You CAN’T Fuck a Teacher

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You CAN’T Fuck a Teacher

…I’m Jason. I was only half listing to my girlfriend Trina talk about her big crush on

the schools male drama teacher, Mr. Miller. I was more interested in feeling her

nice tits as I had my hand under her T-shirt and feeling them. I was getting her hot

and the hotter she got, the more she talked about her big crush.
I decided to mess with her.
…..“Have you ever thought about what his cock feels like?…what it would be like

if he made a move on you?…kissing you and feeling you up?” She giggled all

embarrassed and said: “Well…I guess I have…. a little. “ I said: “You CAN’T fuck

a teacher! You can fantasize all you want, so dream on Trina.” She giggled and

we began laying down on her bed. After getting her pants down, we started in

fucking. I said: “Just imagine I’m Mr. Miller and I’m madly in love with you and have

to have sex with you…” She closed her eyes and moaned softly…. “Ok…take me

Mr. Miller…I know how bad you want me…fuck me now..”
….. She had a big climax as we peaked our fucking. Later I said: “You naughty

girl, you were fantasizing that I was Mr. Miller and he was having hot sex with you,

you can’t fuck a teacher!” We both laughed, but I kept laughing for a long time

because she knew nothing about what was happening to me… this very point

in time.
(Trina thought…) We’ll see about that ‘Can’t fuck a teacher’ stuff. Next year I’ll be

out of high school and he won’t be a teacher to me anymore. No rules say he can’t

have sex with an ‘ex’ student. Right now nobody knows it but we’ve already kissed

and he felt me up real good after class one time. I want to have sex with him. He’s

the most handsome sexy man I’ve ever met. I’m going to fuck an ‘ex’ teacher of

mine, you just wait….

…..Mrs. Lamar, my Art teacher, hung the sign ‘Detention’ on her classroom

outside door. She closed and ‘locked’ the door. Her nice full tits began to rise up

and down as she began to get excited. I was in detention again with her. She

turned around and gasp, as I stood there smiling right in front of her. I bent down

and started running my hand up under her skirt, slowly up her leg and felt her slick

silk panties. She didn’t move and closed her eyes. She began ‘as usual’ to

whisper to me: (“…Jason, we can’t do this, I’ve told you before. Now please take

your seat and study.”) I didn’t stop, ‘as usual‘.
…..I let my fingers trace her panties all around her legs and waist. She shivered,

as usual. She started in, saying (as usual)…in a whisper: (“…you know the rules,

you can’t touch a female teacher, you’ll get kicked out school and into big trouble.

We’ve been over and over this. Please remove your hand from under my skirt and

I will forget it ever happened. This will be the last time I do this for you. Please

take your seat and ‘try’ not to do this again. I know you don’t want to get in

trouble..”) I inched her panties down below her pussy. I felt her damp pubic hair.

(“…please don’t do that Jason, ‘try’ real hard to control yourself. I know your

parents wouldn’t want you to do this. You have to try harder not to feel my body

like this….are you listening to me?”) I leaned in and rubbed my cheek on hers.

She didn’t move, but just gasp for more air. (“…Jason…don’t do that please…

I…a….I know how you…. feel and It just can’t be. Are you trying at all Jason?….we

can’t….continue this…you have to ….control yourself…..(gasp)…oh don’t

Jason…your just making it harder……please stop kissing my neck….I’m going to

get mad Jason!….oh!….(gasp)….don’t put your finger in me please….your

making it so hard to control yourself…..this will have to be the last time we do

this…..ooooo…careful Jason….my vagina is very sensitive right now and your not


…..5 minutes Jason..5 minutes is all…, and then we stop…ok? I‘m a married

woman, and you can‘t do this….no more kissing today. I‘m getting all sweaty. Oh

Jason…don‘t put my hand on your erection, it just makes it bigger. You don’t want

to leave here with a big erection do you!…no more kissing I told you…I..mmmm

oh Jason…stop please….you know I can’t take..mmmmm…I can’t breath Jason!

We have to work on stopping this. I want you to go home and masturbate and

think about some other woman, not me…ok?…we’ll try that and see how it

works…ok..? Jason. .open your eyes and listen to me! Now take your finger out of

me and go sit down!…stop rubbing me there…you know I can‘t take that.

Oh…Jason…you know I orgasm easy with you, and this is the last time we do

it….ooooo…you better hold me so I don‘t fall down Jason….damn you…

ooooo…oh my god Jason…not again…oooooo…hold me tight Jason, you know

my legs always get weak….Yes!…hold me tight like that.”

(I shot cum in my pants…lots of cum.)

“Ok, ok, that’s enough…now go sit down… ”)
…..Finger fucking a teacher to orgasm was the most thrilling thing I had ever

done. The risk, …and getting her to let me do it was the best.

….This was the same routine when Mrs. Lamar would put me in detention after

class. All teachers were allowed to keep students after class to discipline them.

She was ‘helping’ me with my ‘personal problem’ of getting sexually excited over

her. She was a dedicated teacher, all business, and was sure she could ‘cure’

….I thought about how we got to this point in time. Mrs. Lamar was my art teacher.

All the guys in school knew the hard rules of ’You make a move on a female

teacher, and you get in big trouble.’ We saw others get kicked out and even the

cops called on one guy, for m*****ing a female teacher.
…..Mrs. Lamar had a different approach from those rules. She wanted to try and

‘help me’ control my lust for her.

….It started slow as I eyeballed her killer hot body, day after day. She dressed

down and covered her tits up as per school rules… but no way could she hide

those nice full tits and hot legs…

….I saw her playing golf with her husband one Saturday. She had on white shorts,

and a white blouse that let those tits stick out nice. Her long brown hair which was

always tucked behind her head at school, was now in a long wavy pony tail, down

to her waist…wow. Her husband was off talking somewhere and I approached

her. “Hi Mrs. Lamar.” I said. She turned around looking puzzled, then smiled big,

and walked close to me. I had on swimming trunks and no shirt.

…..Her smiling eyes were checking me out but good. “Hi Jason, do you work

here?” I said yes, part time grounds and pool keeper is all. We talked a little about

school stuff. She checked all around to see if anyone was looking. She held out

her hand and said: “It was nice seeing you Jason.” I shook her hand as she held

on to it. “You’re a natural artist Jason. I envy you. I wished I had your talent. I’ve

thought about some ’special projects’ for you, we’ll have to talk after class about

them…OK?” I tried not to look down her cleavage at those wonderful full tits. She

caught me. She smiled and whispered: (“…Jason…are you listening to me?”)

She fiddled with the top button of her blouse and smiled bigger.

…..I don’t know what made me say it, but I whispered: (“..I’m sorry Mrs. Lamar,

your so beautiful I….it’s….hard to pay attention.”) She blinked and swallowed, not

expecting my answer. She said quietly..(“…we have to talk about this Jason, you

can’t be ….I mean you have a future in art…and …I …want …oh god, I don’t know

what I mean. We have to have a talk after class about your problem.”)

…. I didn’t realize she had given me a semi-hard on. She looked right at it wide

eyed and then slowly spun around and walked away with that cute little ass and

those killer hot legs.

Jenny, (Mrs. Lamar) thought and talked to herself…

….. Jenny, you know better than to get sexually excited for a student! Nothing but

trouble will come of it. No one knows you aren’t really married. Jerry Lamar is your

brother and you just pose as a married couple. This school prefers ‘married’

women teachers, so it makes them happy to think…your married. They think this

discourages young males from getting those ‘ideas’ in their heads. It’s ‘suppose’

to keep female teachers from getting involved with young male students since

they have a man at home to keep the sexually happy. You’ve got to try harder not

to think about this Jason as anything but a student. Damn, why did I have to see

him today. He had his damn shirt off and looked so sexy…THEN…I see his big

lump in his swimming trunks. I hate it when my pussy tingles like that when I don’t

want it to. I just have to cool myself off and him too, and… THAT…will be the end

of it……damn he has a good build and tan…oh stop it Jenny!…you keep thinking

about him over and over. I wish I had never met him…kind of… Damn him, now I’m

getting wet again. Go take a nap and forget him…
…..Well…that didn’t work, I just had another dream about him….shit! How can I

turn him ’off’ to me….but yet stay friendly and nice like he is…..let’s face it….you

love to think about him….that first day in class…his beautiful blue eyes got me.

Shit!…go watch T.V…or something!
…..damn he’s cute…
…..I was in my room thinking about…who else…Mrs. Lamar. My mom came in

and said: “I just got a call from a Mrs. Lamar.” I got a jolt in my dick. Oh shit…I’m in

trouble now. “She’ll be coming over tonight to talk to dad and I about your art and

your future.” she said.
“Oh cool, she thinks I’m a good artist and thinks I have a future in art.” I said.

…..I heard the doorbell and mom and Mrs. Lamar talking. I went in the living room

and there she was. She was dressed all prim and proper like a teacher should.

We all talked as I eyeballed her and felt the usual tingles in my dick. I always got

them from looking at her. “Jason, show Mrs. Lamar the pictures you have done in

your room.” mom said. Oh shit…her in my room will be a hard on maker if I don’t

watch it. I had on a T-shirt and tight jeans. I stood up and led her to my room. I had

a few pictures of hot babes, but mainly some pictures I had drawn, tacked on the


…..Mrs. Lamar came in and studied the pictures. I noticed her breathing was kind

of heavy. Mom said: “Jenny… I’ll let you two talk art while I get us something cool

to drink.”….and left the room. Don’t get hard now dick…not now, I thought. Jenny

stopped in front of a picture of a girl I just drew. The girl in the picture had on white

shorts, a white blouse and golfing hat with a long wavy pony tail….she knew it was


….. “I like this one real well Jason, who is it?” She turned and smiled at me. I

smiled back and said: “A beautiful woman I met.” I said.
….“I couldn’t get her out of my mind…so I just had to draw her….now I’m ’in love’

with the picture….”
…..She turned and looked at me with her beautiful smiling eyes. She stepped real

close to my face. Her big tits rose up and down taking in more air. My dick had no

choice but to bulge tight in my jeans. She whispered: (“…Jason dear…‘we’ have

a problem. ‘We’ can’t let this happen. I will help you get over it. You can’t fall for

me and you know it. I have the same problem, and together we can work it out so

that….”) She stopped mid sentence. (“..Jason …don’t look at me that way please.

I’m having a hard enough time keeping you off my mind… Jason, please don’

t….”) I slowly leaned forward and our lips touched softly. She just stood there with

her eyes closed. I took her hand and let her feel my hard on. She gasp and

trembled hard…and then stopped and gave out a big sigh…..She took her hand

away and quickly walked around me and out of the room. Jenny, mom and dad all

talked as I waited for my rock hard on to go down. I finally came in the living room.

She wouldn’t look at me, but just kept nervously jabbering about art. Soon she

stood up to leave and I walked her to her car.

….. It was dark out and she smelled wonderful. I leaned in her window and she

whispered: (“…Jason!…don’t even think about trying to kiss…”)… I kissed her

again… only deeper and longer this time. She moaned and sucked a big

breath…”I should slap your face Jason…but…I just can’t….” She returned my kiss

and our tongues now met. She moaned a long moan and started the car and

started backing out…separating our kiss. Her eyes smiled wide as she left…..

(Jenny thought on the way home…)…

…..that was a big mistake, letting him get you all hot like that. Now you won’t be

able to sleep tonight. brother Jerry has a girlfriend, so he doesn’t get frustrated

like I do. I want my own man. Having sex with your brother all these years is great,

but now he’s got a girlfriend and I want a boyfriend of my own. Why do I have to

get hot over a student, I know better and it just can’t be. I’ve got to find a way to

stop wanting him so bad…Damn!
…..Jason will graduate in June and be gone….then things will change…I…but I

don’t want him gone, I want him to desire me like I desire him…shit! What’s it

going to be…dump him or have sex with him….there has got to be a way…
….There has got to be a way…little did I know then that she was thinking the

same thing. Time passed. No detention. She announced in class that there was

going to be a ‘field trip’ to our local museum. The class all met there and walked

around looking at the art. She dismissed the class and everyone left…. but her

and I. The museum closed at 4pm, and it was almost 4. The old lady who ran it

came and told Mrs. Lamar to let her self out at the self-locking door, she said

goodnight, and left. She closed the only door to the place, checked to make sure

it locked, and walked away. “Jason, come with me please.” Jenny said. We

walked around the corner to the big row of double no back seats. She sat me

down and got in her purse. She handed me some legal looking papers.

…..They said the she was now going to run the museum, and teach a class for

advance students in the back. It was an extension of the school system. “Jason, I

have to hire security and grounds keeper, do you want the job?”. No more serious

looks as she smiled at me. I of course grinned and reached for her. “Now Jason,

I’ll be your boss and you’ll have to do as I say. We’ll have to keep working on your

problem.” She was smiling and began to unbuttoning my shirt. “We can’t fool

around, we’ll have to try real hard to control ourselves.” I started undressing her. I

reached up and took the big clip holding her hair. I watched it fall down into my

hands…all soft and so sexy.

… “I’m going to try real hard to control myself Jenny. We’ll have a job to do and it

will be strictly business.” Off went her suit jacket and blouse. She undid my belt

and pants. We traded little kisses and kept talking. “I’ll make sure your protected

from any lust filled male students who would dare make a sexual move on you.”

Off came her bra and my pants. I laid her down on the seats and lifted up her skirt,

and pulled off her panties. I laid on top of her. Time seem to stop as for the first

time we got to feel our bodies. We kissed more as she talked some….”Jason, I’ll

still be a teacher…but you won’t be a student anymore. Can I trust you to not to try

and lose control and try and make a sexual move on me?”
“No you cannot.” I said. “I have this ’problem’…will you help me with it?” Her legs

wrapped around my back. “Jason!…control your self!…you know good and well

you can’t have sex with a teacher.” She stroked my hard cock and slipped it in her

warm wet pussy. She whispered: (“…Jason…your losing control again….oh

god,…now you’ve made me loose control too…see what you’ve

done….mmmmmm….oh oh oh oh help me Jason, your going to make me cum so


…..I watched a male student put his hand around the waist of Mrs. Lamar. I went

in the door and took him by the arm and led him out into the hall. “You know the

rules mister. You can’t touch a teacher or make a sexual move on her. That will

get you a fast trip to jail, do I make myself clear?” “Yes sir” he said. He went back

in the room looking all dejected and took a seat. Mrs. Lamar winked at me as I

backed out of the room. I smiled, winked back, and left.

…..That night I sat with my new girlfriend in my new apartment. We talked about

“Mrs. Lamar” having sex with her fake husband, who was really her brother. How

my old girlfriend Trina wanted to have sex with the drama teacher, Mr. Miller. Trina

told me later that they did have sex while she was a student….but almost got

caught in the boys bathroom at school. She said it was so exciting and risky. They

still fuck today all the time.

…..We were in our robes on the couch. Jenny snuggled up to me and said:

“Jason sweetie…mmmm…tell me how you felt that first time we had sex.” I smiled

and turned her to lay across my lap. I felt her wonderful full tits and played with her

…“Well Jenny, First of all …I was still a student and you were a Teacher….so it

never happened. Second, you forced me to have sex with you!” “Jason!…you’ve

got a real problem telling bullshit story’s. I’m going to have to keep you after class

and we can work on ’your’ problem. Now come on, tell me how it was, I get tingles

when I think about it…. We giggled and kissed.
….“Mrs. Lamar….I suffered.”
“Oh really Jason, tell me how you suffered so I can suffer with you.” she said.
…“I was so excited…I couldn’t cum. We must have fucked for a half hour and I

couldn’t get enough of you. For the first time I got to feel your hot body and kiss

you all over. My cock wouldn’t cum. To excited!….so I dropped down to finally lick

your sweet pussy. I had dreamed of doing this so many times. You moaned so

sweet as I licked you over and over. I loved the way you raised your pussy up to

me and ran your fingers thru my hair. You kept squirming, jumping and moaning.”

“You made me orgasm over and over, no wonder!” she said.

….“I think I kissed every spot on your body at least 10 times that night. Smooth

and sweet. I sucked your nipples until they were rock hard. You moaned more and

twitched with pleasure. You pulled me up and started sucking and kissing on my

cock. The sounds you made were awesome. I think my cock was getting ready to

cum now…I started to get dizzy and I felt my balls start to react. You must have

sensed it, because you started deep throating me and mouth jacking me real fast.

I remember seeing bright lights go off in my head as a bolt of cum shot out of my

cock, followed by mega shots that seem to never stop“…

“Ooooo I’ll never forget your hot cum filling my throat and mouth. I had dreamed of

this day.” she said.

“I lost it…I’d never had anything like that in my life. I had to put my cock now in your

sweet wet pussy. You didn’t want to let go of it, but finally you did. In it slid. You

and I moaned as it felt like it was on fire with the heat. I’d never heard that kind of

loud slapping noise from two bodies before.….we fuck so hard and fast….then…

here came the second burst of cum shots….oooooo….we shook together and

moaned as your pussy stroked my cock till it was numb.”

“That was the most excited I had been in my whole life Jason!” she said out of


….“You remember we fucked all night, over and over. My cock and your pussy

were sore, but we didn’t care and just kept fucking….
….I remember waking up still moving my cock back and forth in you and you

squeezing it with your pussy…then I went out cold“….
….Jenny lay there, all hot with her eyes closed. She smiled and took a deep


….”Jason…. sweetie….”
“Yes, Jenny…..”
“You’ve got…. a problem”…
“What now, my love…”
“You have a big lump….. sticking me in my side, I think…. we’d better go in the

bedroom, (pause for breath) and work on ‘your’…problem.”
…I looked at her, all turned on and out of breath…I said:
“Well…you have a problem too, my dear. Your panties are so wet, they are making

a big spot on our new couch….”

….I picked her up and carried her into our bedroom. I kicked the door shut.

The neighbors heard:
….. “Now Jason… sweetie, I’ll get on top…ooooooo…oh.. there…so we can

play…’Ride’m Cowgirl’…I just love our little game….now you…
Oh Jezzzz!!…Ja…aaa…son!…are… you…. Lis…ten…ing… to…. me?…..oh…

oh… oh……mm…mm…mm.”

…*we solved both our problems…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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