The Visitor

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The Visitor
He watched nervously as she exited her car, unsure once more whether he really wished she’d come.
He knew he shouldn’t be doing this, and that she shouldn’t be doing it either.
She hesitated at the gate and looked pensively round, seemingly deciding if she should make the next step and knock on the door.
He made his way downstairs and waited for the knock, breathing heavily with the nerves of the wait. It seemed an eternal few seconds until the sound of her fist on the door announced that she’d made her decision.

He opened the door with more confidence than he felt and their eyes met.
‘Hi’ he said ‘come on in’
She stepped past him and waited as he locked the door, leaving the key in the lock and turning it slightly so an unexpectedly returning girlfriend couldn’t push it out.
‘You look gorgeous’ he murmured as he reached to kiss her.
‘And you look as though you’ve only just got out of bed’ she replied, nodding at the thick blue dressing gown he wore
He grinned, a little sheepishly, ‘I’ve been up a while and showered, but I didn’t really see the point in putting any clothes on’ he reached up to stroke her face and draw her towards him ‘Didn’t think you’d mind, not having to undress me.’
Her eyes glazed and she melted into their first gentle kiss. He kissed her lips softly, and slowly teased them apart. The touch of their lips becoming more insistent and their tongues clashing and swirling as their passion increased.
He pulled away. Taking her hand he led up her up the stairs to the bedroom. The lights were out and the heavy curtains closed; the only lights being flickering candles scented with rose hip.
He turned toward her and smiled, all doubts about her being there leaving his mind ‘I’m glad you came’ he murmured.
‘I haven’t yet,’ she smirked and with those three words he knew that the day was going to be a special one Ripping open his robe she devoured his body and stiffening cock with eyes that spoke of the pleasures to come. She dropped to her knees and drew him into her mouth offering her love with actions that spoke louder than words.
He groaned with the feel of her mouth on his penis, ‘Jesus, you’re good at that’. She acknowledged the compliment by drawing him deep into her throat and working her mouth faster and harder than she had been before.
He’d never felt a mouth like that before, she’s shown in those first few seconds that she was the best cock sucker that he’d ever met. He seemed to fit naturally deep into her mouth and the way she sucked vibrated into his balls and thrummed along his length. He’d always enjoyed blowjobs before but this was something new for him, he was actually in danger of cumming too quickly and no one had ever had that effect before.
‘Stop, please stop,’ he begged. Pulling away from her sensational mouth he lifted her back to her feet. ‘ I’ve got to fuck you now!’ he demanded and pushed her forward onto the bed. She leant forward onto her knees and thrust her hips into the air, looking up at him over her shoulder, her blonde hair spreading across her beautiful face. The look on her face said only one thing. ‘You want to fuck me and I want you deep inside me. So stop standing there and use me’
He stepped up to her and guided his throbbing dick inside her. Both of them groaned as the culmination of both of their fantasies came true. He started to slide in and out of from her from behind and thought of nothing else but making her feel as good as he did. He lost sight of her face as she buried her face into the duvet and pillow on the bed as she started to cum. Her body spasmed as the waves of pleasure flowed through her. Her moans of pleasure merely motivated him to fuck her harder and faster. Her pussy clamped onto his cock as she milked him as he pumped into her.’ Oh god’ he breathed ‘I’m cumming’
‘Wait. I want you on my face!’ She cried. She pulled herself off him and turned to kneel facing him on the bed. He’d clamped his penis in his hand to prevent himself from cumming there and then but the sight of her upturned face and eager tongue protruding from her hungry mouth sent him over the edge. He wanked his cock hard and fast as he leaned over her and aimed at her face.
He lost control of his conscious mind as his orgasm erupted. His semen landed on her face, on her hair and in her mouth. Her hands clawed at the back of his thighs and pulled him into her mouth to suck the remnants of cum from his cock. She reached up to feel his ass. His hips moved to let her know that he was willing and her finger slipped up inside him.
He almost screamed as he felt the tip of her nail catch his prostate and she eagerly sucked and swallowed as her efforts made him cum again. His knees buckled and he collapsed onto the bed with her mouth still swirling round the tip of his cock and her finger working along the crease of his buttocks.
He brought her into his arms and kissed her long, and deeply. They gazed into each other’s eyes, amazed at how the other had made them feel.
‘Come again soon!’ he pleaded.
‘I’ve only just started with you’ she promised. ‘We have so much to teach each other!’ He smiled as he felt himself stir again and her hand reached for him………

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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