Yui’s Awakening. Part 4

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Yui’s Awakening. Part 4
On her return from Thailand, Yui contacted Ayaka to tell her all about her exploits there. Of course Ayaka was not at all surprised about Sana, she knew that Sana had played with girls before many times, and in fact her and Sana had once had a brief relationship, mostly around sex.

“I want you to tell me all about it,” purred Ayaka, as she settled onto the sofa next to Yui with a glass of red wine.

“Well, the beach was beautiful, and it was so hot, and …”

“No, tell me about the cute Thai girls you met. Tell me everything you did with them. Everything.”

Yui realized what Ayaka meant, so she snuggled into Ayaka’s side and positioned herself so she could whisper into Ayaka’s ear.

“Well, I met a girl called Dao, and Sana met a girl called Boon. They were in a relationship, but I guess it was a pretty open relationship because they spent the night with us, separately and together,” Yui began, in a low voice.

“Very nice,” said Ayaka as she settled more comfortably into the sofa and Yui’s warmth. She lightly ran her fingers over Yui’s lovely arms as she sipped her wine.

“Tell me about Dao.”

“She was quiet, slim, shorter than me, very cute face,” whispered Yui.

“What about her body, her skin,” whispered Ayaka, now starting to really relax, running her fingers along Yui’s slender arm, putting her glass aside and running her left hand along her smooth, shapely thigh now exposed from the dressing gown.

Yui could tell that Ayaka wanted to masturbate while Yui talked about her adventure, so she continued in a low voice.

“Her skin was so soft and smooth, very brown. Her breasts were quite small, smaller than mine, and her nipples were such a delicious dark brown. They became very hard in my mouth.”

Ayaka slid further into Yui’s warmth, as her gown fell open revealing her warm, naked body. Yui lightly caressed Ayaka’s flat stomach, loving the warmth, softness and smoothness of her skin. Ayaka moaned and whispered for Yui to keep talking as she ran her hands over her thighs and up her stomach, teasing her nipples and back down again.

“She had only light pubic hair, she was almost completely naked down there,” continued Yui, now enjoying the sight of Ayaka lovingly caressing herself.

“After our shower, she sat on my lap, with her back to me. I explored her sexy little body all over. I touched her body everywhere as we watched Sana and Boon making love on the bed.”

Ayaka was by now masturbating her soaking pussy, alternately pushing fingers inside her and flicking her engorged clitty.

“Did you enjoy the feeling of seducing her, Yui?” whispered Ayaka.

“Oh yes, very much. I became so lost in my desires, especially when she lay back onto me. I could wrap my arms around her lovely little slim body and kiss her neck and shoulders.”

Yui was getting so wet and turned on telling Ayaka about her lovemaking with Dao, and watching Ayaka making love to herself, that she wanted to join her in self love, but this was Ayaka’s turn to be pampered, so she continued.

“Then we joined Sana and Boon on the bed,” whispered Yui.

Ayaka moaned.

“Oh, I was so hoping you would! Four beautiful girls enjoying each others’ sexy naked bodies…,” she said with eyes closed and fingers pumping into her wetness.

“It was my first time like that,” said Yui.
“It was so amazing to have so much lovely naked skin, so many delicious breasts, nipples to play with.”

“Oh god yes…” moaned Ayaka.
“Did you play with Sana?”

“Yes, the two girls wanted to watch us kiss, which was so cute. So we kissed and the other girls’ hands were all over us. Lovely soft hands caressing my body all over as Sana and I kissed. Then I was rubbing my pussy on Sana’s thigh, and I was so wet, and with 3 pairs of hands touching my naked body all over, I had a huge orgasm.”

“Oh Yui, I’m going to come… squeeze my nipples… kiss me…,” moaned Ayaka, as her body stiffened and her thighs clamped both her hands into her pussy.

Yui leaned across to kiss Ayaka and pull her lovely nipples. Their eyes locked as their tongues danced together, and Ayaka moaned deeply into Yui’s mouth as she reached a mighty orgasm.

“Would you like to play in a group again, Yui darling?” Ayaka asked after catching her breath.

“Oh yes, but I want you be there too,” Yui whispered.

“I’ll organize it for this weekend, ok beautiful girl?” said Ayaka as she gently stroked Yui’s face and lightly kissed her pouting lips.

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