Toilet Slave pt.1

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Toilet Slave pt.1
Laurie was in a funk. She had been in the scene for the past ten years. Then, all of a sudden, her Master said that he wanted a vanilla relationship two days ago, and set her free.

So now she had left their Chelsea loft and was walking down 6th avenue with no particular destination in mind. Perhaps say a prayer at Ground Zero, then take a train out to Jersey and rent a room.

She passed Edge Play, her Master’s favorite club, though he had never taken her to it. She stopped in front of the double glass doors. The club wasn’t open yet — it was still early, but she saw a “help wanted” sign in the window. It said to go around to the side entrance on 14th street.

She rounded the corner and came to the side entrance and read the sign:




Laurie’s Master had given her toilet training one time, but he never really got heavily into it. Sometimes, she wished he had been a lot more demanding of her. She wanted to be used hard by him, for whatever sordid purpose he desired.

She walked down the five steps to the area below the sidewalk, stepped into the alcove, and up to the featureless brown steel door. Underneath all the graffiti, the words “Edge Play Club” was barely visibly stamped on the steel door. She reached for the bell, then hesitated. Would being used by a bunch of strangers be fulfilling? Would it be safe? Probably not. But she deserved the most extreme humiliation for having let her Master down. Had she been a more obedient slave, Laurie might have stayed in the scene, her master might have kept her. She reached out and pressed the button.

A moment later, the door slid into the wall, and a hard-faced Hispanic woman with black hair stood there in tight jeans and a tank top. “What do you want?” she asked.

“Uh, the job?” Laurie answered.

The other woman’s jaw dropped! “You? A woman! You want to be a toilet slave?”

“Yes. Please!”

The other woman motioned Laurie into the little room and closed the door.

“Have you had toilet training, or have ever been a toilet slave before?”

“Yeah, my previous Master gave me toilet training.”

“It’s your body. Follow me.”

Laurie followed her. She followed her into long hallway, down a service elevator, and down another hallway, and into a locker room.

“You want to be in the men’s room, right?”

“Yes, if I have a choice, I would prefer to be used by men.”

She handed Laurie a form and a pen, “Read this and sign it.”

Laurie looked the form over. The lighting was poor and there was no chair or table to sit at.

“Hurry up!” she urged, “The club opens in ten minutes!”

Laurie held it up against the wall and signed it. She snatched it back and shoved it in her pocket. Then she opened a locker. “Take off your clothes and put them in here.”

“Uhm, okay.”

She continued to stand there, and Laurie stood there.

She asked, “What are you waiting for?”

“Uh, nothing.” Laurie removed her clothes and put them in the locker.

“Now wait here. Don’t go anywhere!”

She left and Laurie waited there for about five minutes. She returned, followed by a very relieved-looking naked guy. Laurie blushed when his dick came to quick attention upon seeing Laurie. “Wait there, I’ll get your stuff in a minute,” she told that other guy.

She walked over to Laurie carrying a small case and said, “Sit down.”

Laurie sat and ahs opened the case, removing a hypodermic needle.

Laurie gasped and said, “I hope that’s a hepatitis vaccine.”

“Yes. It’s the first dose of three,” she answered. Then she dabbed some alcohol on Laurie’s arm and jabbed the needle into him.

After administering the vaccine, she stood and said, “Follow me.”

Laurie followed her again into an adjoining room. Laurie gasped at the sight. Along each of the two opposite walls were other toilet-slaves. They were all naked people lying on their backs on narrow padded benches, slid into the walls up to their shoulders. They were all men. Looking closely, Laurie saw that there was a hole in each bench under each man’s ass. Each one had a pail underneath their bench’s hole. The men each had a short capped section of PVC pipe stuck over their dicks with another long section at a 45-degree angle dropping down between their legs. She wondered if it would really be possible for her to do this. They were all strapped and shackled down by their wrists and ankles.

The Hispanic woman pointed to an empty bench that was pulled away from the wall. The padding under the head area was thicker and contoured. Laurie swallowed and sat on the bench and lay down with her head in the contoured area. The Hispanic woman bent over and shackled her wrists and ankles. Then she placed several belts across Laurie’s chest and belly like the others. She slid a long piece of PVC pipe between her legs with a funnel pressed over against her pussy. Then she clamped something snugly onto one of her fingers.

She slid Laurie into the wall headfirst. There was another woman in the tiny room her head was now in. She swung a half box up and over her head. Laurie was looking up through a hole in the top of the box. Over the hole, of course, was a toilet seat, with the seat lowered and flush with her face. The lid was up. Obviously, Laurie figured, Laurie was a stall in the women’s restroom.

That woman then called from inside the room, “Feel this lever?”

“What lever?” she asked through the wall.

She grabbed Laurie’s hand and placed her fingers on a cold metallic lever. “Pull it,” she commanded.

She pulled the lever, causing warm water to spay her head and face from all around under the rim of the seat. She heard it draining under the back of his head.

After that, she seemed to have left her.


Over the next five minutes, Laurie heard people enter the restroom outside her stall. Laurie heard men’s voices out in the restroom, but they seemed to go into other stalls. Laurie swallowed in anticipation.


Laurie was shaking with anticipation. Wow! I’m really doing this! I’m really a toilet in a public men’s room! But what will it be like what it gets really busy?

Laurie was lying there for a while and she figured it must be getting close to opening time. Laurie could now hear a din as people, presumably, were entering the club.

After about a half-hour, no one had even entered the restroom. One of the guys in an adjacent stall made a remark that only gay guys use the toilet slaves, so they’ll have a bit of a wait before it gets busy.

Then someone entered the restroom. He entered one of the other stalls, and the room was silent again for about five minutes until he finished, used the sink, and left.

The restroom was empty again for another half-hour, then someone else entered. He walked into Laurie’s stall and gaped at her. Laurie felt like she would die of embarrassment. She closed her eyes, expecting to be used any second. She waited a moment, and peeked her eyes open. The guy was gone!


Less than five minutes later, she heard voices in the restroom. Another guy had walked into her stall and closed the door. Laurie gasped as he stood there gaping at her. He was a tall muscular dude with darkish hair. It was hard to see is face looking at him upside down from below. She swallowed, wondering how long he was going to stand there. Then he, too, turned and left.

What’s with these guys? she wondered. Don’t they have the balls to use me? Or are they all gay?


During the next half-hour, many men came and left the restroom, but none used her. Then as she lay there frustrated, a guy entered her stall. Laurie looked up quickly and let her eyes drop back down. What little she saw of him, he was in jeans and a blue plaid shirt, and he had light brown curly hair. She didn’t have her eyes open long enough to notice anything else about him. He closed the door, and he heard him fumble with his belt. His pants dropped behind her head. She looked up again. Laurie was suddenly staring up at the guy’s cock throbbing directly above her face.

Is this guy really going to pee on my face? This is not at all how I expected it would be. I thought it would be, well, exciting and sexy. His dick is ugly and scary, throbbing over my face like this! This is just gross!

The guy stood there flicking it, and then piss streamed out the tip all over her face. She shut her eyes and mouth tight as hot liquid splashed on her face for what seemed like minutes. She could feel it dripping down the sides of her face, and soaking into her hair. Oh yuck! Laurie thought.

In a moment he stopped. He heard him pull his pants up and buckle his belt, then leave the stall. Only then did she open her eyes. Gaaaa! The piss dribbled into her eyes and it stung like hell!

She remembered the lever and pulled it. Warm water splashed all over her face. It felt so good. Still she couldn’t get the feeling that her face was really clean, not after some guy just pissed all over her. She pulled the lever two more times before she was satisfied that her face was clean.


She lay there for about the next five minutes with her head and hair drenched. Then another guy came in to her stall. Before he peed, however, he hocked up a wad of spit and spit right onto her face. Oh gross! she thought.

Then, like the last guy, he unzipped his jeans, flicked his dick a few times, and pissed all over her face.

This is not fun at all! she thought. Well, it’s not supposed to be fun. This is what I deserve for failing my Master!


The guy left, and another guy replaced him immediately. She quickly pulled the lever to wash her face first. Maybe word got out among the straight guys that there’s a woman in here, free for the taking!

Again, Laurie got another golden shower.

Then another. Then another.

Laurie heard a constant shuffle outside her stall, and she realized that she now had a waiting line!

The next guy looked like the ultimate four-eyed geek. He was wearing khaki pants, a green polo shirt, and the dorkiest glasses possible. She sighed — it’s not up to her who uses her, after all.

What the hell? He pulled his pants and jockeys down and turned his ass to her. Ewww! Gross! His hairy ass was hanging over her face. The next moment, he had sat on her. Laurie held back a scream as his weight bore down on her jaw. His hard cock was quivering, banging on her nose like a drumstick. He rose up slightly and leaned forward and pressed his cock between her lips. She dutifully opened her mouth to admit him, into her. He lowered himself back down forcing his cock deep into her mouth. She remembered back to her toilet training and concentrated on holding her jaw open so as not to bite. He grunted a few times, and the back of her throat suddenly filled with warm liquid. Now, not only did she have to concentrate on not biting, but also she had to concentrate on not gagging. She couldn’t swallow with his cock so deep in her mouth while fighting a gag reflex and so her mouth quickly overflowed — his piss pouring out the sides of her mouth and down her cheeks. He pissed a good long time before he stopped. He stood, withdrawing his cock from her mouth, wiped it off with some toilet paper, pulled his pants up and left. All without saying a word to her. The gag reflex gone, she swallowed the small amount of his piss that pooled at the back of her throat.


She now had to pee, herself, and was glad for the plumbing that was attached to her. So while one guy was peeing onto her face, she relieved herself into that funnel going into that PVC pipe.


Still, there was a waiting line of guys outside her stall, and they entered one after another without break. Many of them even spit on her before pissing on her.


Then another guy came and sat on her. He was a black guy, not bad looking, with his hair all in cornrows. He sat, and slid his huge coal-black cock in her mouth, peed, stood, and left.


The next guy was a western-looking dude with jeans and a western shirt. He put his cock in her mouth and came almost immediately, panting all the while. He never even peed. He finished, stood, pulled his pants up, and left.


As the night bore on, more and more guys came and used her mouth as a surrogate pussy. Half of them pissed her, and half of them just used her to get their rocks off. Some were white, and others were black, Hispanic, or Asian — either Chinese or Japanese. Some were hunks, while others were geeks or worse. After a while, she stopped caring what they looked like.


Late into the night, one guy came and sat on her. Like some, he put his cock in her mouth and peed. But when he removed his cock, he didn’t stand. Instead he slid forward, and bore down on her jaw again. His ball sack was pressing down on her eyelids, and she couldn’t breathe.

What’s he doing?

It became immediately obvious what he was about to do. Laurie got a sick feeling when she realized what was over her mouth — his anus! Laurie could feel his asshole puckering against her lips as he squirmed as though trying to push at something. A moment later, Laurie sensed a dull whoosh and she felt slight warmth accompanied by a sudden increase of pressure in her mouth. Laurie could tell from the wicked smell that it was a hot one!

Well, it’s not like my Master never shit in my mouth during my toilet training. But this is different! I don’t even know this guy! I can’t do this!

But she didn’t have a choice. Laurie heard him grunt. She felt his anus quiver again. Laurie knew what was about to happen. His anus puckered again momentarily, then relaxed. Laurie heard him moan. His anus puckered really big this time and, in an instant, her mouth had filled with a lumpy sticky mass.

By now, her lungs were screaming to exhale.

Get off me! Please! I can’t breathe! You’re suffocating me!

He, of course, couldn’t hear her mental pleas. His anus puckered again, and more lumpy substance filled her mouth.

The pain from her lungs was excruciating! Yet, Laurie swallowed a little of his shit, then a little more. It was difficult to swallow while holding her breath. He seemed to just sit on her for an eternity before his anus puckered yet again filling her mouth to capacity.

Several moments passed, and then he stood. Laurie nearly spit his shit out of her mouth as her breath rushed out of her nose. Laurie caught her breath and then swallowed the rest of it just in time.


While Laurie was swallowing gasping for breath, another man waiting in line immediately followed the last. Laurie had just finished swallowing the last lump of shit when Laurie got a face full of piss.

Fortunately, he only peed while standing, and left rather quickly.


Laurie had been peeing into the funnel more and more frequently as the night drove on. She suddenly had to take a dump. Not surprising, since she had consumed several ass-loads of shit from several different men during the night. She just let it out through that hole in the bench, into the pail beneath her ass. She had to do quite a load, and she was thankful that the guy currently using her was just standing while peeing.


The hours, and men, passed. Her chest was sore from having to hold her breath so much. Her stomach was bloated and sore from swallowing so much piss and shit. Her jaw was sore from so many cocks in her mouth and so many men sitting on her face. Her face and hair stank from stale piss. And when the lights blinked for closing time, she was glad the horror was over. The din outside died down and the club gradually became dead quiet. After a time, Laurie heard some women enter the restroom, rattling about and chatting.

That Hispanic woman was back again. This time, she had a mop and bucket and had started washing the floor around her. She opened the box containing Laurie’s head and hosed her head, face, and hair with warm soapy water. Then she rinsed her off with warm water from another small hose.

Laurie asked, “Aren’t you going to let me out now that the club is closing?”

“Didn’t you read the contract, girl?”

The Hispanic woman wiped Laurie’s face dry with another cloth and closed the box over her head again. Then she sat down with her ass pressed against the lid with Laurie’s face between her spread legs.

Laurie panicked when the Hispanic woman sat on her face with the crotch of her pants pressing down on Laurie’s chin. “Hey!” Laurie shouted, nearly frantic, “What are you doing?”

Looking down at Laurie’s face framed between her open gams, she started, “I’m telling you how it works, that’s what I’m doing! Now shut up and listen, bitch! The next slave who answers the ad by the door replaces the slave who’s been on here the longest. Then the next slave replaces the slave who’s been here the longest. So on, and so on.”

“You’re k**ding? Right? You’re not letting me out not!”

“Nope! Not till it’s your turn to be replaced.”

“And how long do I have to wait to be replaced?”

“How do I know? That’s how it works.”

Laurie persisted, “Well, usually how long?”

“Well look. There are eight slaves in all.”

“So how often do you replace the old slaves with new slaves? ”

“I told you! Didn’t you listen? Whenever someone knocks on the door, he replaces whoever’s been here the longest!”

“Well, how often does that happen?”

“How the hell do I know? I don’t exactly keep track! Maybe once a week, or so. Sometimes we get two guys together, sometimes weeks go by without any takers.”

“So the average is one guy gets replaced a week?”

“Maybe. I think it’s something like that.”

“So there’s eight toilet slaves, and you replace about one each week, so I have to wait about eight weeks to get out?”

“I guess so. That sounds about right. Lucky for you we get more gay guys than straight guys, so the men’s room turns over faster than the women’s room.”

“Oh, so I might get out before someone in the women’s room who’s been waiting longer? ”

“Yeah. Probably.”

“So I’m going to be here about eight weeks. Right?”

“Yeah, I guess so.”

“Still, I can’t suck cock and eat shit for eight weeks!”

“Tough shit!”

“But why? Come on, you got to let me out!”

“Look, it ain’t so bad. Friday and Saturday nights are pretty busy. You started on the busiest night, but the rest of the week isn’t so bad. And the club is closed Sunday and Tuesday, so you get a break on those two days.”

“Wonderful! So when do you feed me?”

“Feed you? Now you want to be fed! You’ve been eating and drinking all night!”

“Yeah, I’ve been eating — eating cum and shit, and drinking piss! You’ll feed me real food won’t you?”

“Actually, I almost forgot. Here, take this pill.” She stood up, reached into her cart, opened a bottle, and dropped a pill into her mouth.

“Mmmph, what’s this?”

“Just a multi-vitamin pill.” She sat back down.

“But I’ll starve! I can’t live off guys’ cum, piss, shit, and vitamin pills. You got to give me real food! Please!”

“Sorry to break the news to you, but the human digestive tract isn’t very efficient.”


“So, there’s plenty of food value in what you get from the customers.”

“That can’t be true!”

“Yeah, it is! If anything, our toilet slaves gain weight during their stay with us, because they eat well and they don’t do any physical work. So that’s why that’s the only ‘food’ you’re getting.

“Now, it’s late, I’m beat, and I’m going home to my boyfriend and get laid!”

Yeah, go get laid, bitch! It was two days ago that Master laid me.

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