The Window

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The Window
A true story (written in third person)

Kate was luck enough to have a dressing room. This is located upstairs and the small room overlooks the path that’s passes to the front of their house. It is a well used room and this morning was a normal weekend morning, with Kate to be found showered and prancing around slowly getting herself ready. This is often done with only a towel around her waist….she likes the freedom and it always gives Kyle a sexy view.

Kate was just finishing straightening her hair and as she stood up she took a moment to glance at herself in the mirror. Her boobs looked full and pert, even at 33 she still had a pretty damm good figure. She decided to choose some clothes to accentuate her curves and opened the wardrobe. She pulled at hangers and contemplated the range of offer, choosing a pair of tight jeans and a low cut top she threw them over the back of the chair. As she twisted to close the wardrobe door her attention was diverted to outside the window.

There stood was a young chap out walking his dog. His gaze was fixed on the window and obviously on the view Kate had been providing. She jumped back and let out a yelp. Kyle immediately came out from the bathroom…”you ok?”

Kate explained the situation, her face slightly flushed with embarrassment.

“he still there?” Kyle enquired. Kate leaned forward and peered out the window.
“Yeh, he is crouching down with his dog.”

Kyle moved into the room and stood close behind Kate, blocking her from moving back away from the window.

“HAY, he can see me!” Kate explained with some urgency in her voice. Kyle maintained his position and whispered into Kate’s ear for her to stay where she is. His tone was calm but forceful and Kate felt anxious but also trusted in her man. Kyle’s hands ran down each side of her torso almost pulling down her shoulders and taking the tension out of her body. She relaxed further and her breathing slowed.

Standing up straight, her boobs were on show to their fullness and she finally looked upwards and out the window. The guy was aware and standing up to ignore the dog, he made no attempt to hide his voyeuristic intensions.

“This is so rude!” Kate proclaimed as she looked back at Kyle, he replied; “Just stay there.”

Kate did as she was told and maintained herself at the window. It framed her body, creating the view for him to enjoy. She watched as he just stared at her and smiled….Kate smiled back and adjusted herself to turn to the side slightly and flicked her blonde hair back from her shoulders.

She could hear Kyle stripping off and stepping out from his jeans and she became more excited by the situation. Kate turned her head to see his naked body and hard cock project outwards…this excited her further and she turned back to return to the strangers gaze.

Thoughts rushed through her mind, but she is too nervous to say or do anything. While this is extremely rude, Kate is not very sexually confident but with Kyle she can often be ‘pushed’ into situations and activities that she would never normally do. She has many dirty thoughts but lacks the bravery to follow through on her desires. Kyle is less so reserved and he has a very good idea of what drives these desires and helps his wife to experience them as best as possible.

Kate can hear Kyle stroking his cock, she wants to look but keeps her attention outside of the window. Kyle whispers to her;
“Is his cock hard, I bet you have made him so hard inside his trousers.”

Kate looked and thought she could see the outline of a bulging groin but was unsure.
“I bet you want to release it for him don’t you and stroke it.”

Her mouth told Kyle that comment was rude, but her mind thought yes…yes I want to free it and run a finger along its length and feel it throb in my hand. Kyle moved closer but still out of view from the stranger and maintained his commentary;
“Look at you, my rude wife making another man hard. Are you excited and horny, do you need me to touch you?”

Kate was tingling and wanted her mans touch, so she broke gaze from the stranger and moved away from the window. She looked up at Kyle and kissed me hard, pulling away she asked;
“I’m not dirty am I?”

Kyle ran both hands through her hair, then moved his hands down to grab her breasts before finally pulling off the towel. He replied;
“Yes you are, you have a dirty mind and if you were brave enough you would be sucking his cock right now like a proper dirty slut.”

Kate let her mind wander on that reply as Kyle’s hand grabbed and fondled at her pussy. She groaned deeply as he pressed his fingers on to her clit and kissed her neck. Kate relaxed in to him and moaned that she wanted him inside her, Kyle proceeded without hesitation. He pressed himself deep in to her tight hole as she leaned back on the vanity desk and he fucked her hard in the style that she likes when she is at her dirtiest.

“You would be wanking us both off if you could.” Kyle exclaimed between breathes. “Feeling both our cocks you would rub us both hard until we cum all over your boobs and stomach, then you would love to have one of us finger your tight pussy as the other eases a finger in to your bum.”

Kate did not agree nor disagree. The thought was such a turn on but she was to frightened to admit to it. Instead she just imagined the situation and especially the feeling of both holes being probed as the warm cum from the two guys trickled off her body.

Kyles grunts excited Kate further and she placed her own hand against her clit and started rubbing. Kyle thrusting in with a considered force as Kate teased the orgasm out from deep within herself. She felt it slowly start to embrace her as Kyle continued to fuck his dirty wife even harder and as it ripped through her body, Kyle’s cock exploded warm cum against the ever tensing walls of her now quivering pussy.

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