The Visit

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The Visit
Marcus’ day couldn’t have gotten worse than it had already. He recently broke up with his longtime girlfriend, who gave him no real explanation as to why she wanted it done and over with. He tried calling her back on numerous occasions until one day deciding to change her number once and for all, leaving the poor guy out in the dust. The rest of the day changed hands when he had an unexpected visit from an old friend. A young attractive blonde came knocking on his door. Once he responded he soon discovered she had her own problems, similar to his.

“Why doesn’t he just drop dead?” She said, stepping inside without saying hello.

“Amy?” Marcus said.

“Seriously, why doesn’t he just get an incurable disease where his dick can fall off?”

“And hello to you, too. What’s wrong?”

“Eric. That’s what’s wrong. That lying little shit cheated on me.”

“Oh? I’m sorry to hear that.”

“Oh? Is that all you have to say? Do all men think alike? Am I discovering that just now?”

“Girl, take it easy.”

“Screw that. You know how I found out about it? He had a photo on his phone. A photo of him fucking my roommate. Can you believe that? What did I do you ask? I smashed his phone into a million pieces and told him to fuck off. Son of a bitch. I thought he was the one. I really thought that.”

“I’m sorry.”

“So am I. Got anything to drink? Getting fired up makes me thirsty.”

“Maybe. Just relax.”

“Oh, I’m sorry.”

Amy gave Marcus a big hug. The smell of her perfume and the sound of her light breathing was soothing and memorable. The two of them had not held each other this tight since their days of being together.

As time went on both of them forgot about their personal problems, spending each other’s company discussing old times and fun days. Amy was a whole different person than what she was earlier. She curled up on the couch with her flip flops off, laughing and smiling, and in a much better mood. Marcus did have a way in charming the ladies over and today was no different, even with someone he hadn’t seen in awhile.

“That was fun”, said Amy.

“Yeah, it was”, said Marcus.

“Can I ask you a question?”


“Why did we split up?”

The conversation soon changed hands.

“Why?” He asked. “We were going in different directions. It was your idea, remember?”

“It was? Now I’m starting to regret it. We did have something special, didn’t we?”

“That’s history, girl. Ancient history.”

“Doesn’t have to be. There’s nothing wrong in starting over, is there?”

“What do you mean?”

Amy placed her empty can of diet soda on the coffee table, giving Marcus a response with a wet one, smack on the lips. It left him almost in shock, forcing himself to move back from her.

“Wait”, he said. “What are you doing?”

“Making up for lost time.”

“No, no we can’t.”

“Why not? Each of our relationships ended, and we’re both available.”

“Is that why you’re here? Not just a shoulder to cry on?”

“Breakup sex is always the best.”

“Who said that?”

“You did.”

“I don’t remember saying that.”

“Too bad.”

One more kiss from Amy and Marcus showed no resistance or attempts to move further away. He remained seated while she planted herself on his lap, planting more wet kisses on his lips, and guiding his hands towards her ass. He squeezed and fondled each butt cheek, feeling the threads of her denim shorts.

Slowly, she unbuttoned his shirt and Marcus lifted her shirt off, leaving only her bra. Amy quickly unstrapped it and tossed it aside, giving him a view of her perfect chest. He squeezed her tits nice and hard; still perfect as he remembered. He worked on each fully erected nipple; licking and sucking each one with Amy’s moans of pleasure singing in his ears.

Marcus tossed aside his shirt, allowing Amy to work on his hard chest. She kissed every part of him; from his chest and neck, and whispering things in his ear he hadn’t heard for so long. Marcus was the charmer but Amy always had a way with words when it came to sex. One of those things he admired about her. She began unbuckling his pants, and getting a nice feel of his hard cock before reaching for the zipper.

Amy told him what she wanted and responded. He carried her over to the coffee table his mother got him for his birthday. He pushed aside the empty cans and planted her gently on the smooth polished wood. Amy giggled with delight as Marcus removed his pants, giving her a view of what she would soon receive. He removed her shorts and undies, getting back to locking lips before his tongue began exploring the rest of her delicate body.

“Hmm, I like that”, she said, as Marcus got back to work on her tits. “That feels so good. I love that tongue all my body. So nice and wet. Hmm, that’s so good.”

His tongue went further down, inching closer to the one spot that drove her crazy. Sometimes she would tell him to keep going until he got to her sweet, little pussy.

“That’s it”, said Amy. “You’re getting closer. Closer. Aah, that’s it. Oh, shit.”

Marcus’ tongue practically danced inside her pussy. He explored and tasted everything he could find, leaving Amy giggling and breathing heavily. It was a feeling she wanted and hadn’t had lately from her now ex.

“Oh, shit”, she moaned. “Hmm, yes. Oh, you’re going to make me cum. I forgot how good you eat my pussy. How you eat me alive is so, aah, so good. Hmm, I love your tongue deep inside. Ooh, you’re so good. So nice and wet in my pussy. Ooh, I haven’t felt this good in days. Hmm, keep eating my pussy. Oh, shit. Yes. Yes. Oh, yes.”

Amy’s breathing grew heavily and her soft moans got louder by each passing second. Her mouth closed tight and her eyes rolled back. She wanted to grab some hair, but Marcus had not one strand on his head. He did have some the last time they saw each other, leaving the poor girl a bit disappointed. Amy, for the moment, was all smiles and giggles.

“Oh, shit”, she said. “Oh, shit. You still eat good pussy. Yes. Oh, shit. Take me. Take me to your bed and fuck me.”

“What?” Marcus asked, pretending he didn’t hear her. “What was that?”

Amy sat up, looked him in the eye and said, “you heard me. Take me to your bed and fuck me.”

“Yeah? You sure about that?”

“Uh huh. Take me now and fuck me.”

Marcus stood up while Amy leaped into his arms, wrapping her slender legs around his waist. He carried her all the way to the bedroom, with their lips locked tight and their naked bodies touching one another’s. Once inside he dropped her on the bed, leaving Amy giggling some more. Before it was time to feel his cock inside her she had to give him oral pleasure as well. The sexy blonde wasted no time in doing just that. The size of his hard cock felt good in any part of her body, and she couldn’t wait to feel it deep inside her sweet spot.

“You taste exactly the same”, she said. “So nice, and sweet.”

“Yeah?”, said Marcus, enjoying the compliment. “Take it easy. Take it nice and slow.”

“Hmm, no promises. I want to suck you dry.”

Marcus laughed himself and enjoyed the work done on him. Amy knew how to make him happy in every way she could, but apparently not enough for Eric who couldn’t resist keeping it in his pants. Once Amy was done it was time to give her what she so desired and hadn’t felt for so long. She stared into his eyes as he slapped his cock on her hairy bush, teasing her in the moment.

“Oh, you’re such a tease”, she said. “I love it when you tease me.”

“You want it?” He asked.

“Please”, she said. “Please give it me. I haven’t felt a good cock in days.”

He went in nice and slow. In and out, as gentle as possible. Once inside, it was smooth sailing and Amy was in for the ride of her life.

“Oh, shit”, she said. “Fuck. It’s so big. So big just like I remember. Nice swollen cock inside my pussy. Oh, that feels so good. Right there. Right there. Oh, God. So nice and hard. Ooh, shit.”

“I’m going deep.”

“You’re going deep?”

“You want me to?”

“I want to feel all of you inside me. Go deep and stretch my pussy out.”

He started out slow and began speeding up the pace. He went deeper and deeper still until Amy could feel the very tip of his cock touching her sweet spot.

“That’s it”, she said. “Right there. Right fucking there. Stretch this little pussy out with your hard, meaty cock. Oh, it’s so big. So fucking big. Oh, my God. Oh, you’re going to make me cum all over your cock.”

“I can’t wait.””

“Oh, your big cock is better than Eric’s. You fuck me better than him. Oh, don’t stop. Please, don’t stop. Oh, yes. Fuck me harder. Fuck me with that enormous cock. With that hard piece of raw meat in my pussy. Oh, that feels so good. Feels so fucking good inside me.”

When it came time to get it in her ass, Amy wasted no time in getting into position, making it easy for Marcus whose cock was still ready for more action. He shoved it into her ass hole, nice and slow until finally going faster as Amy expected from him. Flesh slapping one another and beads of sweat drenching naked bodies was all worth it, especially for Amy who pretty much forgot about Eric. After all this he was fast becoming a distant memory.

“Oh, yes”, she said. “Oh, fuck. Oh, that feels so good in my ass. Hard meaty cock inside my ass. Better than any dildo I’ve used. Better than what’s his name.”

“You’ve used a dildo?”

“I should have named it after you.”

“You don’t need one now.”

“I have real meat inside me. Oh, yes that feels so good. So nice and big inside my ass. Keep pounding me. Pound my ass until it hurts. Oh, yes just like that. Oh, yes. Your enormous cock feels so good inside me. I forgot how good you felt. Oh, yes. Just like that. Shit, just like that. Go deep. Oh, yes go deep. Fuck. Deeper. Go deeper. Fuck! Fuck!.”

Deeper and deeper he went, stretching out that hole as much as he could. All that mattered was seeing Amy’s smile on her face. He got a closer look at that when it came time for her to ride on top of him. Amy grabbed that swollen cock and gently planted it in her. She was ready to make her move until Marcus told her to start off slowly and gently as he was to her.

“Oh, shit”, she said. “Oh, that feels so nice. I love riding that big dick. Oh, it feels so good inside me. Oh, shit.”

Amy started slowly, but soon went faster and even faster, riding Marcus hard and tight. Faster she continued, with Marcus hanging tight to her butt cheeks, squeezing each one while she bounced heavily on his cock.

“I love this”, said Amy. “I love riding your cock. So nice and deep inside me. It’s so fucking big. I could ride you all day.”

“I got no problem with that”, said Marcus.

“Oh, yes. It’s so big inside me. Oh, shit. I so missed you inside me. Oh, fuck. I want to taste my pussy on your big dick.”


“Oh, yeah. I want to taste every drop on you. Then I want you to fuck me again.”

“Yeah, you want that?”

“I need it, baby. I need it now.”

One big kiss was laid on Marcus’ lips before Amy made her move sucking on his cock, tasting every part of his hard flesh from top to bottom. Amy went as far as sucking on his balls for good measure, leaving Marcus surprised at her actions. After she was done he grabbed her legs, getting her into position to give her what she craved.

“Put that big dick inside me. Put it in nice and deep, and fuck me hard.”

“You want that?”

“Put that big dick back inside me. Stretch out my little pussy.”

As before he went in slowly and gently, listening to the sounds of pleasure coming out of her lungs. Deeper and faster he went, pounding and pulsing with all his strength. Her arms were wrapped around his neck, her eyes rolled back into her head, enjoying the feel of his swollen cock pumping inside her pussy. Amy instructed him to go faster and deeper than ever until she was fully satisfied and completely exhausted.

“Yes”, she said. “Give it to me like that. Oh, you’re so sexy with that hard cock. Oh, yes. Yes. Yes. Like that. Oh, shit. That’s it. Go deep. Go deep. I can feel the tip of your cock. Oh, yes. Right there. I feel it. I’m about to cum. I’m feeling wet right now. Oh, shit. Shit. Yes. Yes. Give it to me. Give me that creamy cum. Your sweet cum all over me.”

“I’m cumming. I’m cumming. You want it?”

“Oh, I want it. Right fucking now.”

Marcus removed his cock and squeezed every drop he was able to save, all over her hairy pussy. Amy helped her herself and tasted every drop of cream she gathered, leaving her smiling and fully satisfied.

“Oh, I needed that”, she said. “You still taste rich, and creamy. I’m so glad I dropped by. So glad I left Eric.”

“That was fun”, said Marcus.

“Just fun? It was tremendous.”

“Can’t argue there.”

Both of them enjoyed a good laugh before Amy headed for the shower. She expected to take a quick one and call it a day like she’d done in the past. Today would be a different story with Marcus standing naked by the shower door, watching Amy’s every move. She was about ready to turn the shower off when he slid the door open and stepped inside, allowing the water to spray all over him. He slid the door closed and it was just the two of them sharing the shower, but a good wash was far from his mind.

“What are you doing?” She asked.

“Shower sex is always good, too.”

“You’re such a romantic.”

The both of them resumed what they started and Amy’s visit lasted into the night.

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