my tablets?”

Patricia glanced over her shoulder. There. At the far end of the ward sat they tray with all the medication. She knew in an instant what she had to do.

But first she had to let the patient finish fondling her breast.

Two more trips, the comments from the patients, the staring, and that buzzing up her rear end.

She was finally able to give the patient his ‘medication’. Two blue pills. Which for a man whose cock was already levering up the bed covers, was more than he needed.

“Oh. Nurse. I’ve got an itchy nose. Could you scratch it for me?”

Patricia reached out, but the young man suddenly grabbed her hand.

“Oh no. Not with your hand. With your cunt please nurse.”

It was quite awkward for Patricia to mount the guy’s bed and spread her thighs across his shoulders kneeling over his face. (She obviously had to take off her knickers and place them on the bed.)

The butt plug didn’t stop. It made her ache with desire. She was facing down the bed, towards his cock. She could see the other patients begin to gather round. But right now she didn’t care.

Her dress was up round her waist. Her tits had been out for some time. Once again she could feel warm breath on her cunt. As his tongue began to lap at her clitoris she found his nose with her hole and began to ride it.

“Ooooh yeah…” she moaned. She pushed back the covers. She was presented by a HUGE ten-inch cock. She leant towards it, her tongue vigorously slapping away around the huge head of the b**st.

Her head began to swim.

She felt hands on her arse, teasing the butt-plug slo-o-o-owly out, then letting her arse greedily suck it back in.

She had numerous cocks rubbed into her face from every which way, leaving trails of pre-cum in her hair, her cheeks and her forehead. Soon she had two cocks forcing their way into her mouth.

She didn’t notice the patient climb onto the bed, she was so wrapped up with the release of pleasure, but soon the plug was out. She momentarily turned to complain, but she was greeted by the sight of a grinning face and she felt huge member slip up her backside. Which with the tongue teasing her clit was enough to tip her over the edge.

She started to convulse, involuntarily, ignoring the cock in her mouth she howled.

That action was too much for the guy in her mouth. His cock flexed and sent its first salvo of cum into her mouth. Pulling it out the second hit her right across the bridge of the nose. The third and forth into her hair.

But it didn’t stop there.
Seeing the wads of hot cum shoot over her face was too much for the guy with his cock buried deep in her arse. Within two strokes he to grimaced and let his seed fill her backside.

His place was soon taken as another guy eased his fat cock between her arse cheeks, slipping his length easily up her well lubricated rear end. The piston like action sending excess sperm rolling down her inside leg.

And she had other cocks in her face. Slipping and sliding over her cheeks, her chin and her forehead as there wasn’t enough room in her mouth for all that cock.

Again she began to convulse. Her second orgasm.

They rolled her over.

Soon there was a cock between her tits. More jets of cum covered her face. Her uniform was a mess.

Her legs were held high as cock after cock slipped inside her sperm filled cunt.

She loved it. The goo covered her nose, and one eye. It matted her hair. She had it in her ear. Her uniform unrecognizable. It covered her stockings and oozed out all of her holes. Huge strings of cum swung from her tits as she stood up.
She was left to wipe up what she could with her panties.

Then, after it was all over, the staff nurse appeared and commended her on such a good job, telling her she was expected back at work the following day at 8am sharp.

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