What Happened After Shayne Kissed His Mom

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What Happened After Shayne Kissed His Mom
All characters and terms including ‘boy’ ‘lad’ and ‘girl’ refer to people age 18 and over.

Shayne was walking home from town with his mom. They’d been out having a drink. He didn’t make a habit of going out for a drink with his mom. She usually went out drinking with the boy’s dad, but this particular night dad had gone on a stag do. Shayne usually spent his Friday nights with his mates at some trendy nightclub but this particular night he decided to take mom out instead. He didn’t mind sacrificing his night out with his mates. When he told his mom he’d take her out she told him to stop being silly.

“You don’t want to be spending your Friday night taking your mom out,” she said.

“Honestly, mom. I don’t mind.”

“But what if your mates see you out with your mom?”


It just so happened that his mates didn’t see him. He purposely took his mom to pubs where he knew his mates wouldn’t go to. It wasn’t that he was embarrassed to be seen out with his mom. He just didn’t want to bump into his mates. He wanted a night out with his mom, just the two of them. He didn’t want his mates spoiling the night. He’d never had a night out with his mom before, never gone drinking in town with her. He’d had a drink with her a few times down the local but never a proper night out on the town with her.

They’d had a great night, the both of them thoroughly enjoying it. It was a warm summer’s night and they decided to walk home. They were walking through the park and that’s when it happened. Shayne only went and dragged his mom into these bushes and without any warning he kissed her on the lips. Needless to say, mom was well and truly shocked.

Shayne couldn’t believe he’d actually gone and done it. It was like he didn’t have any control over himself. It just happened. It was a combination of the alcohol and months of hiding his true feelings how he felt about her. He’d wanted to do this for months. In his dreams he’d kissed his mom like this on the lips loads of times, and now he’d actually gone and done it for real. For the last six months or so his feelings towards her had grown stronger. Much stronger.

He’d had to stop himself from doing it lots of times, especially when he was alone in the house with her, or after he’d come home from a night on the town drinking. That had been the hardest, after he’d had a drink. That’s when your true feelings come out, after you’ve had a drink. There’d been lots of times he’d come home after getting wasted with his mates and he’d have to stop himself from saying it. Those four words.

I love you, mom!

He’d had to stop himself lots of times.

The simple fact was: he was in love with his mom. End of. He had it real bad. She was on his mind all the time. When he heard songs on the radio he thought about her. That’s how bad it was. Love songs, not any song. That’d be daft if say, Macarena or Who Let The Dogs Out reminded him of her.

He tried to laugh about it but it was not funny really. It’s horrible when you’re in love with your mom.

So he kissed her. It only lasted for a couple of seconds but it was like it lasted forever. He pulled himself away from her. Straight away he thought: Oh fuck. What have I done? Why did I go and do that? This could be the end of our mother and son relationship now. This changes everything.

He couldn’t look his mom in the face. He just stood there looking at the ground.

“There. I’ve done it now. Now you know how I feel about you.”

He wouldn’t have done it if he was sober and now he wished he hadn’t done it. He waited for her to say something. She didn’t say anything.

He thought: Fuck, that’s it. I’ve ruined everything. Our relationship’s over. I wish I hadn’t kissed her now but I’d done it and there’s fuck all I can do about it.

He managed to look at her.

“I’m sorry, mom. I shouldn’t have done that.”

She wasn’t saying anything. Shayne was thinking: Say something. Anything. Tell me that you don’t wanna see me ever again and tell me to fuck off. Just say something.

Then he thought: Pretend it was just a joke. Yeah. Coz I don’t wanna lose my mom. I couldn’t cope losing her. Life without mom, it would be horrible.

He laughed.

“Ha! Got you there, mom. You thought I was being serious, didn’t you?”

She said something but Shayne couldn’t make out what she said. She’d had as much to drink as he had, probably more.

“What did you say, mom?”

She laughed.

Shayne put his hand on her arm.

“You all right, mom?”

She touched her lips with her finger then she laughed again.

Oh fuck, she’s freaked out.

“Mom, I was just messing about. Having a laugh, that’s all. I wasn’t being serious.”

Then Shayne laughed.

“You really did think I was being serious, didn’t you?”

Mom gave him a really intense look.

Then she smiled.

“Don’t be silly.”


“If you were being serious you’d have done this.”

And she put her hand on her son’s face, her fingers touching the boy’s cheek. She brought her lips to his and she kissed him, proper kissed him like she really meant it. Shayne’s heart was racing. His mom, who he was in love with, was proper kissing him. Then she proper snogged him and she stuck her tongue in his mouth. Shayne’s head was spinning. Was this really happening? It was the most beautiful feeling ever. His whole body felt warm. He felt like he’d smoked the biggest spliff ever.

After what seemed like forever, mom brought her lips from his.

“That’s what you really wanted to do to me, isn’t it?” she said

Shayne didn’t know what to say. He was a bit confused. No, he was a lot confused.

Then his mom said, “I’ve known for months how you’ve felt about me, son.”


“It’s ok, son. You don’t have to say anything. I’m ok with it. Honest.”

Mom wiped a tear from her son’s eye, called him a cry baby.

“Shut up, mom.”

And then she started rubbing herself up against him.

Shayne pulled himself away from her.

“No, mom. I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have said what I said. Let’s just forget about it and…”

Mom told him to shut up and she started rubbing herself up against him again. Shayne could feel his mom’s pussy rubbing up against him. She was proper grinding her pussy over his cock, smiling when she realized her son was getting hard.

“Mom, you don’t have to do this. I’m a prick. Forget what I said. I’m pissed. It’s the alcohol.”

She said she was cool about it, about him fancying her. Shayne’s head was spinning. It was the best thing he could ever hope to hear, his mom saying that, his mom saying she was cool about it. He couldn’t have wished for a better reaction. But even so he felt guilty for the way he had behaved. He shouldn’t have done it. He shouldn’t have kissed his mom. He shouldn’t have told her how he felt. His head was all over the place but he’d never felt sexier. But even though he had the biggest erection ever he still pushed his mom away, for he didn’t want her to do this just because she wanted to please him.

“I’m sorry, mom. I really shouldn’t have kissed you. You’re my mother. I’m your son. You’re my mom and I love you. I shouldn’t have kissed you like that.”

Then mom said, “Let me feel it.”


“Let me have a feel of my son’s cock!”

“Mom, stop it.”

Mom was proper looking at her son’s tented trackies, but she was also doing something else, something that made Shayne’s jaw drop.


It was plain to see what she was doing all right. She only had her hand up her skirt, so she did. She was only masturbating, right in front of her son.

“Mother! Will you stop doing that!”

“It’s you. Standing there with your dick sticking up in your trackies.”

This was too much for Shayne.

“Right. You’re going home, mom. You’ve had too much to drink.”

“I’m not pissed.”

“I didn’t say you were.”

“You just said I’ve had too much to drink.”

“You have. I have. We both have.”

“I know you really fancy me, son. You do fancy me, don’t you?”

“I dunno.”

“Course you do. You just told me that you have feelings for me. You just kissed me. And you know what, son? You’re my boy. I love you and…well, nobody ever need know about it, son, about you fancying me. And, you can tell me if you want to, sweetheart.”

“What? Tell you what?”

“If you want to…fuck me.”


“Whatever you want, son.”

“Come on. We’re getting a taxi.”

Shayne pulled his mom’s hand out from under her skirt. She was behaving outrageously. It was the alcohol, it had to be. She wouldn’t be acting like this if she was sober. She didn’t like it when her son stopped her playing with her pussy like that. She was having none of it and pushed him up against this huge oak tree. She pressed
her body against his body, her face close to his face. Shayne could feel his mom’s warm breath on his lips.

“You know what you are, don’t you, son? You’re a pussy teaser, that’s what you are. Kissing me like that, telling me you have feelings for me and then going all cold on me. Although there’s nothing cold about this, is there?”`

Shayne gave out a deep groan when mom squeezed his hard cock through his trackies.

“No, mom. This isn’t right.”

Shayne took his mobile phone out of his pocket and started dialling for a taxi but his mom stopped him. She kissed him on the lips. Shayne didn’t want to fight it anymore. He proper kissed his mom, the both of them snogging with hot passion. Why fight it? Shayne wanted his mom so bad, and now it appeared that mom wanted her son. They kissed on the lips for ages and it was the most beautiful thing ever. Mom was kissing her son like she was kissing the boy’s dad.

Mom finally brought her lips from her boy’s lips and just stood there looking into his eyes, her hands on his shoulders.

“You’re the best son any mother could ever hope to have.”

“Yeah, well you’re the best mom. And I do love you, mom.”

“I know, son. And I love you.”

“Yeah I know you do but like…well…not like I love you. I love you like you love my dad.”

“You’re my flesh and blood, son. Of course I love you.”

“I know.”

“Do you want me to tell you something about your dad, son?”


“Well I will anyway. He’s got the sexual energy of a celibate sloth.”


“Honestly, sweetheart. I’ve tried everything to get his attention: lifting up my skirt when he’s least expecting it, wearing see-thru panties…We were having a meal the other week in this posh restaurant. I went to the toilet and when I came out I had my knickers in my hand, put them on the table…nothing.”

“He didn’t bring his meal up, did he?”

“A woman has her needs, son. The simple fact is, my sex drive’s still through the roof whereas your dad’s…well it’s buried under the patio to be frank.”

“Yeah well, you still love him, don’t you?”

“Of course I do. I’ll always love him.”

“Yeah, well I’m taking you home where you belong.”

“I’m coming to your flat, son.”

“No way. I got my own flat so I could get away from you.”

“We both know why you moved out, son. You couldn’t bear it anymore, the torture of living with the person you want to shag.”

“Who? My dad?”

“It’s good to see you can joke about it, son, but I know how difficult it’s been for you.”

She was right of course. Course she was right, and knowing that his mom knew how he really felt made Shayne feel much better, and his dick was proper tingling.

“You know what I miss the most, son?”

“What? Smooth skin with no wrinkles?”

“Getting my tits shagged.”

“Mother! You’ve gone all crude on me. Are you ok?”

“I want a tit fuck, son. I love your dad to bits, love, but a man who’s dead in the trouser department’s no use to me, son.”

“Stop talking about my dad like that, will you?”

“2008. That’s the last time he let me give him a tit wank.”

“Behave yourself.”

“You’d let me give you a tit wank, wouldn’t you, son?”

“Shut up talking like that. I’m not taking you out again if this is what it does to you.”

“You’re young, son. You young hot-blooded lads, you love it, a big pair of tits round your cock. Your dad, he loved it once. Not any more though. More the pity.”

“You’ve shocked me tonight, mother. You really have.”

“Come on, son. We’re going to your flat and your mom’s going to wrap her big warm titties round this big tender cock of yours. Your dad won’t be back till the early hours of the morning anyway. We’ve got plenty of time to have fun at your place. My titties, your cock. What do you say?”

“I’m taking you home. You’ll regret this in the morning.”

“There’s only one thing I’ll regret, and that’s not having your cock between my tits.”

Shayne tried to phone for a taxi but then realized he had no credit left.

“Looks like we’re going to have to walk, mom.”

Mother and son linked each other and started making their way home. Shayne felt proper relieved that he’d finally plucked up the courage to tell his mom how he really felt about her, and the reaction was much better than what he’d expected. The boy couldn’t have gone on for much longer with all those tormented feelings inside him. Now that his true feelings were out he felt great. The way he felt at the moment was like a million times better than the best feeling he’d ever had. He felt great walking down the streets, arm in arm with his mom. Mom kept stroking his arm and telling him that she loved him.

This was the best possible reaction Shayne could have hoped for. He hadn’t freaked his mom out or anything. Her outrageous behaviour on hearing her son pour out his true feelings was certainly not what he had expected. He didn’t expect mom to go all sexy on him like that. He didn’t know things weren’t going well sexually with her and dad. Shayne’s cock was still hard in his trackies, for he was thinking about it, his sex-starved mom giving him a tit wank. Ok, she was drunk but Shayne reckoned she’d really do it. It was a good job Shayne was a boy of strong morals.

It was good to know that mom hadn’t freaked out. Shayne would have understood if she had freaked out. Most moms would freak out if they heard that their sons had feelings for them. Shayne had told his mom about his feelings and she was fine about it; they were still mother and son. Shayne knew that deep down inside they couldn’t be anything else other than mother and son, despite mom’s outrageous drunken behaviour tonight. The tit wank was never going to happen. That was ok, them just being mother and son. As long as mom knew how he thought about her, that’s all that mattered to Shayne.

He wanted this moment to last forever, walking arm in arm with mom down the street. So sweet. It just felt so nice.

Then mom stopped.

“What’s wrong?”

“If anybody ever touches you, son, I’ll kill ‘em.”

“Yeah ok. Cheers.”

“No, I’m being serious.”

“I can look after myself.”

“I know, son. But I’m just saying.”

Then mom only went and rolled a joint in the street. Shayne was absolutely shocked. He didn’t even know mom smoked the stuff. He took it off her and put it in his pocket.

“You’re gonna get us arrested, you are. How long have you been smoking this?”

“Since I was your age.”

“You get worse you do, mother. I’m shocked.”

“Right, that’s it. I’m coming to yours.”

“We’ve been over this.”

“If I can’t have my weed I’m having cock. Your cock.”

Mom put her hand back up her skirt.

“My pussy’s proper wet. That’s coz you kissed me.”

Shayne pulled his mom’s hand out from under her skirt again.

“Will you leave that thing alone?”

Mom went and grabbed hold of her son and took him round the back of a building off the main street.

“Mother, what are you doing? Why’ve we come round here?”

Mom leaned against the wall. She took hold of her son’s hands and placed them on her tits through her tight clinging top. She was using her son’s hands to play with her tits. She let go of her son’s hands. Shayne kept his hands on his mom’s tits, squeezing them gently through the tight clinging top, his trackies stretching over his hot boner. Shayne had dreamt about doing stuff like this with his mom. Now he was doing it for real.

Mom just stood there leaning against the wall, not saying a word, breathing heavy, her big warm tits moving up and down in her son’s hands. Then she let out a nice groan.

“Oh son, that feels so nice.”

“Oh mom. It feels more than nice.”

Mom waited. But it was like Shayne had frozen. He just stood there with his mom’s tits in his hands. It was like a strange fear had gripped him and he couldn’t do anything.

Mom waited some more.

“Come on, son. Not much of a motherfucker, are you?”

That word, hearing his mom say that word made his cock jump in his trackies.


Shayne moved in and kissed his mom on the lips. He kissed her like he’d wanted to kiss her since he first started having feelings for her.

They had each other’s clothes off in no time. Mom and son were naked round the back of the building off the main street. Shayne kissed his mom like she had never been kissed before, his hot cock throbbing against her soft smooth skin. The boy was all over his mom. He couldn’t get enough of her, his hands all over her tits, her tongue darting in and out of his open mouth, intense sensations shooting through the boy’s young body, his heart racing, his cock jizz dribbling all over his mom’s belly. Mom took hold of her son’s cock, wrapped her fingers round it, squeezed it, slowly jacking her boy as they kissed.

Shayne brought his face down to his mom’s tits. He sucked one of her nipples into his mouth.

“Oh suck my tits, babe. Suck your mom’s tits.”

He sucked on that big nipple real hard. He brought his lips away, his mom’s stiff nipple making a sexy wet plopping noise as it popped out between his lips. The boy sucked his way down his mom’s sexy body, kissing down to her belly and down to her pubes. He licked his mom’s bush, got it all wet with his tongue. Mom let out a deep groan when her son’s tongue touched her pussy. Mom’s pussy opened up for her boy and his tongue went inside. Shayne was on his knees tonguing his mom’s cunt, mom holding on to her boy’s head. She stood leaning against the brick wall, her legs spread wide, holding on to her boy’s head as he licked her out.

“Oh son! Ooooh! Oh don’t stop, baby! Eat your mommy’s pussy! Oooh!”

Mom pulled her son’s head tightly between her legs, rubbing her wetness all over the boy’s face. Shayne couldn’t get enough of his mom’s wetness. He didn’t want to come up. He’d happily stay down there for the rest of his life, licking his mom’s pussy, breathing in the sexy scent.

Mom was ecstatic. The boy’s dad had never given this much attention to her pussy. Her boy was so good with his tongue, really knew how to make her clit feel good. With his tongue fluttering away on his mom’s clit, Shayne slipped two fingers inside her, got his mom’s pussy even wetter. Mom cum with her son sucking on her clit. She had the most incredible orgasm ever. The boy’s dad had never made her cum like that, not ever. This boy could teach his dad a trick or two all right.

In the middle of her mind-blowing orgasm, mom told her son that she loved him.

Shayne kissed his way back up from his mom’s drenched cunt, kissed his way up her belly, back to her tits and back up to her sweet soft lips. Mom could taste her pussy on her son’s lips.

This was so right, what they were doing. There was nothing wrong about it whatsoever. Neither of them felt guilty about what they were doing.

Mom held on to her son’s shoulders. Her legs opened wider.

“I want it inside me, son.”

“Oh mom.”

“Make love to me, son.”

Shayne put his cock inside his mom. He fucked her against the wall. This is what Shayne had wanted for so long, to be inside his mom, and this is where mom wanted her boy, deep inside her. Shayne was thrusting deep and hard, giving his mom every inch of his love. It was the most incredible fuck the boy had ever had. He was going crazy, squirming around with his cock inside his mom, jiggling his red hot dick around inside his mom, deeper and deeper where his mom wanted it.

“Oh mom! Mom!”

“Fuck your mommy’s pussy, darling!”

“Mom! Oooh!”

“Give me your cum, sweetheart!”

“Oooh! Mom! Mom! I’m cumming! Ooooh!”

Shayne’s entire body became stiff. Intense sexy tingles shot through every part of his hot young body, his hot dick exploding deep inside his mom, pumping his mom with jizz, mom and son joined together in pure pleasure and love, mom’s cunt going into another spasm around her son’s squirting boner.

Shayne had never had an orgasm like it.

And neither had mom.

They held each other for a while kissing.

“I really do love you, mom.”

“And I really do love you, son.”

They kissed some more.

Now that Shayne had declared his love for his mom there would be lots more fucking.

Life was just brilliant.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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