Tricked by my step-sister, helped by her best frie

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Tricked by my step-sister, helped by her best frie
Tricked by my step-sister, helped by her best friend.

I’m Jack, 21 and I’m on my University summer break. I’m bored, horny and alone. My car’s in doc, my girlfriend is 400 miles north in Scotland and the nearest pub is four miles away; still the computer works! The only company I have is my little step-sister and her best friend. Sally, my step-sister is five years younger than me and her friend Jane is just a year older than Sally; well six weeks really; just s*******n. I’ve never thought about them sexually but I know my mates at Uni would like to get their hands on their tight teen body parts.

While I’m sunbathing out back I can hear female voices from Sally’s bedroom. All I get is, “do you think he would….. Should I ask hi…….You ask hi……. Go on.” Grabbing a beer, I pop up stairs to see what they’re up to. My parents have gone on vacation and left a well-stocked pantry and loads of alcohol. Reaching Sally’s bedroom door I gently push it open to find the girls are on Sally’s bed. They’re lying on their fronts facing the open window with the sun streaming in. Their knees are apart and bent up, feet waving in the air as they discuss the pros and cons of asking me a favour. I notice that their short skirts are revealing matching white knickers. “Well why don’t you just ask me,” I suggest startling the pair of them. After a barrage of ‘you should knock etc’. My sister excuses herself to go to the loo. Jane has now rolled over onto her bum. With slightly open legs dangling over the bed and her torso supported on her turned back elbows, projecting her boobs for my view, she smiles, “I was wondering if you would help me do something I really want to try?” “If I can” I reply. “I’m sure you can but will you?” Jane says a little too coyly. “Ask. I won’t bite,” I prompt. “That might be fun, later! Perhaps,” Jane starts by asking, “Would you take me to…… take me to bed and fuck me?” “Excuse me!!! You’ve got to be joking,” I’m the one startled now. Jane starts to cry just as Sally returns, “What have you done to upset Jane?” I shrug my shoulders. Jane seemed inconsolable until I’m forceD TO apologise for making Jane cry. Finally she calms down with Sally holding her hand. Not to be put off she confirms her offer. They know my current girl is un-screwable and I know the girls are as horny as me. They are both looking expectantly waiting for the answer. All is silent for a moment until I ask Sally if she’s comfortable with this and she say, “Yes, so long as I’m not around to hear her screams.” I agree, who wouldn’t! I was expecting to ‘get down and dirty’ right away but they both stand to leave, Before Jane closes the door she turns to me, “One condition.” I nod. “I’ve promised my Mom that I wouldn’t show my body to any boy before I’m eighteen.” I’m already thinking that I would have to remover her white knickers or at lease move them aside to fuck her; a small price to pay to get some relief. “Any ideas,” I ask. “Yes. I will bring a blindfold for you to wear. Well I want us both to be naked when you fuck me. OK”. Nodding to Jane’s request, I go to the window and watch both girls prance down the lane like a couple of fit young female deers; their long hair swinging like tails.

The next day Sally informs me, “Jane just texted that she is coming over to… you know. So I’m going for a walk. Text me when you’re finished.” She disappears just as Jane arrives. After a brief greeting she hands me a bondage hood. Never seeing one before I examine it, “It’s Dads!” Then “Which room?” she asks with an air of confidence I wasn’t expecting. With having a double bed I offer my room, especially as I don’t think s*s would like me bonking her best friend on her bed. She requests that I take it slowly as I’m only her second lover. Starting with a kiss I cautiously feel her tits through her thin dress. Her kisses are becoming more urgent giving me confidence to remove her short dress. Reaching for her bra clasp she reminds me of her promise to her mother. Reluctantly allowing her request I put the hood on. As soon as I’m blind she strips me naked only allowing herself a few tugs on my hard dick, before hearing her stripping her undies off. Pressing my hands onto her firm tits she soon guides my head towards her steel hard nipples. As one hand is replaced by my mouth, it finds its way down passed tight abs to a tightly trimmed pussy. As I place my flat palm on her mound I’m delighted to find that my middle finger sinks slowly between her moist pussy-lips. When my finger touches her love tube I groan. Swirling my finger around my goal I hear moans of approval from Jane. Pulling up, I slide on her slimy juices until I bump her clit. Her knees buckle causing her to hold me tight. Slight tremors ripple through her young body as her first mini orgasm together hits by surprise. Excited by my touch she steers me over to my bed. Once I’m settled in the middle she sits astride and offers me her tits. I suckle and teasingly chew them as she slides her pussy along my hard dick. Each time her clit bumps my dick-head we both moan our mutual pleasure. After several minutes of tormenting my dick, she slips her hand under my dick-head, forcing it hard against her pussy; as she still sides back and forth. Raising her hips slightly she places my dick into her pussy and settles down, slotting my dick into the tightest pussy ever. Tighter than my girlfriend’s, for sure! With unexpected self-confidence and enthusiasm she fucks me! With the loss of sight, just the feelings from my dick are rapidly bringing me to point of blowing my first load. Wishing to prolong this pleasure I think of oily rages!!!!! Jane is so, so very tight. These feelings are so intense on my dick as she rides my blind randy body. I gasp as she pops off and teasingly slides my dick-head back in; a couple of time. Then Jane resumes riding me like a pro, purely to please herself. My hands have other ideas and leaving her boobs they grab her hips to force the pace. Jane’s having none of it. She forces my hands back to her boobs saying, “This is my fuck. When I’m done you can fuck me doggy style.” Contented with this response I just thrust to meet her movements enjoying an uncomplicated ride. ‘Shear heaven’ I’m thinking, grinning to myself. She forces my hands to squeeze her tits harder as she picks up the pace. Moments later she tenses, groans and collapses onto me. Her pussy has my dick in a pulsing grip as her rushing orgasm hits. Even my attempt to continue fucking is stopped due to the strength of the grip. Patiently I wait sweating into my mask until she stirs. Reluctantly my dick plops out and I feel the cool draft around my slimy dick and balls. The bed moves as Jane pops onto her knees and says, “Enjoy.” My hand blindly finds her bum which now guides me to take up position behind her. Taking hold of my dick she guides me ‘home’. With hands around her waist, I slide my cooling dick once more into her hot, tight pussy and blindly fuck this young lady. I can only imagine what wonderful sights I’m missing! All my senses are now centred on my dick. I groan with delight as I feel each millimetre of my dick slide in, then out, very, very slowly. Jane seems to enjoy this especially when I just pop out and ease the head back in. I’m becoming ‘dick driven’. It’s dictating the increase speed and force. I can’t see a bloody thing, so I happily concentrate on hammering my dick home. I’m glad my s*s is out as Jane is screaming for me to fuck her faster and harder. I’ve never fucked so hard in my life; or since. Janes explodes her second major orgasm of the day and rolls off my dick. I thrust twice before my dick explains the loss of her pussy to my brain. I can’t hold back a groan of frustration; I was that close….. The bed moves and I’m left kneeling with my dick throbbing. Settling down on my ankles I reach for my dick only to have it slapped away. “Don’t touch that.” Jane barks, “I’ll be back in a second to finish you off.”
Seconds later the bed moves and immediately a warm facecloth wipes my genitals. As it sc****s my dick-head, my hips automatically pull back. “Sensitive? I see,” Jane comments. I grunt confirmation. Then a confident mouth engulfs my dick-head and I’m treated to a lovely, unexpected blowjob. Alternating between mouth and hand has me pleading for more. She must have changed hands as a cool hand takes up pumping me. Cautiously her mouth returns, shallowly taking my dick-head and blowing me again. This is nice but not as deep and firm as before. With a change of hands again my dick is pumped enthusiastically. I’m groaning deeply as my dick slides effortlessly into Jane’s throat. For a ‘just’ s*******n year old, Jane blows me with the confidence of a married woman; fantastic. I warn Jane that time has come. So she stops blowing me and I can only image her directing my dick to blow on her face and or boobs. I happily blow my built up load; my hips thrusting with each spurt. “Stay put until I return.” When Jane returns she immediately unties the hood. As my eyes adjust to the light I see Jane already has her dress on, bra and knickers are still on the floor. Her make-up is a mess as she takes out her phone to text Sally. “Get dresses Sally will be here soon.I do.

When Sally arrives we all have a sandwich and juice. Hardly a word is spoken over lunch. They then decide to go for a walk, probably to discuss our recent adventure in detail. Soon I’m on my own so bound up the stairs to my bedroom. I can’t wait to see what I’ve not seen!

Knowing that I was going to be blindfolded I had set up a video camera to capture today’s events. I can’t wait to be the first man to see Jane naked. I’m shaking with anticipation as I load the SD card into my computer and I press play. I watch with a hardening dick as she laces up the hood. She strips me and marvel at her shapely boobs as she un-hesitantly removes her bar and nickers. She squeezes her boobs, before pinching/pulling her nipples until they are even harder. I watch as she strokes my dick and simultaneously rubs her pussy. The film shows us getting on the bed allowing me to admire her bum as she straddles me. While she’s settling down onto my hips she waves as if someone’s behind her. I have been slowly stroking my dick while watching this film unfold, knowing ALL the events in my mind, until the sight of my naked step-sister comes into view. “Shit,” I’m sooooo close to blowing and only just contain myself. For the first time ever I see Sally’s has pert 36 C boobs and a lovely curvy tight body. Sally just turns slightly causing her shaved pussy to come into view. Even though I’m not touching my dick anymore, just the mere sight of Sally pussy has me shooting my load. I have a stunning step-s*s. She’s even better than Jane or even my girlfriend! Sally silently moves to my side and leans in to see Jane pop me into her pussy and start fucking. Easily remembering the sensual fucking, I watch as Sally is mere inches away from the action. When we swap to doggy Sally takes a seat giving her and the camera a great view of us fucking. She has her legs far apart while masturbating. On the screen I see me giving Jane the fucking of her sort life. Close by is Sally, pushing her fingers into her pussy while her other hand is over her mouth to stifle her moans. She’s shaking so much I’m surprised I didn’t hear her moaning until I remember I’m groaning like a little school boy.

With the action temporally halted I watch as Jane hands Sally the face cloth and motions her to wipe me down. Sally does, scrutinising my wedding tackle as she goes. That done Jane moves in and starts blowing me. I can’t wait to see where I eventually blow. She really knows how to use her mouth and hands. She waves to Sally to come closer. Jane takes Sally’s hand and wraps it around my dick. Jane encourages Sally to bend further as I see my dick-head slip between my step-sisters lips; astounding. I now understand the cold hand and the cautious blowjob. Seeing this for the first time has my dick erect once more. My step-s*s is blowing me! They swap again and Jane brings me to the brink once more. Kneeling side by side she directs my first shot towards Sally’s open mouth. If I could see, I couldn’t have aimed better. First shot goes fully in Sally’s mouth and as Jane directs it to herself, I fire another volley; bullseye. Jane then directs the remaining blasts over their boobs. The camera gets the view of two good looking girls covered in MY CUM. The girls start rubbing my cum into each other’s boobs. When they kiss I’m mesmerised to see Sally’s cum covered hand checking out Jane’s well fucked pussy. They disappear together and when Jane returns she un-hoods me. I’m shaking with excitement as I remove my SD card and hide it for future reference!

Two days later Sally announces that Mom and Dad are returning on Saturday. Also, Jane was hoping to get to you to fuck her today and again tomorrow, Saturday; before they return? My dick has already sprung into life before I have a chance to agree. 15 minutes later Sally informs me that she’s off for a walk. Jane is due any time.
Jane just walks into our house only wearing a short skirt and a tight tank top. “I thought you would be naked waiting for my arrival?” Jane says in greeting. “I can soon remedy that,” shedding my clothes, I’m soon naked. “Your Turn.” Jane shakes her head and passes the hood to wear. “You know the rules, ‘you can’t see me nude,” Jane says before confirming what I already knew, “I’ve no undies on today so put the hood on.” Before I do I take her hand a lead her to my bedroom ignoring her protests. Apparently she wants me to screw her in the lounge but my cameras are in my room; so that’s not going to happen. I’ve set two cameras up today so whatever position we’re in I will get some cracking images. With a big grin I happily pull the hood over my head and even tie it. “You’re in a rush today,” Jane giggles, accompanied by the sound of her clothes being removed. She guides me into the centre of the bed again and slowly wanks my dick; even though it doesn’t need it. She keeps up a steady rhythm. On hearing an unexpected click I jump! “Calm down. It’s only the top off the baby lotion. I’m a little sore after Monday’s exploits. As you can’t see I’ll tell you. I’m coating my pussy in baby oil and now I’m sliding one, two, now three fingers in. My pussy is so wet I don’t really think it’s necessary but better safe than sore,” she giggles. Then a cold dribble of oil is poured over my dick, her hand rapidly works it along my length. She pays particular attention to my dick-head and balls. “That feels great. You must give me a hand job sometime?” I ask. “Sure” she says, “Just say when.” We’re both well oiled. The bed moves as she straddles my thighs. Immediately she slides along my rod with her oiled pussy. I automatically caress her tits. They’re different from Monday, probably because she’s also coated them in baby oil. Soon her hand slips under my dick-head and lifts it to her pussy. Today see takes a little longer teasing her clit before lodging my dick at her entrance. Oh so slowly she takes me in one smooth long uninterrupted slide. The oil has really given us lots of lubrication. Luckily her pussy is as tight as last time and with Jane’s slow riding the friction starts to build up. She’s panting today as she rides me with a steady rhythm. I desperately want to see her body screwing me. I imagine Jane’s body from my earlier film bouncing up and down on my dick. I’m so excited I warn Jane, “Stop or I’ll cum.” Everything stops. She rises off my dick and I protest, that “I just need a second to calm down”. Jane assures me that we’re not finished. She starts to pant again so I ask, “What are you doing?” I’m informed that she is playing with her clit so she’ll be ready for doggy. GREAT!

I kneel on the bed. Just as my dick starts to droop the bed moves! A hand grabs my dick as she impales herself; only stopping when her bum meets my thighs. I start fucking her with renewed vigour. Holding her hips I pull her onto me and thrust at the same time. Jane is also backing onto me harder. The feelings are amazing. Every so often I feel a finger touch my balls and guess she’s fingering herself. Her panting has now turned into a low groan; getting louder with every second. Jane’s really fucking in time with me now. I groan, “Jane… Jane I’m cumming ….” But she doesn’t stop… She rams herself back hard onto my dick as I explode. Spurt after spurt flows into her unprotected womb. “Gosh Jane. That was fantastic.” All I hear is her gasping for air as her body milks the last drops from my dick. “Lie back. Don’t move. I need to get as much of this out as possible,” Jane says as the bed moves and I lie back. I can hear slurping noises and eventually the shower goes on. I’m content to lie back and enjoy the moment.
I must have dropped off as I’m disturbed by the hood being removed. I kiss Jane, who is now dressed and thank her for a great screw. I can hear my step-sister singing in the kitchen preparing food; I hope. Later Jane and my step-sister disappear and I eagerly retrieve two SD cards which hold today’s adventure.

As I was on the bed like before I only really need to review one. Popping that SD card into the computer, I press play. After stripping off and fast forwarding a little. I stop at the image of me putting on the hood and play. I fight the urge to go to slow Mo as Jane slips out of her two garments. She ogles my body as she teases her boobs before guiding me to the bed. The moment I move towards the bed Sally, my step-sister, appears at my door; naked. She follows Jane on the balls’ of her feet; not making a sound. Watching this already has my dick bouncing at the thought of my sixteen year old step-sister seeing me screw her best friend again. Sure enough Jane pops open the baby oil but the truth is that she’s applying it to Sally’s tight body. After covering her boobs she moves down to her pussy. She applies more oil to her hand before I speechlessly watch her side one then two and finally three fingers into my step-sisters pussy. Even on the computer I can hear her juices slop as Jane loosens Sally’s pussy. Jane squeezes a pool of oil into Sally’s palm and then trickles some onto my dick. I have to leave my dick alone now as I watch Sally stroking my dick on the film. Jane watches Sally pumping my dick while she continues fucking her fingers in and out of my step-sister’s pussy. My step-sister then mounts the bed and sits astride my hips. She starts sliding along my dick as I watch and remember the feelings. Now I know why Jane’s boobs felt different; they were Sally’s. I watch engrossed as my step-s*s throws her head back and I can even see her eyes roll as she’s enjoying the experience. Jane is closely supervising everything that’s happening. Jane intervenes by slipping her hand under my dick and attempting to slot it into Sally’s tight pussy. ‘That explains the extra teasing!’ Jane bends very close now as she watches every millimetre of my dick penetrating her best friend’s pussy; my s*s. I enjoy watching Sally riding my dick, admiring her wobbly boobs and remembering the sensual feelings I received. When I warn them of my speeding climate I can see Sally’s thighs tighten as she lifts herself off of me. You can clearly see my dick waving as it’s been abandoned.
Jane then starts playing with my step-sister’s clit; rubbing furiously. Sally is panting heavily as I take up the kneeling position and wait. Sally then mounts the bed and starts backing up to my dick. I can’t help myself and play this clip in slow Mo. Once my dick penetrates my step-s*s completely I play the images at normal speed. I really enjoy her bum bouncing as we drive our bodies together. Jane can see that I’m not going to last too much longer and reaches under Sally. She starts rubbing her clit hard with the odd touch on my balls. I watch as I warn Jane “I’m going to blow.” Sally hearing this drives harder back onto my dick as her orgasm explodes. As I blow she continues backing up on my dick, driving me deeper and milking every drop in the process. I’m knackered. Jane pulls Sally off the bed taking up a kneeling position below Sally’s just fucked pussy. I’m transfixed as her best friend sucks every drop of cum from Sally’s puffy pussy. The film clearly shows me contentedly dropping off to sleep unaware of Sally and Jane making out.

I spend the rest of the day editing all three SD card images. Sally is still out so I grab a beer and my dick. I settle down to the best 60 minute porn film I’ve ever seen. I’m totally engrossed in the images and just before I get to watch Jane sucking Sally’s pussy I hear a gasp behind me. Standing side by side is my step-sister and her best friends.
I start apologising by blabbering, “I wanted to be the first man to see your perfect body…… I’m so jealous of the boy who took you virginity….” Sally and Jane look at each other and smile before Jane announces, “Don’t be. Up until Monday I was still a virgin and Sally was a intact until this morning.” My dick jumps at that news. Jane then says, “tomorrow morning I will be over by 8.30 and WE,” looking at Sally, “are going to have a whole morning of pure sex before your parents get home.” She kisses my step-sister like a lover and pointing at my erection suggests, “You need some practice. Go on give your b*o a sucking. Sally eagerly drops and starts blowing me as Jane disappears. Sally’s ministrations are enthusiastic but without much skill. She will improve before the summers over. I’m in such a state that it doesn’t matter; I soon blow. Sally swallows the lot. I can’t wait till the morning.

Overnight we sleep together and I discover that it was my step-sister’s idea to get me to take their virginities. Sally knew that I wouldn’t knowingly take advantage of her, being so much younger and my step-s*s; so she would have to take the initiative.
8.30 sharp, Jane comes skipping in wearing a summer dress; only one item to remove today. She hands me the hood and I laugh, “Not today Jane, unless you’re going to wear it?” Sally and I are already naked and I just ask, “Will you take that dress off or shall I?” Jane grins and seconds later the dress is on the floor. I was right; only one item of clothing. I pull Jane to me and we kiss for the very first time, naked and without the hood. Our embrace is passionate, our lips firm and our tongues fence. Jane is already breathing heavily from our initial embrace. With our second kiss I guide her hand to my dick before seeking out her boobs. Sally is already kneeling in front of Jane’ pussy and I’m left in no doubt that she’s done that before. Jane is rocking her hips against Sally’s mouth as she whimpers softly. I slowly push her back until her bum is resting on the back of our sofa. With both hands on her boobs I press harder until she arches back. In this position her mound is prominently exposed and inviting. Her legs are still apart expecting Sally’s licking to follow. Looking down I see my step-sister gently wanking me. I ask, “Go on Sally. Put me into your best friend’s pussy.” She smiles, opens her friend’s pussy-lips and directs my dick to her entrance. Sally is holding my balls and pulls me into her friend with surprising force. Jane’s eyes go wide. Although she is already wet she wasn’t expecting me force my length in to her in one go; nor was I! Holding her trim waist I start enjoying my first, face to face, fuck with Jane. For the first time I see the joy and pleasure on her face. Sally is now teasing Jane’s clit. With each thrust I crush Sally’s fingers against Jane’s pleasure button. Jane’s eyes roll back forcing squeaks of pleasure as her clit is crushed. Her young body convulses as I playfully tease her rosy red nipples. I stay burred deep until her orgasm subsides and her eyes flutter open. When she sees me her pretty face lights up with a deliriously happy grin. Sally breaks the moment by saying, “My turn.”

I guide her over to some large cushions on the floor and drop her down. Holding her legs by her ankles, I run my dick along her slit until Jane kiss me on the cheek. Her hand then guides my dick into my step-sister’s pussy. I hold it there for a second wanting to see the look on her look face as I penetrate her tight pussy. Her eyes go wide at the intrusion of my dick-head just as it slips in. Sally then begs, “All of it b*o. I can take it. Go on. Just like you did to Jane.” Jane is also encouraging me but I want to remember the moment that I visually take my step-s*s; I take a breath. Folding her legs to her chest I crush Sally’s boobs as she pleads, “Fuck me b*o.” Sally pleads again so I let my body weight drive my dick home. Her lips form a great big ‘O’ until I stop, crushing her clit between us. Jane is now kneeling with Sally’s head between her open thighs. Her pussy glistens showing her excitement as she watches me fuck her friend, remembering the pleasure it has just given her. By releasing some pressure off Sally’s boobs, I make room for Jane to settles her pussy over Sally’s mouth. I don’t know where to look first. Jane’s head is rolling around in pleasure grasping her boobs and pulling surprisingly hard on her nipples, or Sally breast moving in harmony with our fucking and seeing her tongue feasting on her friend’s sex. They are both in tune with each other and climax at the same time. I’ve still not cum today; well that doesn’t include my ‘early morning wakeup blowjob’. With a blast of a car horn in the distance we all freeze. ‘Shit! Our parents are early!’ Sally hands me Jane’s dress the hood and my shorts and tells me, “Take Jane to the field out back and fuck her brains out. Don’t stop until you cum. I’ll keep Mom and Dad talking until you get back. Now GO! GO!”

Dragging a naked Jane out the back, we’re giggling at the excitement of almost getting caught? She has not been asked if she wants to screw. I just lay her on her back in the open grassy field. Instructing Jane with, “Hold the backs of your knees….No wider. Please.” Jane does. I slide my dick in. For the next few minutes I just take my pleasure. She is so moist and I’m so hard which is causing me to receive the most marvellous screw I can ever remember. I’m ready to climax so I tells Jane, “I’m going shoot this load up your tight unprotected pussy.” This sends her over the edge begging, “Go on fill me… Fuck my fertile young pussy….. It’s yours to use anytime. Cumm for me.” I unload my built up load. When eventually I stop spurting and she stops shaking I pull out and kiss her, “Thanks”. I d**** her dress over her naked, panting body and leave to greet my parents.

Within a week both Sally and Jane are on the pill. Every day, until I return to Uni, they pester me to go on long walks away from our Mom. On these walks I get to sow my seed in both girls and sometimes twice. Sally is also becoming a great cock sucker with practice every morning! Oh what a lovely summer.

Thanks for reading this story and I hope that you all enjoyed it.

A request to all those lovely ladies out there, ‘Please share your experiences from a woman’s prospective. I would genuinely like to know.

Jack O’Neil

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