Watching the Boys Part 1

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Watching the Boys Part 1
My name is Frank, and I’m a successful business man in my mid forties.
I have two sons, thirteen year old Bryan, and sixteen year old Ben. My wife
passed away a year ago, and I’ve tried to be there for my sons as much as I
can since their mother’s passing. But with my busy schedule as the head of
my own company, I`ve had to travel a lot. This took me away from my sons,
and I needed to find someone to watch over them, as well as my large house
in Calabasas, while I’m gone during my extended business trips. I put an
ad on Craigslist looking for someone who could watch after my two boys, and
my house. After looking at a few responses I found what looked to be the
perfect answer to what I was seeking.
His name was Jamal, and was available to move into the house for an
extended period of time. He was a professional body guard and worked for a
lot of high profile clients in the music industry. His resume was
impressive and he had previous experience working with c***dren as clients.
After a few emails back and forth, I finally invited Jamal over to the
house to meet him in person, and to have him meet my youngest boy, Bryan.
I greeted Jamal at the door and was impressed by his physical presence when
first seeing him. Jamal towered over me with his 6′ 2 inch muscular frame,
but his warm smile and gentle handshake eased the imposing image of him as
I invited the strikingly good looking African American man into the house.
Jamal followed behind me as I lead him into the spacious living room
were Bryan was waiting. Bryan’s eyes got wide as he saw the impressive man
standing in the foyer looking around.
“Jamal, this is my youngest son Bryan.” I said, Jamal walked up to
Bryan, who then reached out for a friendly hand shake with the boy. Bryan
gently shook Jamal’s hand as Bryan, still sitting on the couch, strained
his neck up to look at the towering man’s warm smiling face. “Hi Bryan,
nice to meet you” said Jamal in his low bass voice. “Hi.” Bryan squeaked
out with a shy smile and blushed slightly. The small thirteen year old in awe
at the man standing in front of him.
Jamal took a seat on the couch next to Bryan. “My other son, Ben is
away at camp and won’t be back for a few weeks.” I said as I sat across
from him to go over the arrangements about the house and the boys. As I
went over the details of what was expected, I noticed his pants showed off
, what looked to be, an impressive bulge. I couldn’t help but glance at it
when I thought he wasn’t looking. Getting my mind out of the gutter, I
refocused at the business at hand and finished up going over the final
“Let me give you a tour of the house.” I showed Jamal around the
expansive house with Bryan quietly following us. I gave Jamal a tour of
the kitchen and the dinning room, which was just off of the living room.
As we left the kitchen I pointed out the pool and spa out in the backyard,
and the vast, beautifully manicured lawn behind it. As we headed to go
upstairs I pointed out my office, where the computer was set up and my own
personal entertainment center stationed around my equally impressive
executive desk.
I showed him the upstairs, were all the bedrooms were located. The
boys each had their own rooms and Jamal would be staying in the guest room
next to the boys’ rooms and across from the bathroom. Jamal didn’t mind
sharing the large bathroom with the boys. The main feature was the large
shower encased in glass, with several shower heads along one wall. Large
enough for several people to fit in. An impressive shower for an
impressive house.
The final room on the second floor was the master bedroom, that had
it’s own equally impressive bathroom with separate tub and shower. “If you
get tired of the guest room you can always crash in here.” I said to Jamal.
The highlight of the tour though was the basement, a combination
screening room and workout gym. The screening room had three rows of
reclining leather couches situated in front of a large screen with a top of
the line HD projector mounted to the ceiling. The room was painted black
for that movie theatre experience. The back wall was actually a room
divider and I slide it open to reveal a top of the line work out gym. The
walls lined with mirrors from floor to ceiling. On the left was another
bathroom complete with a shower and a small sauna. Everything for an
executive of his own company to have.
After the tour I gave Jamal a set of house keys and the code to the
house security system. As we said our goodbye’s, Jamal shook Bryan’s hand
and said “It was nice meeting you young man, I hope we get along better
than two peas in a pod.” Bryan didn’t answer, just smiled shyly and
blushed again as he shook his head yes.
“See you tomorrow.” I said as he walked out to his car.

I had Jamal stay at the house a few days before I had to leave on my
trip to help get him settle in. Bryan warmed up to Jamal and it looked
like the little guy liked having a new friend around the house. Jamal was
great with him, and it was nice to see Bryan act like a normal k** again.
Bryan had become somewhat reclusive after the loss his mom. And I wondered
if that spell of depression would ever be lifted. My older son Ben handled
it better than Bry, and I was thankful that Ben was supportive to both me
and his little brother during that time. With Ben away at camp, having
Jamal around was a nice relief for Bryan.
For my last night at the house before the big trip, the three of us
had a fabulous bar-be-cue dinner then retired to the screening room to
watch one of Bryan’s favorite films, the 2003 live action version of Peter
Pan. It was also one of my favorites as I secretly lusted after the actor
who played Peter, Jeremy Sumpter. A hot boy in my book.
As we got comfortable on the big leather recliners, Bryan hopped up on
Jamal’s lap. I had noticed over the last few days the two had been getting
closer and closer, and seeing Bryan on Jamal’s lap sent dirty thoughts
racing through my mind. I quickly snapped out of my dirty day dream and
settled back to watch the film.
My attention quickly returned to the man and boy sitting to my left as
high pitched boy screams and laughing filled the room. Jamal was tickling
my son, trying to get the remote out of the young boys hands. Bryan had
his arms straight up in the air, holding the remote as high as he could ,
but also giving Jamal easy access to the boy’s smooth body. Jamal took
advantage of this, and had slide his hands up under my sons shirt, and it
looked like he was feeling up my sons smooth body more than tickling. Then
I noticed Jamal making small thrusts with his hips as the boy continued to
wiggle against the hunky African American man. Bryan, leaning back against
the strong frame of the man, was giggling uncontrollably while also
grinding his boy ass down against the thrusts of the mans hips. My son
yelled “I give up! I give up!” while gasping for air, as he finally
handed over the remote. “You shouldn’t disobey me!” Jamal said jokingly,
as he made one more thrust up into the boy to give his words some
exclamation. The boy giggled and wiggled his hips some more on Jamal. I
thought I saw Jamal gasp as my boy did this, but sometimes boys can be a
little rough.
Jamal dimmed the lights with a push of the remote and the movie
started. About half way through the film I glanced over and noticed the
two looking very relaxed. Jamal must have put his hands up under Bryan’s
shirt again as I saw slow movement of my son’s shirt as the glow from the
screen lit them up. Bryan had a relaxed look on his face as he leaned back
against Jamal. Bryan’s eyes looked heavy. Almost as if he was on the verge
of falling asleep.
The movie ended and the lights slowly dimmed up. Bryan looked like he
was asleep, still sitting on Jamal’s lap. We both started to get up, Jamal
started to rise while picking up Bryan to carry the sleepy boy upstairs.
That’s when I noticed a noticeable bulge in Jamal’s sweat pants. Then it
hit me. Was Bryan sitting on his hard cock through the whole movie?
Bryan stirred as Jamal lifted him up in his arms. “You promised milk
and cookies before bed.” said the sleepy boy. “Uh oh, well I guess I did
didn`t I?” chuckled Jamal.
I replied “You boys, can have some cookies, I need to get up early to
catch my flight.”
“Aw, O.K. daddy.” said a disappointed Bryan. As Jamal turned while
holding Bryan, I thought I saw Jamal’s bulge shift in his sweat pants. It
looked like his cock was rock hard but with the dim lighting I thought my
eyes were playing tricks on me. I over hear Jamal say “You go get ready
for bed and I’ll bring the milk and cookies up to your room.” “Yay!’ Bryan
yells with new energy, and darts up the basement stairs to his room. I
follow Jamal up the stairs as he heads toward the kitchen and I head for my
room for the night.
I stop by my son’s room and peek in and see Bryan sliding off his
board shorts revealing his hot little body. I stare at the epitome of boy
as my eyes take in the sight before me. Long smooth legs, tight boy ass,
smooth skin, topped off with a beautiful mop of straight brown hair. I
start to harden but quickly snap myself out of my hypnotic state. “Hey Bry,
can I get a kiss before I go to bed?” Bryan turns to me and smiles “Yes
daddy!” and runs over, still in just his cute Superman underwear, and gives
me a huge hug and a kiss on my cheek. I can feel his hard boy nail as he
presses it against me. “Good night dad.” he whispers. “Good night son,
see you in the morning.” I reply, and head for my bedroom.
After closing the door I hear Jamal coming up the stairs and announce
“Who’s ready for cookies and milk?” Immediately I hear Bryan say excitedly
“I do! I do!” I hear them continue talking but it becomes muffled as the
door to Bryan’s room closes.
I shower and take a sleeping pill to make sure I fall asleep, and
check my bag one more time. After double checking everything, I finally
climbed into bed. As I slowly drift off to sleep I hear low moaning from
down the hall, and then some excited giggles. I’m glad Jamal and my son
are connecting so well. I drift off to sleep to the continued sounds of
grunts and high pitched squeals as Jamal and my son enjoy each others

The alarm goes off! I blink. My blurry eyes open and try to shake
off the effects of the sleeping pill I took last night. I roll out of bed
and quickly stumble into the bathroom to take a quick wake me up shower and
get myself together for the airport. I quickly dress and stumble down
stairs to the kitchen. The smell of a fresh made pot of coffee greets me
like a welcome friend as I enter the kitchen. Jamal is sitting at the
counter reading the morning paper. “Good morning Frank.” Jamal said with
friendly a chipper voice
“Oh thank god you made coffee! So need this right now!” As I pour
myself a cup, I glance at my watch, “the airport van will be here any
moment” I say to myself.
“Let me wake up Bryan so he can say good bye before you leave.” Jamal
says, as he rises out of his chair towards the stairs. “No, don’t wake him
if he’s sleeping.” I reply. “Don’t be silly, he’d love to say good bye to
you.” as Jamal goes upstairs to get Bryan.
Just then my cell phone goes off, alerting me that the airport van is
outside. I grabbed my bag, take one final drink of my coffee, then head
out to the front door. As I’m heading for the front door, I spot my sleepy
son making his way down the stair. Still dressed in his Superman
underwear, he groggily smiles as he see’s me and catches up to me as I stop
at the open front door. He jumps up into my arms and hugs me, I take in
his young boy smell as we share a moment. I also catch a whiff of
something I can’t quite put my finger on.
Bryan pulls back from the hug as I cup his cute little boy ass in my
hands. “I’ll miss you daddy.” he says quietly. Bryan leans in and kisses
me on the lips, but I feel his tongue push against my lips and before my
sleepy mind can register what’s going on we start to French kiss like long
lost lovers. My mind pops back to reality and I pull back from my son,
slightly shocked as to what has just happened between us. “Where did you
learn that?” I gasp. Bryan looks at me with a big smile and says “That’s
how people who really love each other say goodbye.” I also start to feel
his little boy nail poking me in stomach.
“O.K. son, but we need to talk about that later.” I say in my best
fatherly tone. Bryan nods, still smiling at me as I lower him to the
ground. I gather my things and make a mad dash for the airport shuttle. I
look out the van window at my son, with Jamal now standing behind him. We
both wave at each other as I watch my boy and Jamal waving goodbye in the
doorway of my beautiful house. “I hope Jamal and my son can keep each
other company and not drive each other crazy” I think to myself. Then I
refocus my energy on my trip and what lies ahead.

It’s been a long day of traveling and I finally get into my hotel
room. Exhausted, I barely have enough energy to set up my computer and log
on to the hotels wi-fi. I decide to get some much needed sleep and crash,
so I have enough energy for the next couple of days and adjust for the time
After a restful nights sleep and a couple of good meetings during the
day with clients, I get back to my hotel room and log on to the computer.
The house Skype is online and I send an IM to see who’s online.
Jamal responds “Hi Frank, how’s the trip going ? I type back “Going
great! I hope Bryan hasn’t been driving you crazy?” “No, he’s a great
boy, let me get him and I’ll turn the cam on.”
The web cam connects and I see Bryan and Jamal sitting in my home
office. Bryan looks like he’s sitting on Jamal’s lap, it must be a typical
hot day in Calabasas, both Jamal and Bryan are bare-chested.
“Hi Bry, how are you doing son?” I ask. “Great dad! Jamal and I are
having a great time!” the boy says with a beaming smile. “Don’t get too
hyper on Jamal.” I say with a smile. Bryan rolls his eyes and giggles “I
won’t dad.” “That’s good son. Make sure you do whatever Jamal tells you
to do.” I respond. “I will dad!” Bryan say’s with a big smile. “Now,
Jamal and I need to talk grown up stuff O.K.?” I add.
“Sure dad, Love you!” he says beaming. “I love you too son!” I
respond. Bryan slides off Jamal’s lap and starts for the outer hallway.
As he exit’s the office I notice he’s wearing a white skimpy speedo that
hugs his ass like a glove. I`ve never seen him wear anything like that
before. I re-focus my attention back to Jamal who now has a lustful wicked
smile on his face as he see`s my reaction to Bryan`s new attire.
“What was my son wearing?” I asked Jamal.
“He’s now becoming one of my boys.” he replied.
“One of YOUR boys?!” I say slightly panicked. “I don’t think you’ll
mind Frank, especially with all the boy porn I found on your computer. You
should hide that stuff better you know.” A cold sweat washed over me and
my mouth went dry.
“What have you done to my son?” I ask breathlessly. “Oh, I think
you’ll like it. I sent you a clip for you to enjoy. But right now I have
other things to attend to. And thank you for being such a generous host.”
Jamal said with the most lustful grin I ever saw.
Jamal then called out, “Bryan! Time for some fun!” I watched as I
saw my thirteen year old son reappeared in the door way of my office, still
wearing that tight Speedo, his little boy nail was hard and pushing against
the front of the tight white speedos. Then I noticed Jamal stand up. He
was completely naked with a massively hard cock jutting out from his
perfectly sculpted body. The last thing I saw was Jamal’s perfectly shaped
ass as he turned to my son and my son saying in his high pitched boy voice
“TRY AND CATCH ME!” Then the video feed went dead. Shocked, I stared at
the screen. Unable to comprehend what I had just seen.
I hated what I just saw, but I also hated the fact that I was now
completely hard and couldn’t get the image of my son and Jamal naked and
alone in my house. What have they been up to? I did have a sexual
attraction to boys but I always tried to keep my sons out of my fantasies.
But after the Skype session, my head was flooded with all the stored sexual
images of my sons that I’d kept repressed in the back of my mind for years.
As I sat staring at the blank image of the Skype screen, my hard cock
straining in my pants, the laptop suddenly chimed, snapping me out of my
lustful daydream about my sons. I opened my account, and saw it had one
new email labeled “MILK AND COOKIES” with a video file attached to it.
I clicked on the file and the video player pops up on the screen. The
image is dark and the sound muffled at first, then I hear Jamal`s voice
“Time for Milk and Cookies!” which is immediately followed by “Yay!” from
Whatever is recording the image is placed down and the image settles.
I immediately recognize it as Bryan’s bedroom, specifically a view of
Bryan’s bed. Bryan is sitting on the bed looking excited as Jamal comes
into frame holding a tray with a tall glass of milk and a giant chocolate
chip cookie on it. Jamal joins Bryan on the bed and set’s the tray with
the milk and the giant cookie down between them.
Bryan looks at the large cookie and say’s, with a curious look ,
“What`s that stuff on top?”
Jamal smiles “This cookie has a special frosting on top.” as he picks
up the giant cookie.
“I call it my special love frosting.” Jamal continues, raising it up
to Bryan’s lips. The boy opens his mouth and starts to take large bites
out of the cookie.
“I only make it for special boys, like you.” say’s Jamal, as the boy
chews the bites he took.
“Mmmm, that’s yummy!” the boy say’s between chews and continues to
eat the rest of the cookie out of Jamal’s hand. “I liked the frosting! It
was yummy!” As Bryan drank some milk to wash down the cookie.
“I’m glad you liked it. I made the frosting while we were watching
the movie. And you helped me make it” states Jamal.
With a milk mustache still fresh on his face, Bryan tilts his head,
with a confused look on his face “How did I help you make it?” Jamal
smiles and leans back on his arms displaying a large bulge in his sweat
pants. Bryan’s eyes grow wide as he stares at it in awe.
Jamal rubs his hand over the growing bulge “Remember feeling this as
you sat on my lap during the movie?” Bryan nods still staring at the
bulge. “This is where the special frosting comes from. Do you want to see
how I make it?” Jamal asks.
Bryan smirks with a far away look on his face and whispers “Yeah”.
Jamal smiles, “First we need to take our clothes off.”
Bryan pops out of his stare and looks at Jamal with a questioning look
“Because I don’t want us to get our clothes dirty if we spill it.”
Jamal says with a fatherly tone as he removes his shirt. Bryan watches the
African American man strip in font of him. He can’t help but stare at the
muscular torso of the man as my son slowly removes his Superman underwear.
Jamal pauses to watch my son move his underwear down his coltish legs, then
drops them on the floor. My son is now completely naked and totally
vulnerable as Jamal eyes his prize.
Jamal then starts to remove his sweat pants, his large cock springs
free and slaps against his washboard stomach, Jamal continues to push his
sweat pants down and off till both Jamal and my son now sit completely
naked on the bed.
Bryan’s eyes go wide as he finally sees Jamal’s member in all it’s
glory. My son, always a curious boy, leans in to take a closer look at
Jamal’s impressive 8 inch cock. “This is where my special love frosting
comes from.” says Jamal, as he lightly strokes the base of his cock.
“But that’s your we we? How can it come from your we we?” Bryan
responds, his face all scrunched up.
“Let me show you. And it`s not called a we we, this is called your
cock.” Jamal says as he starts to stoke his thick cock more forcefully.
Bryan continues to watch in awe as a clear fluid begin to leak out of the
massive black flesh tube. After a few long strokes, Jamal takes some of
the accumulated pre-cum with his finger and puts it up to my son’s lips.
“Taste it.” Jamal calmly says.
Bryan looks at Jamal’s finger cautiously for a moment, then starts to
lick the liquid off the dark finger. Bryan is soon sucking Jamal’s finger,
only pulling back when the boy felt the finger was clean.
“How was that?” Jamal asks my son.
“It was O.K., but not as good as the stuff on the cookie.” replied
“That’s because I need some extra help to make my special love
frosting come out. And you can help me make it come out.” Jamal says
still stroking his cock.
Bryan looks at Jamal curiously “How can I help?”
“First we need to share some love, to get my special love frosting
tasting the best it can be for you.” Jamal says “And to do that, I need to
show you how to kiss, like you really love someone. You wanna try and make
a batch with me Bry?” Jamal asks.
Bryan smiles “Yeah! What do I have to do?”
Jamal removes the tray and lays back on my son’s bed.
“Go ahead and climb up and lay down on top of me.” says Jamal. Bryan
climbs on top of Jamal, his coltish boy legs on either side of Jamal’s
waist. Jamal and my son are now gazing into each other’s eyes like lost
lovers as Jamal run’s his hand up and down Bryan’s smooth back. I can
barely make out what Jamal is saying as he whispers to my son.
“I love you Bry, like my own son.” Jamal then gently kisses Bry on
the lips, sending a shiver through my young son`s body. “This is how two
people kiss if they really love each other, just follow my lead O.K.?”
Jamal say’s reassuringly. Bryan nods his head.
Jamal leans in and kisses Bryan again, Bryan’s head jerks slightly as
he feels Jamal’s tongue gently press against his lips. Then Bryan’s body
relaxes as he opens his mouth to accept Jamal`s tongue into his. Like a
switch being turned on, Bryan and Jamal start to kiss like mad, both
moaning loudly. My boy starts to grind his hips against Jamal as their
tongues duel with each other and their breathing increases. Jamal can’t
get enough of my son as his hands caress my boy all over.
The image of my thirteen year old son, his white smooth boy skin,
contrasting with Jamal’s toned dark skin, was so erotic to watch as they
lost themselves in wanting lust. I watch Jamal’s hands center their
attention on my boy’s smooth shapely ass. Running his fingers up and down
my son’s crack. Each pass of his fingers going a bit deeper in between
those perfect boy mounds.
As Jamal and Bryan continued to French kiss, I watch as Jamal’s
fingers start to rub something in slow circular motions. I watch Jamal
take one of his hands and rub it on the tip of his, now profusely leaking
cock. He then takes his lubed up fingers and joins his other hand that’s
rubbing Bryan’s ass. His lubed up hand disappears between the boys mounds.
Jamal’s slick finger must have found Bryan’s boy hole as Bryan emit’s a
loud moan and his ass starts to arch up. Bryan’s kissing intensifies and
his breathing goes up a notch. Jamal’s finger starts to disappear from
view as my boy is skewered on the black man’s fingers.
As I watched my thirteen year old son enjoy his very first moments of anal
stimulation of his young life. I couldn’t resist the thought of pulling
out my cock and jerking off. I quickly unzipped my pants and started to
stroke my rock hard cock to the sounds and images of my son being
deflowered in his own room.
Back on the screen, Jamal broke his kiss with my son and asked
breathlessly “Are you ready for some fresh love frosting?” Bryan smiled
and nodded with Jamal’s saliva still stringing down off his mouth. “Yeah”
“Good, cause I feel a batch ready to come out” smiles Jamal. “Go
ahead and get between my legs and start licking my cock like a popsicle.”
The eager boy slides down Jamal’s body and takes a hold of Jamal’s cock and
starts to lick the purple head like it’s his favorite ice cream cone.
Frank moans as he watches his son’s tongue dance all over the black
man’s bulbous cock head. Jamal’s head tilts back and he lets out a loud
Jamal moans “Ohhhh, fuck yeah Bry! Start sucking on it!”. Bryan
starts to take Jamal’s cock into his pre-pubescent boy mouth. “Suck that
frosting out baby boy! Get that fresh love frosting out of my cock!”
Encouraged by the sounds Jamal is making, my boy starts to suck
harder, and takes the black cock deeper into his mouth. Bryan gets about
three inches of it into his mouth before he gags, as the large head hit’s
the back of his throat.
“Mmmmm… it’s O.K. baby boy……you don’t have to take any more than
you can handle tonight.” as Jamal strokes my son’s hair, comforting him,
Bryan continues his sucking.
“I’ll teach you how to suck on daddy’s cock and take it deep soon
enough.” as Jamal watches my son’s head enthusiastically bob up and down on
his hard cock.
“Yeah, keep sucking!” Jamal grunts as Bryan grabs the black cock with
both hands. “The love frosting is almost ready! Stroke it out of me son!”
Bryan starts to suck faster on Jamal’s cock while stroking the thick base
with his small boy hands.
“Oh fuck son!” Jamal moans. “Your doing a great job!” grunts Jamal,
as he starts to make little upward thrust into my sons stretched mouth.
Bryan intensified his sucking, concentrating on Jamal’s hard bulbous head,
as Jamal neared his climax.
“Ohhhhhhh yeah, take it baby, you’re about to get a fresh full load of
my love frosting.”
Bryan then surprised Jamal by shoving as much of Jamal’s cock as he
could get into his mouth. The boy sucking and swallowing hard on the end
of the black swollen member. This pushed Jamal over the edge as his cock
was messaged by the thirteen year olds virgin mouth.
“Yessssssssssss!” Jamal yells. “Ohhhhhhhhhhh fuckkkk yeahhhhh baby!!!”
as Jamal feels his cum start to erupt up his shaft. Bryan can feel Jamal’s
cock become hard as steel, then he hears Jamal grunt loudly, then his mouth
is flooded with the familiar taste he had earlier when eating the cookie.
But this time it’s warm and fresh, but there’s so much more of it!
Bryan tries to swallow as fast as Jamal is shooting, but it’s a losing
battle, as Bryan’s mouth is quickly overloaded with love frosting. Bryan
swallows a few mouth full’s of Jamal’s cum, but pulls off, as Jamal’s
special love frosting continues to fire out of the top of Jamal’s hard
tool. A few shot’s land in Bryan’s hair and on his face as Bryan catches
his breath and watches Jamal’s cock ejaculate in his hands.
“Oh fuck baby boy!” moans Jamal, “Don’t let my love frosting go to
Bryan smiles, his face coated with cum, as Jamal guides his spurting
cock back into Bryan’s mouth. Bryan starts to suck on Jamal’s cock again,
like a straw, as Bryan hungrily swallows the rest of Jamal’s load. Jamal
continues to moan out as he feels the little nymph slide his tongue all
around his head, collecting Jamal’s cum with his boy tongue and swallowing
Jamal makes a final moan and collapses back on the boys bed as Bryan
cleans Jamal’s cock with his tongue. “Fuck son, that was great.” Jamal
say’s glancing down at Bryan, panting like a race horse. Bryan giggles,
happy that he gave his new friend so much pleasure.
“Did you like my love frosting?” Jamal asks.
“Yes!” Bryan smiles wide with his face still covered in cum, “It was
“You can have as much of my special love frosting as you like son.”
Jamal say lovingly, as he stokes Bryan’s cum coated hair.
“Now come here and give your new daddy a kiss.” Jamal says with a
smile. Bryan proceeds to climb up and rest his small boyish frame on
Jamal’s sweaty body, The two kiss passionately as the man and boy thrust
tongues against one another sharing Jamal`s creamy load that covers Bryan`s
innocent face.
“O.K. son, let me kiss your we we and make you feel as good as you did
to me.”
Bryan eagerly works his way up till he’s sitting on Jamal’s chest, I
watch Jamal’s face lower down in between Bryan’s legs as Bryan looks on.
Bryan suddenly intakes a slight breath as Jamal makes contact with my son’s
little boy nail. Bryan moans and grabs hold of Jamal’s head and starts to
grind his hips into the man’s face. I then see Jamal take his fingers,
lubed with some of his cum, and start to work them into Bryan’s boy hole.
Bryan moans even louder as Jamal finds the boys prostate. My hotel room
fills with the loud boyish moans of my son as Jamal ravishes and
manipulates my son’s body.
I see Jamal’s cock start to harden again. Then Jamal slowly turns his
body away from the camera taking my son with him and hiding my son from
view. All I can see is Jamal’s back and my boy’s legs sticking out from
the sides of Jamal’s head. The sounds of my boy’s moans intensifies as
what ever Jamal is doing is really driving my boy to the edge. I see Bry’s
legs wrap around Jamal’s head and the unmistakable sounds of my boy
experiencing his first intense orgasm. Then the screen goes blank.
Frank stares at his laptop, unable to comprehend what he just saw.
But his body is on autopilot as he continues to stroke his leaking cock.
He closes his eyes and lets out a long moan as the images he just witnessed
played back in his head. It takes a few pulls for Frank to cum all over
him self in one of the most intense orgasms he’s ever had. As he comes
down from his high, Frank feels guilty for getting off on seeing his son
take his first load from Jamal.
“Oh shit.” Frank says to himself as he realizes the situation he`s

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