This one to my “special daddy”

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This one to my “special daddy”
This story goes out to my special daddy…

I was working all day in the barn getting dirty and lonely. I just about had it with cleaning all the horses when I hear a shout from outside.

It was the daddy farmer I was working for: He said “You better go take a shower!”

I thought he seemed angry with me and wasn’t sure why he was so direct. I felt a little sad about it but went into his house and took a shower. The warm water was welcoming against my skin. The aura of heat produced made me wish it would long forever after I finally shut the faucet off and dried off.

I wasn’t too cold as I put on my shorts with nothing on underneath and about two t-shirts and stepped outside. It did get slightly chilly as it was still barely sun out. The sun wouldn’t rise yet for another hour and one wouldn’t be able to see the farm from a few miles or so but it was a fair piece of land, plenty to live off of and eat from on this place.

I didn’t realize the hum of the tractor going around as I was on the farm for so long it felt like nature to me. Seeing the “daddy” I was working for made me snap back to reality. I liked seeing my daddy wearing his long johns and I couldn’t help but notice from his devilish smirk he had a slightly throbbing bulge at his groin.

“Hi.” I said.

“You deserve a break.” said he. “Get on.”

I heard the power of the tractor as I climbed over him and when I sat down I felt just a tad of the vibrations he was going through all morning.

“I got it all ready for you.” he said. We took off down to the many fields of grass, past his tilled soils that were ready for the season and I welcomed the feeling of his warm body under mine. I pressed down a little, trying to see if his cock could get any more out of the vibrations and I felt a little shudder and then a “Oh.” ever so lightly against my ear. I enjoyed the pleasure that he was getting from the tractor, the feel of his thighs sandwiching around mine, and best of all I could feel his cock getting even bigger and harder by the moment.

“Ooh. I feel you daddy.” I said barely audible. Then as the tractor went in a straight line I laid back and felt his arms around me and we kissed, the feel of his grey beard made me tingle and felt so good… my hand worked its way around to his stomach, I felt how nice and slim it was different to my ample width and I rubbed it up and down with a finger. Then I turned forward and lifted my waist a little and felt his wonderful bulging crotch. I wanted to feel for everything. See if I could find his balls then his pubic hair through the outside of his long johns. I tried to jerk his groin but could not through the stubborn fabric, though my cock was now erect and leaking pre-cum.

“Oh daddy. I want you to fuck me. Please.” I whispered through begging breaths. I started to gently grind my behind against him. Just go up and down and my flesh between my cheeks could feel the length of his gorgeous shaft. I felt it against his belly under his clothes and felt a twitch… gasp, then another… and then a sudden pouring of clear, ooze. The delicious outgiving of ecstacy.

I lifted up and he opened his fly. As he did this he was surprised to hear me viciously tear at my own shorts, ripping them in the back until their was a hole where my hairy was right where I found it last. I wanted it as plain as daylight (pardon the expression, daylight hadn’t cum just yet… 😉 )

As we went and turned and went into another straight line on the tractor I let him dig his penis into my asshole. The pre-cum made it slip in really good. I heard a relieving sigh escape from behind me and I relaxed just to feel the sensation.

His lap so warm and embracing I whispered “Oh daddy.” as I rocked from the tractor. I felt his legs with both of my hands and ran them up and down. It felt so hot to not be sure where we were going or how I was going to maintain balance in my daddy’s lap but it was so exciting too.

We stopped a few times and the thrust forward made his cock enter me a little deeper. I was surprised by the push. Then after he asked me if I was alright I whispered, “Yes. Do it again.”

It was so hot going on this tractor, being the only ones on the farm or in the town for miles and have my daddy fuck me as his farmer boy.

After a while I felt a huge sensation. So much pre-cum. I wanted to see how far I could go with just a cock in my ass. Could I cum with just him in me?

“Ooh. Do you like this daddy?” “Yes.” he said. I started to lift with my knees and go down on his hot cock. I loved the heat going inside me. I did it again and again.

Between little moans, sighs, and oohs and aahs, soon we were making louder noises and they mingled together in the soft day. I got up and down faster and faster feeling that cock push it’s way into my guts again and again. I wish I could have seen his hot cock hole but as we got even faster momentum picked up to an intense level and as I cried out I felt his penis pouring, shooting white juice deep in my hole. It must have lasted ten delicious seconds and then I almost passed out from the exertion and my hole throbbed from the wonderful feeling. At the same moment I realized how hard he still was and I rode him again. This time I cried out again and as he started to inject me with his farmer’s seed a second time I felt the buildup in my cock and had an anal orgasm. It felt so great as I could feel his cock continue to push into me squishing into my spent asshole and I could feel my own cum pour out onto the tractor in front of me.

Oh that was so good. After a while we sat there the tractor idling.

Then I broke the silence while his cock was still in me. “Oh daddy. You are so hot.”

I could feel the remainder of his cum squeezing into my ass.

We both lay there for a while as the first rays of the sun started to rise up.

Nothing like being planted by the farmer’s seed. I couldn’t wait until the harvest…

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