Yui’s Awakening. Part 1

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Yui’s Awakening. Part 1
Today was Yui’s first day at her new job. She was to star in a short soft-porn movie shot by the same photographer that had introduced her to the world of gravure.
For several months now, she had been modeling tiny bikinis, usually alone in beautiful locations, sometimes there would be an ‘off camera’ assistant, always a female staff member, whose occasional job was to sensually spread oil all over Yui’s body, under her bikini. And always, after a shoot, especially after these assisted shoots, Yui would feel very aware of her sexuality. She would feel very aware of the power of her sexuality, and it’s affect on the photographer (who surely must be immune to the gorgeous naked and semi naked girls he works with every day?!), and ultimately on herself. After quickly viewing the day’s roll and talking about how good this photo or that photo is, or discussing which ‘looks’ are working and not working for her, she would return home to her small apartment in Shinjuku, often exhausted, but always tingling with sensual desire. She would run a bath, eat dinner, bathe, dry her hair, and then spend at least an hour, sometimes two, masturbating. It was her release from the day’s built up sexual and sensual effects of posing in skimpy clothing, using her body to create desire in those who would ultimately see her photos.
Yui was a little shorter than the average height for Japanese women, her hair was black and in a cute bob, her body was slim, fit, and her breasts were quite small. This allowed her to appear in many photo shoots pretending to be a much younger girl than her 23 years. Very occasionally she would wonder about the ethics of starting a shoot in a junior high school uniform and ending up pretending to masturbate on a classroom desk. But she was getting paid, and modeling was her dream job, so the thought lingered only vaguely before disappearing.

So, today was her first day to appear in a video shoot. She received the brief in the morning from the photographer. It read just that it was going to be video, length 30 minutes, and her co-star was Ayaka, who was 4 years her senior. She knew Ayaka from the agency end of year party a few months ago, but had not seen her since. At the party she introduced herself to Yui and some of the other younger newcomers, explaining that she had been modeling for the agency for the last 4 years, and if they needed any advice, they could ask her any time. Yui though she was beautiful, kind and strong, and so she looked up to her in the classic way that younger people in Japan look up to their older colleagues.

Ayaka was already at the set (it was a school shoot again) and was already in her ‘costume’ when Yui arrived. Ayaka, wearing a grey suit, glasses, and her long hair tied back, greeted Yui warmly, and Yui scurried off to change into the junior high school uniform. Yui assumed she and Ayaka would be modeling and posing for the video cameras separately, so she was surprised when the photographer placed her at the front of the classroom in front of Ayaka. Plainly, Ayaka was the teacher and Yui was the student. The photographer quickly explained that this scene was ‘soft’, meaning no exposed nipples or pubic hair, as he had done at all of Yui’s shoots so far, but this time he added that the teacher seduces the student. Before Yui could even think about anything, the cameras were rolling and Ayaka had assumed the air of a teacher, both in control and shockingly forward in her attitude.

Ayaka said something about grades and behavior, and Yui immediately role-played the coy and bashful schoolgirl that she had played on many solo shoots. Then Ayaka moved very close to Yui, standing over her by at least 6 centimeters, and Yui could smell her perfume and feel the warmth of her body. It was not hard for Yui to play the shy and embarrassed younger girl, because this whole new situation was so different to anything she had done before. Yet somehow, as she was expecting this next level of her work, she enjoyed the feeling of trust that the agency had in her to do this kind of scene, and of course she trusted and looked up to Ayaka.

Now Ayaka reached up to Yui’s shoulder and gently but firmly pushed her against the desk behind her. Yui half sat on the desk as Ayaka’s hands began to explore her thighs, gently caressing and occasionally lifting up her mini skirt to reveal more of Yui’s lovely, pale and smooth thighs. The teacher was obviously enjoying touching and caressing the student’s legs, commenting how beautiful her legs were, how soft and pale they were. Or was it Ayaka saying these words? Was it the teacher wanting to explore more of the student’s petite body, running her hands over the tight fitting uniform, caressing her stomach, arms, shoulders… or was it Ayaka?
Was it the student who was responding to this soft, loving attention by alternately looking away shyly and looking into her teacher’s eyes lovingly… or was it Yui? She was almost shaking with both nervousness and excitement at the way Ayaka was touching her. Nobody had ever touched her this way before! She swallowed her nerves and decided that she, as a professional, would play this scene as best she could.

“Your body is so nice”, said the teacher softly into the student’s ear.

“Thank you”, said the student with her eyes now closed at the closeness of this beautiful woman.

The teacher nuzzled her face into the student’s hair, breathing in the fragrance of this morning’s shampoo, and pure warm girl. She gently brushed her lips across the student’s ear, sending waves spasming down the young body. She softly kissed her cheek, moving her kisses up, kissing her eyelids, her forehead, down to her other cheek. The student responded by lifting her head up and back so the teacher could continue her kissing, down her neck, stopping at the collar of her uniform.

Now the teacher began to unbutton the schoolgirl’s blouse, slowly, sensually, not opening her top, but just to allow her access to the gorgeous young body underneath. Then she released the clasp at the side of the skirt and unzipped it to reveal the student’s upper thigh and pink panties. The student stood up and the skirt fell to the floor.

Yui opened her eyes for the first time in what seemed like a long time, and saw with surprise a look of soft and gentle lust on Ayaka’s beautiful face. She leaned in and gently kissed her on the lips, making Yui’s eyes register a shock that delighted the photographer. Oh, that’s right, there is a small crew here watching this!

The teacher now dropped to her knees and put her face through the uniform blouse and nuzzled the student’s soft but flat stomach. She gently kissed and licked this gorgeous expanse of young, soft, smooth skin, sometimes flicking her tongue into the student’s navel, which made for much quivering and giggling. Meanwhile her hands were exploring all over the student’s legs, thighs and bottom.

She stood up. Lustfully looking into the student’s soft eyes, she parted the unbuttoned blouse and pushed it off her shoulders onto the floor. The sight of this beautiful young girl in bra and panties made her passionate and wanton in her demeanor, and so she resumed her kissing of the student’s neck, now moving down to her exposed shoulders, as the student closed her eyes and leaned her head back in lustful acceptance of such delightful attention.


The spell was broken. Ayaka stopped immediately, and still holding Yui by the arms, looked into her half closed eyes.

“Are you OK? That was your first time, wasn’t it?”, she said gently.

“Yes”, replied Yui shakily, almost unable to look her co star in the eyes.

“It’s OK. I was very nervous too when I did my first double shoot. I think they couldn’t use most of what we did! You were really great”, said Ayaka.

“Oh no, sorry, I didn’t know what to do”, replied Yui, recovering herself and now able to engage the older woman face to face.

“But you did everything perfectly. I want to thank you for being a wonderful first time co star. I really hope we can do some more together, would you like to?” asked Ayaka, holding Yui’s lovely face in her hands like a c***d.

“Yes. Yes, I would like to. Actually, I kind of enjoyed it”, said Yui shyly.

“Good, good”, said Ayaka, as she hugged Yui into her severe teacher’s suit.

The apparent coldness of the crew and the situation – it was a professional soft porn shoot after all – returned to Yui as she walked in a dressing gown to the showers. Once she got home though, the events of the day were vividly replaying themselves in her head.

After her bath she positioned her full length mirror at the foot of her futon. With the lights low, naked, and her moisturizer next to her, she sat rubbing it into her legs, enjoying the memory of the way Ayaka touched and admired her legs. She lovingly ran her hands over her soft and slippery thighs, watching herself in the mirror, imagining her hands were the teacher’s hands. Or were they Ayaka’s?
More moisturizer now, this time on her lovely flat stomach. She did enjoy touching her stomach anyway when she masturbated. This time, she caressed her hips and stomach lustfully, again remembering how the teacher had touched her there, and kissed her there too. Or was it Ayaka?
She moisturized her arms, shoulders, remembering the way the teacher kissed her shoulders and neck. All the time she watched herself caressing her lovely little body in the mirror. The feelings of self-love were growing stronger and stronger. Her breathing became heavier as she leaned back and enjoyed playing with her small breasts and especially her hard and dark nipples. The sight of herself in the mirror making love to herself was new for her, but she was so caught up in the sensuality and naughtiness of the moment, that she reached a quaking orgasm within a few minutes of reaching her very wet pussy.

She slept very deeply that night, with the image of Ayaka’s face, full of lust, that last thing on her mind before her slumber.

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