The Student House – part 2

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The Student House – part 2
I didn’t actually write this one, a really lovely friend called Wendy wrote it and asked me to have it published, so here we go – be kind to her in your comments won’t you:

Dan just kinda got stripped and went off to get showered, I was gob smacked (or should I say gob packed, James was rocking backwards and forwards in my mouth, I was groaning around his cock and wanking him off furiously, I just couldn’t wait for him to cum – I really needed it down my throat.

I had never been with three near strangers and felt as horny as I did right then. Amanda was kinda falling over ripping her clothes off as well to go and join Dan in the bathroom and although we were all together, it seemed as if we were just single couples (if you get my drift).

It wasn’t as though we’d gone along as couples with the whole idea of swinging or anything, when Amanda and I arrived, I don’t suppose for one moment we thought we would be half an hour away from being naked, sucking on two guy’s wonderful cocks.

Have you ever had a guy’s cock in your mouth, or in your case a woman’s pussy in your mouth and tried to get naked at the same time – not easy – but possible as both James and I proved.

Once we were both starkers, we could really concentrate on what we were doing, I was intent on getting James’s cum down my throat as quickly as I could and James was just as intent on putting it there. I was furiously wanking him with one hand and rolling his balls with the other, then my balls hand decided to go walkabout and I could just get my hand between his legs and rim his fabulous but very tight arsehole – fuck did that get him.

In the end, I just held on to the front of his thighs and let him fuck my face, I couldn’t tell if it was his hands on the back of my head that was moving me forwards and backwards or whether it was him pushing back and forth but all I knew was that his huge cock was cramming my mouth and he was hissing and blowing and cursing really loud.

At that time, I was so into his cum that I even forgot that I could finger myself, I just dug my nails into his thighs and moaned around his cock as his balls slapped my chin again and again.

Suddenly, he froze and then just twitched a bit, I felt his cock with my tongue and tried wanking him slowly but he held my hand really tight and stopped me, suddenly he started again and I could feel his cock getting even harder and then it came – and boy did it come.

I didn’t move and neither did he as the first blast hit the side of my tongue, but before I had a chance to swallow, he hit me with another one and another, he took his cock out of my mouth and just stood there, not even holding it, just letting it blast at me.

The next shot hit me across the nose then another flew over my shoulder and trailed down my back, he quickly fumbled around trying to get back in my mouth, so I swallowed quickly and opened my mouth again for him.

His last two or three blasts weren’t really blasts at all, they were more like a continual stream of hot, white, sticky cum but oh my god, did he cum gallons and even better, he tasted absolutely gorgeous, kind of sweet but with a dry after taste.

I was still moaning around his cock and slurping at anything that I might have missed when he pulled me from him, raised his arms and shouted in victory.

Amanda and Dan who had come in from the shower joined him in shouting and all three of them came running over, picked me up and hugged me as if it was me they were saying was a champion. I must say I didn’t understand all this shouting and hugging but it was really hot and everyone else seemed to understand so I just went along with it.

You could also see in Amanda’s eyes that she was enjoying the two-cock cuddle just as much as I was. We looked at each other, started to laugh and just jumped up and down with the lads letting their cocks and balls hit us wherever they wanted to, it was fine by us, but no one seemed to want to go there just yet.

We sat and chatted for a while, while James ordered some pizza in from just around the corner. The guy said about ten minutes so we guessed that we’d have to get dressed again but Dan was having none of that.

We got out a bottle of wine, opened it, poured some for all of us, binned the bottle and the bell went. Dan went over in just his t-shirt and opened the door, gave the lad his money and shut the door with his bum – no one said anything, I think we were all so shocked, all we could do was eat and drink.

I suddenly thought, what would a cock look like covered in pizza, so I stood up, walked over to Dan who had the box, took a piece out, dropped to my knees and wrapped it round his cock. I think to say he loved that would be an understatement, he laid his head back, thrust his hips up at me, took hold of my hand holding the pizza and rubbed it up and down his cock.

James and Amanda were in fits of laughter, they got up, picked up the last two pieces and attacked each other with the mess. James wiped his piece all over her tits but she went straight for his cock and balls – there was pizza everywhere, the only person with any clothes on was Dan in his T-shirt, the rest of us were covered in as many colours as you can imagine from the pizza.

Slowly the fun was replaced with an urgency to get as much of someone’s bod inside mouths, pussy’s, bum holes anything that would hold a tongue, finger or cock, we rolled about the floor, no-one particularly worried about who was attacking who, I had Dan’s head caught between my knees, I sat on his face and he started to lick a handful of his pizza out of my crack.

In the meantime, I was rubbing his cock up and down as quickly as I could whilst Amanda licked the sides of it. James was behind Amanda with one hand up her fanny and another one rubbing her tits with what was left of a slice.

Everyone was swapping from person to person, position to position, I felt someone’s cock go up my messy pussy but couldn’t see who it was because by now Amanda was sat on my face sucking someone else’s cock who was straddling me. The cock that was fucking me certainly didn’t feel like the cock I’d been sucking earlier but it was so difficult to tell when I hate to admit that I had half a slice of pizza up there as well.

God, I was going crazy, I’d never felt like this before, it was exactly how I’d wanted to feel all my life but had never had the courage to do anything about it, I felt as though I could do anything and no one would mind, IT JUST DIDN’T MATTER.

Suddenly, someone grabbed my tit and started pulling hard on it and I was immediately going over the top, whoever was up my cunt could feel it as well, I couldn’t help but squeal and clamp down on him. I stopped what I was doing to Amanda and just started cumming over and over again.

Things went so quiet except for me and whoever was pounding my insides. I’d got to him and I mean really got to him. Suddenly my insides became boiling red hot as cum threw itself all over me pussy walls, time and again the cock was pushed higher and higher up my poor fanny and bathed in cold pizza and red hot cum.

I started to slow a little and Amanda climbed off me, I couldn’t wait to see who’d just dumped a wonderful load of cum up me, so I picked myself up on my elbows and saw James’s cock just dropping out of me.

I flopped back down again and watched Amanda as she took what was left of the piece of pizza she’d been attacking Dan with and scooped up a load of James’ cum as it left my pulverized pussy. She didn’t hesitate, she pushed it all in to her mouth and washed it down with the last of her wine.

This time, the hollering and cheering by the guys was for her, James came slowly over, lowered his face to mine, licked all Amanda’s juices and pizza off my mouth, kissed me slowly and whispered in my ear, “I did warn you about me cumming like a train didn’t I?”

All I could do was to whisper back to him “You sure did, didn’t you, and you weren’t lying were you?”

“We better order another pizza” James said “And this time, one of you girls has to answer the door.”

That was too much for me, I just couldn’t but luckily I didn’t say anything, Amanda shouted out that she wanted to pay the lad when he arrived and hopefully it didn’t look like I was scared of doing it.

We got another bottle of wine out, poured it all out again and binned that one next to the first, things were getting crazy, here we were, cum and pizza covering everyone, waiting for a pizza delivery lad to arrive so that he could be treated to a stark naked Amanda who would give him the treat of his young life.

The bell rang after what had seemed like only minutes after the order had gone down, Amanda pulled me up and said “Come on Wendy, lets give this lad a real treat.”

She pulled me over to the door, flung it open and grinned at the boy. He nearly wet himself, he didn’t say anything, he just stood there open mouthed holding on to this shaking pizza. She suddenly remembered she had nothing to pay him with, laughed, turned round, said “Has anyone got any money” and walked off to get the money out of her bag, leaving me stood there looking at him and not knowing what to say or do.

I didn’t know if I should try to cover myself up or just make small talk. Luckily, Amanda said from over my shoulder “You better come in and get the money out of my bag, my hands are too messy to start diving in there.”

So he slowly rubbed himself passed me and walked into the room. He looked terrified, he went over to Amanda who held out her bag and offered him the money. When he took the bag she put her arm round him and rubbed her right tit up his arm, he jumped away from her, took the money out, put the pizza down without taking his eyes off her tits and shaved pussy and almost ran from the room.

I closed the door behind him and the whole room erupted into fits of laughter, we all slumped to the floor and just rolled around holding anyone who came in reach.

We each took another piece of pizza out of the box and as we settled back, I noticed that Dan’s cock looked painfully hard and red, he spooned behind Amanda and James spread his legs and I settled between them with my head resting in his crotch.

I could see Dan moving backwards and forwards in Amanda’s bum crease as we ate and I would occasionally lick the sides of James’s cock that was kinda resting on my shoulder. Amanda raised her leg, I think it was more to get Dan’s cock between her legs and out of her crease than anything and we could plainly see that he was getting hotter and hotter, something had to be done to give the poor guy some relief, after all, he hadn’t cum since Amanda had drained him in her mouth which seemed ages ago.

I got up without saying anything, slid over the carpet to them, took Dan’s cock in my left hand, pushed it in my mouth, slid two fingers up inside Amanda, spread her ample juices over her lips and pushed his big, fat cock up inside her.

I watched for a few seconds, just to make sure he was going to stay where I’d put him, gently rubbed his balls with my left hand as I diddled her clit with my right and, once again, we were off, but this time, the pizza took no part.

Out of the corner of my eye I could see James put his pizza down and slide over to me, he spooned up behind me but instead of taking a hold of me, he took Amanda’s boobs in his hands and started massaging them, she was gone, all those hands all over her and a nice fat cock up her pussy.

I put my tongue down and started licking Dan’s balls for him but unfortunately I couldn’t get at his bum so I lifted me head and ran my tongue around and over Amanda’s clit for her and down the sides of his cock when he pulled it out of her.

James moved from Amanda and pulled me onto my knees and as he pushed his body into my hips, I could feel that he was hard again – this guy wasn’t k**ding, he’s already cum twice and he was ready to go again.

As I continued to play with Dan’s balls and lick Amanda’s clit for her, I felt him part my very, very juicy lips and start to push into me, it was the first time really that I felt his cock for what it was and it just felt out of this world.

My mind was going mad, I was up to everything I had ever fantasised about, playing with two people as they fucked right in front of me and now being taken from behind by a guy I knew could cum gallons at the drop of a hat and all this by people who were nearly strangers to me.

If only Amanda hadn’t been on her side, I could have climbed onto her and had a glorious 69 as these strange guys royally fucked us both. As I licked her clit, I could feel her hand playing with mine, I looked up and saw Dan watching me as my tits bobbed backwards and forwards.

He leaned over Amanda who was having her tits pulled by James and took one of mine in his hand, he slowly made his way down to my nipple and pulled it really hard for me, how did he know I just love that – did he know?

Oh god, I was in a world all of my own where nothing else mattered but the things that were happening right now to the four of us, every part of me was on fire, James was slamming his fat cock into my insides as though he wanted to come out of my mouth, my nipple was being pulled off my body and I was watching someone else’s cock pounding away at a shaven pussy that looked completely strange to me.

“Oh yes, just there, just there, don’t stop, just a little longer, I’m nearly there.” Amanda gurgled to us. I didn’t know if she meant me, James or Dan, but I sure as hell wasn’t going to be the one who stopped what I was doing to her.

“Ssshhhiiiiiittttttt, yes, oh yes, oh yes, fucking hell yes” she screamed and pounded her head on the floor. Dan started to growl himself and pounded her twat for all he was worth. I could see that tube on the underneath of his cock expand as he bellowed out that he was cumming as well.

I watched as his balls climbed up inside his body and changed all these different colours, his cock was definitely pumping, I could see his cum shooting down the length of it and disappearing up inside Amanda’s squeezing hole.

I glued my lips to her clit again and gently chewed and squeezed his balls for him. This seemed to set them both off again and they flew apart, spraying my face with cum from all over, I got a load from her pussy as she pulled off him and I also got the last of his shots as he lost her tunnel of cum.

James had been watching all this and AGAIN, he sprayed my insides with his lovely cum, I quite expected him to finish cumming quickly as this was his third load but if he did, it sure didn’t look like it and it sure as hell didn’t feel like it.

I slumped down to the floor and James followed me down without pulling out of me. I felt his cock twitch once or twice before it finally started to go soft and my pussy squeezed him out. I clamped my legs together not wanting to lose what he’d just dumped way up inside me.

Slowly, I reached my hands out and one came in contact with a semi-soft, very wet cock and the other was able to get a finger up inside a pussy full of cum, both moaned with delight at my gentle play.

James rolled off me and to my surprise, climbed onto Amanda and they slowly, softly 69’d. I pulled myself forward on my elbows and took Dan back in my mouth and could taste both their juices, Dan’s for the first time.

It too tasted just like cum’s supposed too but was completely different to James’s. Luckily, he hadn’t completely drained himself inside Amanda and I was treated to a couple of small drools of his delicious seed before he gently took my head, looked down at me and pulled me up to cuddle him instead.

As we all came down from our latest round of bliss, I reached for my panties and pulled them on to preserve James’s latest offering, as I went to pull them up it flooded out of me but luckily into the gusset that I was covering them with.

I could tell that things were starting to wind down now for the four of us, we didn’t say much, we just kind of lay there in each other’s arms, me in Dan’s, Amanda – well you know the rest.

We finished off the pizza, the wine lasted a bit longer, but none of us wanted to move. It was Sunday tomorrow, we all knew what that meant, a final few hours working then back to our own little lives, miles away from this bliss, back to everything else that we knew, all our worries, all our cares, all our mishaps and disappointments, it had been one of those fantastic, clumsy, carefree, blissful, magic happenings that couldn’t be repeated even if we had written it all down – it certainly couldn’t have been planned.

Amanda and I decided that if the guys didn’t mind, we would stay the night, knowing full well that all we were trying to do was to put off the inevitable as long as we could – but what the hell, we all knew we didn’t want the night to end and this was a way of making sure it didn’t – well, not right now anyway.

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