Uncle by marriage, a nieces pleasure.

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Uncle by marriage, a nieces pleasure.
Sex is fun, it’s exciting and yes I get horny, more now than last year and more now as my body is changing and turning me more into the image of my mother.

Men want my virginity and if the truth be told, they can have it, because I want to know what it feels like and daddy’s blue movies are wearing thin from me watching them and yes my pussy gets sore with constant rubbing.

To look at me you could not imagine what I am like alone. I am as bad as the boys and it drives me made to say, ‘No’, when my body want’s to scream, ‘Yes, fuck me’.

My friend Lola did something the other night at hers when her parents were out at a party, she deliberately walked out completely starkers in front of her younger brother and then backed him into a corner, still naked and accused him of spying on her, all the time pressing up against him.

To prove his innocence she made him drop his pants in front of us to prove he was not hard, he was hard and he did drop his pants and she then made him jack off until he came. All three of us were naked by then and touching each other.

Later that nigh as I lay beside Lola I could not sleep, my mind was thinking about her brother touching me down there and myself holding his cock, it was driving me wild and I knew I wanted to again, but not with Lola around I wanted to go all the way with him and the more I thought, the more determined I became.

My chance finally came when the hall light outside our bedroom came on and I listened to him make his way to the bathroom. Both of us were still nude and listened to see if Lola was asleep, well, I prayed she was as I was almost cumming with sexual excitement and I knew I had to go now or never and I could not live with myself if I did not do it.

I slipped from the bed and thankfully Lola was still asleep, it seemed the Gods were with me on the night I was to lose my virginity, and I thanked them from the bottom of my heart, just walking to the door almost made me cum, my clitoris was so swollen with desire me labia were rubbing it like a pair of lips as I opened the door and listened, before stepping out into the carpeted hallway.

There was some music playing down the hall and down the stairs to the living room, I thought it might be the TV so I turned the other way and went to the bathroom where her brother was, he could fuck me in there, it would not take long, just an in and out quickie, enough to make me cum with a cock inside me.

I could hear him moving around in the bathroom, so I decided to put my hand in and turn off the light and do it in the dark, that way there would be no embarrassment and we could enjoy the anonymity of it.

I opened the door slightly and slipped my hand in and flicked the switch, the minute there was darkness I opened the door fully and slipped inside, saying, ‘shhhhhhh’, as a prelude to doing this in silence and not disturbing Lola.

I could see his dark shape and went up to him searching for his mouth to kiss, my arms entwining his naked torso, ‘Fuck me’, I whispered as my hips pressed against his pants and his hands touched my nude body for the first time.

It was not minutes, it was more like seconds, but it seemed a lifetime as my mouth found his, I could not control my emotions as my head and brain were only thinking about joining with him by his cock inside me, when something was saying, there is something not right here.

I was really kissing his mouth with my tongue, every part of my body was all over the place, my head, my breasts, and buttocks and my wet cunt, all of me was attacking him for that sole penetration I craved, but then I realised to my horror, it was NOT him, it was Lola’s father I was all over and my hidden strength as a teenager had overpowered him, and my hidden passion had overwhelmed him and even as I realised my mistake my hands were busy fishing his cock from his pants.

I froze, almost sobbing, I was frightening myself sex truly was that powerful and he cradled me in his arms and as any father would holding me tightly to him, as my body convulsed then totally relaxed as I came to terms with my situation and indeed, predicament.

We never spoke as I relaxed and he in turn relaxed his tight hold on me and let his hands slide up and down my shoulders and forearms. I was still facing him and we instinctively kisses on the mouth again and I could feel a resurgence of my passion to fuck and pushed hard against him, this time feeling his cock push against my Venus mound and clitoris, sending sparks up and down my spine and making the hairs on the nape of my neck stand on end.

I was going to be fucked by a middle-aged man, my friend’s father, it was as if it was what I wanted, it seemed right somehow, that is until he whispered her name and the alcohol on his breath was in my face, he thought I was his daughter, Lola and her father, were an item, they were fucking each other and I just found out, straight from the horses mouth.

He spun me around in the darkness and I lent against the bath, it was here and then he entered me and my girlish life ended as his cock stretched me like I had never dreamt, being fucked like this ever could, it was and I had to stifle my screams of pleasure as my knees gave way and my legs buckled under the assault.

The heat filling my pussy was obvious as it was the first time feeling a man’s semen squirting into me, I had had my orgasm and now all I wanted was to go and as he slipped from me, he called her name thinking I was still her.

I got out and ran the short distance back into bed beside Lola, who thankfully remained asleep, feeling his semen run from me and down the back of my thigh onto the sheet.

Everything was crazy, I had just lost my virginity and enjoyed the experience but this thing about Lola and her dad, that really dwelt in my head as I lay there spooning my friend’s bum, with her daddy’s cum inside my pussy.

Thirty minutes or so later he came into our room at first coming around to my side of the bed, then realizing it was me, went around to her side of the bed and sat down and gently awoke her, I pretended to be asleep and listened to her sleepy mumbling as he confessed his love for her, they kissed and she went back to sleep, confirming their i****tuous affair.

My own sexual dabbling, sleeping with my uncle and letting him penetrate and cum.

Dinner was without doubt wonderful and my boyfriend concurred with my assessment, but earlier on my uncle had slipped his hand onto my buttocks and squeezed them with affection.

We had been drinking, more him than myself and my boyfriend seemed to be overwhelmed by the occasion, he was in the toilet when I felt uncles hand on my arse.

‘I like a daring girl’, uncle whispered into my ear as I squirmed to his touch. ‘Daring’, I retorted, ‘Bareback, you know what I mean’, he replied laughing, stepping back and looking at me fully?

I shook my head and sort of giggled, ‘Bareback is fucking without protection, you mean Commando, without panties’, I could feel the excitement in my pussy as I spoke to him like that, I was turning myself on sexually as I bantered with him, the wine was easing my words my pussy throbbed and I could feel his touch exploring my ass, in my head at least.

‘Yeah, Yeah’, he acknowledged my correction and as he moved my eyes dropped to his crotch, he had a huge erection. The mental heat between us was building.

I was just eight and sitting on his lap when he got aroused and I shifted on his lap until he fitted snugly between my arse cheeks, then I flexed and relaxed my bum until a dark stain of semen stained my white panties that night. We went on through life without as much of an acknowledgement of what we did together, I was as much an instigator as he was even then I was fingering and putting one up my wet hole at nights, four years later I suffered from chronic masturbation and was subscribed therapy and medication.

Tonight was really the first connection we made in seven years since that night and already we were ready to continue with what we both knew had lain dormant in both our heads, my panties could testify to that and now was a good and opportunistic time to let him see.

‘I’m not commando Uncle, I’m wearing a thong’, and I turned quickly, as I heard the toilet flush, and lifted my short dress to expose the vast expanse of bare buttocks with the single thread disappearing between my luscious buttocks, he stepped forward with a tortured expression and placed his hand on one cheek and gave it a good feel, his hand delving deeply until my wet pussy parted and he felt how I really felt.

In return my hand covered his bulge and I squeezed him like I did just before he orgasmed that night, this time after a small stroke of acknowledgement I pulled my hand back and let my short dress fall back into place, ‘We don’t want a mess like the last time’, I said naughtily, and at that I walked back to the table and sat down just before my boyfriend appeared and rejoined me.

‘Just been speaking to uncle’, I said to him, ‘I’m going to stay over here tonight, no point in going back home’. My boyfriend shook his head, it made sense he replied, he was too drunk to know why, I just wished he was not there right now as I ached for uncles cock to play with.

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