The Stalker

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The Stalker
When I entered my teen years I started to work out alot along with masterbating. My bedroom was large enough that I able to put a work out bench in there. I wanted to get buff, you know, in the hopes that I would attract lots of women wanting sex. As I worked out I would get the feeling of being watched. Sometimes I would catch a glimpse of a shadow in the upper window of the next door house. I assumed that Mr. Foster might be spying on me and that he might have some kind of fetish for me.
The Fosters have lived next door for as long as we have lived in our house. Their master bedroom window looks down into my bedroom almost perfectly. I found it to be a turn on to have someone watching me but also found it creepy that this man might be checking me out when I was working out or dressing. The Fosters were not that type of folks, or did not seem to be. Mr Foster was a hard working guy with some hobbies and always very friendly to me. Kate Foster was a very well educated woman, very friendly and worked alot in the community. She was in her late fifties and he was in his early sixties. Both attractive people and neither one seemed like that type, hell I figured neither of them had sex at all. I put it down to my imagination playing tricks on me.
Then one day at one of many neighborhood get togethers Kate Foster, who had been drinking, asked me about my workouts. She asked if I used a trainer and about my routine as it seemed to working. She then invited me over to work out with her and to see if I could help her with some things. I said I would be happy to do that and thought it would be fun so we set a date. A few days later I showed up at Kate’s house ready to work out. She had on this leotard thing, it hugged her body like it was painted on. I never knew how hot this woman’s body was before. My goodness she had some curves and a great set of tits. For her age, her body looked like it belonged to a much younger woman. As we started to work out I was afraid that I might get a boner. This woman was that hot.
We worked out together several times aweek. We both seemed to enjoy it. And everytime I went there she had on different workout clothes all of which was very sexy with her smoking hot body. We got a god routine down and workout hard then we would finish and talk as we cooled down. It was during one of these cool down sessions that Kate let it slip that she was the one watching me from the window. But the way she said it, she was turned on from watching me work out. I shrugged it off playing cool but inside I was so turned on that this woman was attracted to me because that would mean other girls would be also.
So the next time we got together we were hitting it hard. Kate was doing bench press and I was spotting her. I noticed a wet spot between her legs, has happened before. I thought it was sweat but this time the spot was bigger and I thought she may have peed herself. Then she noticed it. “Sorry about that, I get so turned on and wet when you and I work out. My cock immediately began to harden and make a tent in my shorts. I told Kate that I had to pee and went to the bathroom. I dropped my shorts and began to stroke my cock thinking a quick release would enable me to finish our session. I no sooner started then Kate walked in to check on me. I was standing there with my hard cock in my hand not sure what to do or say.
Kate smiled her warm smile and came to me. Her hand gently grasped my cock and she started to stroke it. Then she knelt down in front of me and gently took my cock in her mouth. I was so afraid I blow my wad either in her mouth or on her face. I guess Kate must have sensed this and she said “just relax and enjoy”. Then she stood up and took me back out to the workout room and laid me on my back on the weight bench. She took off her workout clothes and stood naked. She was hot, her perky tits, neatly trimmed dark bush. She was fat or wrinkly like I thought she would be. She straddled me and lowered herself down. I watched as my cock was swallowed by her tight wet cunt.She worked her pussy around my cock and it felt so amazing. She let out a soft moan. She started to play with her clit as she slowly moved herself about on my cock. The smell of pussy filled the room. I was dribbling pretty good and knew any second I would explode. I was not sure if I should be dribbling inside her nor if I should cum inside her but it all felt too good to stop. “I am going to cum.” I said. “Hold on, I am almost there and we can cum together.” Was Kate’s reply. I bit my lip and tried to hold on as she started to pick up the pace. Within a minute Kate started to thrash about, her pussy clamped tightly around my cock and a warm liquid flowed around my balls. I exploded, my cock pumping a massive load of spunk deep inside Kate’s womb. “YES” she moaned as my cock pumped more and more cum inside her and more of the warm wetness soaked my balls. Then my cock made one last spurt and Kate calmed down. My cock quickly deflated and we were both frozen breathing heavy. I had just got my first fuck, I just shot my first load deep inside a woman’s cunt. “Wow! that was amazing, you don’t know how long I have wanted you inside me.” Kate said as she lifted herself off of me. My cock dropped out of her gapping pussy along with a glob of jizz.
“It was my first time. How did I do?” I said worried that maybe I might have knocked her up. Kate knelt down and took my cock in mouth again. She cleaned it along with my balls. “Great, you made me cum, I really needed that and I have wanted to feel you cum inside for a long time. I knew it was your first time, I wanted to be your first. I love being a man’s first one.” Kate said with confidence. Kate walked to the middle of the room and laid down on her back and spread her legs ever so sexy. My cock got hard as steel again. “Come over here with me and fuck me again.” She said. I did as she said and mounted her. We fucked slowly till I was about to explode. I pulled out thinking that is what I should do. She pulled me back in as I started to spurt my load. I filled her wonderful cunt full of my juice. I laid my head on her chest, between those wonderful boobs as my cock deflated deep inside her gooey pussy.
We showered together and I went home feeling really good about myself. Having fucked the brains out of an older woman. Our next workout had a twist as we flirted with each other and then fucked. Every time my cock got hard she took me inside her. This went on for several days. Then one day as we fucked her husband walked in. I thought I was a dead man. but he was chill with it. They both had me sit down and they explained how Kate love to fuck guys for their first time. And he loves to watch her fuck other men. Kate explained “that her bother was having a hard time with being a virgin so I let him lose his virginity with me. And I taught him how to please a woman. Let him practice with me. Then I helped his friend, then another friend and another. Soon I was helping all the boys become men. Before I knew it, I was the place to go to lose your virginity and learn how to fuck. I loved teaching those young men, being the first was an important service I was doing.”
“I kept it up thru college and even afterwards. These guys seemed to seek me out. And I love it! The feel of a cock cumming for the first time inside my pussy. The look on a mans face as he drains his balls deep inside me for the first time. I have been the first taste of pussy for hundreds of men, maybe over a thousand now.” Kate said. “And I love it too, I love fucking her after she has just took a man’s virginity, so much cum. I wish a woman like Kate could have helped me learn about the ways of sex.” Mr. Foster said as he pulled his cock out. I rolled out of the way as mounted Kate and started to thrust into her and fuck her with right beside them. He grunted and moaned as he drained his balls adding his cum to mine inside her womb. Watching this made my cock hard again. “Go ahead, mount her and dump another load inside her, she loves it.” Mr. Foster said. I did mount Kate, her pussy gooey from three loads of spunk. I put another deep inside her.
Knowing Kate’s history made me even more horny for her. Mr. Foster liked sharing her with me. We would take turns fucking her and a lot of the time I would go solo with her. She would still get her virgins, coming home to tell Mr Foster and I all about it. Sometimes he and I would watch as she fucked a man for his first time.

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