Uncle and his friends on the Beach

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Uncle and his friends on the Beach

My name is Aditi and this happened when I was 19 years old and I went to visit my uncle’s house in Goa for one week. He is old, fat and spends all his time drinking the minute he comes home from work and he owns a restaurant. He is tall though, with a beard and still has all his hair. In fact, his arms look strong, but his stomach is bloated from all the drinking. The minute he comes home from work, he picks up a bottle of whiskey from his cabinet.

But since I was there on holiday, I decided to ignore this harami who kept on drinking and go to the beach and make my skin look nice and brown and shiny. I forgot to tell you that I am very tall for an Indian, my skin is light brown and I like it to be darker so that it shines, my breasts are round and smooth, 36inches, B cup, and my nipples are placed perfectly in the middle of each of my 2 love mounds. My waist is 26 inches small and my hips are big with 36inches.

I have a curvy figure and I’m not too skinny with just the right amount of fat at the right places which men I have fucked with, have told me before. Whenever I walk, I know that men are looking at me. And when I fuck them, they always make sure I am comfortable and respected. At my uncle’s house, he gave me a room right opposite his and I was subject to his viewing pornography at all odd hours and he kept his volume as high as he could. I heard only recently that his wife left him because he was a complete womanizer and brought his friends home to fuck his wife. I came to wonder why my mama and mami would let me visit his house or if they even knew about his bad habits.

Anyway, on my 2nd day there, I decided to go to the beach which was 5 minutes walk from my house and I always wear a bikini. My bikini was chocolate brown and showed off my breasts and my bikini underwear clearly shows my ass. I wore a tunic top over my bikini and walked out. But before I walked out my uncle saw me and he said, ‘ eh sali, kaha jarehi hai tu?’ I ignored him and walked out. What a bevekoof I thought to myself.

When I came back from the beach, and went back home, out of courtesy I asked if my kumar kaka (im Gujarati) wanted any dinner and as usual he was drunk sitting on the chair, and he refuses to say my name… And kept on calling me sali… I wanted to tell my parents and my mama, mami about his behavior, but I did not want to cut my holiday short and I did not have enough money to go live at a hotel. My kaka saw me, dropped his black pant trousers, and was wearing red checkered boxers underneath, and u know where some of the boxers have a slit for men with buttons to pee through.

He pulled out his cock that way and starts to piss right in front of me. Then my kaka said, ‘ tane khavu che ne, tu Mari whiskey nathi piti, pun maru pisab to pi khavanu pehla’ (you want to eat right? Since you don’t drink my whiskey, at least drink my pisses). The floor around me was full off his piss and I pushed him and was shocked. What do I say when a 50 year old man pisses in front of you? I had only seen such stuff on porn websites which I used to like watching when a man and woman peed through their clothes, it used to turn me on when we pee from almost the same place from where we can fuck. But to see my uncle like this, chee chee chee. He laughed.

I went to my room and locked the door. I kept thinking about his cock though. For a man his age, his cock was un erect – at least 4 inches and I was wondering what it would be like when it is rock solid. So I lied down on my bed and looked at the wall. And I saw at the corner of my ceiling was a tiny web-camera. So the bad mash is watching me. That’s what he is doing in his room. Too bad the haram khor is too old and drunk to have me. At least I can give him a show. So I waited until I heard him go to his room.

And then I took off my tunic top, and I was still wearing my bikini, and I slowly took off the bikini top and put my hands on my breasts and I cupped them slowly teased my nipples by using my fingers to twist them till their hard. I made sure I was in full view lying on my bed. Although I was nervous I was excited because I had not had a chance to have sex or meet anyone nice here. Then I slowly took off my bikini bottom, exposing my pussy that left a trail of hair slightly… That was soft to touch… As I was lying on my bed, I spread my legs slightly open, and my pussy lips slightly apart…and I put my fingers on my clit, gently rubbing it. I was so turned on and maybe to a certain extent forgot the camera was there, but at the same time, I know it was the camera that was making me so horny.

I kept on rubbing my clit, slowly at first, but as I became creamier, my fingers started moving quicker. I never liked to enter my cunt until it was absolutely necessary, or by a cock, but in the mean time, I was already moaning and my fingers were moving vigorously and I could feel myself close to an orgasm… So I kept on rubbing my choot and the choot lips, till I could feel a spasm and then I rubbed it with my first two fingers some more till I jerked and my knees were shaking. I tasted my pussy as I always do after I come, and then relaxed.

I fell asleep and woke up the next day. I almost forgot about the camera, and then remembered what I did. Then it occurred to me that he might have taped me. Hai ram- what if he blackmailed me with it. Then I thought. The old Buddha should be glad he can watch it whenever he wants. I did not see my uncle when I went to have a shower. He must have already left and left some food on the table to eat. So I ate and went to a few shops to look around by myself.

I bought some red lingerie, red bras and red lacy underwear and a new nightgown that is sleeveless and it is satin and so soft and just covers slightly above my knee and was perfect for the hot weather. It was so lonely because I had not made any friends there but I was going in a few days so it was okay. When I went back home, my uncle was not home yet so I decided to try to go into his room, but it was locked. I thought he is such a cunning old man.

In a way I was afraid of what he would do. But excited as well. I felt like a real slut for thinking that way. Then I heard him come home. And he called my name, ‘ aditi – tu ghare che?’ I said ‘ haan – ahiya’ then he said to me ‘ come mari sath ek whiskey pi tu’. I was craving for a drink so I poured myself one shot with some ice and poured him one too.

I finished my drink in one shot. And poured myself another shot. My kaka looked at me and said’ tu to sharabi nikri’. I said of course kaka, but ‘ you drink so much. You are the sharab king’. I was feeling very tipsy in a little while. And told my kaka im going sleep now. U enjoys. ‘then he told me like a bastard that he is, ‘ I will enjoy your show more’. That made me thinks that he did see me masturbating. Besharmi admi.

Today, I did not lock my door when I went back to my room I had a feeling he would be coming to my room when I did not give him a show today. Instead I took my razor out and I started to shave the remaining pussy hair. My kaka ran into my room and said, eh sali, tu shu kare che (what are you doing you slut?) You are dirtying my floor with all your hair).

Seeing me with a razor in my hand on my pussy, and my legs spread apart trying to shave, I had not seen a reaction in his cock yet because he sits at home with jus trousers and boxers. I said, ‘ kaka im just shaving my pussy, you should try it for your dirty face’. Then he looks at me angrily and says ‘ tu ek dem kamini hai, who do you think you are, you are living at my house and u will not shave your pussy as long as you are living here!!!’. I got scared because he shouted at me.

And I shouted back saying, ‘ eh who does u think you are shameless man, because you did pisab right in front of me’! Then u took off his pants one more time, and showed me his cock and pointed to it. He had hair on his chest, to his belly to his cock and his balls. He pointed to his cock and said, ‘ ah lund, hah. Maru ghar che so I will pisab wherever I want’. He grabbed my hair, stepped on my chest, with one leg, and pulled his pants and boxers to his ankles and they were on my chest. I was just wearing a dress with no underwear that I pulled up to my stomach when I was shaving my pussy hairs.

Now his pants were on my stomach and his cock was facing me while I was lying flat on the floor with his leg smashing my breasts and it was paining me. But before I got a chance to move, his pisab again came flowing down on my body, on my dress on his pants and on my face. I tried to close my mouth but some of it came into my mouth and it tasted salty. As much as I was disgusted, my body was betraying me by juices flowing between my legs. And my uncle said to me, ‘leh randi, ah leh, vadhare joi-eh-che? (take this you slut, you want more?) I started crying and shaking from this humiliation, more humiliated because my pussy was throbbing, and that I was letting this drunkard man talk to me like this.

I screamed at him and say, ‘ you are one bad mash man, how can u treat your niece like this. I will tell everyone’. Then I knew it was coming, he said, ‘ if you are such a sati savitri, you will not put a show like you did for me yesterday. Who also shaves their pussy with the door unlocked? You’re a randi in the making. And it’s been a long time since I’ve chod anyone. Since you are a dirty gutter slut I will make you now. Your a gutter slut because I pisab on you.’ I was shocked.

I tried to run out of the house, wet with pisab on me, but the front door was locked and the windows were all closed. I don’t know where my uncle was, but he came back with ropes. For an old man, he was strong and grabbed me, even though I was screaming and took me back to the room. He took my hands, spread them on each side of the bed and tied it to the bed post. Although im crying a lot and scared. I keep saying, ‘ kaka please don do this. I will do anything for you. Please don’t do this to me’. Kaka tells me, ‘ oh chup re randi kahiki, u want me to treat you like tatti, your maharani actions will not work here.’ I quickly said,’ sorry kaka’.

Then he tells me softly. If u wants me to leave your face alone, u now calls me, ‘ saheb’. I spit on his face. And mane ek thappar aipu (slapped my face hard once). My uncle screamed at me, ‘ you are not a maharani. This is my gar and you are tied to MY bed, so you will call me SAHEB because otherwise I will 0hurt you and show everyone your precious sati savitri act is a fake with the video tape. You stupid chokri’. I cried but quiet down because god knows how he can hurt me and said, yes saheb. I will listen to you saheb.

Since my hands were tied and my clothes smelt like piss, my kaka took off all my clothes and I was naked on the bed. He seemed to like my armpits and I closed my eyes and kept my knees up to my face but he took my arms and started licking my armpits and smelling them. He was naked my uncle and then I saw his cock. I could not believe that such a well shaped penis or lund could belong to such a fat out of shape man. The hairs around his cock were making juices between my legs despite being tied. But it was at least 8 inches big dark pink cock, with a dark red cock-head and it was hard like a rock.

It was staring straight at me while he kept licking and smelling my armpits. He kept telling me ‘ oh tu sali beriberi randi hai, chup re’. He put a sock in my mouth and taped it shut. He had not tied my legs so I kept them shut together. But little did I know that it was only for a while. I still kept on shaking while he licked my armpits, but once he slapped me once or two times, I quiet down. My mind was thinking that this is complete humiliation, but my body was behaving as if it was deprived of this torture all its life. My uncle brought his cock to my armpits and used its hard length under my arms.

And stroked it sideward’s. Then he took his rock hard cock, took the tape out of my mouth and the sock out and then used his hands, and pushed his entire lund into my mouth. I was gagging. I vomited and he kicked me and hit my breasts. He didn’t care that there was spit on my chest but told me ‘ eh randi, you better suck this well. I know you are not a virgin and you have done this before. Do a good job, bitch. What do u say kutti? Open your mouth and talk, you whore!’ I said ‘ han saheb.’ I took my mouth towards his cock and started licking his cock head, it was throbbing.

I put my tongue around the cock head, but then he suddenly pushed it into my mouth. He grabbed my hair and pushed my head forward and backwards so it looked like my mouth was fucking his hard 8inch tool. I had no chance to argue although my legs were trying to fight, but as soon as I moved even a little bit; his free hand was ready to strike me. This went on for 15 minutes and my face was red and my hair was being pulled and I kept on vomiting, but my uncle had no pity whatsoever.

Suddenly, he pulled out his lund from my mouth and his cum came splattering across my face. And on my eye. He took some of it with his hands, collected it and used his fingers to brush my teeth with it, found the sock and taped my mouth again. On top of being suffocated, I could now his sweet and salty maal in my mouth with the dirty sock in my mouth. I my mouth was paining was being used in such a demeaning way and soon maybe with the mix of alcohol, I dozed off as well.

When I woke up, maybe 2 hours later. My mouth was still stuffed and paining and my breasts were still tender from all the beating it took and my arms were hurting from being pinned to the side of the single bed. I looked around and saw that my uncle had opened my bag and put it on the floor. I had no way of checking whether anything was missing. But I also realized again that the camera in the room had probably taped his abuse of me. I tried to think of a way to steal it so that my dignity to the public would remain intact, but as I recalled, I remembered that he kept the door to his room closed.

I was still naked on the bed and feeling cold because it was night time and my nipples were standing erect, right in the middle of my 2 love mounds. I could smell whiskey on me and the taste of sperm was lingering in my mouth. Then I heard some noises coming from the living room. It sounded like television was on and a lot of men were laughing.

Then my kaka (uncle) walked into the room. Still without a shirt on with his big pet sticking out over his pants and a belt holding his pants up. He saw me and I started tearing in my eyes. He said to me ‘ so randi, tu uthi gai (so slut you woke up). Now I will show you my real maal. ‘I started shivering and it was impossible to talk through the sock in my mouth. He continued to talk, ‘ eh besharam chokri, you rememer what I taught you to call me?’ I nodded my head in shame. Then he said, ‘ I will take out the sock from your dirty mouth but you have to keep quiet. One word out of you and this belt will find itself branding your body’.

I nodded again. He smelt like more alcohol as he came close to me and took out the tape from my mouth and I took one deep breathes. I said, ‘ thank you kaka saheb’. He looked at me, smiled and said, ‘ wah reh, you are learning quickly churel ki aulad’. I kept my eyes lowered. He said, ok, ‘ taru mu khol, you know what is waiting for you’. I reluctantly opened my mouth, and he unzipped his pants and brought his lund out to pisab in my mouth’. This time, I swallowed it all. My energy to argue was gone. All my arrogance and attitude was completely withered away by this drunkard.

I quietly asked him, ‘ saheb, you opened my bag?’ Big mistake. He took out his belt and one slap I got across my breasts. In the meantime, there was still television and laughing going on outside from the living room. I later found out, they were watching the video of my masturbation and the blow job I was forced to give my uncle while being tied to the bed. My kaka went out of the room, came back with the red bra and lace underwear I bought from shopping. I told my uncle, mane bhook lage che and he just laughed and said, ‘ u wait, I will bring you some nice hot round bhajias’. I said, ‘ thank you saheb.’ he untied my hands and I tried to kick him, but he was too quick and threw me on the floor and sat on me, till I could not breathe.

His belt came flying at my face and I cried. I don’t know if I was really crying or all the tears left were long gone. He said, ‘ hawe tu gandi mehli (dirty) randi, taru a lal kapada pehre (wear your red stuff) ‘ and he threw it at my face and watched while I put on the bra. While putting on the bra, I had to put the clips on from under my breasts, which were now red and swollen, and then push the clips to my back when I put the straps on my hands, over my shoulders.

Then I put the red underwear on my legs, but I noticed that kaka has made holes where my pussy should be covered. So when I put them on, there were slits and my pussy was clearly visible. I asked my uncle’, what did u do saheb’. And he laughed at me and said, ‘ for a whore like you, why do you bother to cover up?’ I also noticed that the bra was cut where my nipples were and my nipples were sticking out. I was cursing myself for taking this holiday. This treatment was over the top. I could stand it when he pissed on me, it was an experience. But now, this Buddha was going too far.

He tied my hands up again and went outside and brought back some daru. And because I was thirsty, I quickly drank up one whole glass of neat whiskey. It burned my throat but at the same time, the hazy feeling I get was also creating juices and making me horny. My body was betraying my brain. My brain told me to be full of izzet, but my body wanted to be treated like it’s a toilet. I again told my uncle, ‘ I want to eat’. He slapped me and said, ‘ this is my house, you will eat when I give you food. Sit quietly or I will put the socks back in your mouth, you gutter slut’.

I said to my uncle, sorry saheb and kept quiet. Then, after a while, my uncle just sat on the chair opposite the bed. He told me; ‘ eh kutti, tara peg mota kar’ (make your legs big). I did not want to spread my legs. So his belt came flying at my face again. So I had to open my legs wide. With my knees raised up. He was sitting with a direct view of my pussy. He just sat on his chair. With a glass of whiskey in one hand, and his other hand on his cock. It was getting harder as the tent that it formed in his pants got bigger by the minute. Soon, he took off his pants and his boxers, and a big 8 inch tool was again in my view. Exposed. Hard. Erect.

And before I knew it, my underwear was soaked and it could be seen on the silk underwear I wore as it dripped down from the underwear, right on the bed sheet. Again my uncle laughed. ‘maja che ne (fun isn’t it?) ‘
•Before he hit me again, although I felt like taunting him so that he would. I said, ‘ ha
Saheb’. He took his belt and slapped it right in between my legs, on my pussy. And it made a big noise like ‘ karaaak’ and I screamed out loud. ‘chup tu benchot’ my uncle said to me. He came closer, put his cock into my mouth and said, ‘ chooosy leh’ I obeyed his order and put his 8 inches forced into my mouth.

And again he grabbed my hair and chucked his cock further down my throat. Then he stopped. His fingers went for my pussy lips. And just started stroking them. ‘ tane a pasan che ne ( you like this right?) I saw from your video that this is how to do it’. Then he slapped my pussy and more juices came out. My uncle said, ‘ u whore, your a bitch. You’re enjoying every minute of this. You will never find a great fuck like me in your life. You will beg me for more’. I just looked down. He said, ‘ look at me when im talking to you, randi sali’. I said ‘ haan sahab’. And looked at him. He then took 2 clips that are used to hang clothes outside on my breasts.

They were pulling my nipples downwards and it was so painful but my uncle warned that if I made one sound, it was not just pain on my breasts I had to worry about. So I bit my lip and suffered in silence as much as I could.
•He kept on playing with my pussy lips. And then first using one finger on my choot. Then using two fingers. My choot was getting creamier by the 2nd. Then his cock came into the picture and he rubbed his hard 8inch tool on the tip of my pussy. At this point, I was dying for a cock to enter my cunt. ‘ mane chodo saheb, maherbani karine, mane please chodo. Mane taro lund apo (the give me your cock). My uncle stared at me and said, ‘ haan, beti, this is the right attitude, sali. I will give you my cock. Don’t worry. But first I will take your gand. Because I know that no man has ever gone that before’.

He was right. How did he know that. My uncle kept his fingers in my pussy and used another finger into my asshole. It felt like my body was being ripped apart. Every time his finger went into my gaand, it went it harder than the first time. Lying on his bed flat, with a gaping hold in my gand…. Then he took his lund to my asshole, and before he put the entire cock in my asshole, he put the sock back into my mouth and quickly put his entire cock right up my asshoole. My god. I was screaming inside my head. Please stop please stop, but the words cannot escape my mouth. It seemed like he finally had enough of pounding my asshole and came out for some air just before he kept pounding my asshole and calling me a randi.

Then he pulled off my underwear, and his cock went straight into my cunt. He also took the sock out of my mouth. And I screamed- not out of pain, but out of relief that my pussy was squirming was attention and it finally got satisfied. I came in a matter of seconds, which was embarrassing because of the state I was in. My uncle said, ‘ now beti, you can scream all you want’. I was so ecstatic and I went , ‘ Arghh Arghh’ and said ‘ saheb, please more, chodo na’.

He agreed with me, pounded into my cunt so hard the pain and pleasure filled me. I asked, ‘ please saheb, condom?’ he laughed, spit at me and said, ‘ a condom is a waste on you sali’. He took his cock out, untied me and said, ‘ kutti, kutta jem bes’ (sit like a dog). I turned around and bent over for my uncle and the torture did not stop there. He went harder and thrust deeper and deeper. Andar and andar. In and out.

My growling turned into moans of frustration as I felt another climax come on. And his hands were on my breasts, where the clips were, pinching it further. Then he slapped my round buttocks with his bare hands, over and over and over again. He kept saying, ‘ hawe randi, why don’t you talk? You wanted a fuck. You got your fuck. Randi, sali, gutter ki maharani’. Then he pushed me on the bed, turned me on my back, put his cock back into my choot, and kept fucking. My pussy did not seem to dry out from all the friction and roughness his cock was causing my cunt.

This fucking went on for a while, harder, his mouth calling me randi, and his hands smacking whatever he could. My body was red and sore. I screamed out to my uncle one more time, ‘ saheb, please ek jorse do,’. And he said , ‘ ok beti, you are behaving so I will give you one more’. And he pushed his lund deep inside me and my entire body sizzled and shook and my knees lost control. I came. And so did my uncle, because I could feel his maal dribble inside my body, and when he pulled his cock out, he spread more cum over my mouth and said, ‘ eh sali, don’t waste this’. I obediently drank it up. After I drank up his sperm, he brought his cock to me and said, ‘ now saaf kar’. And I had to lick off all the remainder.

I felt relieved with cumming, and in pain from all the abuse and I thought, ‘ this is finally over’. But I was wrong. He shouted out and said, ‘ okay bhaiyo, I used this slut, now u can have her’. Then the door opened and I saw 3 men in their chaddis come into the room. I was speechless but screamed. ‘ no more , please. Saheb . I did enough. Please let me go now’. But my words were to deaf ears. The 3 men, all of them were big, hairy and had looks on their faces that said that they were not going to spare me.

I don’t know their names. But one man said , ‘ this is one maal you have here. We saw her work of art when you showed us the video, but after you have used her, my lund is rising even more’. That man also took a blindfold and put it over my eyes. I heard my uncle say.’ if this randi makes noise, take the rumal or the socks and muu maa muk ( put in her mouth). Another man replied, ‘ a-rey, I want to hear those be-sharmi screams of this whore’. I could not see anything. And all I could do was hear. Although scared, my uncle said, ‘ randi, t is experience of life.

Stop acting like sri – devi because I have already used you and now discarded you for my friends to use’. I could not see, but I said, ‘ haan saheb, I will behave’. I could hear all the men laughing and discussing what they will do with me. They took off the clips from my breasts and they were finally free. They used something to cut open my bra and again I was completely naked and subject to more humiliation. I was sure that my uncle could not get hard again, but I was wrong.

I recognized his smell and his cock was in my mouth, stuffed till I could not breathe. Someone else had his hands on my 2 breasts, squeezing and playing with my nipple like it was tuning a radio station. And I could feel fingers in my ass and choot. I heard one of them say, ‘ eh , this Randi’s choot is bheeny ( wet) . You must have given her a mast time’. And I heard more laughing. They went straight to the jackpot. And I could feel a big hard cock enter my choot again.

I had a cock in my mouth till I could not breathe, and I had a cock in my chooot. Then I was made to stand up and guided to lie down on top of one of the man’s lund, which was erect and since I could not see. I had no idea what fate lay in store for me. I sat guided o and n the erect cock, lying on top of the man’s chest that put his fingers in my mouth and I could feel someone playing with my gaand-hole- making space. Then a cock entered my gaand and the pain was so much in both holes I bit the hand in my mouth and I got one big thappar.

Then I heard him say, ‘ eh sali bit me, now she will get it. Chod ene until she cannot breathe. Fuck her so hard she will bleed.’ I was sure I was bleeding. I had a cock in my choot, my gand and one more was comin for my mouth, choking me. Not even my breasts were left in peace, with someone always squeezing it or biting it. I could not hear my uncle. But I was sure he was in the room watching. I could hear the men saying, ‘ ahhh ahhh – making noises like they were enjoying and saying ‘ this randi no1. Gutter whore. Galli ki churel’. I had no emotions left in me and just waited till time would go by till they would explode.

Then they changed positions and I was on doggy position with a cock fucking my choot and my gand felt as if one of them had already cum in it because I could feel liquid dripped into my choot, but another man kept on fucking my choot and I screamed again, you are all bad mash, harami, and I got the clips back on my breasts, giving me more pain. The main in my chooot also exploded, but I think he brought his cock to me, and put it in my mouth to drink up his sperm and because I was turned into such a slave, I made no arguments.

I finally thought it was over. I was wrong. One of the men told the guy who just came in my mouth to move, and another smelly lund entered my mouth. I could feel him shaking his lund and opening my mouth till more liquid entered my mouth. And then I assumed they were all relieved because they said, ‘ mast. Excellent yaar. This is the best randi you have. You have to send us copies of this video’ and I heard my uncle say, ‘of course yaaro’. I started crying. Still not being able to see anything. My hands got tied up again. And I felt a lot of hot pisab on me. Till everyone walked out of the room.

My uncle came back with some whiskey again and some sleeping pills because I must have dozed off and when I woke up my hands were still tied, but I was smelly, and when I looked at my body, my breasts, they were red, my arms had blue black marks on it and my thighs were blue from all the fucking it had endured. My uncle brought the video in and played it. And I saw what happened. I never saw the 3 men again. But he gave me a copy of the video and said, randi, all my friends have seen what a slut you are. You better keep your muu band about this otherwise, you know what will happen’.

I said, yes saheb and knew never to tell anyone about this. After the incident. My uncle still kept me locked in the room till the remaining few days I had left and urinated on me before fucking me, but he was not as rough as he was before, knowing that the bruises had to be go before he could send me back home. I have a copy of the video which when I watch, does make my juices flow and I masturbate to, and my uncle is right. It was only one experience like this I will have in my life, but I will never forget the humiliation forever and to live in fear that one day my video tape will be out in the open.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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