Help Me Lose My Mind

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Help Me Lose My Mind
It wasn’t all that love at first sight, cupid and arrows bullshit that everyone said it would be. It’s kind of hard to describe the feeling or the moment when it all clicked, but our first encounter was more like…like a pot of water boiling over. Let me see if I can explain.

When we first met, it was at a mutual friend of a friend’s party. No special reason, the guy was just a big partier and threw huge ones every weekend at his townhouse about five minutes from campus. His parents were ridiculously loaded and not only poured a large amount of money into the university, they also poured a large amount into their son’s top rated education. Which, of course, he put the money to good use and not at all into being known for having the most insane parties, for having the most absurd amounts of alcohol, and surprisingly never getting in trouble for any of it.

Look, it was his life and if I was able to enjoy even one of his parties and get wasted off of some amazing top shelf alcohol, then who am I to judge? I was just a twenty-one year old theatre major trying to have a healthy balance between my stressful studies and having as much fun as humanly possible. And that is what I fully intended to do when myself and a couple of my friends walked up the stairs of the townhouse, my hand moving up to ring the doorbell, and hearing the booming bass of a random EDM song and the roar of a houseful of partying college students. Yeah…I still don’t know how this hasn’t been shut down.

The townhouse was enormous compared to the others in what looked to be a pretty normal tree lined neighborhood, lawns perfectly manicured and streets immaculate. Definitely not where you would think a single male college student would live. We walked in and was given a little mini tour; 8 bedrooms (not including master bedroom), many bathrooms, a kitchen any chef would drool over, and a huge open living room that housed most of the guests under the most outrageous lighting setup you’d most likely see at a rave and not in someone’s living room.

After greeting everyone, we made a beeline to the massive open bar and I ordered a simple gin and tonic to start the night off. Grabbing our drinks, we made our way over some people we knew from class, chatting about the day and other random important topics such as why there was a guy trying to do a handstand when he clearly never did one in his life and clearly was intoxicated. I took a drink of my gin and tonic, savoring the refreshing and slightly bitter cocktail, and felt a set of eyes on me. I turned my head both ways, not really seeing anyone looking my way and just continued on with the conversation, forgetting the thought.

About an hour into the party and after a few heated dances with some of my girlfriends, I saw my friend; the guy who invited me to the party, speaking with none other than the host himself. My friends and I walked over to them, saying hello and thanking them for inviting us. While the host was definitely not my type with his flamboyant style and teal undercut hairstyle with piercings of all shapes and sizes lining his ear and one small hoop on his nose, I couldn’t deny he was incredibly friendly and charismatic. He made sure everyone that spoke with him had his undivided attention, was having the time of their lives and were very well taken care of. Now I get why people came to his parties.

A group of three guys walked over to the group, saying hello to my friend and the host as if they knew them well. That was when him and I met. We were introduced and all of us talked for a little bit before we heard the doorbell and the host needed to get the door. Some of us broke off from the group, including myself and him, and we went out on the patio with our drinks, chatting and in some cases getting to know each other.

The entire conversation he kept on staring at me, leaning back in his chair with what looked to be a crystal tumbler with quite possibly bourbon. Not that I really minded, I was stealing small glances over myself from behind my glass. The more I got to know him, the more I couldn’t take my eyes off of him. He had this manner about him that made me want to know more about this guy.

About an hour later, most of the people had left the group either to dance or just hook up with someone, leaving me and him alone on the patio. I started getting a little nervous under his gaze until he said, “I wouldn’t mind chatting more with you, but if you need to go back to your friends I understand.”

Screw my friends, I didn’t want to leave him. I knew that was a terrible to say, but if I left him now there’s no telling when or if we would see each other again. Yeah we had mutual friends and with the accessibility of social media and communication options nowadays, it would be pretty easy for us to get in touch. However, he was a working on his masters in business and I was still in my third year of my theatre major. We ran completely opposite lives with mostly different circles of friends. Unless we both made a valiant effort to keep in touch, then…I didn’t really want to think what would happen right now.

“I’ve got an idea. Don’t move,” I said, getting up from the sofa and going through the patio door only to come back a few minutes later with two shot glasses and a perfectly chilled bottle of alcohol. He stared at me quietly but with his eyebrows furrowed and a look of confusion.

Setting the glasses on the table, I grabbed the bottle and poured a healthy amount into each shot glass, watching the amber liquor contrast perfectly with the uniquely shaped crystal. I pushed one over to him and said, “Ok, name of the game is ‘truth or drink’, every question you don’t answer or give a vague answer to, you have to take a drink. Person with the most amount of questions answered wins. Game?”

“I’m up for a little game,” He chuckled.

“Good, I found a site on my phone with questions while I was waiting for the alcohol, so we can just use my phone to make it easier. Sounds good?”

“Sounds good to me.”

I sat back down in my seat across from him, exhaling to calm the nervous excited energy flowing through my body. “So…who should start?”

“Beautiful women always go first.”

Thankfully the only light was coming from a combination of the patio door, the moon and the twinkling lights surrounding the wood canopy overtop of the large heated inground pool. I looked at my phone to find the first question. “Ok…what inspires you to make the first move?”

“If…” He started as one of his brown boots came off the ground and crossed over the other knee, his arm resting on the arm of the chair and his face showing a small smirk in the low light. Ok, was already completely regretting this idea. “I’m attracted to her; she’s beautiful, intelligent, has a good sense of humor and I get along with her, then I’ll make the first move. I tend to go for the things I want.”

“Good answer,” I mumbled, squirming under his gaze, leaning over to hand him my phone. “Your turn.”

“Hmm let’s see…who gave you your first orgasm?”

“Wow…ok if I remember it correctly, it was a guy I dated when I was a Sophmore in highschool. He was a Junior and I thought I was so cool having a boyfriend a grade ahead of me. We dated for about two years and it wasn’t until a year after we stopped dating that I found out he was sleeping with one of my best friends off and on for about 10 months before we broke up.”

He shakes his head. “Guys can be assholes sometimes.”

“His loss. They ended up secretly dating for a few months after we broke up…that is until he found out she was cheating on him with some other guy. Suffice to say she’s definitely not my best friend anymore.”

“You deserve better than that.”

“Thank you,” I said and smiled slightly. “If you had to pick, would you be a dominatrix or a submissive?”

“I’m a dom.”

“Oh ok, good to know.” Fuck I really needed a drink right now.

He looked at my phone and then stared at me with dark and playful eyes. “What do you think an orgy would be like?”

I choked out a laugh, more to cover up my embarrassment over how that one look could turn me on so fast. “Shit these questions don’t pull any punches. I don’t know…probably really hot and sweaty.”

“That’s not good enough.” He pushed my drink closer to me. “Drink.”

I wanted to obey. Normally I would’ve been a little brat and gotten my way out of it, but I wanted to obey his order. I also wanted him to keep on ordering me. Grabbing the shot glass, I tossed my head back and savored the amber liquor as it burned a smooth trail all the way down my throat, imprinting on my very soul just as he’s been doing to me all night.

Setting the glass down and u*********sly licking my lips, I turned to him and saw he had moved from his spot on the other chair and sat opposite me on the other end of the outdoor sofa, lying back with his legs comfortably spread, jeans and white t-shirt molded perfectly to his toned body. This guy knew he was going to be the death of me… and I actually didn’t mind that one bit.

Looking down at my phone, I laughed at what the next question was. “Do you ever mentally strip strangers just for kicks?”

“I have.”

“Wait that’s not enough, you have to explain…”

“You asked if I did or not. I answered the question.”

“Who have you…”

His long index finger lifted up to his lips, the incredible urge to fight back doubled. “One question at a time.”

My eyes narrowed at him, wanting so bad to wipe that smirk off his face. “Fine your turn.”

“Is there anything you won’t do in bed?”

“I mean other than being urinated or defecated on, then not that I know of. Not that I’m kink shaming in any way, just personally don’t want to have that done to me.”

“Fair enough.” He grabbed the bottle and took a drink, groaning low as he licked his lips. I vaguely hear the low bass of a popular rap song and mused on how much I wanted to bite those lips right now. “It’s your turn.”

Ahh I had an idea. “The person or people you imagined, tell me what you think it would be like to fuck them?”

“That’s not the next question.”

“I don’t care. I wanna know.”

He sighed and I pretended to clear my throat, trying so hard not to laugh. Never thought I was this much of a glutton for punishment. “I haven’t imagined many but I have imagined a few from time to time, but for the sake of this question, let’s focus on the most recent one.” The dark, intense look in his eyes made my body shiver even though it was quite warm outside from a combination of the warm summer air and the heat rolling off of the pool. “She might be a little hard to tame…but I would have so much fun tying her up and teasing her until she begged and pleaded for me to fuck her.”

Ok that one stung a little. “Um it’s your turn.”

That infuriating smirk was back on his face. “How long does it take you to get yourself off, on average?”

“Depends. If i’m really horny and just want to get myself off, then no more than 10-15 minutes. But…if I want to tease and edge, then I can go on for hours.”

“Hmmm that’s good to know,” He slowly said, his voice low and raspy and doing so many things to me without even being anywhere near me. My brain couldn’t think. My mouth was dry, nerves were shaking with excitement and the curiosity of what he meant by such a loaded statement was absolutely killing me.

Foregoing the glass, I grabbed the bottle and took a swig, needing something to calm my vibrating nerves and seeing out of the corner of my eye him staring at my lips with a raised eyebrow. Fuck this was going to be a long night.

“Have you…ever woken up humping your pillow?” We both looked at each other and laughed. “Yeah I didn’t make up the questions.”

Grabbing the bottle, he took a long swig of the alcohol, my eyes staring at his long neck and bobbing adam’s apple, imaging me sitting on his lap, licking and biting and hearing his low moans and grunts. I squirmed in my seat just as he set the bottle back on the table, staring at me with a playful look which I could only guess wasn’t directed at the question. “Can’t say that I have ever woken up humping my pillow.”

“I’ll accept that answer.”

“Same question.”

My mouth dropped. “Hey no fair, you can’t…”

“You’ve already skipped questions, why can’t I change the rules?”

Damn. “Alright fine…this time. But let’s agree from now that we’re allowed to skip questions if they’re not good, but no more repeat questions. Then it’ll just get boring.”

“Deal. Now answer or forfeit,” He demands and he moves his booted foot back up onto his knee. “Either way is fine with me.”

I huffed. “I may or may not have.”

“Yes or no.” The power and authority in his voice startled me and I stared at him. The sound of voices walking into the kitchen and the clinking of bottles made us turn our heads, seeing three unrecognizable guys talking about girls they’re “going to hit”. Yeah guys totally don’t gossip.

I turned my head back to him when they left the kitchen and mumbled, “Yes.”

“I couldn’t hear you.”


He chuckled and handed the phone back to me, our hands brushing and the electric feeling making me jump slightly, which of course he noticed. Sadistic bastard. “Good girl.”

Wow that shouldn’t have turn me on as much as it did.

Breathing slowly, I asked him in an uneven tone, “How would you dominate your boss sexually if given the chance?”

“Well considering my boss is an almost sixty year old man…I probably wouldn’t?”

“Ok I’ll accept that answer.”

“Thank you,” He laughed. “Have you ever fantasized about fucking one of your teachers?”

“Once in ninth grade, but found out shortly after that he was gay and his partner was actually a really nice guy who brought amazing homemade chocolate chip cookies to our class parties. So that stopped pretty quick.”

“Yeah good idea.”

“When’s the last time you had a vivid sex dream?”

He thought about it for a second. “Hmm…I don’t remember my dreams very often.” He looked down on me, that playful look back in his eyes. “Ask me again the next time you see me and I might have one.”

This needed to end or I’m going to lose all sanity.

“Does dirty talk get you aroused?”

“To a point, but it can become instantly cheezy and/or overdone.” I stared at the phone as he handed it back to me, unable to concentrate anymore. “What do you do when you get horny in public?”

“Depends on who I’m with, sometimes it’s just too hard to conceal.” He put his foot down and a very large noticeable bulge was present underneath his tight jeans and I u*********sly licked my lips. “But normally I just hide it as best as I can until I’m able to take care of it.”

I nodded, unable to speak at this point. My skin was blistering hot and my breathing became noticeably erratic, wanting him to do anything, anything to quench the need flowing through my body and pooling at my soaking wet cunt. I crossed and uncrossed my legs, and felt the cool breeze hit my equally wet panties, making me visibly shudder as I tried desperately to cover it up with the motion of handing my phone to him, praying he wouldn’t notice.

“Referring back to my last question…are you sure about that?” My eyebrows furrowed in confusion, trying to remember if that was the last question or not, until he leaned over and brushed my hair to the side, fingertips caressing over my sensitive neck and made my eyes flutter closed. He moved his head down to my ear and whispered, “I’ve been imagining you naked ever since before I met you. Yep you guessed it, you’re the most recent one. I’ve also wanted to slip you out of that dress and fuck you senseless with nothing but those heels on ever since we started this game, which I have every intention of doing, but let’s continue the game for now. We wouldn’t want to end such a fun and enjoyable game, now would we?”

He sat back down and smirked at my, what I presume to be, completely red face considering how hot I’d been feeling. I’ve never been so turned on by a guy enough to wanna just haul off and smack him more than I did at that very moment.

“You didn’t answer my question. Drink.” He grabbed the bottle and moved to begin pouring me a glass.

I grabbed the bottle out of his hand and set it back on the table. “I’ll answer just give me a second.” I exhaled loudly and tapped my newly manicured nails on the bottle, debating whether not to take another drink and also thinking of a halfway coherent answer. “Yes…that did have an effect on me.”

“Glad I can have an effect on you,” He chuckled.

“Is it my turn?”

“Yes it is, sweetheart.”

Ok that stung even more. Never had a guy give me or even call me by a pet name. “Have you ever blindfolded or handcuffed your partner?”

The smirk on his face grew into probably the sexiest grin I’d ever seen on…well pretty much anyone. “Once or twice.”

I so wanted to call him out for being unclear, but he did answer the question and we needed to finish this game as soon as possible or there’s no telling what I would do. “Your turn.”

“What the most sexually daring thing you’ve ever done?”

Apart from fucking this guy I just met out here on this patio if we didn’t finish this game soon? “Probably blowing the aforementioned boyfriend in a mall bathroom.”

I could tell he wanted to know more, but kept quiet. “Good answer.”

“Have you ever propositioned a total stranger?”

“If I hadn’t been introduced to you…then my answer would’ve been yes.” He chuckled at my surprised face. I swear I will get him back for this game someday. “But I met you before that happened, so then my answer would have to be no.”

I looked at my watch, diverting my line of sight to anywhere but him, and found out it was close to two in the morning. How did over two and a half hours go by? “This should probably be the last question since it’s getting kind of late.”

“Then I guess I better make it good,” He looked at the phone, chuckling darkly as he set it down on the table, closing the distance between us. “What’s your favorite way to be seduced?”

That was the last straw. My brain officially shut down.

One of his hands moved into my curls, grabbing them in his fist as the fingers of his other hand slid between my legs, caressing the inside of my thigh, teasing back and forth as his mouth moved down to my ear, lightly licking the shell and causing me to moan softly.

“Would it be…one of my fingers slipping deep inside your wet throbbing pussy, teasing you with long slow strokes out here on the patio underneath this beautiful night sky.” His breath tickled my neck just before his teeth sank in, sucking and nibbling slowly on the pulse point and surely making a bruise, but fuck did it feel good. I half gasped and groaned at the pleasure and pain radiating throughout my body and wondered what other things he could do to release this same feeling again. Because I could really get used to this.

“Or…would you like to go find somewhere more private where I can have you on your hands and knees, grabbing your soft hair and fucking you so thoroughly you won’t be able to walk out of here without every step reminding you of my hard cock buried deep inside you, making your amazing ass the same color as that incredibly cute blush you’ve had on your face for almost the entire night.”

His hand let go of my hair, caressing the back of my neck with his fingers, making me lay my head back into his hand. He softly whispered, “So what’ll it be, sweetheart?”

I couldn’t speak. I literally lost all function to speak. I tried to speak up, but my brain just wouldn’t form the words. The soulful beat mixed with a gorgeous mezzo-soprano voice played in the background, helping me to lose my mind as he kissed and licked and nibbled right under where my jaw and ear met, moaning as his hand slipped a little further up and coerced me to spread my legs more to accommodate him. Unable to contain myself anymore, I let out a little whimper and moved my hips to guide him where I wanted his hand the most.

He chuckled as his thumb ran over my soaked panties, grazing my swollen lips and my hard clit through them and making me shudder, grabbing one of the decorative pillows next to me and digging my nails into it so hard that I thought I’d ripped through the fabric. Not that I really cared at the moment. “You’re so wet, sweetheart. All night you’ve been this wet?”

I nodded, wanting to cry out as his finger moved slowly up and down the length of my clothed slit, feeling my juices continuing to flow due to his ministrations, a little embarrassed by the heightened smell of my sex.

He turned my head and kissed me as his tongue danced with mine, his finger beginning to run circles slowly around my clit, causing me to moan loudly into his mouth. Pulling away from me and my wet panties, he lifted the finger to his mouth and slowly sucked on it, groaning and closing his eyes as he savored my taste. “I can not wait to lay you down and slowly eat your delicious little cunt, see you writhing in pleasure and feeling your sweet juices dripping onto my face and tongue. But for right now,” He took my hand that was now digging into the couch cushion underneath me and laid it on top of the very hard bulge in his jeans, hissing as my hand instinctively began to rub it. “I’ve needed to fuck you pretty much the entire night. So let’s go find a find a room and get you out of that, albeit, gorgeous dress.”

My body sank back into the sofa and moaned at the loss of contact. Looking up at him, I saw his hand was stretched out towards me and that damn smirk was back on his face. Grinning slightly, I stood up from the sofa, fixing the skirt of my dress and brushed my body up against his as I walked over to the patio door. I turned my head back around to him and smiled, “Are you coming?”

Okay. If his face gave only one thing away…it’s definitely that I was getting it for that one.

We walked through the still pretty packed party, some still dancing but most had taken space on one of the many seating areas, either as conversing groups or couples performing acts that should’ve been reserved for one of the bedrooms. The majority of them being at least somewhat buzzed or stoned. I noticed the same slow and sensual beat that was playing earlier was still going on, probably because someone repeated it, which suited me fine as the beat of the song fit perfectly with both the mood of the party right now and the sexual energy flowing between the two of us. His hand caressed my lower back and ass as he guided me upstairs to one of the open rooms.

“Is it okay for us to be in here?”

“Yeah, Lucas told me I could have it if I needed it.”

Oh yeah that’s his name. “To bring girls up here?”

My eyes widened and I realized my face could get brighter as he turned his head and grinned. Wow I really need to start controlling my mouth. “Jealous?”

“No…” I had nothing else after that.

He chuckled and closed the door behind him, the noise of the lock turning made my breath slightly hitch. Walking over to me, he slowly wrapped his hands around my waist and kissed me, his tongue finding mine and slowly slipping over it in a sensual battle for dominance.

My hands slipped up underneath the fitted white v-neck, grazing my fingernails over his toned stomach and pulled away from our kiss, biting and tugging on his bottom lip. “Get this dress off now or we may have to find you some new clothes to wear home.”

Pulling away with a smirk, I grabbed the bottom of my dress and pulled it up over my head, leaving me in my black lace strapless corset, lace panties and my Jimmy Choo heels I saved up for as a graduation gift. His eyes slowly trailed up and down my body almost as if he was caressing me with just his gaze, which made me squirm a little, feeling the wetness still covering my panties.

Grabbing my arm, he pulled me back into him and kissed me hard. His hands undid the clasps of the corset and threw it onto the ground, moving his hands up over my body starting at my hips and working their way up to my swollen breasts, massaging them and caressing his thumbs over my hard nipples. I threw my head back and shuddered, moans mixing with the sensual beat drifting through the wireless speakers. “Fuck those moans are beautiful,” He roughly said.


“Mmm please what, sweetheart?”

“Please fuck me. Fuck me like you said you would.”

“Oh don’t worry baby,” He said as his hand slipped down my stomach and inside my wet panties, rubbing my hard clit as his other arm wraps around my waist, holding me as my knees buckled from the intense pleasure shooting through my body. “We will get to that.”

My eyes teared up from a combination of the pleasure and the frustration of wanting to cum, more specifically with his hard cock buried deep inside of my throbbing pussy. His hand moved further down and I almost screamed when one of his fingers teasingly pushed inside of me, thrusting slowly, giving me just a small taste of what was to come. He let go of my waist and moved his hand up to my face, caressing my wet cheek with his thumb and staring at me with playful eyes. “Get up on the bed.” The five best words I’ve ever heard. I went to take my shoes off when he ordered, “Leave them on. Just get on the bed, all fours.”

Fuck his voice was hot. I climbed up to the middle of the bed, the soft duvet cushioning my knees as I spread my legs shoulder width apart, waiting for his next command. My blush came back full force when he pulled his shirt up over his head and threw it on the floor, his body looking even better than it felt. Lean muscle, toned in all the right places and that perfect ‘V’ that teased you and made you think of what sinful things could lie beneath. He toed off his boots and socks, then began to unbuckle the brown leather belt around his waist, the movement making me bite my lip not just in anticipation, but for something I couldn’t quite put my finger on.

Dropping the belt on the floor, he looked back up at me as his hands went to the button of his jeans, grinning at my intense stare on his hands as he undoes them. He pulled them down his toned legs and threw them along with his boxer briefs over to the pile of our clothes.

My eyes widened and I actually had to force my mouth closed so my tongue wouldn’t fall out of my mouth. His cock was long, about eight inches without measuring, and thick around. I knew it would barely wrap around my hand if I was to hold it. My hand u*********sly went to my pussy, rubbing myself through my panties, desperate to get rid of the aching from my throbbing pussy.

He walked over to the bed, his cock bouncing slightly with a small amount of precum leaking from the tip. “Ah Ah, did I give you permission to touch yourself?”

“I can’t take it anymore, I need you.”

“So greedy,” He mumbled as he climbed up onto the bed, moving behind me and roughly pulling my panties down to my knees. He grabbed my hair in his fist and pulled me up to him, his breath teasing my neck. My eyes closed as I moaned, loving the feeling of my hair being pulled by him. “I’ll let it slide…tonight. But I will tame you, sweetheart. Be sure of that.”

He let go of my hair and I fell back onto my hands, feeling him grab my hips roughly and line the tip of his cock to my dripping hole, slowly pushing in and making me groan some obscenities into the duvet. All of a sudden I felt his hand slap down on my ass, making me scream into my hand. “Don’t hide your moans. I want to hear them.”

“What if everyone…”

“No one will care, you saw downstairs. This is what people do at his parties. Get wasted and/or stoned, some will dance and some will get to know each other before they all hook up, then spend the rest of the night fucking. Give it another hour or so and you’ll hear more than just your own moans.”

He continued pushing his cock into my pussy, grunting and digging his fingers into my hips. His cock felt amazing inside of me, my eyes closing tightly as I let out a moan and dug my fingernails into the duvet, deciding to just let myself go and enjoy this mind blowing fuck. I mean I was having what probably will be the best fuck I’ll ever have right now and I should savor it instead of worrying if people will hear me.

I felt him kneed my asscheeks and then the sting of another slap, causing me to moan louder and move my hips back into him. “Fuck baby you’re so tight. You feel so good around me, keep pushing yourself onto me.”

“Grab my hair,” I begged.

He grabbed my hair and began rolling his hips into mine, both of our hips moving to the sensual beat as if we were grinding on the dancefloor. My mouth fell open as my moans became louder and more desperate, hearing his sexy grunts behind me as his hips moved faster, the sound of his balls slapping against my cunt and the seductive mix of his cologne and own unique scent had me almost delirious, feeling as if I was one of the party goers downstairs.

“Oh fuck, baby…are you close?”

“Oh yes,” I screamed and fucked onto his cock faster, my hips rolling as my hand moved up to my breasts, massaging them in my hand. “Fuck please…harder.”

“That’s it,” He whispered and slapped my ass again, making me buck my hips faster into him. His other hand moved down to my clit, slowly stroking the hard nub. “Come on baby cum for me.”

A few more strokes later and I screamed and moaned louder than I ever thought I could, my whole body shaking uncontrollably and probably wouldn’t have been able to hold myself up had it not been for him grabbing my hair.

I continued bucking my hips slowly, even though I was incredibly sensitive and every stroke sent shockwaves of pleasure throughout my body, I wanted him to make him cum. To feel his orgasm throughout my body just as mine went through his. I wanted to feel everything he gave me. Soon after I heard his loud grunts and groans, his hips moving erratically, right on the verge of reaching his orgasm. Squeezing my pussy as I fucked him harder, I felt another orgasm come on and lost myself in trying to find it.

“Fuck yes right there baby, come with me.”

We both came in a writhing mess of moans and cum, vaguely hearing laughing and footsteps walking past our door. I gasped, trying to find my breath and felt him slowly let go of my hair. My head fell to the bed, shuddering as I felt him guide us to lie down on the bed, his arms wrapping around me and his cock still buried deep inside me as we savored this moment together, the sensual beat still playing softly in the background.

Our first time. Even though it wasn’t all candles and roses, it was special to me. And while I still don’t believe in the whole love at first sight nonsense…I will say, this was the first time I did feel truly loved.

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