Thursday Night Date with Mom

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Thursday Night Date with Mom
First some hugs and kisses, then a hot bubble bath for her, Was making her dinner she walked up behind me wrapped he arms around my waist and kissed my neck telling me I was her special princess. she pulled up my skirt slid her hand in my panties took my little bald smooth clilit between her finger and thumb and stocked it. Whispering in my ear “I would rather suck this then the biggest fattest cock in the world” I turned we kisses and she went to her knees taking it in her mouth. She was wearing a bark blue full length silk slip and a satin robe. her small hard breast and puffy nipples so cute as she worked her lips.
She stood up smiled and kisses me “we can eat later” she said. She took my hand and pressed it to her soft pussy over top of her slip. She smiled as I caressed it and bent over pulling down her slip exposing those small perky tits. Taking a hard nipple in my mouth sucking it biting the base raising her slip and finger fucking her. Two fingers then the 3rd and 4th twisting them in her and biting her nipple harder with each turn.
Her nipple between my teeth she leaned back as far as she could the only thing holding her up was my teeth around her nipple and fingers in her wet sloppy pussy Driving my fingers in her as she was getting so wet. sloshing sounds as her cream build up and i drove my hand in her.
She leaned up puling my off her nipple. Holding my head looking in my eyes “you fucking whore ” she yelled ” pulling my hand from her dripping pussy and pulling it to my lips “lick it clean faggot she yelled and slapped my face. I took my fingers in my mouth sucking and savoring her pussy cream
She screamed, “I raised a slut, a whore with a tiny cock, made her into a better cock sucker then me. Right you little faggot” Wack her hand ripped across my face.
(she was out of control very rarely she gets like this most times we are lovers but I love when she gets in her dom mood)
Wack wack across my face calling me names. She reached to the counter and took a large wooden spoon from the draw. pulling me to the table, sitting on a chair and pulling me over her knee. “You slut” she pulled up my skirt and pulled down my panties. “look at you you always look so pretty better then me” WACK WACK WACK WACK the spoon ripped across my ass i started to kick my legs as she continued to spank me with the spoon. Over and over wack wack wack harder and faster with each stoke. OMG i pleased “stop I will be good” I pleaded (but never wanted it to stop). Wack Wack Wack my ass burning and swelling up with bruises. WACK WACK to the back of my legs. “You “fucking slut” she yelled feeling my sissy juices flow from my clillit onto her leg. She pulled me up my ass and legs on fire She laughed flicking her finger to my clitlit as i dripped. “look what you did” pointing to the cum on her leg. “clean it slut” she pulled me to my knees and I ran my tongue over my sweet cream on her leg. “Now mine” she said spreading her legs raising them and pulling me to her soaking wet pussy. So fucking wet and open I drove my tongue inside and started to lick and suck kissing licking tongue fucking her. Her clit sliding out from under its hood so erect I took it in my mouth and as I did with her nipples started to bite it.
YESSSSSSS she yelled so loud as my teeth sunk into it’s base. pulling it shaking my head biting as hard as I could she started to shake and shiver like she was getting electrocute. “you are my special princess” she screamed (at the top of her lungs) Pulling her clit with me teeth digging in as hard as I could stretching it about 3 inches she let go with a flow of sloppy juices like I never seen her do before.
It was squirting flowing soaking my face as i started to ease up on her clit. “NO NO DON”T STOP” she yelled. I pulled harder and bit deeper as she continued to flow. She was pulling and pinching her nipples twisting them. I let go of her clit an she wiggled her ass NO NO please don’t stop she begged. “fucking slut” i yelled and drove my fist inside her willing and saturated pussy. Her cream dripping onto the floor my face a mess with it as i pushed my arm in her and started to fuck her with it. “who the slut now” i said. My ass still on fire from the spanking I yanked my arm out from her and stood up. Pulling her by the hair to my little clitlit dripping my juices on her lips and out stretched tongue.
OMG she said OMG OMG THANK YOU. She hugged my legs panting and shaking from her massive orgasm for a few minutes.
Looking up at me “Love you Princess” she said with her beautiful smile. I helped her up gave her a hug and we kissed and licked the mess from each others faces.
“I”m hungry now whats for dinner” she jokingly said.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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