Watching Him Fuck My Friends

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Watching Him Fuck My Friends
After Mom had been thoroughly used by Eric and Jason, I got mine. Eric fucked me good that night. He always had the stamina to continue after a good fucking. I know this because I had been sleeping with him for some time. Jason stayed at the house that night, hanging out. Later in the night I could hear Mom and him talking in the living room. Words soon turned into grunts and moans as they enjoyed each others company a little more.

Eric and I, both exsausted from a good 3 hours of on and off fucking, passed out in the bed around 2 in the morning. I woke up a few mins after he fell asleep and got up to take a quick shower. To my amusement cum dripped out of my pussy when I stood up out of bed. After the shower I went back to my bed with a still sleeping Eric sprawled out. As I looked at him i realized something.

I had never watched him fuck a big beautiful woman, his favorite type of gal. Eric loved fucking every type of girl and on numerous occasions i watched him and partook in him fucking someone. But the curvy thick ones really made his cock go into overdrive. Then a deliciously naughty thought occurred to me.

I’ll set Eric up with a couple of bbws and watch from the other room. I wanted to see how he fucked when he thought it was just him and the girls.

The next day I called two girls who I knew would be down for a little dirty fun and were also curvy. One was a blue haired curvy punk girl named Katie. I had gone to school with Katie and new just what kind of a slut she was. The other was a curly haired brunette named Chloe. She was a bartender and I had met her on a night off at the bar she worked at. She was married but she still took me home the nigh we met and had me all night.

I invited the girls over and explained to them what I had in mind.

“Tomorrow night Im gonna call this guy I’ve been fucking, his name is Eric, and I’m going to invite him over to the house. I was wondering if you girls would like to be waiting for him when he gets here.”

Katie smiled. “Are we going to be his fuck toys for he night?”

I smiled back. I knew that Katie would be in for sure. “That was the idea babe! And while he is fucking your brains out, trust me he will, I’ll be in Mom and Dads room watching.”

“Look,” Chloe said, “I have been getting no dick at home so whatever you have in mind I’m down for. I literally dont give a fuck as long as I’m getting fucked!”

“Well good! If you want to you guys can stay here tonight and tomorrow. And there is something else i should probably mention. Eric loves thick chicks like you and from what I hear he almost always cums in the thick chicks.”

“Don’t worry sweety.” Chloe said, “I’m on the pill.”

Katie however had a dirty grin, “I’m fertile right now…”

“Well if your not wanting to risk getting a bun in your oven you should probably just watch with me because he doesn’t give you much warning before he unloads in you.”

Katie stood up and walked over to me. She laced her fingers through my hair and held my head firm as she kissed me and wrapped her tongue around mine. “Don’t worry,” She said as she let me go, “I think it will be hot as fuck to be breed. Now come on babe. Lets go relive some of our high school memories.”

Katie took Chloe and I by the hand and we spent the rest of the night licking, fucking and sucking.

Katie and Chloe waited in the living room, naked and ready. I was sitting on Mom and Dads bed with the lights out. With the bedroom door open I had a perfect view of the living room. The coffee table had been moved and a big blanket was covering the floor. Everything was ready.

The door bell rang and Katie went to answer. She opened the door and stood before Eric naked and ready. “Heeeey! You must be Eric!”

Eric walked in eyeing Katie hungrily. “Uh yeah. I’m Eric. Kim said to come over.”

Katie began to undo his belt. “Well she isn’t here so you can fuck us instead! I’m Katie by the way….” She dropped his pants. He didn’t wear underwear when he expected to met me, so his cock was exposed. “….and I’m very fertile at the moment.”

What happened next I had only seen happen a few times. Eric’s cock began to rise and grow rapidly. Katie walked away from him and sat on the couch next to Chloe,spreading her legs just the way Chloe was. As he looked at them his cock throbbed and twitched as if trying to cum. Pre-cum began to ooze from his cock and drip down to the floor as Eric began to breath a bit harder.

“Holy shit Chloe….look at that. We are in for it now.” Katie remarked.

Chloe was already fingering herself. “Girl im ready for it.”

Eric looked at Chloe and then took his shirt off as he rushed over to her. Eric grabbed her hips and lifted her up to were her pussy was level with his cock. He thrust hard and deep into her dark bush. Chloe gasped and then began to moan. Eric began thrusting vigorously into her pussy and as he did this he began to grunt and moan loudly. Chloe’s eyes widen in surprise.

“Holy fuck…..holy fuck…..OH SHIIIIT!!” Chloe reached over and held Katie’s hand, “He’s cumming! Oh my fucking god he is cumming! There’s so much!” She began to writhe around Eric’s cock. “I’m cumming!!”

Katie leaned over and began sucking on Chloe’s tits while she was getting rammed by Eric. I watched in amazement. How quickly he had mounted her. And from the looks of it, him cumming wasnt going to be a problem as he actually speed up after he came.

Chloe moaned and screamed in ecstasy as he fucked her. Eric pulled out. Cum poured out of her pussy and dripped onto the floor. Eric grabbed Katie’s and laid it on Chloe’s stomach. “Open your mouth.” Katie obeyed. Eric held her head and thrust into her throat. “Clean it off good for me.”

Katie began deep throating his cock. Needless to say my fingers were hard at work on my pussy by now. I could hear all the sloppy sucking and suction from Katie’s mouth as Eric fucked her face. He then withdrew from her mouth, leaving Katie gasping and gagging, and held Chloe by the hips a little higher this time. Without warning he began pressing his cock against Chloe’s asshole. Chloe began to moan. She loved some ass play.

Finally his cock made its way in and began the familiar pumping motions. Eric groaned and grunted as he fucked Chloe’s ass, his balls swinging and slapping her ass a bit. Katie began licking Chloe’s pussy as Eric took care of her ass. Soon Chloe came again. Eric pulled out and let go of her. Now it was Katie’s turn.

Eric grabbed Katie by the ankles and and spread her legs apart. Chloe laid next to the two panting and sweating. It hadn’t seemed like it but Chloe had gotten a good fifteen minutes of fucking between her ass and pussy.

Eric rubbed his cock against her pussy. “So your fertile huh?”

Katie licked her lips. “Hell yeah baby. So I hope you got some more cock milk for me.”

“Dont worry…” Eric slide into Katie, “…I’ve got plenty.”

Eric began his rhythmic pumping and Katie began her chorus of moans and screams. “Come on baby! I want that cum! Fuck me! Yeah! FUCKING FUCK ME! Thats it! Right there!!” Katie shook and quivered as the wave of an orgasm consumed her. Eric went harder throwing her into more intense heights of orgasm.

After about ten minutes and two orgasms, Eric was nearing cumming again. Chloe was lazily rubbing her clit and watching. “You ready for my cum baby? You ready for me to seed you?”

I thought Katie was going to cum from him asking that. “Gimme…that…cum…oh god…please! Cum in me! Fill me up!”

Eric thrust in deep and froze, twitching and grunting. I could see his balls contracting as his cock pumped his seed into Katie’s fertile pussy. Katie twitched and quivered as she came for a fourth time.

Eric pulled out and cum oozed out of Katie’s pussy.

Eric, Chloe and Katie laid on the couch making out till they fell asleep. I came a couple of times on Mom and Dads bed a few times so i would have to try and remember to change the sheets later. But for now i laid down and went to sleep. It had been a good night.

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