The Photo Shoot – An Adult Story

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The Photo Shoot – An Adult Story
just started to branch out from my usual 9 to 5 job. I work at a local big department store in the mall. I am the photographer in the family photo center of the store. I am the guy who shoots the k**s on there parents lap or the family portrait that no one likes to take. It’s very boring. It’s been getting on my nerves lately but it’s a job. The only saving grace of the job, is it allows some free time when ever I need it. I just got into lightning and set up for photo shoots. It might take awhile until I can start to take photos of models. I have to work my way up before I get a chance to do what I really want to do. Most guys want to be photographers for there favorite sports magazine or work with super skinny models. I want to be a photographer for my favorite men’s magazine. “Bodacious!” It’s a magazine that caters to guys who love Big Beautiful Women. The bodacious girl next door.

Ever since my skinny ex-girlfriend left me at the airport for her ex-boy friend. I discovered with the help from my sexy big gurl neighbor the joys of big women. Size is no longer a issue. She just has to be confident in her body. She has to enjoy going out and getting dressed up for me. It could be to the movies or to a fancy restaurant. She just has to be confident on my arm. I just got a new house and have been moving my stuff across town. I have not found any new big gurl prospect in sometime.

I hate the end of the day. I just wanted to go home from the photography studio. I had about 5 families come in with small k**s today. They wore me out. I have another 5 minutes before I can lock the doors. I fix up my paperwork on my desk in the back. “Ring! Ring!” Hello, Buck speaking!” I said. “Good afternoon. This is Shelia Thomas from Powerful Modeling Agency. I just had a major client book a shoot with us for tomorrow. I saw some of your work in a portfolio, that was left with my assistant. I just love the lightening you put on the models. One in particular. The Big Sky shoot. The one on top of the sky sc****r down town over looking the harbor. That was spectacular. I now this is last minute and all. I really need you for this shoot. I hired a big photographer for the shoot. She saw your work and wants you too. It’s going to be shot very low key.” she said.

I smiled. I wanted to take tomorrow off anyways. I paused. “Listen. We will be willing to pay you double for what you got on your last shoot. I talk to your agent this morning. He recommend that I call you first to ask.” Shelia said. “What type of shoot is it?” I said. “Its just one model. A girl for makeup and the photographer. It is a bike theme. We have a few bikes set up in aloft down town. We just need you to set up the lights for the shoot. Maybe help out the photographer for the day. Also will nudity be a problem?” she said. I gulped. I had not done a nude shoot yet. Being 24 and just out of college. It had been my life long dream to take photos of a nude model. I guess being the light guy would not be bad. I could stand near the model and try no to stare. “OK! My pleasure to help.” I said. “Great! I know you want to be a professional photographer someday. Tomorrow come to my office. Bring your best photos and I will take a look at your pics. I have a feeling your just as good at that as you are at lightening the models.

The next morning, I got up early. I took a long hot shower. I trim some hair on my body. I got a haircut a few days ago. I put some gel in my short hair cut. I brushed my teeth. Put on some body spray. I put on a black t-shirt. Some dark blue tight boxer briefs. I fixed my cock inside the thin material. I then put on some tan cargo shorts. I put on some low cut white tennis shoes. I grabbed a camera bag. Some lights, a fan, a mixing board, stands, poles, and a tool box. I put all the equipment in the back of my van. I checked my watch. It was close to 9am.

It took me about an hour to find the loft. I parked my van in the parking garage. “Buzz! Buzz!” I hit the buzzer on the outside of the building. “Hello!” said a female voice. “Buck Kelly! I am your lighting guy for today’s shoot.” I said. “Oh good! Your early. Great! Nobody ever early any more. I’m on the top floor. Just put all you equipment in the service elevator. Hit the 20th floor. Then when you get off. Look for the green door. It’s at the end of the hall. Thanks sweetie.” she said. I unloaded my van. I hit the button in the elevator. The doors opened. I walked down to the green door at the end of the hall.

“Knock! Knock!” I waited a minute. The door knob turned to open. I dropped my camera bag on my foot. My mouth fell open. There was an older woman in her mid thirties standing in the doorway. She was about 5ft 3 with long blonde hair down to the middle of her back. She had a dark tan. She was built like a small brick house. She was very curvy. She had on a tight pink tank top. Her large cleavage almost spilled out the front. She had on a tight denim blue mini skirt that showed off her thick thighs and long legs. She was wearing 4inch pink heels. Her pink finger nails and toenails matched her glossy pink lips. I was sure she must be the model for today’s shoot. “I’m Audrey. Nice to meet you Buck. The models for today’s shoot are on time so far. She should be here in about 30 minutes. You can set up in the other room.” she said. “Very nice to meet you. Thanks for the opportunity. I appreciate it. I love your work.” I said.

“Thanks! Make sure you pick up your camera bag off your foot first. I don’t want you to hurt yourself. Follow me.” Audrey said. I walked behind her. I had a hard time not starring at her large ass as we walked in the other room. There was a white room with a big Harley in the middle. It was black with a skull and cross bones all over it. Lots of chrome. There were two huge saddle bags on the back of the bike. There was another big motor cycle in another room. It was painted dark green with a side car. Like and old world war two bike. The final bike was a tricked out Japanese sports bike near the pool. It was dark pink with some gold painted bombs on the gas tank. There was a huge gold 5ft replica bomb in front of the bike. It look like a bomb from the movies. Like the ones they dropped from a old bomber during the war or something. I smiled when Audrey gave me the freedom to set up everything the way I thought it should be.

Ten minutes later there was knock at the front door. I was still setting up as she went to answer the door. A few minutes later she came back into first room. I smiled when I noticed a very cute girl standing next to Audrey. She was about 5ft 5 with long brunette hair. She had small eye glasses covering her face. She had two small coffees in her hands as they talked. She too was built very nice. She was smaller than Audrey but just as sexy. I set up the last light and then walked over to them.

“OK! All set!” I said. “Great. Excellent job. I can see the bright lights from here. Shelia said you were good. Now I believe her. This is her assistant. Alex! She is going to do hair and makeup for the models.” Audrey said. “Nice to meet you.” I said. “Good Morning! Very nice to meet you Buck. I’ve heard great thing from my boss about you. I am expecting the best out of you.” she said with a perfect Latina accent. She had very sexy eyes to go with her dark tan. She looked great. Fuck! Now I was hoping that I could just be professional today. Both girls were hot. I was now looking forward to seeing the model for today shoot. Then I remembered what Audrey said. “Models!!!” Was there going to be two? I wondered to myself as Alex got her makeup kit ready.

I put two big chairs in front of a mirror at the front of the room. I then moved two big chairs in the dressing room to the left of the front door. I waited and made small talk with Alex as she sipped her coffee. I heard a knock at the front door again. Audrey walked by us and smiled. She came back a few minutes later.

“This is Jennifer. She is going to be our model for today’s shoot. This is Alex. She is going to do your hair and makeup. That is Buck! He is going to do the lights and anything I need help with. I have your first outfit picked out for you. Go try it on. I got a hold of a male model this morning. Fred is suppose to be here in about an hour. He is going to be on the back of the bikes or standing next to you Jen. He has quite the ego. As you well know. I hope he does not cause a problem today like it did a few weeks ago.” Audrey said. “Hi! Nice to meet everyone. No problem Audrey. I can be very professional and try to work with him again. Thanks! lets get started. Shall we!” said Jen. Jen and Alex walked to the dressing room near the front door.

Jen was wearing a big coat over her figure. It was hard to tell what she had under the coat. I was also not sure what her body looked like. I just could not tell under her baggy clothes. She was about 5ft 11 with light brown hair down to her shoulders. She had a amazing smile. I had to pinch myself I was not dreaming this moment. “Ouch!” I said. I looked down to see my shoe was untied. I bent over to tie my shoe. I could hear a blow dryer. I then heard some makeup being dropped on the counter in the dressing room. I stayed bent over looking around. I saw Audrey walk in the back to help the girls.

It was about 20 minutes later that Audrey came out first. She grabbed her camera. I got off the floor. I followed her into the white room. The first big bike was set up perfect. I heard some big platform heels come down the hall. I then turned to see Jen in a big white bath robe. Her finger and toenails matched the yellow of the 6inch platform heels. They hugged her sexy feet. The small strapped strained against her ankle as she smiled. She untied her robe letting it fall open. I saw Alex walk pass me to the far side of the room. I kept my eyes on Jen. She was wearing a small two piece yellow bikini. I was not sure how the strings from the suit stayed on. She was very curvy from her chest to her thick thighs. I smiled when she turned to show off her ample ass that was split by the yellow thong in the middle. She pulled up the side of the thong to sit high on her wide hips. For a second I thought I might pass out. I had to catch my breath.

“Buck! Are you OK! It’s like you never saw a hot model before. Jen we might have to throw some water on him. These young men today. God! You are so cute in that outfit. The magazine going to love you. Shelia going to be happy. Hell I think Buck loves you as much as I do. Very nice. Get near the bike. Move your hands on your hip….very nice…that it. Your a Pro sexy.” said Audrey. I looked to see Alex watching Jen move in front of the bike. I hit some switches to improve the light. “Buck bring that light closer. The light on the far pole. Bring it just under Jen. Get a reflector and shoot some light on her side. That is perfect. Jen keep moving. Try not to be distracted by him.” said Audrey. I moved the light. I then brought over a big aluminum board to reflect the light on Jen side.

I was exhausted after 30 minutes. Between Jen beauty and Audrey barking orders. I was not sure if I could last the whole shoot. I saw Alex on her phone. I could smell Jen sexy perfume as she moved closer to me. She looked very stunning up close. But when I saw her photos on the computer. I shook my head. She was very stunning. I was confident that the client was going to love them as much as I did. After a few more pics, Jen switched her hands on her body. This time she was touching her breast. Then she moved her hands between her thick thighs. She spun her big ass toward the camera. “Fuck! Your doing great Jen. Show me that sexy big girl in you. Yes! Yes!…” said Audrey. I froze for a second with the reflector in my hand. I bent down to reflect the light under her body.

“Great job everyone. Lets get some touch up on Jen. Alex call that Fred guy. See where he is at. Buck adjust the lights for more skin tone. Jen when you get back we will loose the top and bottoms. Lets go people!” shouted Audrey. I smiled as Jen shook her ass as she walked into the other room. I followed Alex on the phone. She was getting mad and confused as she walked to Audrey. They both began to talk. I took out the bright lights to put in some soft white lights. They bring out the natural beauty. I looked around as Jen was still in her dressing room. A minute later Alex pointed to me. Then both girls laughed as Audrey walked toward me. Alex went in the dressing room to help Jen get ready.

“Buck! Great job with the lightening and everything. We have got a big problem. I just talked to Alex a minute ago. She tells me this Fred douche can’t get here today. He got thrown out of his house and his car got Repo or some shit.” Audrey said. I shook my head in disbelief. She smiled. “I need a big favor. Alex called some other male models but can’t get anyone here today. Shelia told me this photos have to be in today. I am in a big bind. I have to deliver.” said Audrey. “How can I help? What do you need me to do?” I said. “Do you know of anyone that can model today? Any guys you may know that can help?” she said. I looked puzzled. “No! I know a few girls who might. But no guys come to mind. Most of my friends are not male models. I wish there was something I could do.” I said. “Hold that thought.” said Audrey.

I waited on set as Audrey walked in the dressing room. A few minutes later all the girls came out. “Hey Buck! Come here for a second.” said Audrey. I walked over to the girls. Jen was stunning as Alex had reapplied her makeup. Jen had changed into some clear plastic heels. That looked amazing on her sexy feet. I was distracted by her. But I turned my head when Audrey snapped her finger in my face. “How tall our you? Lets me see your eyes. Oh I love those baby blues. Lift up your shirt.” said Audrey. I smiled as I lifted up my shirt. “I am 6ft 4…Why do you ask?” I said. “He is cute…that bod is rocking.” said Jen. “I love those abs and his muscular legs.” said Alex. “Girls! Buck! I have a big favor to ask. I just got off the phone with Shelia. I asked her first. She was good with it. Just for today. Can you be the male model. Just help me out. I will make it worth your while. Shelia promise to let you photo the next shoot for her.” said Audrey. “Are you messing with me. Nobody wants to see me. I rather take the pictures. I have never been in front of the camera. Stop! Your teasing me.” I said.

“Ummmm no really. I think you look great. Lets me see those sexy abs again. Oh that is nice. Girls what do you think?” said Audrey. “You would be good Buck. I think you should do it. Plus if Shelia likes you. Who know where this may lead. Plus she owe you a favor. It would be big.” said Alex. Jen smiled. “Come on Buck. I need a guy to show me off for the camera. You be a natural. What do you say?” said Jen. “What do I have to wear?” I said. “There some clothes in the back. Alex will show you.” said Audrey. I would have done anything to get closer to Jen. I was no model. But I knew that having Shelia owe me would pay off in the long run. Plus it might be fun. There was three hot girls looking at me.

I walked back in the dressing room. I heard the camera clicking in the other room. Alex came back and handed me a gift bag. “Here you go stud. Good luck. Call me when your ready. I will come in and style your hair. Good luck” said Alex. I reached my hand in the gift bag. My heart beated faster. There was a small yellow thong and nothing else. I held the small thong in front of my face. I spun it around. There must be a mistake. “Hey! Alex!” I said. She walked back in. She giggled. “Let me check with Audrey.” said Alex.

A minute later Alex came back in the room. “Oh that is it. Just slip it on. You going to wow them. I’ll be just outside.” said Alex. She turned to talk on the phone. I pulled off my tennis shoes. I had not worn socks. I then took off my cargo shorts. I put them on the back of my chair. I pulled my t-shirt over my head. I then looked down to see my cock half erect inside my boxer briefs. I looked toward the door. I looked at the big mirror in front of the chairs. It was now or never. I pulled down my boxer briefs to my ankles. I pulled them off and put them in the gift bag. I then picked up the yellow thong off the chair. I slipped it on next. It was very snug on my junk. I looked in the mirror to see the yellow dental floss of a thong ride between my ass cheeks. I looked at the front. It look like I stuck my socks in the front of the thong. “OK! I’m ready.” I said.

A second alter the door opened. In came Alex. She smiled as I was sitting in the chair facing the mirror. She smiled as she began to comb my short hair. She put some gel to style the top and sides. She then rubbed some cream on my my broad shoulders and arms. She sprayed some cologne on my neck. She used some cream on my hands. “You look great. I think you might have to change profession after this. You look really good. Are you ready?” said Alex. I shook my head “Yes!” I stood up as Alex followed behind me. She clicked off her phone. I could feel her hungry eyes on my ass. I then walked into the other room.

“Is that the same guy, ladies. Well look at you. All young and handsome. Oh you even smell good. I see Alex took care of you in there. What do you think Jen? Buck might steal the shoot.” said Audrey. Jen eyes got big. “You look great, Buck…Come stand right here.” said Jen. I walked over to the left side of Jen. She put her hand on my lower back. I could feel her small hand on my lower back. I put my hand on her lower back. I could hear the camera clicking away as Audrey moved around us. “WOW! You two look so hot together. I can feel the sexual tension in the room. Damn! Who knew Buck was so sexy under those clothes earlier. Jen your so cute and sexy. Just move around him. Your the star of the shoot. He just eye candy. That is hot. Shake you hair in his face. Buck move so the front of your thong is touching her ass. That is it. You two are doing great.” said Audrey.

A few minutes passed as we changed different positions. Audrey had us touch and but are hands all over each other. My cock was getting harder. I think Jen could feel it to. She smiled and shook her ass on the tip of my cock. She then moved her hand and scratched her nails on my stomach. She stopped inches from my hard cock. I shifted around so not to poke her in the side. “That was great girls and boys. Alex hit the fan over there. I want to see Jen hair fly in Buck face. Great! Buck! Are you sure you never done this before. Oh my god Jen very cute. Bend down and squat between his legs. Buck is that a sock in there? Your not packing are you.” said Audrey with a smile. “Umm…” I whispered. “Oh no! That is real Audrey.” said Jen. All three girls smiled this time at me.

Jen was inches from my cock. She faked like she was kissing my thighs and calves. She then brought her face inches from my cock. She put her hand on the front of my thong. She gave the tip of my cock as squeeze as she looked into my eyes. She pulled herself up moving her big breast on the front of my body. She grabbed my hand to place them under her breast. I held up her big breast in my big hands as Jen clicked away. I looked to see Alex was standing close to us. She had moved the big reflector on our bodies. I turned Jen around. I then put my hands around her body to give her a big hug. She felt great in my arms as Audrey clicked away. “Ok! Stop! It’s that time. Jen slowly take off you top and bottoms. Look into the lens. Buck you keep your clothes on. Just admire Jen’s beauty.” said Audrey.

I watched as Jen untied her top. She moved it down her body. She let it fall on the floor. She then slowly dropped her thong to around her ankles. She pulled on them as she bent over. Her amazing body looked great in the bathing suit. It looked more amazing fully nude. She was quite the stunning woman. She was very confident in her body. She turned to see me smile. “Do you like?” Jen whispered in my ear. I nodded my head “Yes!” I watched as Alex got closer. Audrey walked over and was inches from us. She started to click away with her camera. She had put a small lens on to capture more of Jen beauty. I moved my feet wider to have Jen move around me. She trailed her hands all over my body. She brushed her nails on my ass causing me to move. She then licked her finger and placed it on my right nipple. Audrey smiled. Alex moved from behind the reflector. She was now standing near the right side of us. I could feel the motor bike on my thigh. We had stepped back to get more of the bike in the picture.

“Jen get on the bike. That is it. Move your breast over the handle bars. Oh that is hot. Now shake that ass. Yes! Yes! Great!” said Audrey. I watched Jen move on the bike. “Ok! Buck! get in front. Jen move up and put your hands around his small waist. Slide your legs around his. That is it. Push your breast on his back. it getting hot in here????” said Audrey. I could feel Jen nipples rub against my soft skin. She was turning me. I looked down when I felt some cold air on my cock. The thong had slipped off he front of my cock. I was so hard that my cock slipped out the side. It was now laying on the black leather of the bike seat. I don’t think anybody noticed. But I did see Alex eyes get bigger. I then heard the camera begin to click faster. I then felt Jen breast ride up my shoulders. She looked over trying to catch a glimpse of what everyone was looking at.

A second later I felt Jen hand come around my waist. She was now inches from my cock. Audrey walked up and was now inches from us. She started to take picture of my cock. She smiled as she pointed the camera down. I felt Jen lips on my neck. I then felt her hand on the bottom of my waist. She put a finger on the top of my shaft. I could feel her finger nail poke the top of my cock. God she was turning me on. I was not sure what would happen next. I almost fainted off the bike from the camera and Jen kissing my neck.

“Buck! Get off the bike. Stand in front of Jen. Jen put your hands on his ass. Pull down his thong. Wow! That is a monster. I’m glad Fred not here. You make a better model. Are you OK with this?” said Audrey. I smiled as I kicked off the thong to the front of the bike. I saw Alex pick up the thong. She placed it on top of the last step into the room. She came back to watch Jen and I on the bike. “Jen kiss his side. Go ahead and kiss is tight ass. Oh that is perfect you two. Ok! Buck. Sit on the bike again. Just like before.” said Audrey.

First Jen did the same thing as last time. She put her large breast on my back. She kissed my neck. I turned to kiss her lips. She breathed in and slipped me the tongue. “I don’t normally do this. But your have such sexy lips.” said Jen. I smiled. “Ok! Buck! Get behind her. Now lean up on her. Jen reach up on the handle bars. Buck put your hands under her breast. Then kiss her neck. Oh that is nice. You two are so sexy. Your doing a great job.” said Audrey. For the next hour we moved around the bike.

We both went to change for the next scene. I was dressed as a WWII soldier. I had on a big green uniform. Jen was dressed as a pin up. She looked so hot. She had on a white full bathing suit that covered her amazing body. She had a white rose in her hair just above her left ear. She had on some dark red lipstick to match her finger and toe nails. She had on some ruby red 6inch heels. I had to catch my breath as she stood near the chopper. I was in the side car. She was on the bike. She flashed her sexy smile. She then flashed her breast and shaved pussy. I got on the bike and flashed my hard 9 3/4 incn cock as she sat naked in the side car. Alex was on the phone with Shelia. She then hung up to stand close to us on the bike. Her eyes never left my cock. After an hour and many different pose we went to change for the final scene.

The final scene was the Japanese rice burner or the sports bike. I wore a pink thong. Jen wore a pink one piece bathing suit. It was one inch wide. It just covered her pussy. It rode up the crack of her big ass just covering her hard nipples. She had big 6inch pink platform heels on. She had pink makeup to match her pink finger and toe nails. She had some pink glitter on her sexy lips. My cock had gone down slightly when I changed. It was now back up on about ready to burst from my thong. For the next 30 minutes Jen moved around the bike. She was so hot. I was breathing hard as the front of my thong kept my hard cock inside. I saw Alex move to be near Jen on the bike. She had moved the fan to cool off the set.

“Ok! Buck! Stand in front of Jen. That is great. Jen you look so hot on that bike. There going to love you sexy. Buck move to your right. Turn around. Shake your ass. Perfect. Jen spank his ass like he has been a bad boy. Nice!! Ok! Now get off the bike and you two stand near that huge gold bomb thing. Buck lean up against it. Jen you stand on the other side. Very nice you two. Ok! Buck! Move toward the bike. I need Jen sexy body for these next shots.” said Audrey. I stood there. “Here I got you some water.” said Alex. I turned to see her standing near me. I took a sip from the water bottle. A few minutes later Audrey went to check the photos on the computer. Alex gave some water to Jen.

“Ok! Were almost finished. I must say that the pictures are just perfect. I want you both to be nude in front of the camera for the last pictures. Stand in front of the huge gold bomb thing. Buck that was quick. Jen outstanding. Your so cute. Ok move closer you two. Jen put you hands around his neck. Buck, put your hands on her hips. Does the thing ever go down. Honey you’ve been hard the whole shoot. It looks like your going to poke her with that big thing. Damn!! Can you get him to go down. I need a semi hard cock. Not a full raging hard on.” said Audrey. “I’m not sure. I’m just really excited.” I said. “Never mind. Let’s just go for it. I need you two to fake like your fooling around. Put your mouth on his cock Jen. But do not do anything. Just fake like your giving him a blow job.” said Audrey.

Jen got down on her knees. She put the tip of my cock near her pink lips. She smiled. She then put the edge of her tongue near the tip of cock. I heard the camera click. I looked down to see Jen sexy eyes looking in mine. She then leaned up and put her lips on my cock. I heard Alex drop her phone. She walked over and was very close just out of the shot. I saw Audrey get close as Jen arched her back to push out her large breast. I reached down to pull them up. “Buck put your cock on her breast. Slap them a few times with the monster between your legs. Oh that is nice. Jen you act surprise. Oh my god you two. This is my best shoot ever. Now wrap her breast around your cock.” said Audrey.

I could feel Jen’s warn breast around my cock. I pinched her nipples as she moaned on her knees. She arched her back more causing her breast to slide down my cock. She leaned up to spit on my cock. I started to fuck her breast. Jen put her finger in her mouth. She bite down on the tip of her finger nail. “Ok! Buck now get on your knees. Jen stand up.” said Audrey. I did not want to move my cock out of Jens cleavage but I did after she pulled my cock out and gave it a kiss on the tip. I saw her lick the pre-cum that had been on there. Audrey voice got real high as Alex moved her hands on her breast over her thin top.

“Get behind her. Jen bend over. Touch your ankles. Buck give her ass some kisses. Oh that is nice. That is very hot. Worship her big ass.” said Audrey. I saw Alex had moved her hand inside her top. She was playing with her left nipple. I started to kiss Jen ass with my lips. I licked her ass then slapped it with my big hand. “I like that. Do it again Buck!” said Jen. I slapped her ass again. “Wham!” I could see her left butt cheek go from white to pink then back to soft white. I spanked her again. Audrey had moved to get some pictures. Jen was bent over by the waist. I moved my hands down her curvy legs. I held her ankles as she moved her thighs open to let my face kiss the inside of her thighs. I could smell her wetness as Jen legs closed. I was inches from her bald pussy. I could see she had shaved this morning before coming to take the photos. I put my lips just on the outside of her pussy mound. I heard Audrey sigh as her camera clicked away. After a few minutes I moved Jen leg up over my head.

Jen leaned against the large prop. She put her naked ass on the gold metal of the bomb. I was now in front of her. I put my face between her legs. “Buck! Fake like your eating her pussy. But don’t eat her pussy if that makes sense. Jen you look hot. Alex what are you doing?” said Audrey. Alex did not say anything. She had one hand her top. The other hand was on her cell phone. She was taking a few pics with her phone. I leaned up to touch the outside of Jen pussy with my warm lips. Jen moved her hands to the top of my head. She looked down to see me smile. I then felt pressure on my head as my lips touched her pussy. I heard the camera go off. I then started to kiss her pussy. I slipped my wide tongue just inside her pussy. Her cunt lips parted to let me taste her wetness. Jen pulled my hair and her body shook. She had a mini orgasm. “Buck! Doing great. Your doing a great job. Jen face is red. You two are faking right?” said Audrey.

Jen let go of my head and smiled. She looked down at me on my knees. “Ok! Now you two lie next to each other. Buck you hold her from behind. Put your cock on her ass. Pretend your fucking her from behind. JUST PRETEND!!!!” said Audrey. I smiled as Jen got in front of me. She looked over her shoulder at me. I did not want to fake like I was fucking her. I wanted to fuck her so badly. I placed my hard cock on her ass. It felt amazing. I could feel every inch of her soft skin on mine. I loved the way she felt in my arms. I looked up to Alex. She had taken of her blazzer. She had moved her glasses down her her nose. She was closer to us on the floor then she had been a few minutes ago. Audrey was above us taking pictures. I could feel Jen breathing. Her heart beat and the heat from her pussy. She moved her legs so her feet stretched out. Her big pink heels sc****d the floor.

I moved my cock. It was now between her legs. It was just under her pussy. Jen was squeezing it between her upper thighs. I placed both my hands on her ass. I spread her ass cheeks causing her to moan. I could see and feel her pussy was wet. She was sending waves of excitement over my body. Audrey looked down. I could feel her eyes on my cock. “That is hot! Just perfect you two. Now Jen you roll over and Buck you roll over. I want you to feel his ass. Move your hands down it. Kiss him one more time.” said Audrey. I could feel Jen’s lips on my neck. She moved her small hands on my ass. She even spread my ass with her small index finger giving me some attention. I just moaned as she hit a nerve. My cock was now rock hard and ready to burst from her fondling my ass. She squeezed her breast on my back. Her hard nipples scratched my skin. She moved her hot pussy on my ass as she moved her legs over mine. She moved her leg up toward my face. She was now on top of my back. Her foot was near my mouth. I kissed her feet. I then sucked the end of her heel. I heard Alex moan. Then Jen pushed her wet pussy hard on my ass. Both girls moaned again.

“God you two are turning me on now. Look at Alex. Damn go girl. Mmmmm…Buck roll over and face Jen. Look into her eyes. You two are so hot. Kiss her sweet lips.” said Audrey. I was looking into Jen sexy eyes. She was looking into mine. She then brought her full lips to mine. She had kiss me before but now she kissed me very hard. I could feel her large breast on my chest. Her nipples were poking me, like my cock was poking her waist. I could feel Jen left hand move down my side. She used her long finger nail to trace my abs before she found my cock. I could hear Audrey clicking away on her camera. I looked up to see Alex had taken off her top. She had both her hands under her black bra. She was playing with her boobs. I then heard Audrey begin to unbuckle her small belt keeping her mini skirt on. I then heard a zipper go down.

I was still kissing Jen soft lips. She had moved her hot tongue in my mouth. She released her grip on my abs. She now wrapped her small fingers around my hard cock. She gave it a playful squeeze. She rubbed the tip on her skin. I was wet. “God I have to have you know. Fuck this shoot. Your turning me on so much….I never done this on a job…I need your big cock.” whispered Jen. Just then she parted her legs. She moved my cock toward her pussy. A second later I felt my cock at the front of her pussy. She moved her leg over my knee. She inserted the tip of my cock in her pussy. Jen was very tight. I moan in her ear. Then I started to kiss her neck. She dropped her head back as about a third of cock was inside her.

I felt her body move next to me. I then heard the camera stop. I felt a breeze behind me. It was Audrey mini skirt hitting the floor. Audrey pulled her top over her head. Her large breast cascaded down her chest. I then saw Alex mouth find Audrey large right nipple. Both girls started to make out. I felt Jen move as she moaned again in my ear. She looked up to see both women making out. She grabbed the back of my head forcing my mouth on hers. We exchanged tongues as she bite my lower lip. I moved my hand to grip her ass. I then moved my hip to push my cock in deeper. She moved causing my cock to be pushed out. I moved so it pushed back inside her hot pussy. “Mmmmm…god….fuck!!!!” said Jen. I moved her breast on me. I started to lick her nipples and suck her amazing breast. She put her hands on the back of my neck.

I looked up when I heard Audrey moan. Alex was now on her knees in front of Audrey. “Suck my pussy bitch. Fuck your making me cum from the hot mouth of yours. I know why Shelia keeps you around. Suck hard. Shut UP!!!!” said Audrey. Alex gagged as Audrey forced her mouth on her big wet pussy. Jen looked up to smile. I then rolled on top of Jen. She moved her hands to the side. I pushed up on my elbows. My cock was buried deep inside Jen now. I put my toes next to her heels as I started to fuck her very hard. “Yes! Yes! Fuck me! Use me. God you feel great…your cock is so deep…fuck me harder… Don’t stop.” said Jen. I kept fucking her as Audrey came on Alex face again next to us. They both fell on the floor. I could smell there hot pussy next to me as they were in a hot 69 position. Each girl was eating the other wet pussy.

Jen eyes rolled back. Her body quivered as I felt her pussy get wet. Her pussy muscles clamped down on my cock. She was having a large orgasm. “My toes!!! My Toes… You made them curl up you bastard,. Fucking me! Harder!! Bounce on me…” Jen yelled. I saw Audrey and Alex look over at us. I stated to pull out and use long hard strokes on Jen pussy. My body bounced on hers. She shook under me as I fucked her harder. I was fucking her harder then anyone before. I then felt Alex hand on my ass. She spanked me as I fucked Jen even harder. I was close to cumming. I looked into Jen’s eyes. I then started to fondle and grope Jen’s big breast with my hands and mouth. I then felt Jen’s hands on my ass. She held on tight as I fucked her faster. A minutes later I pulled out. I moved so my cock was inches from her mouth. With her warm breast under my ass and her hands jacking my cock. I watched as the tip of my cock spread open. A huge white glob unleashed into her hot mouth. Jen opened wide as she caught my orgasm in her mouth. She licked my clean as both girls next to us had there orgasm almost at the same moment as ours.

I started to kiss Jen. We both got on our feet. Alex got off of Audrey face next. I started to kiss Alex as Audrey began to run her hands on Jen body. They kissed next as we all started to kiss. I could feel three sets of hands on my body. We were all groping each other and running our tongues on each other. I smiled when I felt 3 hands on my cock. They all used there long nails to get my cock to full attention. I then watched as Jen and Alex got on there knees. They started to suck my cock. Both girls started to roll there tongues on my cock. Sometimes they kissed with my cock between there lips. Audrey stood next to me. I ran my one hand on her large ass. The other hand I used to pinch her big nipple. I then stuck her left breast in my mouth.

I was enjoying Audrey body. I was enjoying Jen and Alex tongue on my cock more. They jerked my cock and made out. Then Jen brought her breast up to my cock. Her warm cleavage was wrapped around my cock as I fucked her breast. A few minutes later I felt Alex warm breast wrapped around my cock. I bent my knees to fuck her breast. Audrey got on her knees now and was sucking Jen tongue. They were kissing very hard as all the ladies moaned. I grabbed Alex off her feet. I leaned back on the gold bomb prop. Alex swung her ass back onto my cock. I started to fuck her from behind. Her pussy was tight but not as tight Jen’s. I bent Alex over fucking her pussy very hard. I smacked her ass causing her tan skin to turn white.

I watched Jen and Audrey get up. Jen started to kiss my nipples. Audrey walked off the set. I wondered were she went. But a few minutes later she came back in. She was still naked but she had on a huge purple strap on. She had a black harness with a huge purple dildo on the front. She looked at Jen who smiled. Jen stopped kissing my chest when she felt Audrey behind her. Now Jen and Audrey spanked Alex ass. I watched as Audrey pushed me off of Alex. Jen gave me a big kiss.

I then felt the floor move. Audrey pushed Alex onto the floor. She spit on her fake cock. “Buck stretched you out. I am going to stretch you out more. I have wanted to fuck your pussy for like ever.” said Audrey. With that she stuck the big purple strap on into Alex wide open pussy. She got on her knees and fucked her doggy style. Jen let go of my mouth as we broke our kiss. She wrapped her hand on my cock. She started to jack my cock as we watch Audrey fuck the shit out of Alex. I looked at Jen who smiled.

I took two steps forward. I looked down to see Jen was next to Alex. Audrey was fucking Alex from behind. Jen arched her large ass to me. I got on my knees next to Audrey. I put the tip of my cock in Jen tight pussy. She was still very wet. I started to fuck Jen as fast as Audrey was fucking Alex. I could hear my cock and balls slap on Jen bottom. I could hear Alex scream from Audrey ramming the big purple dildo in her pussy. This went on for 20 minutes before Audrey moved me off of Jen.

Jen looked over her shoulder when she saw I had pulled out of her tight pussy. Her pussy muscles let me, but after a fight. I moved over to Alex who was exhausted on the floor. She moved her big ass in the air. I started to eat her swollen pussy. Audrey inserted the big fake cock into Jen pussy. After a few minutes Jen was moaning loud. I looked up to to see the purple cock was covered from her wetness. Audrey smacked Jen’s big ass. She used her long finger nails to scratch Jen’s big ass. I spit on my cock as Alex spread her butt cheeks. I waited for a minute as Alex got used to the size of the tip of my cock. She had moved my cock form the top of her pussy to the front of her asshole.

“MMMMmmm……..Fuck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” I said. I entered Alex hot ass as Audrey pulled out and had Jen lick off her juices. I froze for another second as Audrey mounted Jen ass. She spread her ass cheeks and rested the purple cock on her asshole. A second later Jen screamed. “YES!!!!!!!!!” Now Jen ass was being fucked. Jen reached over to grab Alex hand. They both held hands as Audrey and I fucked there tight holes. I gripped Alex hips. Audrey did the same to Jen. A few minutes later I got off Alex. I moved Audrey off Jen. I started to fuck Jen amazing ass. Audrey had Alex lick the tip of the cock from Jen’s hot ass. I fucked Jen very hard. My body slammed against her soft skin. I used powerful thrust as all the girls moaned. I moaned the loudest when I felt my cock began to spurt deep inside Jen’s ass. I fell on top of Jen. I then felt Audrey and Alex lick my cock clean. They began to eat the my big thick load from Jen’s asshole.

i felt the bed move. I saw Jen’s ass move pass my face as she went to my bathroom. A second later the bed moved again. I saw another great ass walk by my face. I heard Audrey, and Jen moan in my shower. Just then the phone rang. “Ring! Ring!” “Hello!” I said. “Hey Buck! Give me the phone.” I heard another girl voice say. There was a pause. “Buck! It’s Shelia. I just got the photos from yesterday shoot. I must say they are amazing. Jen is the bomb. You and Audrey make a great team. I need you to come to my office in say about an hour. I need to talk to you about something.” said Shelia. “Ok! I will see you soon.” I said. Just then Jen and Audrey cell phones rang.

I knocked on the outer door. It was open. I held the door open for a second. I then walked to the door to Shelia office. It was open too. The door opened as I knocked on the glass. Sitting behind her desk was Shelia. Alex was standing to her right. I saw Shelia hand drop from under Alex mini dress. I saw Alex had a big smile on her face. “Oh your all here. Thank you for coming.” said Shelia. I stood in front of her desk along with Jen on my right and Audrey on my left. We all had sweat pants and shirts from my closet. We all looked like we just got done jogging. Truth be told we made out in the back of the limo on the way to Shelia office. I was hoping not to get yelled at or fired now.

“I get to the office very early every day. Usually Alex is the first to greet me in my office. Instead I found her next to her computer in her office. She still wearing the same outfit from yesterday. I found her with her skirt around her ankles playing with her pussy. Usually that not a big deal. But when I put my finger inside her tight pussy. I found something else. Her pussy hair was matted down. She was still leaking from someone big cock. When I asked her who fucked her. She told me Buck…and…you two girl. I was shocked. Then she showed me the pics of all of you naked. I must say I was so turned on. I quickly put the photo shoot online. I sold the pics to the highest bidder. The magazine paid us six figures. They want more and maybe a movie from the next shoot. I am still in a bit of denial. I am going to need to see you all naked for myself. Take off your clothes. Alex go lock the door.” said Shelia.

I kissed Jen as I picked her naked body up off the floor. I put her on her back on Shelia desk. Shelia stood next to Alex as they kissed. I heard a camera go off as Audrey started to take pics of me fucking Jen. I put my mouth on Jen left breast. She felt hot on my cock as she moved her sexy legs around my waist. I then felt her feet on my ass as she moved my cock all the way inside her. I looked over as Alex got between Shelia legs. I then saw Audrey put her pussy on Shelia face. Jen smiled and looked into my eyes. “Fuck me! Fuck me! Just you!!!!!” said Jen. I slammed my body on her again. I had my hands on her breast. I had my mouth on hers. My cock was buried deep in her tight pussy.

“Click Click” goes the camera…..

“Click!! Click!!!!”




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