Uni with Sandra, part 6

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Uni with Sandra, part 6
My name is Danni, I’m 27. This is the sixth story based on my diaries and memories from when I was a teenager.

Sandra and I shared a house with another two girls, Alison and Fiona, all in our first year at university. My first story was about how Sandra introduced me to girl on girl sex within weeks of us starting university. My second was about how Sandra introduced me to threesome sex with her and her boyfriend, Pete. My third was about starting to have sex with my new boyfriend, Martin, plus further lesbian and threesome stories. My fourth was more threesome stories and my fifth was about our first four-way.

I do consider myself to be quite ‘dirty’, I like it when a guy cums on me and I don’t mind where. Sometimes they cum in my pussy, sometimes I pull my pussy lips open and watch the cum spurt onto my clit and inner lips. Sometimes they cum on my tummy or my tits or my face. I’m not too keen if it gets in my hair though. I’m happy for them to cum in my mouth too. It’s not the greatest taste but I’ll happily swallow it. I like to watch one of the boys fuck Sandra and cum inside her then take his cock in my mouth and suck the cum and pussy juice off it. I’ll also lick cum from Sandra’s pussy, I did tell you I was a dirty girl didn’t I.

One thing neither Sandra nor I like though is anal. She did try it on me with a smaller dildo, well lubricated, but it didn’t do anything for me at all. She wanted me to try it on her too, so I did. She said it was OK but would much rather have it in her vagina.

We do like to try new things. Sandra bought a great vibrator, called a magic massager, it’s over a foot long and plugs into the mains. It has an almost spherical head about 2.5 inches across, and it feels absolutely wonderful when pressed against my clit. We also buy cherry flavoured edible lube which not only feels good but means we can still lick each other when we have lube on our pussies.

I am so glad I am a girl. If Pete or Martin fucks me they can only go for a minute or two before they cum. It takes longer for them to cum if I suck their cock, probably four or five minutes, but Sandra and I can enjoy sex sometimes for an hour or more. Even after I cum I am usually ready to go again within a few minutes.

I love masturbating, having sex with my boyfriend, Martin, or with Sandra or with both! I still have threesomes with Sandra and her boyfriend Pete too. About once every 4 weeks, at the weekend when the other two housemates are at their own homes, we arrange a four-way!

I do love the foursomes. Most often, to start the proceedings, the boys just watch as Sandra and I make love. We have lots of foreplay which can last half an hour, touching, kissing, caressing, licking and fingering. After a while the boys join in and we work towards the grand finale.

One of my favourite finales was when I got Martin to sit on the edge of the settee, lying back, then I straddled him with my back to him. Sandra then knelt between his feet and as I lowered myself onto him, she guided his cock into me. I lowered myself fully onto his cock then leant back on his chest as he played with my tits. Then Sandra went down on me, licking my clit. Lastly, Pete climbed onto the seat, one foot either side of me and slipped his cock into my waiting mouth. With one cock in my pussy another in my mouth and Sandra licking my clit I was in heaven and I had the most wonderful orgasm.

On another occasion it was Sandra’s turn to direct the finale and she ended up lying on her back across the bed with her legs off the edge, Pete standing on the floor between her legs fucking her while I rubbed her clit. Meanwhile Martin straddled her, one knee each side of her head while she sucked his cock. She got both boys to cum in her then got me to suck the sweet pussy juice and cum mixture from Pete’s cock and from her pussy.

Here’s one of our more memorable foursomes…

Often we’d use one of our bedrooms but on this occasion we assembled in the lounge. We spread a duvet on the floor and covered it with a large sheet, to make it more comfortable to lie on and reduce the chance of getting stains on the carpet! Sandra and Pete sat on the bigger settee while Martin and I sat on the smaller, two-seater settee. We started as usual just sitting, chatting and drinking. We’d never get drunk though, we’d probably have just one bottle of wine between the four of us.

After a while, Sandra caught my eye and then looked down into her lap. As I followed her gaze she pulled her skirt up, opened her legs a little and started rubbing herself. The rest of us stopped talking and just watched as she played with herself. After a minute or two she stopped briefly to remove her pants then, legs spread, carried on masturbating, getting more and more aroused. She liked us watching.

After four or five minutes she said “Martin, I’d love it if you’d lick my clit for me.” Martin obliged, sliding down onto his knees between her feet. Sandra pulled her pussy lips apart as he went down on her. Martin sat on his heels and supported himself with his hands on her thighs. He licked energetically along the length of her slit, concentrating mainly on her clit. After a few minutes he started fingering her too, first with just one finger then he added a second.

Pete knelt on the floor near the action to get a good view while I remained seated on the edge of the two-seater settee. I was feeling really horny by this time and pulled my dress up and started playing with myself. Pete sensed me moving and turned to watch me instead. His watching just excited me more. I quickly removed my pants and slipped my fingers between my pussy lips. Unsurprisingly I was already quite wet. I laid back and slid down in the seat so I was almost horizontal with my bum over the edge of the seat. I spread my legs wider to give Pete a good view. Mostly I rubbed my clit but I also put one or two fingers into my vagina from time to time and sometimes pulled my lips open to let him see inside.

Pete started to edge ever closer then stopped with his face a few inches from my pussy. I slipped two fingers deep into my slippery vagina then slid them out and held them close to his face. He opened his mouth for me and I watched him slowly licking and sucking the pussy juice off my fingers.

After another minute or two he moved in and slid his tongue into me, it felt oh so good. For probably another 5 minutes Sandra and I just lay back, legs splayed, having our pussies licked, fingered and sucked by each other’s boyfriend! At the same time, I unbuttoned my dress from bottom to top and let it d**** open. I had no bra on, I didn’t really need one as my boobs are quite firm and not very big.

I caressed and squeezed my breasts and rubbed my nipples to add to the pleasure, while Pete gave me a wonderful pussy licking. At some point, Sandra got up to remove her skirt, top and bra but quickly resumed her original position to allow Martin to carry on licking her.

Much as I love having my pussy licked I then decided to do something different. I gently pushed Pete away and got up. I dropped my dress on the floor and went over to Sandra. I got her to twist round and lie along the settee and put her left foot up on the seat. I kept my left foot on the floor and straddled her with my right knee at the back of the seats by her left side. I held her right knee up near my left breast. In this position I was able to lower my sticky vulva onto hers. Just before my clit made contact, we both pulled our pussy lips open. With my left hand on her right knee and my right hand behind me holding her left thigh, I rocked back and forth. We were both quite wet and rubbing my pussy against hers like this was heavenly.

The boys were happy just to watch for about five minutes as I rubbed my vulva against hers. Sometimes I changed the action, lifting myself up and down, making our pussies kiss, our wetness was audible.

Then Martin removed his clothes and knelt down by Sandra’s head. He played with his cock for a few seconds as it hardened then held his cock above her face. She obligingly turned her head, licked her lips slowly and opened her mouth a little. Martin rubbed the underside of his cock slowly across her wet lips. As he moved back she took most of his knob into her mouth and rolled her tongue around it, then, as he moved forward again, her wet mouth caressed the underside of his shaft. He continued like that for a while, lingering each time she wrapped her tongue around his knob.

Pete also removed his clothes then climbed up onto the settee. Struggling a little to find space to put his feet, he stood up in front of me and started to wank himself just a couple of inches from my face. Most of my attention was on keeping my pussy in contact with Sandra’s, repeatedly touching and pulling away then rubbing our pussies together. Pete got a little closer, rubbing his knob against my face and particularly against my lips. I relented and lifted my head so I could lick his knob then opened my mouth so he could slide his cock in.

I had been sucking his cock for a few seconds when we all heard the front door bang shut! We all went quiet and I released Pete’s cock and turned to face the lounge door. The door opened and in came Fiona, returned from her weekend at home about 5 hours earlier than normal. “Oh my G…” she said, and dropped her bag on the floor. None of us spoke. “I think…I’ll just…” she muttered, pointing over her shoulder towards the door. She started to back up then Sandra said “You can stay if you want Fi”. She stopped and seemed to think about it. She looked at each of us in turn. “I don’t mind if you stay” I added. Both the boys had covered their cocks with their hands and remained quiet. Fiona didn’t reply, just took a step forward and knelt down on the sheet and duvet covering the carpet.

Fi is mixed race and has beautiful dark skin, She’s a little overweight but not a lot, quite attractive, though not as pretty as Sandra in my opinion. Her hair is very dark, shoulder length and straightened. “So, is this what happens every weekend when I’m not here?” Fi asked. “No, no, just…occasionally.” Sandra said. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to stop your fun,” Fi said, “Why don’t you just carry on and pretend I’m not here.” Sandra turned to me and said “Yes, Danni, carry on.” I hesitated for a moment but then resumed my back and forth motion, rubbing our pussies together.

Both the boys’ cocks had gone slightly limp. Sandra took hold of Martin’s and popped his knob into her mouth again. Fiona seemed more interested in the boys’ cocks than our pussies and watched Pete as he slipped his cock back into my mouth. After a minute or two we were enjoying ourselves as before, aware of Fi’s presence but not inhibited by it. I concentrated on rubbing my wet clitoris against Sandra’s but managed to keep Pete’s cock in my mouth some of the time.

I could see Sandra was really loving what I was doing to her and after some time, she whispered that she was going to cum. I released Pete’s cock to focus on her and very soon she was having an intense orgasm, gasping and shaking for some time.

Once she’d finished I climbed off and returned to the smaller sofa, legs spread, still horny and demanding that Martin come and lick my pussy. Pete and Sandra sat on the floor near Fiona and they all watched as Martin knelt down between my feet. My pussy was very wet and soon, so was Martin’s face as he proceeded to give me a good licking and it was less than a minute before I too was having a great orgasm.

As the waves of pleasure subsided, I asked Martin to fuck me and he quickly changed position to slide his cock into my vagina. Fiona moved to get a better view and I noticed she had one hand between her legs. After only 10 or 15 seconds I was satisfied and asked Martin to stop.

Sandra moved a little closer to Fiona and asked “Did you like that?” Fi said she did and asked “Does Alison know about this?” Sandra said “No.” and then asked Fiona if she liked boys or girls. Fiona said she preferred boys and when pressed further said she’d never been with a girl but had often been curious and confessed it did look like fun. Then Sandra said “We have a couple of cocks here that need sucking, would you like to help out?” Fi seemed to give it some thought, she looked at the boys who both seemed keen, then said she would.

Pete stood up beside Fi and Martin got up in front of Sandra who responded immediately, grasping Martin’s cock and pulling it into her mouth and sucking on it. She stopped for a moment to say “Mmmmm, tastes of Danni’s pussy.” then carried on sucking. Fi smiled at Sandra’s comment then raised herself up straight, on her knees, turned towards Pete and put her hands on his thighs. Pete lifted his cock a little, aiming at Fi’s mouth, and she wrapped her lips around it and commenced sucking. She then put her right hand back down between her legs and continued rubbing her pussy, although she was still fully clothed in leggings and a short blue dress.

After a minute, I got down on the floor and crawled over next to Fiona and asked if I could touch her pussy. She stopped sucking cock briefly to say “Yeah alright.” I reached down and stroked her thigh then ran my hand up towards her vulva. I could feel the warmth of her pussy through her leggings and pants but after just a few seconds I moved my hand up under her dress to the waistband of her leggings and said “Let us know if there’s anything you’d like to do…or not do.” I started to ease her leggings down. It was a little awkward so she released Pete’s cock again and pulled her leggings and pants about half way down her thighs.

Sandra also paused to watch what was happening. Pete and Martin took this opportunity to change places, so when Fi looked up again it was Martin’s cock hanging in front of her face. She looked round at Sandra who was already busy sucking on Pete’s cock. I took hold of Martin’s cock and aimed it at Fi’s mouth so she shrugged and happily started sucking on it.

I slipped my hand under her dress and felt a patch of short pubic hair on her mound but when I delved between her thighs I found her pussy lips were shaved. I rubbed her pussy externally for a few seconds then quickly licked my fingers and returned them to her vulva. She moved her knees a little further apart to make it easier for me and I began to push my fingers between her outer lips, her pussy was warm, wet and inviting.

Sandra stopped sucking cock and turned her attention to Fiona, fondling her breasts. Fi didn’t object so Sandra asked if she could take the dress off. Fi said it was OK so Sandra unzipped it. Fiona lifted her arms as Sandra pulled the dress up over her head. I was rubbing Fiona’s clit quite firmly, she turned to me and said “That feels really nice.” Sandra unfastened Fi’s bra and removed it. She then held and squeezed Fi’s breasts which were bigger than mine or Sandra’s but not too big. Fi just stayed there kneeling on the floor while Sandra and I played with her body. Martin lifted his cock in line with her face so she opened her mouth and let him put it in again.

After a couple of minutes, Fi released Martin’s cock and looked down at my fingers busily sliding up and down her wet slit. “That feels so good.” she said. I kept rubbing her and asked “Would you like me to lick your pussy?”. “Yes, OK.” she replied. We helped her up and sat her on the edge of the settee and got her to lie back. Sandra and I helped her out of her leggings and pants. Now completely naked, like the rest of us, she pulled her knees apart, giving everyone a good view.

I crawled between her feet. As I moved in, Fi put her hands between her legs and pulled her pussy lips open. I started licking her pussy from her vagina up to her clit. She gasped then went silent for a few seconds. I carried on licking her. She said “Oh my God, that feels wonderful.” Sandra climbed up beside her and started sucking on her right breast. I licked her and sucked on her inner lips and clit for several minutes then decided to stop to let someone else have a go!

“What would you like next Fi?” Sandra asked. Fi looked around at each of us, her answer surprised me a little “I don’t know…anything…I’m on the pill so…all of you…just do whatever you want with me, make my fantasies come true.”

Sandra asked Fi to lie on her back on the sheet-covered quilt then quickly straddled her in a sixty-nine position, supporting herself on hands and knees. I guided Fi to open her legs, bend her knees and put her feet flat on the floor then open her knees a little. Once I’d got her into position Sandra dropped down onto her elbows and slipped her hands under Fi’s thighs to her vulva and eased her lips open. As Sandra’s tongue made contact with Fiona’s clitoris, Fi gasped and then, as Sandra continued licking her, said “Wow, that’s really lovely.”

Sandra reached a little further under Fi’s thighs and started fingering her vagina while continuing to lick her clit. I moved round behind Sandra. I sucked a couple of fingers and slid them into Sandra’s pussy. Fi was clearly loving Sandra’s tongue on her clit, she looked up at me and said “Oh my god, this feels amazing.” She watched, close-up, as I finger fucked Sandra. After a minute I pulled my fingers out and held them close to her mouth. “Would you like a taste?” I asked. She hesitated for a couple of seconds then opened her mouth and I lowered my hand as she closed her lips around my fingers, sucking and licking off Sandra’s pussy juice.

Sandra had two fingers moving briskly in and out of Fi’s vagina while she kept up the constant licking and sucking. I prompted Sandra to lower her pussy then urged Fi to lick Sandra’s clit. She didn’t need much encouragement and was soon copying Sandra’s actions, licking the length of Sandra’s slit and sucking her clit and inner lips into her mouth. The two of them continued like this for nearly ten minutes, pausing now and again to say how good it felt and urging the other to keep going. All this time, the boys sat close by to watch. Pete had one hand under Sandra’s tummy fondling Fi’s breasts.

I decided to add something new, I got Martin to come and kneel behind Sandra then I guided his cock to Fi’s mouth. I let her suck his cock for a few seconds then I pulled it out and guided it into Sandra’s vagina. Fi watched, close-up, as Martin’s cock slid into Sandra’s pussy. I only let him fuck her for a short time then made him pull out and I guided his cock back into Fi’s mouth. Fiona closed her eyes and slowly sucked on Martin’s cock, working her tongue around it for half a minute, groaning softly. Finally she released him and her eyes opened, “This is heaven.” she whispered, then “I’m gonna cum, I want to be fucked.”

Martin moved back, out of the way and Sandra climbed off her as Pete positioned himself between her thighs. Fi lifted her feet into the air and held her knees apart as Sandra grabbed a cushion and put it under Fi’s bum. I moved round to watch, I could see that her pussy was very wet and pussy juice was trickling down between her buttocks and dripping onto the sheet. Fi lifted her head to watch as Pete slid his cock all the way into her vagina. She groaned and whispered “Oh yeah…fuck me.”

As Pete complied with Fi’s request, Fi laid back again. I asked her if she’d like Martin to fuck her as well, she said “Yeah”. I straddled her face and lowered my still wet pussy to her lips. She kindly accepted and started sucking and licking me. Not for long though, within seconds Fi was cumming, her whole body pulsing with each wave of her orgasm. As her orgasm subsided Pete announced that he was “gonna cum”. Fi immediately cried “cum in my mouth”. Pete pulled out and I got out of the way quickly as Pete came towards me hurrying to get his cock in Fiona’s mouth. She opened wide to take his cock and I saw the first jet of cum land on her tongue, chin and neck just before she closed her lips around his knob. She grabbed his buttocks and held him tight to keep his cock in her mouth.

I quickly summoned Martin to come and take Pete’s place as I moved round between Fi’s legs. I licked her pussy for a few moments, she was dripping wet and tasted great. I sat back so that Martin could kneel between her thighs. I grabbed his cock and guided it into Fi’s dripping wet vagina. For a while, Fi had one cock in her mouth and another being thrust into her vagina. I moved round beside her, caressed her breasts and watched the boys’ cocks moving inside her. Pete eventually slid his softening cock out of her mouth, there was no sign of any cum in her mouth, she must have swallowed it. Then Martin whispered that he was cumming. Fiona said “That’s OK, keep fucking me.” He reached his climax and pushed his cock deep into her pussy one last time as he squirted his cum into her.

After half a minute, Martin pulled out of her and Fi lowered her feet to the floor and just lay there, legs open, with cum on her chin and a creamy mix of pussy juice and cum running from her pussy. I moved in between Fi’s legs again and took Martin’s cock and pulled it into my mouth and sucked the cum and pussy juice from him. Then I went down on Fiona again, licking her pussy, loving the tasty pussy juice and cum. There was a lot of pussy juice and a large wet patch on the sheet.

After a minute or so, Fiona was clearly starting to get aroused again, her pelvis moving in time with my licking. “Oh yeah, that’s good.” she said. She placed one hand gently on my head to encourage me to continue then, after another minute or two Fi said “Please don’t stop, I’m gonna cum again.” I kept going. She was breathing hard, mouth open and her body was trembling. After a few more seconds she was cumming hard, shaking and moaning as I tried to keep licking her. More pussy juice flowed from her, it tasted lovely and I licked it up as well as I could. I always love the taste of Sandra’s pussy juice but while she produced about a teaspoonful, Fi ‘s juices would fill a shot glass!

After a while she lay still and the rest of us sat around, exhausted. When she had recovered a little, Fiona told us that was by far the best sex she’d ever had and hoped we could do it again another day.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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