We Both Love Having Sex While Dressed In Tights Pa

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We Both Love Having Sex While Dressed In Tights Pa
Hi Just wondering if anyone has had this experience and if not I highly recommend trying it.

As you all know by now me and my lady are both into having mutual tights nights,we both enjoy sitting around in tights, eat dinner watch tv and really just chill out in nylon, my lady even encourages it now and she knows how much I enjoy it, and gets a very good hard shag out of it so has no complaints.

Anyway we had had our evening of nylon planned I changed into my semi opaque tights when she got back from work, I dont usually wear sheer tights as I don’t won’t to shave my legs and I think it looks silly men’s hairy legs in nylon,my lady had been wearing her 20 denier barely black tights for almost 8 hours already so they had some lovely lady smells already,theres nothing quite like the smell of pussy and a slight hint of droplets of pee through tights it seems to linger longer than on panties, it makes a delicious taste to eat out her pussy through the nylon,she always wears tights with a brief section so she doesn’t have to wear panties,as she doesn’t like to have her pussy suffocated.

After relaxing for a few hours in our tights, we decided to indulge in some sex, we had the usual foreplay of rubbing each other through our tights, my favorite being when she doesn’t touch my cock but rubs the inside of my nylon clad thighs and belly, its a tease and I want to scream touch my cock but I resist and the sensual feel of her rubbing me through my tights gives me a very steely hard throbbing cock, that nearly goes off just with the nylon rubbing.

After a while we progressed to some oral sex through our tights,sucking and licking each other through the nylon until were both wet,she always squirts when I rub her pussy through her nylon and she loves tasting the pre cum as it leaks through my tights.

She told me how horny she was and needed some cock so I gladly obliged by laying her on her back and pulling her tights down over her knees so that I didn’t have to rip them and so I could feel the nylon as I entered and fucked her, with her legs in the air I stuck my cock deep in her pussy right to the balls, she must have been really horny from the foreplay as she almost immediately squirted my cock making her pussy quite wet, sometimes she gets too wet and then I have to use her back door entrance for some bum fun, but tonight I fancied giving her a pussy full of my man mousse.

This is when the magical thing happened,I was thrusting forward deep into her,and while holding her nylon clad ankles noticed that a lovely smell was coming from her tights gusset from the days wear and were I`d made her squirt into her tights gusset, they were more or less level with my face, and I found as I fucked her the smell was enhancing my performance and I felt a rush of cum unexpectedly leave my ball sack.

I then bent forward more and put my face fully into the tights panty gusset making a sort of nylon mask breathing in her all day worn tights mixed with her sex juices from our foreplay, immediately my lady sensed that it had had an effect on me and a full load of man juice was about to be deposited deep in her pussy, so as i started to fuck her harder,she met my thrusts by bucking her ass back and forth onto my cock,I then took one long hard sniff of her gusset and while holding onto her tighted ankles banged my cock and balls into her and almost screamed as I let loose my jizz, it felt like I was pumping gallons of the stuff into her.

WOW! i was just about to collapse on top of her when she screamed “NO!NO!NO!keep going” and banged her ass back on my well spent cock,i just about managed to keep my erection long enough for her to bring herself to a climax, a red faced, gasping, out of breath climax and at that moment. I Knew what to do I slowly pulled my cock out of her pussy and as I pulled it to the entrance,she forced a massive squirt of pussy juice out splashing my cock balls and belly FANTASTIC!


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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