The Slaves life style….. serving a couple

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The Slaves life style….. serving a couple
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Everything was arranged and I had a feeling of panic mixed with excitement in my belly. For the first time I was going to meet someone whom I had chatted on net only, though web-cam ensured me that they were real couple…. But being in this kind of relationship was the sole reason behind the panic that gnawed upon my neck…. This kind of relationship where I had to assume the role of being a slave to a kinky couple, a relationship in which high level of self-restraint was required and similar amount of devotedness and honesty was needed.

“Have you brought your medical reports?” M asked while their maid served me water.

“There are the reports….” I replied.

“Good, these are our reports….” M gave me the medical reports which were enough for me to be assured of contacting medically safe people.

M started out : “As we had discussed on the net, I don’t like licking or kissing my wife, I like to just use her both ways and earlier we had enough discussions on this matter… rather we quarreled to the extent of getting separated on this issue…. And then we thought of this idea…”

I asked : “what am I exactly expected to do….”

F : “ You would be my slave for getting me in mood…..”

M: “ She will use you as a toy simply… you have to warm her up. And when we are done, you have to clean her as well as do the laundry and sanitation work so that everything remains clean after we make the mess in our love making….”

F: “Remember I might need you in between our love-making and you have to be there and do what I wish…. But in no case you would enter me…. Understood”

I: “that’s fine with me… but what sort of laundry am I expected to handle??”

M smiled : “ Well ….. she has some nasty habits and gets wild during sex…. And you will be the one to face the consequences…..lolzzz”

F: “Ahaa.. laundry will include my undergarments, bra, panties and anything that gets wet… you know !”

I “wow, I think all my fantasies are going to be fulfilled…”

M and F smiled and M left for work, during the day I had to be doing domestic chores with F and these domestic chores included some of my darker fantasies….

F “ Here.. lick my soles while I have my break-fast…..”

I licked her soles and went with extra care to lick each and every corner of her feet….

F “ here have this.” She gave me the remaining parts of her meal and some of which fell near her foot which she deliberately stepped on and made me lick them from her feet.

F: While I watch T.V. you do the laundry.. take my dirty panties from the pile there and remember to wash them properly…. Lick them before you wash them… and yeah make sure they do not smell of any male juices….”

F “ well though its not in our agreement but if you like you may have some wine….”

I “ thanks…. I ‘ll be glad to have some”

F “ by the way, which one would you prefer….I mean , I have this apple wine and here it comes.. see here is this my golden wine…” while saying so, she kept an empty tumbler in between her legs and filled it with her nectar…

I knew what should I say as a slave, so I opted for her golden wine….

F : “I am so glad at your behavior.. good.. would you like it with some cream….. come, scoop off some cream from here… heyyy.. idiot , use your tongue to scoop it of, not your fingers…. “ and then after I licked her down there to get the cream out, she made me put it first in the tumbler.

F then spat in my tumbler.. adding flavor to it.

I drank that golden wine in one gulp.

F : Oh so you didn’t like it that’s why you gulped it so fast.. see my peg is still full….”

I : “Pardon me, but I was so happy and so excited to drink your golden nectar that I couldn’t wait….”

F : “You liked it, good, have some more then… let me see if I can push out some more for you”

I had to drink another load of her golden wine.

F “prepare bath for me… and come here, clean my toes first.. suck them clean first…. And then I would be needing a tongue bath ….”

I licked her feet and legs and then gradually her front and back holes including inner and outer parts…. She wiggled and giggled when my tongue touched her sensitive parts and she grinded my lips and soaked them with her juices… And while I attended her back hole she almost suffocated me with her full weight face-sitting.. almost smothered me to passing out stage

F “are you sure you didn’t leave anything… any part unattended…”

I “Well I think I did a thorough job….”

She slapped me and then kicked my face while I lay on the floor ….. standing on my hand she kept on of her foot on my shoulder and spat on my lips…. “You idiot moron, you didn’t attend to my arm-pits…”

I was almost shocked but thought, when I can lick her shoes and socks, including panties, why not arm pits…. And so I kissed her arm pits which had a little growth of hair… she pushed my head forcibly and made me stick my tongue out to lick them clean….

M returned in the after-noon. I was washing her feet in the bath tub.

M “Good… he is still here.. you are the first one who could serve her for the whole day … earlier ones had ran away breaching the agreement in a few hours….”

F “ he is good.. he licks well… and even licked my back hole.. so I am sure you would have a good clean entry tonight…”

M “ Wow… so bath her fast and warm her up while I change and freshen up…”

I bathed her well and then licked her well….

They made me sit in a corner and while he entered her from front I was made to lick her back hole….

F “ hold his head tighter to my back.. I am not feeling his tongue in…. stop fooling around, put you tongue in down there…”

And I could feel M’s balls hitting my chin while I licked her back hole….

The man came quickly and I could see despair and disappointment clearly in F’s eyes.. but she maintained her smile….

M knew the fake smile F had and left ….

F called me and motioned me to lick her clean…. And while licking her she moaned and groaned ….. She called another maid who helped her to use me in a better way…. While M stood in the bathroom and peeked out to see me cleaning her….

A few minutes later M came in again and this time mounted her and entered her from behind. She was on her knees while my head was in between her thighs…..M came in a few shots and went away…. She again pulled my head to her back and I licked her clean again…..

F “Want some of the golden wine”

I nodded in yes and again I was drinking the golden nectar from the source…. Soon M came in with some plastic toys….. and now the maid used those toys on F while M watched and enjoyed him-self.

F “ now put the wet toy in his mouth, he would lick it clean and taste my juices…. Yes yes .. give him the one you put in my back too… yeah.. he will lick even the one which went in my back too…. He likes it…”

The maid had no mercy and shoved the wet toy, drenched in F’s juices, in my mouth while I sucked them clean…. Now the maid went to M and sucked him while F enjoyed seeing the scene and used my mouth down there to get her-self relieved….

The maid cleaned M’s mess while I licked F…. And now F bathed me in her golden nectar….. I drank as much I could and the remaining flowed down my chest….

And then I saw the maid being slapped by M and F spanked her back…. And a little later she could not control her-self and due to severe spanking she wetted her-self too….

F “ go and clean the room and do the laundry while I am leaving with M for dinner…”

I cleaned the floor and took the clothes to bath room…. Maid was feeling so much of pain that I lifted her to her room and took her clothes for washing….Later she came back to her senses and realized that I had cleaned her too….

Maid “ don’t tell F and M that you cleaned me and my clothes… you are their slave and not mine.”

I said “ no probes…”. And smiled, as now I had two females to taste…. And that was enough for me to continue there though personally I disliked licking the places where the M invaded the ladies.. still one has to sacrifice something …..

But yeah licking the freshly invaded areas has a different sensation and the facial expressions of ladies at that time throw you in ecstasy…..

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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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