Wife pays the car note

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Wife pays the car note

Well we got are car from a used card lot. All was fine and going great at the time. Well a few months go by and i lost my job. We had money comeing in from something else but we were short on the car note. About 7 months of this and ducken the car company calls a tow truck shows up. My wife begs the guy not to take the car so he calls the lot owner and the owner said to leave the car but for us to by at the car lot a 6 pm.

well 6 rolled around and we drove up to the car lot. We walked into the owners office and he told us to sit down. He asked us what was going on with his money. I told him what happend and my wife said we are really trying to pay the note. And he just sighed. he looked at my wife and said i remember salling you the car. if i recall right he have very pretty feet. She said o well think you. He asked her to take her shoes off and show him her feet. my wife is 5 feet even about 110 pounds and a 34 c and a 6 1/2 foot . he is 6-5 200 pounds about 67 and full of wrinkles ever were . but my wife begain to remove her shoes and he said hold on. are your feet sweaty. my wife said yes it is 110out outside still and there very sweaty.He told her to hold on he well remove her shoes and socks.I asked what was going on he said were working on your car note. and removed my wifes shoes and socks and begain sucking and kissing her sweaty feet.He licked and kissed them ever way possable taken his sweet time to clean ever inch of her sweaty feet and toes. he pulls his cock out and starts rubbing it on her feet. Now we swing so i was just taken back by how upfront he did not even ask. I went to speack and he said son if u say a word what matter of fact if either of you say no the car is take back no qustion.

he rubs his pre-cum on her toes and she gigglles and he asked if it tickled. she said no he asked why she was giggling and she said now he wants in on the toe licking. he said by all means son dont hold back lick that old man cum off her toes. So i did i sucked ever drop of pre-cum of her toes and he smiled.
my wife had on a little mini skrit and a tank top. he told me to remove her panties and bra. i did he said to put them in is bag on the desk.
he said go to my desk and get my camra it was a old poliord and i brought it to him.
he said no you take the pics when i say so he told my wife to put her mouth on his cock she did he said take the pic i snapped it. he said give the camara to your wife i did he said for me to put my mouth on his cock i said what his said cock or car ! so i put my mouth around his cock and my wife snapped the pic. he said the pics are for if you guys get all jumpy and want to say i forced my self on you.
i well show them the pics of i happy wife sucking my cock and her hubby sucking my cock. i ask how a poor almost 70 year man could force a young strong couple to do that. He said good son take your car home she riding with me to your house.As i am leaving a see my wife sitting his his car her back to the passgner to and her feet on him were he could rub her feet and see her pussy.

After we all got into our house he told us to sit down and he said look. I am gone be your new bull your my couple. ever monday,wensday,friday i well be her at lunch time to fuck your wife. and you guys well be naked ready to go. I well be calling on the weekend sometimes for some pussy got. yes we both said. good lets go and with that we went to the bed room. he pulled his clothes off and
wow his old cock was 10 inches. and looked thicker. he told me to get my wifes pussy wet i licked it as he stocked his cock. he told me move and he layed on his back and had my wife mount him. she stater to ride hi cock his old balls were huge. he said what are u looken at boy lick her ass and my balls. so i did i went head frist licking all over my wife latina brown ass kissing her ass hole tounging it and licked and kissed all over his big fat balls.
he then rolled my wife over to on hr back and until this day i never seen anyone fuck her so hard in my life. she moaning load a fuck screming fuck ur pussy daddy it ur pussy ooooo shit and he is just laying into he pussy hard just poung and granting away. he stoped for a brif min to catch his wind he told me to lick his balls and i did i could taste my wifes cum all over hid balls. he told me to stop but i jus licked on his balls more he had to push me off his balls he said damn boy thats it and started pounding my wifes pussy again.
the head board was slaming on the wall hard i hard a knock at the door he slowed down just anuff to tell me answer the door like i was and tell who ever it is ttuth on whats happeing in here. so i did it was the next door apt nabiore fat ass he just looked at me crazy because i was naked with i fat hugh hard on and he asked what the hell going on. i said a real man is fuck the shit out of my wife. can i help you. and i here from the bed room invite him bam bam bam in or shut the bam bam bam bam door. i asked if he wanted to come he and he said yes and pushed past me and walked stright to our bed room. he just said holy shit ya. and i walked into the room from the bed the nosie of the pounding head borad was just as load and my wifes moans were loader.

A deep voice inbetween grats and grans says you here to fuck our to watch. my nabioer said i always wanted to fuck the little slut. i was told to suck his cock hard so i got down on my knees and my fat neboier pulled his cock out. he was about 6 to 7 to inches but he was thik. and i went to sucken his cock but it was hard already i just looked up at him and he said keep sucken boy so i did. I heard boy get ready boy get over here i see big hairy ass going up and down fast and hard and my little wife legs stciking out with here feet doing that cricler motion. And he says get ready to clean 4 mouths of cum and with that he grunted and yelled so load and cum shot deep in my wife,all over his cock, on her legs and ass, on the bed everthing. he said suck my dick and balls clean frist and i sucked and licked for 15 mins and got him clean, i truned to my wife and muched ur cum filled pussy and licked her legs and ass and just all around licked alot of real mans cum up it was good.

part 2 naboeris fucking comeing soon

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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