THe Sect of CAring-to-be-Free Girls

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THe Sect of CAring-to-be-Free Girls
In Stina’s little town, the atmosphere had changed. This, she knew to be partly due to a sect that she took part in. This was – a bit surprisingly for the sisters – so, although it was not about sex that their sect’s religion was, at the very least not ostensively. But they both felt n air about themselves that was stamped with pro-sexual eagerness for being kind and generous, but still for being extravagantly smart at seeing things as inferior when not pertaining to their sects view of what man and woman are according to God.

Right now she and her sister were with a friend, whom they had just started to introduce to their sect. This (fairly newly made) friend of theirs, who seemed to be virtually all about sex appeal to them, had introduced herself as Rosie. She was sort of into an almost too explicit sexuality for the two sisters to be sure about being OK with.

Upon undressing, Stina looked at Rosies vagina. It was all open and the clitoris was erect. “Now,” Rosie said, “all three of us should go to one of the saunas and do a little small talk. Both sisters had their vaginas open nearly all the time. Stina tended to let her clitoris be unerect, while her usually sisters stood up almost as much as Rosie’s.

Stina’s thought about this, and about how her older sister Lisa also was rather elegant about her sexuality, while Stina herself felt a little bit awkward about it. This, somehow, made her feel due to a notion that the sister of her could perhaps insult her – or rather, actually, more likely, put on an air of thinking an insult would be in place, though perhaps not quite saying it – about it if Stina felt viewing the new friends vagina as the subject for a conversation.

Their friend was really very clever at letting the openness of her vagina stand for insinuating an open and mature attitude about life in general, and sex specifically. Stina got almost jealous about this. So in order to find herself comfortable with her, and she with her as well, she should discuss this with her, but then she felt that her sisters attitude would be sort of in the way for her.

Somehow, though, the two sisters tended to always manage to find each others wishes to be granted in an almost extravagant way. So when entering the sauna, they seated themselves at opposite sides of it, and Lisa indicated for Rosie to sit with Stina. Stina then thought about her sects opinions about sex, and looked at her horny girlfriend. Seeing a potential new member in her, she wanted to introduce her to their thoughts in a way that rubbed her up the right way about sexual extravagance and so. But she didn’t know what to begin with just the same.

The sat in the smallest and emptiest of the bathing house’s three saunas. Only a young girl who there when they entered. And after only a short time she left. Then Stina felt she wanted to say this to the knew friend:

”I feel,that my vagina isn’t expanded enough!”

“OK,” Rosie who sat next to her answered. “Yeah, OK, cause mine is like this!” she said proudly, while emphasizing her labia, which were even a little more expanded now, showing off her to be feeling quite comfortable with her life.

Lisa looked at them and came softly.

Stina looked at the clitoris, which was also extravagantly happy, it seemed to her, and came a little as well. She then looked at it again, and groaned while she came once more. Thereby the three of them felt wuite happy to be there with each other.

After a while Stina said looked at her thoughtfully and said: “How about You and me and Lisa go out there and show our cunts to be expanded in a way so that the the whole town feels that the vagina is the tool for the actual rebellion against saying to oneself that one must be smart at power for having the absolute smartness for real life?”

Rosie expanded ehr vagina a little further. Then she came wiht a lust that was not measured by standards, but which seemed godly and satanic at the same time.

Stina mused at this. She felt her own cunt expand just a little further. She almost giggled while something that said to her that her religion was not enough to explain what life was aboutafter all. Then she looked down at it for a while, after which she looked up again, at her friend’s face. She was looking at Stina’s vagina too.

Rosie giggled excitedly, and said without raising her eyes: “Well then, you and I and she should now get up, with our cunts this expanded, and go out to the others who don’t care for theirs as much, and provoke them by showing off ours! BEcause, if they’re not like us about it, then it is rather likely they have the problem with caring to notice it – and even more wiht caring to talk to some authority about it!”

Stina smiled musingly and let her vagina expand to the extent that her lips became red about it. “Yeah,” she answered. “Yeah, let’s go out there and show them all our labia and clits!”

She and Rosie left their sauna benches. They went towards the door and while they opened it Lisa rose too. She had almost not heard what they said, but she did notice the vaginas being expanded and so.

Lisa saw her sister look back at her. I beet she sees, she thought for herself, that even my vagina too is red. She was right. And relieved from the feeling of that her sister would oppose this game, Stina again felt the blood flow through her vagina’s labia and assumed that she thereby could expand it openly even among family members – perhaps even from now on, she figured thereby showed of her own so that there would be no problem between them.

Lisa sister giggled a little, and stroke her little wet vagina a few times with light strokes. She felt her clitoris rise again and then felt expanded enough to view herself as strong and cute. Her sister looked at her and smiled. “Come on Lisa!” she said.

Emptying the sauna, the three of them went out to the showers. Stina felt comfortable with sensing that her cunt could be going to be a show for the girls out there. That is, she said to herself, it was going to produce security for the three of them forever hereafter, she mused.

Rosie, she and Lisa walked slowly passed two women who were showering , one young and one above forty, it seemed. Lisa felt her cunt open a little further again and then looked forward to see if there was any signs from her friend or sister about anything. She thought she felt at least one of them cumming.

Stina was the one to have cum. She smiled when it happened, which the younger one of the two showering females seemed to notice. She smiled back and watched the three of them pass her by, and then put her hand against her own labia and started to rub them a little.

Thereby Stina had, she felt, spread her opinion about the world.

Beside her there was a young girl who looked at her. “I don’t like you!” she said.

Stina didn’t looked at her without quite turning her head. “I guess you don’t see wy I have it our interpretation of the world is taht we don’t have any sex appeal seem ridiculous to the extent we are real about our souls!”

Lisa said: “Yes, and that’s why she and I are in reality on your side more than you are yourself!”

The girl looked down at her own vagina and started to masturbate.

Lisa interrupted her. “That’s not necessary!” she scorned her. But she also took advantage of the situation to show the girl that she needed to see to herself as the one to be cunning in saying of herself when she wanted to do what. for doing this she took her hand gently from her vagina and put it back at her side, and also she did some spiritual stuff that cannot be defined in writing.

After a while the little girl saw Lisa and her companions leave. They seemed to after all be into goodness for the sake of God, she thought. Then she deemed them as superstitious, and stayed away from liking them after all.

This Stina somehow sensed, and returned to her. “I apologize about my s*s!” she said.

The girl, or young woman, that is, thereby said to herself. “Eventually they will tire. I just have to keep on trying to be straight.” But then she felt the aura of Stina make her vagina open. She was a bit afraid thereby, but she looked at Stina and said: “Take this devils play away from me!”

“I feel they should not ever be afraid those young women,” Stina thought out loud for her, “I feel that instead they should be into caring about our future as the human race, wehre sexual advantage should rather be with the good than with the evil!”

“I cannot believe they,” the girl answered, “have teh guts to say to themselves that it’sevil per se to have sex that is totally unnecessary!”

“I cannot figure out a way to say to her,” Stina responded, “that she is way off when she insinuates that sex is dangerous!”

“Why?!” the girl asked.

“Because, Stina said, “they do not fail as long as they totally feel safe about their vaginas!”

“I don’t feel the vagina is what it’s all about!”

“I feel I should have the vagina seem right for her! I don’t feel secure about my sect, if they would’ve, but I feel secure that me and Rose-Mary are very secure about ourselves because we are all about vaginas today.”

“I will then tend to extravagantly test that stuff! .. though I prefer to do it with out your superabundance about it!”

“It is not all about sex for me nor my fellow members of our spiritual society! But we are about sex here, and thereby we will try to be asexual when we meet with her, our leader!” Stina said.

“I don’t feel like being any part of that!”

“I don’t ask you to! But I ask you to be a member, and then you’ll find out what our sect is!”

They talked for a while, and thereby, the girl later came to visit the sect at a time when neither Stina, her sister or the becoming member Rosie seemed likely to be there.

“I assume this cannot be about sex?” she asked the lady who ruled the sect.

“Oh, it actually can’t!” the lady said. “But it can be about that sex is the actual spirit of innocence when we try to be into what the so-called satan is about! That is we need to be sexual to get the point of the so-called devil and to then also be on our ways out of his grip!”

“Oh, I see!” the girl said. “That seems fine!” she said, but thought secretly that she found it fairly queer to be about cunning about what one cannot comprehend anyway. “It is all about sex then,” she asked, “to say we’re into the devil?”

“Oh I think we’re about sex when we are into evil,” the sect leader answered.

“I find in them,” the young girl answered, “to see me as a sex object already!”

With that she left.

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