Wendy’s Wedding Night Surprise!

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Wendy’s Wedding Night Surprise!
Was this the perfect wedding for both bride and groom?

It has now been 10 years since Wendy and I were married. Our sex life has always been good but as with most marriages that initial “lust fest” has worn off, with c***dren also doing their best to dampen any ardour.

This tale relates to the time just before we were married, right up to our wedding day. This was a time when we were still very spontaneous and regularly exhausted each other wherever and whenever the moment took us.

This was a time when my desire for another man to join us was strong although not as strong as it is ten years on.

Having known each other for a year before our wedding day, we had spoken about our old flames and sexual encounters. I learnt that Wendy hadn’t had anything other than one lover at a time (she didn’t like the idea of threesomes, never mind foursomes), and she knew of my desire to have a man join us but refused to even discuss it.

Well, it was now a week before the wedding and we were both due to have our stag and hen nights (bachelor and bachelorette parties). Nothing too raucous was planned, just a night out with our friends and probably too much alcohol.

For me it was a bar-crawl ending up in a night club. I requested that no strippers were hired and the guys were true to their word and didn’t get one for me.

For Wendy it was a meal out with her friends followed by a trip to the local club to dance the night away.

This brings us to “now”, 4 days after the parties but 3 days before our wedding.

I was at the wedding photographer’s studio paying the deposit so that the photographer would turn up on the big day.

As my payment was going through the young trainee photographer was talking to the receptionist about the pictures he had taken the previous weekend.

“My tutor says that we should always carry a camera around with us as you never know when you’ll need it, and now I know why. You should see some of the pictures I took!” he said to he young girl.

The receptionist seemed to be oblivious to me standing there as she carried on talking “She was doing that in public?!” she exclaimed.

“Well you better show me then, it may be someone I know” she said to him, gesturing him to get the pictures he had taken.

The photographer came back with about thirty snaps. After looking at each one, the gasps from the receptionist grew louder and louder.

“Oh my word” she continued.

“And this was her hen night!” the photographer added.

“What a slut! I hope the groom doesn’t find out” she replied.

Just then, an buzzer went off in the dark room.

“Hang onto them” he shouted to the receptionist, as he ran back into the dark room.

I was, by now, very intrigued and wanted to see the pictures, but the young guy had left them face down. Unlike the receptionist I didn’t care who was in them, I just wanted to see the pictures!

Luckily the receptionist informed me that she needed to get authorisation from her boss for the payment and left me on my own by the pictures.

With no one looking I picked them up. The first few pictures were of an athletic, young black guy stripping down to his g-string in a crowded bar. As I turned the next few over I began to recognise some of Wendy’s friends.

Then I saw the black guy with the woman at the centre of attention in the bar…it was Wendy, my bride to be!!

At first the pictures seemed innocent enough. She was clapping along with the rest of her friends as he stripped until he got down to his g-string. It was then he whipped out a blindfold and put it onto Wendy.

Then he teased her by getting her to suck on a banana, and then he coaxed her into taking off his g-string with her mouth, though judging by her smile I’m not sure she was unwilling.

The next photo showed her rubbing cream onto his chest, followed by her rubbing cream onto his big, erect black cock. I was stunned but incredibly turned on.

With the next couple of pictures I nearly came in my pants, there and then. They showed Wendy licking the cream of his cock, then sucking his cock and finally having him cum in her mouth and over her face.

I suddenly realised that the receptionist was right; my wife-to-be was a slut. There was I trying to get her to have a threesome with no luck and here she was, on her knees, sucking off a black guy until he came over her face.

The last few pictures drove home the fact she was enjoying herself, as they revealed her taking off the blindfold and then licking the guys cock clean, all with a big smile on her face. I knew she was drunk, but still couldn’t believe it.

At that moment I could hear footsteps and rushed through the remaining pictures before standing there completely staggered.

The only reason why I was slightly cross was that I hadn’t witnessed it in person and that Wendy hadn’t mentioned it to me so that somehow we could take it a step further.

The receptionist came back and knew I had taken a peek, “Don’t worry, Sir, these are private pictures. All your photos will be strictly confidential”.

That may well have been so but within a week she would put 2 and 2 together and make 4, realising that that “slut” was now my wife”.

Part 2

The wedding day.

We were now husband and wife, and everyone had arrived at the hotel where we were having our reception following the ceremony.

All the guests had been welcomed and Wendy was trying to get me upstairs in order to consummate the marriage, whilst everyone stood around drinking champagne. I wasn’t that fussed about consummating the marriage – it meant nothing to me as we weren’t exactly virgins and I had no intentions of calling it all off or getting a divorce this early on.

For me, however, the timing was now right; everything I had planned for today had gone like clockwork.

Wendy and I sloped off to our room. At the door she didn’t wait for me to pick her up, she just grabbed my hand and dragged me in.

Then, suddenly, she stopped dead in her tracks, for on the four-poster bed in front of her was the g-string of the young, black stripper she had sucked off the week beforehand at her hen night.

“What’s wrong?” I asked her.

“Er..er..nothing, darling” she muttered.

“Are you sure?” I replied.

“I think one of our friends has got into our room and, er… left a little gift” she continued, her brain working overtime, thinking what to say, wondering whether I had found out about her indiscretion.

“So they have.” I laughed, “I wonder what it means?”

“Erm…I don’t know” she stumbled.

She looked really nervous so I held her hands and looked into her eyes.

“OK darling, it’s “clean slate” time. I want to go into this marriage knowing we will remain totally faithful, but if there have been any previous liaisons since we met that I don’t know about then tell me now and we will wipe the slate clean as if it had never happened.”

Wendy looked very nervous and remembering her hen night decided that I must have found out that she had a stripper but that I had guessed nothing had actually happened.

“I have nothing to declare” she said, “apart from rubbing cream into the stripper that all the girls got me – er..it was just a bit of fun darling, I’m sorry”.

“Hmmm, just a bit of fun?” I replied.

“Yes, just a bit of innocent drunk fun. I’m sorry, but you know what all the girls are like once they get together.”

“It’s OK, I understand darling,” I said reassuringly, removing the g-string from the bed.

“Would you like a bit of fun now then?” I continued. Wendy’s eyes opened wide and she nodded that she would.

“Well, climb onto the bed, but before we start I need to tell you that I’m not going to be conventional. I have a little surprise, and I need you helpless”.

Wendy smiled and did as I asked. I tied her wrists to the posts.

“A little blindfold too” I said as I tied a bathrobe tie around her head.

I then went into the bathroom got out my surprise – it was Terry, the young black stripper that Wendy had sucked off the week before.

Having missed out on Wendy’s indiscretion I had decided that I wanted to see her get fucked by him. It would be the perfect way to wipe the slate clean for me. Terry just had to be perfectly quiet as I didn’t want Wendy to know until he had finished.

Wendy lay there, still in her wedding dress, tied and blindfolded. I gestured Terry onto the bed.

He climbed on and knelt down between her legs, pushing her wedding dress up to her waist. He reached up and pulled her white silk thong down, over her stockings and heels, before throwing them onto the floor.

He pulled her sleeveless dress down, revealing her soft breasts. He sucked on each nipple until they became hard, rolling his tongue around them, his saliva dripping down her flesh.

He moved down and started to lick her pussy. Each head movement was accompanied by a quiet moan from Wendy, as he kissed her lips. He pushed a finger into her wet pussy as he licked her clit, before moving it out and sliding it into her ass. He moved it and out in slowly, each push greeted with a gentle moan.

Within a few seconds Wendy climaxed, “Fuck me now” she demanded.

Terry looked at me for reassurance that I was allowing him to be the first to fuck his new bride. I nodded.

He took hold of her ankles and pushed her legs up, guiding the bulbous tip of his throbbing cock to the entrance of my bride’s hot, damp pussy. He slowly slid it in and I watched as the whole length disappeared deep into her. Wendy let out a long groan as he started to slowly pump away. Terry kept moving his hips forward and backwards, fucking her with long, hard strokes.

“Yes…. harder, harder…fuck me harder” she called out.

Terry obliged. His black cock thrust in and out of her harder and faster, slamming deep into her womb. His naked black body contrasted harshly against her pale skin and white dress.

It was a sight to behold as this young black stud was the first guy to be thrust his thick cock into my newly wed wife. No one could have imagined this scenario just one hour ago as the priest had uttered the words “I now pronounce you man and wife”.

But here it was happening and I was incredibly turned on, as was Wendy who was writhing underneath him as if she wanted every inch of his cock in her forever.

“Yes, yes!” she began to scream “Harder! Don’t stop….., I’m going to cum”.

Terry continued fucking her harder, banging his thick black flesh into the newly married white cunt, sweat dripping from his forehead onto her naked skin.

“Yes, yes….oh..YESSSS!!” screamed Wendy as she came again.

“Now come inside me…fill my pussy with your seed” she demanded.

Terry was now seconds away from coming and looked at me to make sure that he could come inside her. Again, I nodded.

He kept pounding her pussy harder than ever, his balls slapping against her ass.

I could see his back stiffen and his ass clench, until he grunted through his teeth as he shot his cum deep inside Wendy’s womb.

His cock remained hard as he slowed down his thrusts. I could see the cum on the base of his shaft that was still buried deep inside my wife.

He climbed off her, his stiff cock sprung out of her wet pussy, flicking some cum onto her wedding dress. Spurred on by my hand signals he moved himself up so that Wendy could clean his cock with her mouth.

As he leant over her head, he pushed his cock into her mouth. Wendy’s lips wrapped around his cum covered rod and gleefully began to suck it dry.

This was the moment of truth!

I removed the blindfold…………

Wendy looked up at Terry.

I expected her to scream. Where was the scream??!!

There was no scream.

Instead, she calmly turned her head and looked at me.

“Thank you darling, I was so looking forward to getting fucked by Terry”.

Wendy continued, “You look surprised darling. I didn’t tell you that Terry is the cousin of my friend Marlene, did I? She saw you talking to Terry and when she found out what was happening she told me. I knew all along that I was going to be fucked first by a black man on my wedding day”.

I stood there and could not believe that when my wife said she wanted to be fucked harder she knew all along that she had a big black cock inside her.

“When I said ‘Cum inside me’ a few minutes back” Wendy carried on, ” I knew it was Terry that was fucking me. I wanted his cum inside me for when we go back downstairs and talk to our guests. It’s his cum I want dripping down the inside of my thighs when you do our speech. You see, Mark, after my hen night I realised just how much you were right about fucking other guys. I have always wanted bigger cocks than your one and you set me up with one on our wedding day for your pleasure when really it was all mine. You see, I don’t think I can ever go back to yours now”.

Mark realised that there was nothing he could do or say about what had just happened. No one would believe it and he couldn’t admit that he had set up his wife to be fucked without consent on her wedding day.

All Mark wondered now was whether he would ever consummate his marriage, and whether he would ever feel as turned on as he had just been.

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