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Our friendship began a few years ago, through a friend of a friend.
But we only really connected a couple of months later, at some function. I had been left standing at the bar, whilst my wife buzzed around the room talking to old friends. I turned back to the bar and ordered another beer, considering there were over two hundred people at the event, it would be a while before she returned. Then Tracy walked in with her husband, he worked in construction, not building anything, more of a site manager.

Tracy was wearing a dark blue dress, that wrapped over her body, showing off her figure.
Tracy was about five-six in her bare feet, but tonight she was wearing a pair of killer heels, rough estimate, about four inches. Her long hair cascaded over her shoulders and dropped down her back by at least four inches. She was a really good looking woman, a small nose and really dark blue eyes.
But her best feature was her smile. When she smiled it changed the whole dynamics of her face to absolutely stunning.

Her husband in comparison, while seeming to be a nice guy. Stood about five two, going bald, so he had his hair trimmed back to his scalp. The suit he was wearing just about met in the middle over his extended stomach, they painted an odd picture, to say the least, but hey who am I to judge.
They were at the other end of the bar when Paul, that was her husband’s name. Spotted someone across the room, he turned to Tracy, said something and headed off to talk with whoever it was.
I caught Tracy’s eye and raised my glass towards her, she smiled at me and picked her small clutch bag up and headed in my direction.

After saying hello to each other, we stood in silence for a few seconds, you know what I mean, the type of silence with someone you know, but don’t.
I broke the silence by asking her what it was that she did for a job?
Turned out that she worked as a teacher, under five’s. She also worked in the school’s community projects. We chatted for about the next hour or so, and then my wife returned. I saw her heading in my direction from the other side of the room, as she passed various tables on her way over, she never took her eyes off Tracy and me.
Once she saw who I was talking to, she relaxed.
“Hi Tracy, where’s Paul?” she asked. Tracy turned around to look for her husband, and after scanning the room, she spotted him talking with a group In the far corner of the room. Paul spotted her and waved back to her.
“over there with his cronies,” she said, turning back to the bar.
“looks like he’s enjoying himself” my wife added
“I think I’ll go and join him” she gave me a look that said follow me, I didn’t.
“I’m OK here, you go and enjoy yourself” I added with a smile. With that, she turned and headed back across the room.
“you should have gone with her!” Tracy said. “I don’t think she was too happy with you sat talking with me!!”
“she’ll get over it, besides that’s the first I’ve seen of her since we arrived!” I added.
Tracy laughed at that.
“another drink then” she offered.
As the barman brought our drinks, Tracy’s husband arrived at the bar. They chatted for about two minutes, then he took his drinks and headed back to his friends.

“What’s the deal with you two?” I asked as another round of drinks arrived.
Tracy took a drink, and said, “He does his thing and I do mine! No big deal”
“How does that work?” I asked. “It started a couple of years ago” she began, grabbing a stool to sit whilst she told me her story.
“I told him that I would like another c***d” she was watching me for a reaction, but I just kept a straight face and listened. “I think I was testing him, because he had a vasectomy, about eighteen years ago after our son was born. He said that with his two daughters from his previous marriage, that three was enough, he felt that it was time he lived a little?” and listened and watched Tracy as she told me all this, I felt flattered because she was sharing something so personal.

“anyway, he flat out refused, not a fucking chance. To use his words. So we slowly stopped being intimate, the odd cuddle, now and again, but that’s about it” she turns to the bar and took another drink.
“some men don’t seem to be able to deal with a woman who asks that sort of question, I think he’s in the middle of a mid life crisis, and you just scared the shit out of him” Tracy laughed at my reply.
“You could be right there, in hindsight I was just testing him, sort of seeing if he would at least talk about it” she started to look in her bag for something, I thought she was about to cry until she pulled out a pack of cigarettes. “Time for a smoke, you coming?”
the smoking area was deserted, we sat with our drinks and lit up.
“So what’s the deal with you two?” she asked and we both burst out laughing. “nothing to tell really, her issue’s are down to the menopause” “but that can be controlled better these days, there’s no need for couple’s to struggle any-more!” I agreed with her. Try telling her that, she tried the HRT treatment, and came off it, because she didn’t like it” Tracy shook her head. “But there are other treatment options?”
my turn to shake my head. “I’ve been through all this with her, she just felt better not taking anything, than when she was taking something” I shrugged my shoulders and took a drink. Tracy turn and straddled the bench we were sitting on, lifting her dress as she sat down, she leaned towards me and asked. “so how long ago was this?” I was looking at Tracy’s legs, her thighs looked smooth and firm, I looked back up at Tracy. “About three years,” I said. She gave a small whistle.
“And I thought I was going short” she moved a little closer, as another group of people joined us in the smoking area. “you don’t mind talking about this do you?, because we can change the subject if you’d like?” I said it was OK, I wasn’t shy so it was fine.
Her hand touched my thigh, I watched as she stroked up and down it as she spoke. “so how do you cope?”
at this point, I was wondering how far do I take this, obviously nothing too graphic, but the word “masturbation” was now right on the horizon. “Twice a day, in the beginning, now not so much”
Tracy stared at me, her eye’s just bore into me. “Twice a day!!” she gave a little sideways grin at me. Even on his best days, Paul could only manage three time’s….. a week!!” now it was my turn to whistle, also I really was at the tipping point, do I dare take this further? I took a drink to prepare myself.

I decided to go for it.
“Can’t believe it, only three times, a week! If you were with me it would be that a day, if not more” Tracy gave a little nervous laugh, but she didn’t move away. “There is no way, on gods earth, that I would let a woman like you go without some serious attention” I was trying to stop my imagination controlling my answers, I really wanted to tell her that I would kiss every inch of her body, lick, suck, bite. And fuck her until she passed out, but I held back, even though the devil in me was saying different.
Tracy held my gaze, her eyes shining in the lamplight. “Really” she licked her lips and took a drink.
“Yes, really, the man’s a fool” her hand remained on my thigh as she spoke. “I agree,” she said and I thought that was that. “Just supposing you did, what would you do to surprise me?” now was the judgement time, the devil had hold of the reins, and he was about to drive it home.
“do you want me to be totally honest, or just say something like, I would hold your face and kiss you while the stars shine down on you?” laughing she said no, “Just be honest, tell me!!”
“I would follow you into the toilet, watch as you let your water go, then I would wipe your cunt clean, making you sit on the edge of the seat as I did so. The soft tissue would open your flower for me, letting me see the petals slowly unfold to my touch. Then I would kiss your labia, running my tongue across your open lips, flicking at your bud, as the hood rolled back. Sucking that delicate bud, as I insert a finger inside you. I want you to watch as my tongue works and my finger slides in and out of that wet hole, now two fingers. I can feel you getting wetter, it’s running down my fingers into my hand. You grip my head, hold me in place as my tongue and fingers work faster in your cunt. You lean forward and watch as my fingers move faster and faster, you bite your hand to stifle your moans. Then you cum, body arched and stiffening as your orgasm takes over, afterwards you lift my head up and kiss me, long and deep. Our tongues dance slowly with each other, juices flow between our mouths” I take a long drink and hope that the slap is not too hard, or she doesn’t notice my raging erection.

“HOLY FUCKING SHIT” Tracy said very loudly, the others outside turned to see what had happened.
“how the fuck have you kept that in your head, and it’s not exploded?” her hand was still on my thigh, but her other hand was between her legs, hidden by her very small handbag.
She had opened her dress and I could see her hand was underneath her panties, her face was flushed and her breathing a little faster than before.
Taking her hand from between her legs, she finished her drink in one swig. Standing up, she swung her leg over the bench, I thought my worst fears were about to realised.
“Are you going?” I asked. Tracy leaned down to my ear, “I’m going to the ladies….and I expect you to be right behind me…….

To be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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