The Replacement Maid. Ch.02.

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The Replacement Maid. Ch.02.
When I woke the next morning it was to the sounds of industry from the kitchen. I was pleasantly surprised. At least she had come in as she had promised. I checked the clock, nearly nine. Would she remember her duties? I lay back on the pillows and closed my eyes waiting.

I opened them when I heard her voice, almost a whisper.


I looked at her. She was carrying a tray with my best silver tea service on it and was, at first glance anyway, correctly dressed. She looked every inch the maid. I sat up in bed letting the sheets slide down to my waist, revealing my breasts. I noticed she blushed slightly. I wasn’t shy and she would have to get used to it.

“Good morning, jasmine,” I said, “you’re looking lovely this morning.”

Again she blushed. How sweet I thought to myself, such innocence. I would soon cure her of that.

“On the side there,” I said, pointing to a nearby dressing table. “and pour me a cup. A little milk and no sugar.”

She obeyed at once and then presented me with a cup of tea. Her first real test, I thought, smiling to myself. I took the cup and then pointed to the floor next to the bed. She immediately dropped to her knees. I gave her a smile and then took my first sip. The correct blend but a little weak for my tastes. I took a second sip. Not perfect by any means but not bad.

“A little weak. Another few minutes brewing next time.”

“Yes, Miss, I’m sorry Miss.”

I always love coming into the day slowly with a cup of tea so I sat silently savouring every sip. No need to rush and the quiet wait will do her good. When I finally finished I put the cup down on the table beside the bed then I took a good long look at my new maid.

“Tut tut, janice,” I said to her, “You are not showing the world your charms again today. Come closer.”

She shuffled on her knees across the thick carpet until she was right up against my bed. I reached out and tugged at her neckline until the pink of her aureoles showed clearly.

“There, that’s better. Now stand up.”

She got slowly to her feet and I could sense her hands aching to adjust her dress once more.

“That’s how I wish to see it every morning, do you understand?”

“Yes, Miss.” A blush spread across her chest as she spoke.

I reached out and lifted the front of her skirt and was pleased to see a lack of panties and a cleanly shaven pussy.

“At least you have got that right and a good job you have made of it as well.” I could see the battle going on inside her as her embarrassment was betrayed by the moisture seeping between her lips.

“Go and run my bath and then make a start on cleaning the lounge. I will be down to inspect it shortly.”

With a look of relief she turned and walked away to the bathroom. I lay back for a few more minutes as I heard the bath slowly filling. I was going to have fun breaking in this one I thought and smiled with anticipation.


After a slow bath I put on a bathrobe and went down to the kitchen and made myself some coffee and put on some toast. I always like the quiet time to myself over breakfast and almost never get my maid to make it for me. I could hear the odd sound coming from the lounge so she must be doing something. I would check later to see how well she worked unsupervised but now I had more pressing things to discuss with her. When I had finished my toast I called her into the kitchen. I pointed to a spot directly in front of me.

“Stand there.”

She nervously came over and stood 2 or 3 feet away.


She shuffled forward a little. I reached out and grabbed the hem of her skirt and pulled her even closer until my knees were touching her thighs. She looked alarmed at our contact.

“Now, jasmine, are you enjoying your work? It’s not too arduous I hope.”

“No, Miss,” her voice barely above a whisper.

“You certainly make a very pretty addition to the household. I assume you want to keep the job?”

“Oh yes, Miss.” She started to look a bit frightened.

“As long as you work hard and are obedient you have nothing to worry about, jasmine. You are an obedient girl, aren’t you?”

“I try to be, Miss.”

“Sometimes I will make demands on you that you may find … unusual. I would still expect you to obey me, do I make myself clear?”

“I think so, Miss.”

“Good girl. You have been very obedient so far which pleases me,” I said lifting the hem of her dress and feasting my eyes once more on her shaven pussy. I reached forward and trailed a finger along its length. She trembled but made no attempt to move away.

“This is now looking very pretty, don’t you think?”

“If it pleases you, Miss.”

“A good answer. Everything should be to please me. Follow that rule and we will get along fine.”

“Yes, Miss.”

I felt along her pussy lips once more.

“But what is this, young jasmine?” I taunted her, “you seem to be aroused.”

Cruel of me I know but also fun as she hung her head. I stroked her more firmly.

“No need to be ashamed, my dear,” I said to calm her, “you must learn to enjoy it. I can teach you many wonderful things. Would you like that?”

She hesitated for a long time and then said, “yes, Miss,” her voice still a whisper.

“The good news is your first lesson is to be this afternoon and I may need you to work a little later as well.”

She looked at me with alarm in her eyes.

“I have a couple of friends coming round later and I’m dying to show you off to them. Show them how pretty you are and how obedient. I can trust you to be obedient can’t I, jasmine?”

“errr yes, Miss,” as she swallowed hard.

“Good and we’ll make sure you’re looking your best. I have ordered some food that will be delivered later. It will need putting onto plates. Your main job will be to serve the food and pour the wine as well as anything else that is asked of you. Can you manage that?”

“Yes, Miss.”

I gave her pussy one last stroke and then let her dress fall back into place. I then spent a long time teaching her how to serve food to a guest and how to open and pour wine. Where to stand quietly while I was talking to my friends. How to address them properly and respectfully. The caterers van arrived and off-loaded the food and I looked out my best crockery. I cautioned Janice that any breakages would be paid for as well as incurring a suitable punishment. Nearer the time I left her with a few last minute jobs and went upstairs to change. As I always did for one of my little gatherings I dressed in my most severe business suit but secretly dispensed with the need for underwear. I knew that Sophia and Tamsin could be relied upon to add a little sparkle in the way they dressed. Tamsin I knew would dress in a slightly sluttier version of my suit but as for Sophie I didn’t dare guess but I knew she would be as outrageous as always. Sophie was always our little group’s prime extrovert and perverted woman. It was why Tamsin and I both loved her.

When I came down it was nearly time for them to arrive so I stationed jasmine in the hallway ready to meet and greet them. I stood back to inspect her. Just one final adjustment. I stepped forward and pulled down on her neckline this time allowing her small breasts to come free. The neck of the dress was snug underneath and lifting them slightly making them appear even more perky than before.

“Now you are my pretty maid,” I told her.

“But Miss …” she started to say. I pressed a finger against her lips.

“Shhhh, jasmine. Remember what we said about obedience. Be sure to do whatever is asked of you and do it willingly and with a smile. And I do mean whatever. I am depending on you. And you will be rewarded.” Probably in more ways than one I thought.

She stood there slightly blushing as a car drew up outside.

I motioned for jasmine to open the door which she did and then stood to one side. I was delighted to see that the cool evening breeze had made her nipples stiffen and stand out. In a rush of energy Tamsin and Sophia almost stumbled into the house and straight up to me. We all embraced in a warm three-way hug and kissed each other fondly. They then stood back so I could admire them. Tamsin as I had predicted was wearing what at first glance was almost a copy of my suit apart from the fact that her blouse was unbuttoned almost to her waist and she was obviously wearing no bra. Indeed her breasts were struggling to stay within the confines of her clothing. Her knee-length skirt was split to the waist and one black stocking clad leg was poking out provocatively.

Sophia was even more outrageous. She was wearing a red bustier that pushed her breasts up and together making them bulge over the top. She was also wearing black hold-ups and the tiniest red thong I have ever seen. She wore 6 inch heels that made her alarmingly tall given that she was already about 5’10”.

“I can’t believe you came dressed like that,” I said in disbelief, “What on earth did the taxi driver say?”

Tamsin laughed and replied, “Poor man didn’t say a word … I think he was struck dumb. He’s probably parked in a lay-by now relieving his stress.”

Meanwhile Sophie had spotted jasmine standing quietly in a corner and walked over to her.

“Is this your new maid? She’s gorgeous,” she said, cupping janice’s chin in her hand and turning her head this way and that. “I hope we’re allowed to play with her later.”

“Of course,” I said, “but come through to the lounge, I have some rather nice wine for you to try.”

I led them into the lounge and showed them to the sofa on one side of the fire. I sat on the other sofa opposite them. Without asking janice poured three glasses of wine and served them just as I had shown her this morning and then went and stood to one side. I noticed that both Tamsin and Sophia watched her closely.

“She’s lovely,” said Tamsin, “where did you get her?”

“From the agency as usual. They’re quite good and they know what sort of thing I’m looking for in a maid. It’s only her second day but she’s promising. Her name is jasmine by the way.”

They both continued to scrutinise the poor girl and she blushed under their gaze. Sophia turned to me.

“She seems a little shy.”

“Ahhh,” I replied, “her blushes are a bit of a fib. She is probably getting wet as we speak.” Sophia raised one eyebrow and grinned at me. To give the poor girl some respite I told her to fetch the food from the kitchen and pass it round. She almost ran from the room. Tamsin giggled and then asked, “Have you tried her out yet?”

“Assuming you mean what I think you mean, the answer is ‘no’. I’ve only had her a day and a half. I thought you two might like to try her first being as you are my two best friends.”

“Well on looks alone she’s worth keeping but it’s her skills elsewhere that are more important.”

A blushing jasmine returned in the middle of the conversation carrying a large tray. She walked over and in bending forward not only presented the tray but her breasts to Sophia who helped herself to the food with one hand and to a handful of boob with the other. I half expected janice to jump back but she didn’t. She simply maintained her stooped position until Sophie released her. She stepped sideways and presented the tray to Tamsin who reached forward and, more gently, stroked across janice’s stiff nipples. When she had finished with her jasmine came across to me and I smiled at her as I helped myself to some food. She then went and stood obediently off to one side.

For a few minutes we ate in silence and then Sophia beckoned jasmine over to stand by the side of the sofa. Still eating a canapé and without glancing sideways she reached out and started to stroke janice’s thigh. The poor girl stood silently while Sophia’s hand slid up and down her leg. It rose higher each time disappearing under her dress at the top of each stroke. Eventually it stopped coming down again and jasmine started to squirm just a little bit.

“I see what you meant when you said she might be wet. She certainly is.” She smiled one of her wide smiles. Without releasing her hold on janice she leant forward to place her plate on the low table in front of her and then sat back and started idly stroking her own pussy through her tiny thong. With slight pressure from her other hand she manoeuvred jasmine round to stand in front of her whereupon she opened her legs wide. She let go of jasmine’s thigh and reach up and grasped one of her stiff nipples and slowly pulled her down to her knees. She pulled her thong to one side and continued to stroke her pussy, parting her lips invitingly and then simply looked at jasmine with a questioning look. I held my breath. This would be a stern test for any new maid. The room was deathly silent for what seemed like ages before jasmine slowly lowered her head to rest between Sophia’s thighs and set to work. From my seat opposite I had a very poor view and I could only judge from the expression on Sophia’s face. Her head slowly flopped back and her eyes closed and a smile came to her mouth. Tamsin, sat next to her, watched closely. Sophia started moaning with pleasure and suddenly Tamsin leaned sideways and latched onto the nearest of Sophia’s boobs. The moaning grew louder and Sophia had one hand each on Tamsin and jasmine. One holding Tamsin onto her boob and the other pulling jasmine tightly in to her pussy. They made such a lovely threesome.

I quietly tugged my skirt up to mid-thigh and started playing with my own already wet pussy as I watched the little drama unfold opposite me.

Suddenly Sophia yelled, “FUUUUUUUCK,” at the top of her voice and her hips lifted from the sofa and for a moment she went rigid before collapsing back down again. Her knuckles were white where she tightly gripped a handful of janice’s hair. Tamsin looked up and kissed Sophia full on the lips. Sophia lay still, her eyes closed and her grip on jasmine’s hair slowly relaxing. As the hold on her head slipped away jasmine started to lift up and away but she found herself gripped once again this time by Tamsin who pulled the girl round to kneel in front of her wide open legs. Her skirt had been tugged open to reveal her naked and shaved pussy and jasmine’s face was pulled into it. With no respite she started eating her second pussy of the afternoon. By now my hand was inside my soaked panties and I had a couple of fingers deep inside myself. Crouched forward on all fours as she was janice’s cunt glistened in the late afternoon sun.

Sophia had now opened her eyes and was watching what was happening with Tamsin. A smile had come back to her face and her breathing was more regular. With difficulty she eased herself up from the sofa and staggered in my direction and almost fell onto the cushions next to me. She leaned in and whispered in my ear, “Fuck I can hardly walk. Thanks for that,” and gave me a kiss on the cheek before turning her attention back to Tamsin.

“Doesn’t your maid look pretty from here,” she commented at the same time as she reached between my legs and let her hand join mine. She found my clit and started to stroke it. My view of Tamsin and jasmine began to blur and I relaxed into the pleasure I was feeling. Suddenly there was a loud, “OOOOOOOOO FUCK YES BITCH”. My vision shot back into focus in time to see Tamsin in the throes of an orgasm. Sophia’s finger had gone still on my clit and her fingers were frozen inside me. Somehow it was a lovely sight to see Tamsin twitching uncontrollably. She had squirted and jasmine’s face and hair was soaked as was, I suspected, my sofa. Sophia’s fingers suddenly left my clit and she moved to kneel in front of me. Gently she eased my fingers out and moved my hand away before attacking me with her lips and tongue. I’d experienced Sophia many times before but there was something about today that made it extra special. I started to moan as I felt my cum building. I could focus enough to see Tamsin pulling jasmine across the floor and pushing her face into Sophia’s bottom who jumped which sent a spasm through me and then started moaning into my cunt. I could see jasmine’s eyes looking at me over Sophia’s buttocks framed by her wet hair and I could detect a twinkle in her eyes.

Suddenly the damn broke and my cum burst out of me. I held on to Sophia almost as if to stay afloat as I let my orgasm run its course. The tongue continued to explore my pussy and a finger joined it pushing deep inside me. I knew there was no point in trying to stop Sophia so I lay back and allowed myself to build once more. Jasmine appeared to be concentrating on Sophia’s arse and Tamsin had now moved behind jasmine and was busy eating her out. I could feel myself getting closer and closer. Then there was a little scream from jasmine and like dominoes it passed along the chain. Sophia yelled a****l noises into my pussy and I came for a second time.

It seemed like hours later but was probably only minutes that we started to come to our senses. Sophia had slumped to the ground and jasmine still knelt but with her head on the floor and her arse in the air. I was on another planet somewhere and only Tamsin was even vaguely awake and aware. From the floor below me I heard Sophia muttering to herself, “Oh wow, oh fuck what just happened?” Slowly she rolled over and knelt upright. She lifted jasmine’s head off the floor and looked her straight in the eyes.

“You fucking poked a finger in my arse, you bitch. Fuck I love you little maid,” and she leaned forward and gave jasmine a long kiss. Poor jasmine wasn’t sure whether she was being told off or praised but Sophia’s kiss started to calm her down.

“Did Tammy make you cum, little maid?”

“Yes, Miss,” said jasmine her voice barely above a whisper.

“Yeah she’s good like that.”

Tamsin smiled as she sat back down on the sofa.

“Fuck everything is wet,” she laughed, “when did that happen.”

“When you squirted all over poor little jasmine you bitch,” Sophia joked.

Time to take back control I thought to myself.

“jasmine pop upstairs and bring down a pile of towels from the cupboard in the bathroom.”

She staggered to her feet and walked out of the room on slightly shaky legs. Sophia watched her go and giggled. She climbed back onto the sofa next to me and cuddled up as I put my arm round her. Tamsin stood up and took of her ruined skirt and sodden panties and dropped them onto the floor and then waited for the towels to arrive. Janice walked in, her face almost invisible behind a huge pile of towels which she laid on the low table. Tamsin grabbed one and wiped herself down before adding it to the pile beside her. She laid a second towel on the wet sofa and flopped down. I realised that I was feeling distinctly uncomfortable as well.

“jasmine, go upstairs to my bedroom and look in the wardrobe. You should find a couple of bathrobes in there. Bring those down as well as the robe from my bed.”

She walked out again and hurried back upstairs.

“I think we all need to change into something more comfortable and drier. There’s no way you ladies can go home tonight not in the state you’re both in. You must stay here. There’s plenty of food left and I can open some more wine and the bed in the spare room is all ready for visitors.”

Tamsin looked up and smiled weakly and she nodded her agreement.

Sophia leaned into me and whispered, “I want to be with you tonight I still have more to give,” she said cheekily, “but that leaves poor Tamsin ….” Her voiced tailed off.

“That’s ok I have an idea to keep Tamsin happy.”

Jasmine returned with the three robes over her arm and passed one to Tamsin who stood up and shrugged out of her blouse before wrapping the robe around herself. Sophia, always slightly on the slutty side and admittedly with almost no clothes on anyway simply put the robe over her shoulders and sat back down. I was in a worse state so I did much the same as Tamsin by taking off my wet skirt and panties as well as my blouse and put my robe on. Jasmine was standing deferentially awaiting orders.

“How is your uniform, janice?” I asked her.

“A little wet, Miss.”

“You’d better take that off then. By the way you will be staying tonight but you will be paid extra, is that ok?”

She nodded as she removed her maid’s dress. This time there was no hesitation. In fact she was almost giving us a provocative little strip-tease. I think she was beginning to enjoy her new job more than I expected.

“Now hand round the food again and refill our glasses and then all the dirty clothes need to be put in the wash. When you have done that come back here.”

She picked up the tray and handed the food round. It was so nice being waited on by a very pretty naked young woman. She then picked up all the soiled clothes and went off to the laundry room. While she was gone I spoke to Tamsin.

“This floozy,” indicating Sophia curled up next to me, “has decided she wants to sleep in my bed tonight. If that’s ok with you it means you can have the guest room but it will mean having to share with janice.”

When I said this her eyes lit up and she grinned widely. “That sounds like a great idea. Will she be ok with that?”

“Judging by her reactions so far tonight I think she’ll jump at the chance.”

When jasmine came back in I said to her, “you’ll be in the guest room tonight, jasmine. It’s very comfy in there.” I’m sure she’d figure it out quite soon if she hadn’t done so already.

“Thank you, Miss,” she replied looking just a little confused. I’d let her know exactly what that meant a little later.

“Go now, we’ll be up shortly.”

“Yes, Miss,” and she turned on her heel and left.

“I think you’ve found a little treasure there,” Tamsin joked, “I’m off to bed, I can’t wait to have a second bite.” She laughed and walked out after jasmine. I turned to Sophia.

“Come on you horny bitch, time for bed.”

We went upstairs together, undressed and climbed into bed. We were both exhausted and after kissing and cuddling for a few minutes Sophia simply fell asleep. I quietly switched off the light and lay back in the dark. Odd sounds were coming from the guest room, strange little squeaks and squeals. Obviously Tamsin and jasmine still had enough energy left. I closed my eyes, cuddled into Sophia and went to sleep.

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