True Story He Shared Me with His Best Friend

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True Story He Shared Me with His Best Friend
After prepping myself for over an hour I was ready for my first threesome. I had picked out lingerie, showered shaved, read through some dirty comments online and all that was left was for my boyfriend’s best friend to show up and fuck me.
I here the two of them talking upstairs, Rob making small talk with the guy that is about to fuck his woman. I wait, not very patiently, so incredibly nervous; my palms sweaty, legs shaky, pussy soaking wet with excitement.
Sam and Rob enter the room, as I stand up my elbow knocks into the wall, I am completely unaware of my surroundings; my only focus is on the two men waiting for me to pleasure them.

Sam sits down on the couch and Rob sits next to him. I shyly touch Sams knee. We are a little uncomfortable, I’ve never been this close to Sam, never been with any man other than Rob. Rob fumbles to get background noise to ease some of the tension. The T.V. is being difficult so he grabs his phone and puts on music. With music breaking the silence I begin to rub Rob’s knee and Sam’s knee. Sam in shorts makes it easy for my hand to start wandering. My eyes are locked on Rob he is comfortable and safe. Although Rob makes me feel safe my thoughts are cursing him for orchestrating this event. I am so nervous that I smile and feel my lips tremble uncontrollably. I reach my left hand into Rob’s pajama pants first. He is familiar and I know what to expect. My right hand grazes Sam’s balls and I feel myself get more excited, I want to know what he looks like, what he feels like. My right hand slides across his shaft and I feel him get a little harder. I have to remember that I’m pleasuring two men and I need to rub Rob’s shaft. He is hard, I wrap the thumb and forefinger of my left hand around Rob’s shaft and begin going up and down as I continue explore Sam. I grasp his shaft in my right hand for the first time feeling his girth finally getting an image of his size. I start rubbing both men slowly. Sam takes off his shorts and I pull his hard cock through the hole of his boxers. I moan as I see how big and hard he is for me. I rub up and down both shafts, precum leaks out of Sam’s head. He rubs it away; I wanted to lick it up. I keep rubbing, and then a little more precum comes out. I don’t give him a chance to get rid of it this time; I stand up, lean over his cock, and take him in my mouth. He is rock hard in my mouth, too big for me to take all the way. Rob pulls my hair back so he can see me go down on his best friend. I take him to the back of my throat and slowly suck his shaft. Still rubbing Rob with my left hand. I sit back down; now that his shaft is wet my hand goes up and down much easier. I lean over and take Rob’s dick in my mouth. I can take his whole shaft, I slide my lips down and as I go up I rub my tongue back and forth up his shaft. I feel Rob pulse in my mouth he gets harder. I sit up again and untie my robe allowing it to fall off my shoulders. I lean forward again over Sam’s hard cock this time and tease him. I lick up and down his shaft, gently nibble on his skin and flick my tongue under the head of his shaft. My left hand is going up and down Rob’s shaft. I am getting so turned on; I take one breast out of the black and red lingerie I was wearing. Sam and Rob have their eyes locked on my boobs. Sam’s dick pulses once as my left boob comes out and twice as my right boob comes out. I rub my nipples to get them hard then I move my hands to Rob and Sam’s legs. Sliding back up to their hard cocks. I give them each one more suck then say, “I could do this all day, but why don’t we move to the bed.”

I sit on the edge of the bed. Sam walks in front of me, before he has a chance to do anything else I take his cock in my mouth going up and down with my hand wrapped around the bottom of his shaft. Rob comes on the bed behind me and starts kissing my back. I moan in pleasure. I’ve never had two guys like this before and it feels exhilarating. I want more so I lay down on the bed. Sam is first to my body. He goes straight for my left breast, rubbing and licking. Rob sits at my feet rubbing my legs. Sam reaches his hand to my right breast as he continues to lick my left one. I see his hard dick between his legs so I reach down and begin to stroke him. Sam leans his body across mine and I moan feeling his pressure on me. He licks my right boob. He doesn’t stay too long. He sits up and moves his hand to my thigh, now he is rubbing me and licking my left breast. Rob moves up the bed and begins kissing my right boob. Sam moves his hand up my thing to my pussy. My black, lacy underwear is still on, he is rubbing over it getting me so turned on. I start to move my hips wanting more, wanting the moment and exhilaration of feeling Sam enter me for the first time. Sam slips his fingers under my underwear and rubs my clit. I feel him slide one finger into my soaking wet pussy and I can’t help but moan in pleasure. I feel so dirty having my boyfriend’s best friend pleasuring me.

I stop rubbing Sam’s cock to take my underwear off. I want him to enter me so badly. He gets the hint and moves between my legs. We are both so nervous he fumbles and can’t get it in me. I rub his arm trying to calm him down; I can feel him tremble. Nervous he starts to go flaccid so I start rubbing him to get hard again. Sam leans back and I sit up immediately taking his dick in my mouth. Rob seizes the opportunity to tease me; he sits behind me and rubs my back then slides one finger into my ass using my juices and lubrication. Sam watches as I suck on his cock trying to make him hard again. I have my hand squeezing the base of Sam’s cock sucking up and down slowly tasting his precum desperately wanting him hard so I can feel him enter me. Rob starts spanking me, making me moan on Sam’s dick. Sam pushes me back and starts rubbing both of my breasts. He lays me back on the bed and moves to my side, he teases my boobs again and I rub his cock. Rob moves between my legs and eats me out. I moan. Rob slides a finger in me and I move my hips. I love having two men pleasure me. Sam sits back and starts rubbing my leg, Rob moves to give him access to my pussy. Sam starts fingering me feeling how tight I am for him. I’m still rubbing his cock feeling him get a little harder as his fingers enter my soaking wet pussy. Rob slides one finger in my ass as Sam continues to finger me. I want to feel both their cocks in me. But not today, today we are taking it slow. Everyone is nervous. Sam is taking his time at my breasts teasing each one with his tongue and he continues to finger me.

Sam wants to watch my boobs as I suck him. He kneels beside me and I take him in my mouth, I put my left arm between his legs to grab his ass. Rob starts to play with my clit and finger me as he watches me suck his best friend. Sams’ cock is large in my mouth, I wrap my thumb and forefinger of my right hand around his shaft and take his dick quickly up and down, I have to slow down at times. When I do that I take the time to flick underneath his head and tease him. Sam starts playing with my clit as Rob slides his fingers in and out of me. I am wildly turned on. I methodically go up and down Sam’s shaft with my right hand and mouth. My tongue slides up and down his shaft. When I reach the top of his shaft I flick under his head and as I slide down my tongue slides from side to side on his shaft. I am entranced by pleasure and I do not even realize that Sam is on the verge of cumming. He tells me to stop before he cums in my mouth. I smile knowing its time for me to feel him enter me.

Sam moves back between my legs. Rob drips some baby oil on me. Sam slides his throbbing cock into my tight pussy. My mouth opens and I moan. He thrusts into me one, two, three times by the fourth time his back arches and he is cumming in me. He continues to fuck my pussy not wanting to stop, wishing he had longer stamina. My boobs bounce up and down with each thrust. He gets flaccid in me and slides his dick out of me. I sit up smiling and rub his cock happy that he came so quickly.

Sam, satisfied, gets up and Rob grabs his phone and sits between my legs. He wants to document every moment of this so he starts photographing Sam’s cum leaking out of my pussy. I love feeling like a dirty slut having his best friend’s cum leaking out of me. Rob leans over me and starts licking my boobs. He wants my pussy; he knows how good it feels. Without struggle or hesitation Rob slides into my soaking wet pussy and starts to fuck me his hands resting on my thighs. I watch Sam observe us. It makes me feel so excited knowing we are being watched. I start to rub my boobs for Sam, getting my nipples hard again. He doesn’t move just eyeing my boobs from afar. Rob knows what I like so get turns the vibrator on and puts it on my clit. I take it from him and play with my clit while he fucks me, my boobs bouncing up and down quickly. Between Sam’s load and my own excitement, my pussy is soaking wet you can hear it as he slams his cock into me. Rob is taking sloppy seconds and he doesn’t care he wants to cum in me, he wants the pleasure of my pussy. The pleasure I just gave to his best friend. I remove the vibrator and Rob leans down on me resting each of his hands on the bed. My legs around him and my toes curled. I want to take my second load of cum for the night. I switch between watching Sam watch us and Rob fucking me. Rob slows down his movements as he continues to fuck me, he loves going nice and slow feeling every ridge in my pussy as he slides in and out of me. Rob starts to shake he wants to explode in me; the pressure is building. I squeeze my pussy around his cock giving him more pleasure. He thrusts a few more times then one last thrust and he leans deep inside of me as he cums. He stays there feeling all the pleasure. He leans down for a kiss then moves back off of me.

I sit up and smile as I look over at Sam who is still watching. Rob uses a towel to clean both of us up. We make small talk discussing what felt good. Rob grabs his phone again and taps me to lie back down. He photographs his cum leaking out of me mixing with Sams cum. Then he grabs the oil and gently rubs my clit and pussy. I rub my boobs. Rob tells Sam to tap him out if he wants to jump in. Sam stands but doesn’t make a move for my body; he continues to watch. Rob decides it’s my turn to cum and he slides two fingers in my wet pussy, feeling both loads of cum in me. He hold the vibrator on my clit and I moan as I feel the pressure from his fingers. I realize Rob wants me to cum, his movements are familiar and I know I wont last long if he keeps it up. My eyes close and mouth open, I am in euphoria. I feel so naughty having his best friend watch while he finger fucks me. My moans get louder as I grow closer to orgasm. I feel every movement Rob makes in me and I feel Sam’s eyes focused on me. I want to cum so badly but the vibrator keeps slipping as Rob rams his fingers in me. I grab the vibrator from Rob so I can cum. I rub it up and down my clit. Rob’s hand is making my whole body bounce giving Sam a nice show of my breasts bouncing. I scream as I orgasm. Rob fucks my pussy harder. I remove the vibrator in complete pleasure. Rob keeps moving in my pussy making me twitch and giggle. Rob pulls his fingers out and his hand is absolutely covered in cream from my pussy.

Now that everyone has cum we put the TV on and relax a little. I sit between the two men that just used my body looking at both of their naked bodies sneaking glances at their cocks. We decide to order food. We hear the dogs and decide the food must be here. Rob sends me a text to start stroking Sam’s cock and make him hard again. Then, Rob goes to check for food. His phone and the TV distract Sam, I slide my hand down to his shaft and start rubbing him. We say nothing for a few minutes. As Sam’s cock begins to get hard in my hand he asks, “having fun?” I smile and say, “very much.” Rob comes back into the room pretending to grab his wallet, he smiles seeing me be his good girl. Seeing Sam’s hard cock in my hand turns Rob on. We put clothes on and eat dinner. Rob is cleaning up dinner, Sam and I are on the couch I start to rub Sam over his shorts. I ask him if he is ready for round two. He jokes but quickly takes off his belt and shorts revealing a slightly hard shaft for me. I start to rub him making him rock hard. Rob comes back in and hints to us to move to the bed. Before I let Sam stand up I suck his dick just a few times, I love sucking cock it turns me on so much I feel myself get wet as I taste him in my mouth.

At the bed I lay down still in my robe and lingerie. Sam doesn’t care; he rips my legs apart and slides his cock in me, more familiar this time. Sam removes his shirt; I take my breasts out of my lingerie. Sam rests one hand on my knee and one on my boob. Within seconds he is cumming in my tight pussy again, lasting only slightly longer than the first time. I tell him to lean on me if he needs to. He puts both hands on the bed and thrusts in me a few more times. Then he sits back and rubs my thighs and pulls out of me. I lay there used as Sam gets dressed to leave. We make small talk, I smile, satisfied with how much I’ve been used. Rob sits at my feet and rubs me gently.

Sam leaves and I lie back down on the bed and open my legs. Rob takes pictures of all three loads leaking out of me. We sit both happy and in pleasure and talk about the experience. Rob wants to hear all of the thoughts that went through my brain as his best friend fucked me. As we talk I stroke his cock making him hard again.

Eventually Rob gets turned on enough that he moves between my legs and slides his dick in my wet pussy. He thrusts a few times then stands up. I’m lying on the bed and he is standing next to it. I start to suck his cock sucking Sam’s cum off of his shaft. Once his dick is cleaned off his gets back on the bed and begins to fuck me again. Rob pulls out of me again and watches Sam’s cum leak out of me. He pushes the cum back into me with his hard cock and begins to thrust into me again. Rob fucks me, my feet resting on his chest his hands on my thighs. He starts to move methodically then stop and looks at the cum again. Then he enters me once more and pulls out and stands next to the bed. He wants me to clean Sam’s cum off of him again. He thrusts his cock into my mouth and I use my tongue to clean him up.

Now that Rob is clean he takes a large pink butt plug and inserts it into my used pussy. He tells me to grab the vibrator for my clit and I realize Rob wants me to cum again. With the vibrator on my clit and the large plug in my pussy he grabs the oil and lubes up his cock to slide into my ass. My ass is so tight that he struggles for a minute to slide in. I moan loudly when he finally gets it in my, I am so full the pressure is amazing. I know I am not going to last long like this it feels amazing. Rob fucks my ass as I use the vibrator on my clit, lightly going up and down. I start to shake in pleasure. I can’t hold back, I tilt my head back and moan as I cum. I am in complete pleasure. Rob takes his dick out of my ass, slides the plug out of my pussy, and replaces it with his throbbing hard cock. He is going to give me my fourth load of the night. I gladly take his cock, I love knowing I’m his dirty girl.

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