Wrong Place, Right Time Blacken Gay

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Wrong Place, Right Time Blacken Gay
There is a popular saying: wrong place, wrong time.

And for a moment or two that was definitely me.

I was waiting for my son to finish football practice when I suddenly had to take a piss really badly. I rushed across the street to the gas station, headed directly to the washroom, struggled to get my cock out in time (barely made it) and immediately started jetting my piss into the urinal.

There’s the odd time when taking a piss feels so good; it’s always when you can barely hold it in, and God, did this time feel good.

Once I was done, I zipped up and had just finished washing my hands when the door opened.

In the mirror I saw a young black guy, probably in his late teens. This guy was huge, obviously a body builder or perhaps a linebacker. I was startled when he said, “I didn’t expect to meet an old cock sucker here.”

“Excuse me?” I blurted out, startled by his words.

He just shook his head as he walked towards me. “It doesn’t matter, just fucking get to work.”

Before I knew what was happening, he’d spun me around and roughly pushed me to my knees. He’d manhandled me as if I were a ten-year-old k** and was light as a feather! First I was standing over there next to the sink, two seconds later I was kneeling over here with my knees hurting from their impact on the tiled floor!

As I began to object, he pulled his sweats down and I found myself staring at a huge black dick, easily double the size of my own, “I think you got the wrong….”

But before I could finish my sentence, he’d shoved his dick in my mouth.

When I didn’t start sucking, he asked, “Are you going to get sucking or do you want this weasel up your ass, old man?”

My eyes went wide.

I sure as hell didn’t want this big black creature squirming around in my ass.

Of course, I didn’t want to suck him either, but this big guy had already told me what would happen when he didn’t take no for an answer.

So although I was straight and very reluctant, I began slowly bobbing.

“That’s it, cock sucker, worship it nice and slow at first,” he groaned. WTF? Worship?

As I slowly sucked, a variety of thoughts were ‘weaseling’ around in my head.

1. How the fuck did I just end up with a dick in my mouth? I was as straight as they came. Just ask my submissive wife!

2. How could a k** this young have a dick this big?

3. We white men always hear about the big black cock myth. Was it actually true?

4. Why was I sucking obediently and not clarifying what a huge mistake this was?

These were the questions I kept pondering as I bobbed.

“Oh yeah, I always love when it’s some white suit and tie guy slobbering all over my black dick,” he said, seeming to enjoy the racial aspect of what was transpiring.

And since I imagine he was coming to meet some prearranged white guy to suck his cock, I had to imagine this wasn’t the first time.

Yet I kept bobbing, and as I did, strange things happened.

First, my cock got hard in my pants.

This confused the hell out of me.

1. I wasn’t a cock sucker… present forced situation precluded.

2. I was usually the one calling my wife names as I fucked her.

Yet, here I was sucking a much younger black guy’s big hard cock, my own cock equally hard, although much smaller, and inexplicably finding it oddly natural and extremely arousing.

“Oh yeah, Mr. white faggot, take more of me into that cock sucking mouth of yours,” he ordered, as I was only taking a third of his cock in and out of my mouth… my cock flinching in my pants as he called me faggot and cock sucker, and reminded me of my whiteness.

And I obeyed, trying to please him, trying to take more into my mouth. This again confusing me. Why would I

want to please this black bully?

Second, every time he called me a cock sucker, my hard cock flinched in my pants.

Again this confused the hell out of me.

1. I had never sucked cock before, never considered sucking cock before… yet here I was with my mouth full.

2. Although I wasn’t a cock sucker, I felt compelled to suck, compelled to obey and compelled to do a good job.

“Oh yeah, you rich white men are all the same,” he groaned, as I bobbed. “All hiding their true obsessive submission to superior black men… to real cock, man cock, big black cock.”

As I bobbed, this seemed ridiculous, who was the white man here? Who was superior to whom? Yet I kept sucking, gradually taking more of him into my mouth.

1. I’ve often defended black men in court, and have never seen them as being above me. Although I wasn’t racist, well okay, maybe I was a little racist; I’d always considered myself as being above them.

2. I’d never been concerned about my dick size… women had never complained, not even my wife. Yet, no doubt his cock was much longer, much thicker than mine. It was truthfully a majestic thing of beauty.

I couldn’t believe I was thinking that. A cock of whatever colour a thing of beauty?!

Of course, I also couldn’t believe I was sucking cock.

I also couldn’t believe I was enjoying it… always being rather homophobic.

Yet, I definitely was enjoying it.

That I couldn’t deny… and my cock was rising to the occasion, volunteering to give testimony to my enjoyment.

“Want my cum, cock sucker?” he demanded arrogantly, as I kept bobbing.

I didn’t answer, being so confused by this point that I had no real answer to the question. Part of me thought his cum filling my mouth sounded wonderful, and another part was horrified!

Even though I was sucking his cock, it had somehow not occurred to me that I would eventually have to deal with his cum… even though the eventual results should have been obvious from the start.

I also didn’t answer, as there was no way I could talk around such a large mouthful of cock.

He laughed, misreading my lack of an answer, “All you white cum buckets are the same. You’ll do anything for black cum.”

And then I was completely baffled, as my brain shifted from uncertainty to uncompromising, raw hunger.

I couldn’t explain it, but a sudden lust consumed me wholeheartedly. I began bobbing faster, my body controlling me… a lust and desire to get him off, to swallow his load and taste his cum taking complete control of me.

It didn’t make sense… I was straight.

It didn’t make sense… I wasn’t into the whole mixed race thing.

Yet, at the moment I was the one on my knees, subservient to a much younger black man.

“Oh yeah, I always love it when suit and tie rich white boys can’t wait to drop to their knees and gobble up black cock,” he continued, continuing to enjoy the racial aspect of this act.

And although this description definitely wasn’t me before this moment, I couldn’t help but feel that right now I was exactly where I was supposed to be. It was like a side of me I’d never known existed had suddenly sprung into being.

By now I was getting over half his cock into my mouth, proud of it, and slowly taking more with each forward bob, curious as to how much I could possibly take in.

“Get ready for my first load, cock sucker,” he demanded a couple of minutes later, as I’d reached over six inches sliding in and out of my mouth.

Suddenly he grabbed my head and began fucking my face, ironically something I sometimes did to my wife, as he slammed all nine inches of his cock in my mouth, making me gag, but he didn’t care.

I desperately tried to focus, feeling his balls bouncing off my chin, feeling so strange being used by a man.

Then he grunted and I felt cum explode into my mouth. I gagged and backed away, his cock slipping out of my mouth, as cum splattered all over my face and suit.

He laughed, “Cum on the suit… how appropriate.”

“Oh my God! Dad!” A voice gasped from behind me… a voice obviously my son’s.

“Oh this is delicious,” the black teen roared in laughter, before adding, “boy, were you supposed to be my cock sucker?”

“I-um….” my son babbled, as I quickly tried to stand up, mortified to be caught by my son, but was pushed helplessly back to my knees by the black teen. “You’re not finished yet! Clean it up, cock sucker,” as he shoved his cock back in my mouth.

I was mortified, not only at being used by a black stranger, but at being caught in the act by my own son.

Yet, as I willingly cleaned his cock after he’d come in my mouth, I comprehended his last question, ‘…his cock sucker?’ No way was my son gay.

The black guy asked again, “Were you supposed to be my cock sucker?”

After a few seconds, which seemed like an eternity, my son admitted, “Yes, sir.”

The black man roared again as he pulled his cock out of my mouth and asked, “So you really haven’t been a cock sucker before today?”

I couldn’t look at my son as I admitted, mimicking my son’s mode of address, “No, sir.”

“But you are now,” the black teen said.

Oddly, as I looked at the big juicy black cock, as I tasted his cum still lingering in my mouth, I knew I was. I admitted, “Yes.”

“Yes, what?” He questioned.

“Yes sir, I’m a cock sucker now,” I declared.

He ordered, “Faggot, come and join your father.”

I objected, “Wally, no.”

He slapped me in the face with his cock. “Cock suckers only speak when spoken to. And they never argue.”

I watched as my son walked over and dropped to his knees and whispered, “Sorry, Dad.”

“Show Daddy how good a cock sucker his son is,” he ordered.

I continued watching as my son took a cock in his mouth, and I wondered when he’d become gay. I’d met his girlfriend and she was a very pretty cheerleader.

“Oh yeah, I’ve never had a son and father faggot team,” he groaned, as my son, unlike me, used his hand to stroke the big dick while he sucked the remaining cum and my saliva off of it.

Oddly, I wasn’t mortified by learning my son was a cock sucker.

No, I was jealous. I wanted that cock back in my mouth… unfortunately, the unnamed black teen seemed to be able to see through me as he chuckled, “You want my cock again, don’t you Daddy faggot?”

“Yes,” I admitted.

“Stand up, Daddy cock sucker,” he ordered.

I obeyed, even as I watched my son bobbing on the big black dick.

The black teen reached into my suit pocket and pulled out my wallet. As I watched in shame, he pulled out my driver’s license and said, “I’m keeping this for now; I’ll return it to you tonight when you come to my frat house.”

“I can’t do that,” I said, suddenly worried.

“I wasn’t asking, I was dick-tating, and you need to bring your faggot son with you so he can show you the way… in both senses,” he ordered, as he pulled his cock out of Wally’s mouth and said, “You’ll get a week’s fix of black dick tonight, cock suckers.” He put his dick away and walked out chuckling to himself, “Dad and son cock suckers, and they’re mine! Fucking epic!”

Once he was gone, my son stood up, now embarrassed, and repeated, “I’m so sorry, Dad.”

I asked, “Are you gay?”

“No,” he shook his head. “I just need black penis.”

Hearing him say penis sounded weird, but I chuckled awkwardly, “A day ago that would have made no sense, but now I completely understand.”

“I didn’t mean to get you addicted, too,” Wally said, “and I never thought you even liked black people,” slightly relieved.

“Well, they say once you go black…” I joked, still in awe of the conversation we were having.

“Well, apparently we are indeed going back for black,” Wally joked back, playing with the title of my favorite AC/DC album ‘Back in Black’.

“You’re not going,” I protested.

“I have no choice,” Wally said. “He made it clear we were both supposed to be there.”

“I can cover for you,” I said.

“I got you into this mess, I’ll help you get out of it,” he countered.

I sighed, I knew he wasn’t going to back down… he was stubborn like me.

“What are we going to tell your mother?” I asked, knowing I had to go tonight since he had my license and knew where I lived… plus, I was already craving some more black cock.

Wally shrugged, “We’re going to have a male bonding night.”

“Oh, that’s exactly what it is, and I know just what substance we’ll use for the glue,” I laughed, as I looked into the mirror and saw my cum-covered suit. I planned, “I’d better get this dry cleaned.”

“Yeah, I don’t think Mom needs to see that,” Wally said.

“No, I’m pretty sure this needs to stay between the two of us,” I said.

“Agreed,” Wally nodded.

And with that we headed home, Wally sneaking me in the back door so I could change clothes before dinner, although I was pretty sure dessert was going to happen later… and as bizarre as that sounded… I couldn’t wait.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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