Workout And Sex With Husband’s Cousin —1

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Workout And Sex With Husband’s Cousin —1

As the wedding dates and his exam coincided he couldn’t make it to the wedding. After that, he got a seat in NIT and used to meet us like for 2 days in a year. He was busy with his own life. Once he graduated he started working in Hyderabad and used to travel to Bangalore frequently to meet his parents.

He would occasionally come to our place as well. Ours was a joint family – my father in law, me, my husband, my 4-year-old daughter, my husband’s elder brother, his wife and their son.

When Harsha started working in Hyderabad, he weighed nearly 97 kilos and was way overweight. Then he decided to change his lifestyle by working out regularly. Then he came home after 7 months for Diwali and I was totally surprised to see him so lean and fit.

Everyone at home was surprised looking at him. He stayed with us for 3 days and he was really fun to talk to. I then asked him about his Instagram id and started following him. Like every gym going guy, he had posted pics of him working out and other pics with friends.

I really wanted to touch, lick and kiss his abs as long as I possibly could. But I couldn’t get an opportunity until March 2018. One day he called his brother and told him that he has interview calls from IIM and is coming home.

He dropped by and stayed home for nearly 3 weeks attending interviews every other day. These 3 weeks was when he really opened up about his engineering days, his work life and other things. He even told me he wasn’t involved in any relationships as no girl was interested in him as he was fat during his college days. This made me realize that he is still a virgin and I could take advantage of this.

A month later we realized he got accepted from IIM B. Everyone at home was elated. He quit his job and went and stayed in his place native for a week. Then moved in with us for 6 weeks as he got bored there.

Around the same time, my husband’s elder brother’s wife had her second baby and had moved to her parents’ house. And he used to travel a lot. My father in law stayed in the ground floor of the house and there were 3 rooms on the first floor.

Harsha used to stay in the guest room. We had a mini gym and a storeroom on the second floor as everyone at home were fitness freaks. My father in law was in the military and my husband regularly participated in runs and marathons in Bangalore. Off late, I too had started running 5km and 10km runs with my husband.

Sorry for the huge intro. Let me start the story now. Once my husband leaves for work and daughter goes to school, I usually work out from 10.30 to 12 in the morning. Yoga, meditation, and basic cardio was my style.

Seeing the gym, Harsha started working out in the evenings after 3 pm for nearly 2 hours. If I was free I used to ask him the different exercises he was doing and he would explain them to me as he worked out. I rarely listened to what he spoke and used to just stare at him imagining all the different ways we would make out.

When I asked him to teach me a couple of exercises for my lower body he was surprised and replied saying, “You already look great, you don’t look like a married housewife at all, I am surprised to see you so fit and healthy.”

Next day around 10:00 am, there were just 3 of us at home, me, Harsha and my father in law. I asked Harsha to come to teach me a few exercises and he agreed. He taught me to do the basics and asked me how many pushups and pull-ups I can do. I said maximum 5. He told me to practice them every day.

He taught me the basic technique and I suggested that we work out together so that I can learn from him. He agreed and I was so excited.

Now let me describe my figure, I am 5’2 and weigh 53 kilos. I have perfect curves and a figure of 32-26-32. He started with basic calisthenics. He gave me a schedule and told me that he will teach me as much as he can in the next 5 weeks before he left for college.

The schedule went as usual for the first 2 weeks. There were some awkward glances and stares at each other but we decided to move on. Then one day when I was skipping I saw him noticing my boobs as he was running on the treadmill.

Then a couple of days later, he used to take rest or sit on the floor whenever I used to skip. I enjoyed him staring at me and I started to skip daily. A couple of days later while doing push-ups, I strained myself a little too much. My shoulder and triceps region was hurting really bad.

Seeing me in pain, Harsha got me an ice pack and gave it to me. He then suggested that I get a massage done by my husband. Next day I told him that I won’t be joining him today as my back was aching. He asked me why and I told him that my husband didn’t give me a massage.

He worked out all by himself and the next day he suggested he will give one if I am ok with it. I was wearing a normal gym t-shirt and he gave me a shoulder and neck massage. Just his touch on the neck got the juices flowing in my body.

Next day I decided to show up for the workout with my sleeveless t-shirt. He was surprised seeing me like that but decided to ignore that. The shoulder massages continued daily and the time of the massage kept increasing day by day.

I came to understand he started enjoying it too. Then came my periods and I couldn’t work out for the next 5 days. And on the sixth day when he was working out all by himself, I entered the gym room wearing only my sports bra, exposing my navel and hips completely.

He was shocked and stared at me for a couple of seconds and asked me whether it’s fine today. I said yes and started. As I had taken a 5-day break and improper warm-up, my legs, and lower back started hurting really bad that night. Next day I told him this and asked him whether he could massage my legs and back too.

He was reluctant at first and then agreed. To make sure I don’t spook him off on the first day I wore a normal cotton t-shirt. I lay down flat on my tummy and the moment he placed his hands on my hip, my body shuddered.

For the next one week, the routine continued. Massage intervals increased and workouts decreased. Then came the weekend. As my hubby was at home we just worked out normally for 40 minutes and came out.

Then on Monday morning I once again went wearing my sports bra. After the workout, I asked him to massage me. He did my shoulders and triceps and stopped. I asked him to do the back too and he gave me a surprised look. Then he put his towel on my hip and started massaging.

The towel kept slipping due to the sweat and I told him he can remove it as I couldn’t feel the pressure. He was like, “No! How can I touch your hip?” I was like, “What’s wrong?”

He said, “You are married to my brother and I can’t touch you there.” I was like, “If you think touching my hip makes you feel weird and uncomfortable then you see me in a different way.”

I could see the guilt on his face and told him its fine. Then came the moment, he placed his hands on my hips. But instead of massaging, he started caressing and feeling my soft lower back and hips. This went on for more than 5 minutes and I just kept calm.

Then I stopped him and asked when you will start your massage. He felt like a deer caught in headlights and immediately left the room. The rest of the day he tried very hard to have an as minimal conversation with me as possible. Next day I went in wearing a t-shirt and I could see the disappointment on his face.

We finished our workout and I lay down on the mat. Then ten minutes into the massage, I asked him to stop, took my shirt off and lay down again. This was the first time he was seeing me in a normal bra and I could notice he had a hard-on.

He continued caressing my entire back and we both enjoyed it. It was more than 15 minutes and he didn’t want to stop. To tease him more I loosened the bra strap to make sure I was totally backless. He loved it and continued the same. And while massaging he started complimenting my body.

I wanted to fuck him then and there but couldn’t as I knew my father in law was on the ground floor. We stopped for the day. Next day, I decided to tease him a bit more. But today when I took off my t-shirt and lay down, I was completely topless. He was perplexed.

I wanted him to see my breasts and play with them. But I had to be cautious. 10 minutes into the massage, I told him that I am going to turn now so that you can massage my front too. He was like no, this is not happening. I held his hand and told him this will be our secret.

I turned and I could literally see his penis pushing out of his shorts. He locked the room door and started playing with my breasts. This went on for more than 20 minutes and I asked him to stop. Later that day as I was preparing food in the kitchen, he finally made his move.

He hugged me from behind and placed his hand on my hip and slid one inside my t-shirt. I stopped him and yelled at him saying is this how you take advantage of me. He was so embarrassed that he didn’t even come down for dinner that night.

I was upset that he went away. But he was back later and I will tell you all about it in the next story.

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