Uncle Rob

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Uncle Rob
Uncle Rob was not really my uncle just a good
friend of the families. He worked with my dad at the
sawmill. He was a tall, muscular man with dark hair
and skin and remarkebly blue eyes. Once when i was
about 17 my parents had went out and i was home alone
one after noon. Uncle Rob came over to talk to my dad
but he wasnt home so he invited me to come on a hike
with him through Millers Woods. I accepted since i was
home alone and bored. When we got to the edge of the
woods Rob parked his struck and we got out and started
our hike down a small trail. We walked for about 15
minutes talking about the mill, sports, stuff in the
news, and girls. He talked about numorous sexual
incounters with woman. I wanted to tell my stories of
great sex and girls but there were none, even at the
age of s*******n long past the age that most boys lose
there virgenity. He asked why i had no relations with
girls and i told him i didint know i had never found
one i liked i geuss. After a while we came to a
sacluded beach area along the bank of the small river
that ran through the forest. The water looked cool and
inviting compared to the hot carolina day. “why didnt
you tell me this beach was on our trail” i said. ” I
didnt think about it” he replyed. I had my back
towards the water admiring the scenic forest “i wish i
had something to swim in” i turned back around to see
Uncle Rob pulling off his shirt reviling his tan
muscular back. I didnt think nothin of it until he
started to take his belt off then i ask him what he
was about to do and he said “swim.” Then he started to
pull on his pants at first i thought he was goin to
swim in his briefs then i noticed his tight butt and
firm legs slowly emerging from his pants. I was in aw
at his body, his smoth tan skin, his musclar back,
legs, arms, and butt, he turned around and i notice
his thick mature dick, every thing i ever wanted my
body to look like. ” you wanted to swim didnt you we
used to swim here like this all the time when i was
young” He walked into the the cool water, it slowly
enveloping his body til it reached his bulky chest.
“are you gonna join me” i hestated and thought i didnt
know what to think or do, and then slowly began to
take off my cloths shirt, shoes, then even slower my
pants and then my underware. My body wasnt as well
developed as his but still muscular but i had course
hair that cover my abs, chest, legs, ass, and crotch.
My dick was a good size but not as thick and long as
uncle Robs but i wasnt ashamed. I got into the water
it felt cool and gentle against my dick and asshole i
had never experienced skinny dipping before i was a
little aroused. “feels great dosnt it” i shook my
head. We swam for a little while and we after i warmed
up to the idea of being in the water completly naked
with another man me and uncle rob started to race,
play around and wrestle. Every now and then i felt his
soft cock rub acrouse my skin and mine did the same.
Then after a while it no longer stroked my skin it
started to prode against my body Uncle rob was horny!
Was it me or just the feel of the cool water that had
aroused me a little ealier the thought of his thick,
hard, manly cock agaisnt me body made mine begin to
harden until it was completly stiff i tried not to let
it touch Rob but it did and it turned me on more.
When my cock grazed acrouse his riply abs i felt him
tense a little then he slowly pulled me close to him
as my body went limp and he looked in to my eyes with
a look of question and exitment. I could now feel my
cock pressing against his body and his against mine.
He ran his hand along my side around my ass then he
****d his large hands around my throbing cock then he
wisperd in my ear “is this ok” I answered my r****g my
hands around his long thick cock and slowly stroked it
like i often did to my own. He did the same and the
water made it feel better than ever along with the
constant rythem of Uncle Robs big warm hands. The
stroke of my hand against his throbing manhood and his
on mine was in synce like we had done this before with
great professionlizm. I could feel his other hand run
down my back and down to my ass hole sending chills
all over my body. He slowly put one of his thick
fingures into my hole somthin i never thought would
feel good felt amazing like nothin before. My whole
body was tingling from the pulsating of uncle robs
large hand around my now rock hard dick and his other
in my ass. I could feel his chest heaving in and out
and him grunting a manly grunt of satisfastoin. I
could feel my crotch burning with exitement then i
felt the urge of cum easing up the lengh of my shaft
Rob new i was getting close to cuming he started to
stroke my cock faster and harder while sucking on my
neck and bottom lip. He stroked harder and faster the
more i felt the hot cum sliding up to the slit at the
end of my cock then my muscle tensed and i shot my hot
load into the cool water then Uncle Rob stuck his head
under the water and put my hole dick in his mouth,
licked around the tip tasting the last drops of sweet
cum the feel of his hot mouth made me jump again like
i was going to cum again. Then he came back to the
surface and carried me to the egde of the water. He
layed my on my back then put my ankles on his
shoulders spreading my ass hole and slowly pressing
his fat cock into me at first it burned then it
tingled then it was pure ecstasy as he smothly pumped
his meat in and out of me fast then slow i could feel
him all over my body as his cocked filled me and his
large manly balls slaped against my skin. I look at
his face and it made me even more aroused the look of
pleasure he breathed hard and moaned my name. I was
breathing just as hard as he went faster and faster
“oh fuck yea” i moaned “fuck me uncle rob fuck me” as
the words just seemed to slip from my mouth he pumped
harder faster and faster he moaned louder and louder
until he couldnt wholed on no more he had an orgasm
that seemed to control his body as he jerked and shot
his hot cum inside of me then he pressed his dicked in
me as far as he could then pulled it out and i cam
again with out even touchin my cock he licked up my
stomach then kissed me and he laid ontop of each other
his wet cock pressing against mine our chest heving
and still amazed at how great what we had just done
was. That hot summer day made me relize why i never
liked girls. Me and uncle Rob went on alot of hikes
that summer. I am now 22 and he is 37 we still go down
that trail every know and then when i come home from

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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