True Story – Our 1st date – Still together

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True Story – Our 1st date – Still together
I’ve decided I should post here to let everyone know how we met….. you can never judge a book lets say…. so here is how our 1st date went.

I had an ad in a popular dating site and was getting a bit hacked off with it. Plenty of offers, but nothing that really floated my boat. I knew what I was looking for…. someone who was, underneath it all, more like me….. willing to swing!!

So, one morning I checked my mail and found a message from an older lady. She looked really nice, quite plain on the outside, but I thought “what the hell” and started chatting. After a lot of flirty chat and the odd risque text message, we went for dinner at a local hotel. I picked her up (when she opened the door I was well impressed) then drove to dinner.

So, it was the usual chit-chat during dinner (job, family, previous dates) and a few glasses of wine. The chat got to speaking of sex….. and it was then I knew we were going to fuck! We left the table and went to the bar for another drink, and then I asked what she wanted to do. As she had two k**s at home, she thought it wouldn’t be good to take a strange man back on a first date, so we went for a drive, and stopped at a local nature spot.

I remember telling ****** that if she had worn stocking at dinner I’d have been sitting with a massive hard-on all night, and when she sat back in the car, with her coat off, i decided to find out if she had taken note. At that point I’d wished she hadn’t, but her legs were long and sexy. As I picked up the courage to slide my hand further up, she decided she’d hade enough of being the nice lady I’d had dinner with, and started to tear open my trousers. My cock was ready to erupt already as she pulled my CK boxers down and gripped my cock with her hand

“Oh my God…. What a massive cock you’ve got! I don’t know if I’ll fit that all into my mouth!”

But she gave it a try…..and did. It was the by far, the moment I’d been waiting for all my life…. to meet a woman without a gag reflex. She sucked and sucked on my cock, so hard I thought my feet were going to go through the floor of the car.

“Holy fuck” I said, “Are you as good a fuck as you are at sucking cock?”

“Well let’s find out shall we….” she said.

I lfted what was left of her dress up over her arse, ripped her tights open and pulled her knickers across to one side and slid my bareback cock deep into her. “Holy fuck….Oh My God!!…..what a huge cock you have…Fuck my cunt you fucking bastard….you fucking cunt….. you fucking cunt!” The lady who went to dinner had became the dirtiest fuck I’d ever met! I wasn’t about to disappoint her either. I reached in and pulled out her huge tits from her dress and sucked hard on her nipples while I fucked her. I never knew it at the time, but her tits were a staggering 30GG. I had my hands full indeed.

“You’re such a fucking dirty mucky boy” she said…. “a dirty fucking cunt, I like dirty cunts.”

“We’ll I’ll be as dirty as you want you bitch” and turned her over in the front of the car and started to fuck her from behind, ripping more of her nylon tights open across her arse. I took my hand back and started slapping fuck out of her arse cheeks, and she responded by ramming her cunt back harder onto my throbbing cock. At this point, I knew she was ready……so I decided to spit onto her arsehole, and started to slide my cock into her arse.

“Oh yeah…. oh yeah you filthy fucking cunt” she said. “I want to feel that cock right inside my arse, you filthy bastard.” “Yeah….come on then you bitch, fucking take my cock right in your fucking arse”, and she did! The whole fucking lot….. The car was rocking all over the place. She was screaming out of her “OOOOOHHHHH………FFFUUUUCCCKKKK!” and squirted all over me and the car seat. The smell was so good…. I wanted to go down and suck her juices,m but I needed to cum inside her arse.

“Do you wnat my cum inside your arse you bitch”
“Yeah…. yeah….. come on you mucky fucker…..cum up my arse NOW!!”

I couldn’t resist… it was like living out the perfect porn date…. elegant dinner, nice wine, then dumping my creamy load into her arse. I ploughed my cock harder and harder into her arse before I gave up my load and shot it deep into her shitter.

I pulled my cock out from her arse, cleaned the shit from it with my boxers, threw them into the car park and dressed. She lay on the seat, totally fucked. “Well”, she said. “This will make for intersting conversation in the staff room before classes start tomorrow!”

So, my Primary school teacher, who looked like butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth, was actually the dirtiest slut I’d met a long time….. and we loved it! Next time you go to parents night at your c***ds school…. just think of the dirty teacher who did anal after dinner on the first date in a secluded car park!

A True 1st date by Mister Finch 😉

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