Tribute story Part 2: The birthday girl

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Tribute story Part 2: The birthday girl
I remembered well that her birthday was on a Sunday as i planned a whole day outing to the Southern island of Singapore for a picnic. I brought all necessary stuffs including some raw frozen food for a surprise mini bbq. I left early for her place which was located in the northern part of the country so we could be at the Southern pier by 830am. She told me to meet at the multi storey carpark instead and reminded me of her panty. When i arrived, there she was dressed in an orange beach summer dress. She looked stunning and with a light make up. I hugged and kissed her lips but i was welcomed with a french.

“Happy birthday bestie! And here’s your present.” I wished her after the kiss.

“Oh thank u baby! So what is this???” She replied enthusiastically.

“Open up and u’ll know” i said as my hand caressed her butt.

“Wow!!! What a nice lacy one u got for me!! Thank u so much my baby!!” Thanking me as she gave me a hug.

I requested her to wear it now which she obliged. She took it out and lifted her dress to her mouth exposing her slit. Then i stopped her midway through.

“Let me put it on for u” as i took the panty from her and squatted right in front of her slit.

She smiled cheekily as i slowly pulled the panty up. Took a quick lick at her clit while on the way up till it was in place. We kissed deeply for a moment and soon proceeded to the Southern pier.

We reached earlier than we planned. Bought a few big bottled drinks and were ready to board the first shuttle ferry. She was so excited as this was her first. I went there many times for fishing though. We kissed pretty much every 5 minutes in the ferry as we headed towards the island. 30 minutes later we reached our destination. I lead the way to one of my ‘secret spots’ that i found. She was busy snapping lots of selfies here and there. Jumping around and laughing loud like a happy c***d. I asked her beforehand before deciding to this secret spot as the washroom was quite the distance but she assured me she will be fine. 20 mins of walking, there was no one to be seen around yet. The island is so big and there were only like 50 people (max capacity) boarded the first ferry. There are a few different beaches around here too so the others s**ttered everywhere. Finally, i located the small passageway between the thick vegetation of many thin trees and tall grasses. We entered and walked in about 10 metres and reached the spot that was still untouched and naturally clean as it was before. A small circular space of very short grasses and clear of trees enough to fit in 10 people. Taller trees around provided the perfect shelter from the sun. Up ahead there was sparse of tall grasses. Beyond there was a beautiful quarry with very clear water. She was amazed.
She then laid down the matt and i started to burn 3 mosquito coils just in case placed them strategically. After i placed the last coil to form a triangular perimeter, i was welcomed to a naked view. What a beautiful body! I followed suit. I was half erected. She laid back as i went on top of her for a kiss. We were in our own world. She felt really comfortable. My shaft slowly getting to full erection as i licked and planting kisses on her face, neck, ears, breasts and navel area. She tilted her head upwards feeling jolts of electricity through her body. Her nipples started to harden. Helped myself to them thoroughly and her entire breasts.
I went back up to french her. She became vigorous grabbing the back of my head pulling me closer for a deeper kiss. My shaft was sliding against her slit as we were kissing. It felt really good. Her wetness began to coat the underside of my shaft. My pre cum started to leak. Few times the tip of my shaft rested on her orifice unintentionally. I knew she felt that too. I lifted her legs up exposing both holes and dived in. She was creamy. Her clit was swollen. Rubbed it as i multi tasked on her orifice. Streams of creamy white liquid began overflowing out. She let out moans and gasps throughout. Its my turn i thought as i was about to position myself for a blowjob but she pulled me close and whispered in a sexy voice..

“Slide it in will u?”

I raised my eyebrows in slight disbelief and then agreed. I kissed her as i slide in my veiny shaved shaft fairly easy. Could feel some of her secretion pooling inside actually squished out of her slippery tunnel. She naturally broke the kiss and let out a gasp.

“Aaahh!! u feel so good inside!!” She exclaimed in a sexy voice.

“Its been 2 months since i last fucked. Soo badly needed this” She continued.

I just continued pumping her as i was ecstatic myself being inside her. She was moderately tight having slept with 7 guys (including her ex bf) already. She lifted her legs higher to enjoy better. My balls started tapping on her anus consistently with every thrusts.Couple of minutes later, we switched position as she opted to ride. I laid back between the pool she created from missionary. Mounted over me on her knees, she took a quick rub on her pussy to her ass crack as i watched on. Then lowered herself straight into her anus getting the head barely in as i stopped her….

“What are u doing?!” I asked her nicely.

“I’m going for anal baby” she answered.

“Please babe. I don’t do anal. Just not into it. Shall we just skip that please?” I begged her nicely.

“Well…. ok. No worries baby” She accepted.

She slid me back into her wet vagina and started gyrating her hips like crazy. The sound of her wetness was clear. She rode that way consistently for a few minutes before reaching the first orgasm wetting more of my already wet pubic region and nut sac. From her knees she switched to her feet and resumed riding again. She was great. I nearly lost my mind and control to the extremely sensual feeling that i have been enduring with appreciation and delight but lucky me she orgasmed hard for the second time very soon. She collapsed on top of me taking a breather to regain herself. I caressed her smooth skin on her ass cheeks feeling her ‘goosebumps’ everywhere.

“I really made a mess on u baby” she said with a smile.

“Yeah i suppose” as both of us bursted in laughter.

“Let me finish u then” she said.

She dismount me and immediately took me in her mouth with all her juices thickly coated on it. I closed my eyes and savoured the moment. Deep throating me, licking my balls before lifting my legs and for the first time, i was rimmed. It felt really good. Her tongue went in a few inches giving me a french kiss. She kept pushing further while stroking my shaft. I was in heaven. Then she removed her tongue and inserted her middle finger all the way in as i gasped. She was massaging my prostate, sucking my balls and stroking my shaft. A triple combo! I knew this was the end of the line for me. Very soon, my sperm dripped out slowly from my shaft initially before shooting hard a few times in quick succession clenching her finger still in my anus. The feeling was out of this world. For a second, i thought i would fell u*********s for some time. Lol! I was panting. She cleaned me up knowing that i was out of commission for a few minutes.

“How does it feel?” she asked happily as she knew i was pleased too.

“It was marvellous” I replied.

“Glad that u liked it” she said.

I thanked her for that and we soon started barbecuing the stuff i brought. She show the appreciation for it and happily munching down as soon as it was cooked. When our stomachs were filled up, we took a dip in the quarry after confirming of no single soul around. We swam around naked still for awhile and rested by the banks embracing each other. She then informed me about my ‘promotion’ from Best friend to a Lover. I was happy though but wished i could be her serious partner. I don’t really care of her past actually. From there i was on a mission to change her mindset to accept me as partner.
Then we went back in and put some clothes on before started fishing. Going from one spot to another for a couple of hours away our base site. She was being helpful throughout the fishing. Caught a few small fishes and released them all back. Few couples were seen around the area by this time, smooching and caressing. We quickly rushed back to our base site. She undressed herself again, took a packet of wet tissue and headed further in and away towards the thicker vegetation.

So i asked “Going somewhere?”

“Yup. Nature calls. Hehehehe” she giggled softly before proceeding.

I laid on the matt as i watched her walked in. She looked around carefully and squatted down. She saw me looking at her so she turned to face my direction as a stream of liquid exiting from her slit. It was so sexy and erotic. My shaft quickly got half erected from that. After that she turned around to the opposite direction. Her anus opened up gracefully letting out lumps of turds slowly as i was dumbfounded. A few liquids can be seen shooting out from her slit as she was excrementing. As she was about done, opening up the wet tissues, i came over to her as she looked over her shoulder.

“Let me help u with that” I said.

“Ooh thank u. U like the view?” She asked.

“Hell yeah. It was so erotic that i have a full boner” I answered.

She stepped away from the stool and remained squatting waiting for the wet tissue but i reached under to willingly wiped her anus clean.

“Oh my…. thank u baby! Very erotic of u too!” She said.

I cleaned her well a couple of inches in her anus and then her pussy too. When done, she stood up and i hugged her from the back then whispered…

“Bend over please”.

“Hehehe ok. That turned u on is it?” She asked.

“Yeah it sure is babe” i replied as i removed my shorts.

“It turn me on too baby as u wiped me and teased me along” she continued.

She bend over holding some branches as support. With saliva as lube, i teased her anus and pussy with my shaft. I entered and pumped her in moderation. I ran my fingers on her back from top to bottom before remained on her butt cheeks. She started to cream a few seconds into the thrusting. Soft sexy moans started to be heard. Thinking of her massaging my prostate earlier, i ought to return her the favour but of course not massaging. Spit some saliva on my thumb and plugged her anus. She gasped, looked at me and smiled. I kept pumping away and probing her anus constantly with alternating rhythm til i felt she was tightening up inside. Gave a couple of quick deep thrusts which soon a runny secretion could be felt trickling down on my balls and her inner thighs. We got back to the mat and continued the sex.

Resumed doggy style position. She had her head rested on the mat projecting her slightly plump ass upwards. I took her deep. Constant moans could be heard but it wasn’t loud. After awhile, i pulled her backwards maintaining her posture leaning forward. She enjoyed as the pumping continued followed by another orgasm along with mine spraying on her ass crack. We fell back gently together. Panting and sweating. We fell asleep after some light caresses.

1 hour before the last shuttle ferry arrived, we woke up. Cleaned ourselves up thoroughly and the area leaving no human evidence except for the stools she excremented. Lol! We sneaked out silently and made our way to the jetty. Boarded the ferry headed for mainland.

I brought her to a nice restaurant for dinner and bought a small birthday cake as we celebrated the occasion. After that filling and satisfying dinner, as we walked slowly towards the carpark holding hands, there was no conversation at all but smiles on our faces. I got her helmet out and passed it to her. She put it on as i put on mine. Just as i start my bike, she began to say something.

“I was thinking…….uuhhmmm…….maybe we should stay the night together….?? Coz i haven’t had enough of loving baby” She suggested making a pity face.

“Hhmmm….thats a very difficult decision to make but…. OK its decided! Hahahaha!” I answered cheekily and we went off to a budget hotel nearby where another loving session awaits.

*Thanks for reading people*

Please look forward to Part 3: The last birthday present

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