The public toilet part 2 a circle of friends

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The public toilet part 2 a circle of friends
Following on from my first meeting with Thomas and Brenda, i was called a couple of weeks later and told to be at there address on the Saturday night.

The day could not come quick enough and to be honest i was a little apprehensive but thought what the heck i have nothing to lose and im not in a committed relationship so go for it.I duley arrives at there address and knocked the door to the old house and waited, the door opened and stood there was an old looking chap but he had an eye mask on which i thought was strange, “come in young man the man said,i duley followed him and he led me to the same room i had encountered before and told me to wait.

Something was not right with him his voice sounded familiar but also very rough which i think was put on to disguise his voice.

I had been waiting for about 10 minutes when the door opened and in walked Thomas and his wife Brenda followed by the gentleman that had let me in and another woman who also had an eye mask on.

“Ah Nigel glad to see you i knew you wouldn’t disappoint me we have been looking forward to this and i just smirked a smile at him while they all took a seat in the room,”undress Nigel and stand in the middle of the room, i want to show my friends how sub-servant you are, i took off my clothes and stood where he had indicated and my cock was beginning to harden.”The other woman spoke first and said”what a beautiful cock for someone so young, she then stood up and walked towards me,she stopped at my side and put out her hand and run a finger along the length of my now rock hard cock,”so thick and long she said in my ear.

Thomas then spoke and said to the other man”join your wife, the other man stood and walked towards me to, he stood in front of me and started to undress, he must of been around the 55 to 60 age and very tall, when he was naked the Brenda got up and walked towards me and came behind me and pushed on my shoulders downwards til i was on my knees,the other lady started to pull at the mans cock which by now was nearly fully erect.

Brenda started to push the back of my head towards the other man and told me to open my mouth which i did and the other woman guided his cock between my waiting lips,she was wanking him off in my mouth and encouraging him to forcefully fuck my mouth, while this was happening i managed to look between the mans legs and saw Thomas getting undressed he was then behind the other woman talking to her”is this what you wanted Gloria to see your husbands cock being sucked by a young boy”oh yes this is such a horny sight im so glad we came now”don’t worry Gloria there is lots more to come.

With that the other woman Gloria was pulling at Thomas,s cock as well as feeding her husbands cock into my mouth,Brenda had walked around and had put her hand between Gloria s legs and started to finger her pussy,the other man who i was sucking was moaning and suddenly pulled out of my mouth which was not free for long as Gloria was now feeding Thomas into my mouth,”that’s it you dirty boy Gloria said take that big cock in your young mouth”lick all around it and worship it.

Out of the corner of my eye i saw Brenda on her knees sucking at the other man,”this is what you wanted isn’t it Ken, my heart suddenly skipped a beat,”shit i thought now i know where i had heard that voice before it was one of my old school teachers and his wife who was also a teacher, shit i thought they must know its me,i know i had been left school for a couple of years now but they must remember me.

I was suddenly brought back to reality and told to get on my hands and knees, i did as i was told, next Thomas was behind me and rubbing his cock against my now wet arse”don’t squeal young man i going to take you bareback with that he was in my arse and pushing his cock all the way in, he was joined by Gloria who was kneeling by the side of him and she started to pull at my cock”fuck him hard Thomas fuck him hard,she was now pulling my arse cheeks apart allowing Thomas better entry to me”yes Thomas yes”Thomas then said im cumming”yes give him your man cum Thomas she said, and he was filling me up.

Thomas then pulled out and got up and went and sat down in his chair,next Gloria was behind me and started to lick my ring with Thomas spunk leaking out of it, that felt good,Thomas then got up and left the room saying to Brenda lock up after everyone has gone”yes dear she said and he left the room having got his rocks off.

I was then rolled over on my back and Brenda then came and straddled my face and lowered herself down”lick my boy, i started to lick and Lapp at her wet pussy which was now opened up and soaking wet, i then felt another person wanking my cock and then someone straddling it”give it to him young man he is gagging for it”with that Ken was bouncing up and down on my cock while Gloria held him upright”that’s it it” fuck him Ken she said,i thought i was going to cum but i didn’t then Ken got off me,Brenda then told Gloria to lie next to me which she did, Brenda then got up and then straddled Gloria head and lowered herself down over her face and said”lick me Gloria i need my cunt licking by you and Gloria stared to lick at her cunt.

I was then pulled up by Ken and told to get on my hands and knees,he was then behind me and forcing his cock into me, he started to fuck me with renewed vigor he then said”you wont ever tell anybody about this will you Nigel”shit i thought he does remember me”no i will never tell i promise”that’s a good boy and then was fucking me roughly calling me a dirty boy for letting dirty perverts have there way with me i said”im sorry but i love being used by older people, with that he was cumming in me.

Ken was now spent and sitting in the chair when Brenda said to Gloria”open your legs Gloria to which she did”Nigel get between her legs and fuck her with that beautiful cock and fill her with young mans cum, i didn’t need asking twice, i got between her legs and rubbed my cock over her fuck lips which were sodden with cum”please don’t cum in me she said”shut your dirty mouth Gloria Brenda suddenly said”we own all of you and you will do as i say”i started to force my cock into her which felt great”that’s it Nigel give her your dirty cock in her wet teacher pussy” “oh no Gloria suddenly said please don’t tell him im a teacher please don’t, then Ken said he already knows my dear we used to teach him”oh know please can we stop now”i was not in any mood to stop and was fucking her her with such a force that it was hurting my pelvic bone as i was slamming into her”yes Brenda suddenly said”fuck her cunt and cream her belly for good measure Nigel”god that tipped me over the top and i started to spunk in her womb”ahhhhhhh take that you dirty cunt i suddenly said.

I pulled out of Gloria and stood up, then Brenda was kneeling in front of me and was licking and lapping at my cock licking all mine and Gloria s juices off.

We were all spent, then Brenda got up and pulled om a dressing gown and told us to get dressed as we were being told to leave, we said our goodbyes and just as we were leaving Brenda grabbed my arm and pulled me back a little and said”you done well tonight Nigel sorry i didn’t get to fuck you again but maybe next time if you are willing”oh i will be here Brenda i said and kissed her on the cheek and made my way out.

When i got to my car Gloria and Ken were waiting for me and said”Nigel can we keep this a secret as if this were to get out we would be ruined as teachers and we could lose everything”don’t worry i said i will never say anything on one condition”whats that she said”let me come home with you now and let me cream your wet pussy and bury my cum deep in your pussy as i want to see here you beg me not to”

But that’s another story for another time, suffice to say you wont be disappointed.

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