Young chinese lady part 3

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Young chinese lady part 3
We went for supper after the movie. It was midnight by then. The show was great as was the caressing and groping too in the midst of it. It was a great idea that we brought a small blanket along.

We went to the washroom. I took a leak and texted L.

“We’re heading to her place soon” i told her.

“Already??!! I’m still here enjoying my thing. Not going home anytime soon.” she replied after awhile.

“What time then?” i continued but then i saw J walking out of the washroom.

“I’ll leave around 3am or maybe earlier….i’ll let u know when about done.” she replied as soon after.
Put away my phone and put my hand out to J as we then walked. We were walking and stopped by Cheers (something like 7-11) as she suggested that we grab a few drinks so i told her to get them while i wait at the cashier. Off she went, i resumed texting L in a flash.

“Ooohh…. too bad then.. no BJ from u tonite. Haha!” i texted her with a smile on my face expecting her to feel my fake disappointment.

“Hhmmm… are u gonna fuck J again later?” she suddenly asked.

“Ya of coz. Was planning to get a sneak preview from u before i do her but its ok. No worries.” showing her that i was being considerate.

“U ready to go for another round later after her? Please don’t disappointment me. Pick me up from here then but when the time is decided – will u?” she suggested.

I assured her and agreed without a second thought. Just as i was done texting, J was done too. She was looking happy- maybe knowing that her love orifice going to be thoroughly pounded by this lustful lover. Most of the vehicles already left the carpark leaving the area with just a few cars. Only 1 motorcycle left other than mine when we were at the bike now. Then J, pulled me in for a french. I ran my hands from her waist down to her bum before she stopped me and distanced herself a little away from me. I gave her a puzzled look. She smiled. Turned around, projected her ass out a bit and lifted her skirt of her one piece dress exposing her bare naked bum! It left me speechless as i walked to her feeling that ass cheeks initiatively. She maintained that pose as i felt her delicate parts with care. Her slit was already moist to my surprise! Maybe due to the earlier ‘foreplay’ in the cinema.

Pulled her to the side of my bike as i unzipped my pants letting out my shaft. I wasn’t half erected even but she slurped it into her mouth. Started sucking on the head until it was half erected. Unfortunately soon, we heard footsteps so we quickly stopped. Hopped on and head to her place as quickly as possible.

We began kissing in the elevator and me – running my hands busy on her ass cheeks. Managed to slip a finger in while she unlocked the door. She was still moist which was good. Straight into her room through the living room in darkness as we were overwhelmed by our sexual urge.

Both climbed onto the bed and resumed kissing passionately. But then again, i was thinking i need to pound her now so i will have enough time to recover before pounding L later. I removed my pants and my t shirt in a blink of an eye. I asked her not to remove that dress on her cause she just looks amazing and sexy in that. So i pulled her down by her ankles getting her ready for missionary but she voiced out…

“Sweetie…can we do doggy first?” she suggested.

“Thought you’re not into that position?” i replied in slight confusion.

“The first time we did it was just ok but maybe because u lasted a few minutes after we switched. Kinda really like it after the second time especially after u went hard and deep.” she confessed with a sexy smile.

Without delay, i licked her opening when she was in position before prying open her slippery love tunnel. A few vaginal farts heard as i slowly went all the way in bottoming her out on my first thrust. A gasp and soft moans followed. I thrusted her in moderation and thinking to myself about her sister L’ s pussy- intentionally making myself excited as not to prolong the sex longer than expected. When my body felt perfectly warmed up, i dug deeper into her. My balls started slapping against her. The sound of it could be heard clearly so as her moans. I rode her like a jockey making her wanting to collapse on her face but i held her above her elbows firmly pulling her back towards me. I was high. Her tunnel has definitely widened but given the position we were in now, i felt i have reached deeper into her.

No more slow long thrusts for her. Halfway out then thrust back in at a double quick time firmly. It was evident that she felt weak as i saw her head was in many different angles while i pounded away vigorously. Sweats began to roll down from my forehead even though its an air conditioned room. Her runny secretion could be felt trickling down my balls. She was constantly dripping like a leaking pipe. 10 minutes later- i released her arms so she could lay flat on her tummy. I descended together and continued stabbing. Dug her face into her pillow muffling her loud moans as she received consistent tormenting of her love tunnel. Her pussy turned slightly red. And her runny secretion into a creamy lotion.

Soon enough, i have her turned around and welcomed my load with an open mouth. As i am naturally bending upwards, the big first shot misfired having landed on her headboard instead before properly delivered the balance pay-check where it was intended to. She downed it like it was nothing. We rested for awhile there afterwards. Running my fingers through her hair. Kissing her forehead and told her how much i enjoyed her. She then thought maybe its just her, that does not find her bf sexually attractive anymore in relation to the difficulty on getting wet down there. Well, i thought so too. She turned ‘rusty’ as the attractiveness to get her excited was unlike before. We spoke about her life with him some more and a few messages came in on my phone. I ignored it as to not be obvious rushing for it. Kept my cool with the conversation still.

Afterwards, she pulled me to the shower. We soaped each other thoroughly and playfully. She looked much better person than i first met her. Definitely a sex deprived young woman- totally opposite of L, i reckoned. Done with shower and dried ourselves up, J went to the kitchen to pour me a drink she bought earlier. I took that opportunity to read those messages. It was L.

“Helloooo!! Done fucking her? Or still going at it? Haha!” The first message read.

“Can u pick me up at this location by 330am then we go to a hotel?” she continued and waited for my respond.

“Must been really busy bonking my sis vagina i guess!! Lol!” she later texted again as no reply from me yet.

“Lol! Yup. I’m done here. Just finished shower with her. Shouldn’t be a problem but do u wanna have something to eat first?” I replied and suggested that as i was feeling hungry. But truth to be told, i needed the time and substance to gain the energy for the next battle!

“Whats da matter?? Running out of juice? Hmmm…?” she suspected.

“Haha not really. Just hungry thats all.” I answered so to hide the truth.

Luckily, she agreed to it. Shortly after, came a picture message from her – baring her breasts in the washroom followed by another, showing her pulling away her cum-like stained red panty from her hairless yet sticky wet slit. I was stoked to what i saw. There was a message tagged on the last picture saying:

“Eagerly waiting for your cock!!”

My heart nearly stop beating and my eyes felt like falling out. I was damn excited and so looking forward to pound her love orifice later.

J and i chatted more in the living room but i wasn’t totally concentrating as flashes of L’s pictures kept haunting my mind then on. It was 3am and it was time to leave. We kissed one last time at the door and she said she wants to arrange our meet up fortnightly. I agreed to that and took my leave for the next waiting pussy- her sister L’s pussy that is!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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