oh to be young again,…

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oh to be young again,…
My wife Elly and I are 27, we met in college towards the end of our senior year and after two years of dating we got married when we were 24. Elly is 5’6 135 lbs, she has nice B cup tits and her legs are very long that lead up to her amazing ass which seems to always catch the eyes of guys when they are around her. At first like many relationships we hardly left the bedroom but things started getting busier and before long it was mostly down to having sex on the weekends.
Last year in January she made a new years resolution to start working out more so she got a gym membership and started going after work. It all worked out fine for me, as a teacher she was able to be off work earlier then I was and so we’d usually get home around the same time. A couple weeks went by and she hadn’t missed a day and lately she had been arriving home a little later everyday. I didn’t think much of it just assuming she must be enjoying her workout, till one day in the middle of the week when I got home without saying a word she immediately pulled down my pants and started sucking my cock. Now this wasn’t normal, generally if I was getting a blow job it was on a special occasion not in the middle of the week out of the blue. I obviously didn’t question it I just went with it. She was ravenously sucking my cock like I hadn’t seen her do since we first started dating. After a little bit I picked her up and threw her on the table and started to go down on her to reciprocate but she stopped me saying she needed to be fucked hard. With her laying on the kitchen table I put my cock slowly into her pussy and she grabbed me and pulled me in, I noticed she was dripping wet. I don’t think I had every seen her this wet and excited before, she was like a wild a****l that night we fucked four times before she passed out in bed.
I got up to get a drink, as I was in the kitchen I saw her phone light up and she had 5 unopened text from a guy named Troy. I decided I better look at it just in case it was an emergency, or maybe just trying to figure out why a guy named Troy was texting her that much. The last texts he sent her he was apologizing and saying he hoped he didn’t mess up their friendship and saying he wouldn’t talk about it again. I scrolled up a couple texts before and reading him saying he missed her tight pussy and not to act like she didn’t miss his big cock, all she replied with was I’m married I can’t say stuff like that. I quickly screenshot their conversations, there were hundreds, and sent those picture to myself to go through and read these texts. I made sure I deleted the pictures and the texts I sent to myself and went to my office and closed the door, I felt guilty for snooping but I was furious she was talking to someone like that. I kept thinking to myself he must be just a jackass that was hitting on her and just made up stuff about missing her like he’d been with her.
As I read though there week of conversation it started out pretty innocent but soon realized Elly had been asking him nearly everyday if he’d be at the gym and what time, she had also been sending him pictures of her in her spandex clothes asking if her ass still looked the same. I knew he must not have been making things up and also realized Elly had been the one really flirting. I felt betrayed but found myself hard as a rock and stroking my cock as I read her flirting. As I made my way to the end of the texts I got to the part where he said she must miss his huge cock, I lost it imagining her with a huge cock and I blew a huge load everywhere. If I hadn’t known I’d just came four times earlier that night I would have thought I hadn’t came for a month with the size of the load.

My anger had dissipated and now I just felt a little ashamed for loving her flirt so much. I went to bed but couldn’t sleep, I just kept replaying all the texts over and over again. Was he the reason she was so horny when I got home? I’d never seen her pussy so wet, was she wet thinking about his huge cock? How big was his cock? I started thinking about early on in our relationship she’d told me I was one of the bigger cocks she ever had. I’m pretty average about 6 ‘1/2 with good girth but I remember when I asked if she had bigger she said only one was noticeably bigger. She’d been with 21 other guys besides me so I wasn’t surprised one of them was gifted. When I asked her if her was a lot or a little she didn’t want to answer till I kept at it. When she finally told me she said he was a lot bigger she didn’t know how big exactly but she thought about twice my size. I kept trying to get her to tell me more information and thinking she was exaggerating a little bit but it still turned me on thinking about her with a guy that big. I found myself hard again thinking about this, needless to say I didn’t get any sleep that night.
Over the next few days I couldn’t get this out of my head and Elly continued to show up home later and later. I tried looking at her phone every night but not wanting to get caught I never got a chance until about a week later. I opened the messages and didn’t see any texts from Troy she must have deleted what were on there. Maybe she had stopped talking to him? Honestly I was very disappointed not to find any more texts. I found myself jerking off nightly to the thought of her with a huge cock, it was all I could think about. I had to know more.
I found myself on Ellys facebook page looking through her friends hoping there would be a Troy. Sure enough there was a Troy on there; however, I wasn’t sure if it was him. I clicked on his page finding out all I could even though him and I weren’t friends. Everything pointed to he could be the one, he was the same age, he went to the same college, I could feel my cock starting to bulge from the possibility I had found out who Elly had been talking to.
He was by all standards a good looking guy, very muscular, tall, and if my hunch was right very well hung. I looked through his pictures and sure enough Elly was in one of his profile pictures from back in college. Without thinking I started writing him a private message on facebook, I told him I had seen he’d been texting Elly, my wife, and that I knew they used to be together. I wasn’t mad at him I just wanted to talk but not to tell Elly. I hit send and found myself staring at my phone hoping he would message me back. I kept checking the next day but still nothing, I couldn’t get anything done at work until a little after lunch I get a message back. He apologized and asked what all I had seen and what I needed. I immediately wrote him back telling him how much I liked seeing her flirt with him and how I wasn’t mad at all and I then told him something I never imagined myself writing. I told him I would help him fuck her again if he thought he could do it. I gave him phone number and hit send. I immediately regret saying that, what if he told Elly? what if he actually fucked her? About a minute later my phone starts ringing from a number I didn’t recognize, it was him. He immediately asked if this was a joke, I assured him it wasn’t and we decided to meet after work at a bar to talk face to face.
After work I race over to the bar hoping he’ll be there. I end up waiting the longest 10 minutes of my life until he shows up. I tell him I’m completely serious about helping him fuck her but I didn’t want her to know that I knew. It’s all I’d been able to think about since I saw his texts. He kind of laughed and said well he was glad he had my blessing but he didn’t think he’d need much help fucking her again, he pulled out his phone and showed me their texts. Since the night I saw her phone her texts had gone from flirty to fuck me. I asked if he could send them to me, he told me he would on one condition, if I left town that next weekend so he’d have a chance to fuck her. I jumped at the opportunity to give her a chance to get fucked by his cock again. As we sat there his phone got a text from Elly asking if he’d be coming in to work out today. he told her no he had other things going on, as I watched him text her I knew he was right he didn’t need any help fucking her again just an opportunity.
I rushed home to try and beat Elly home so she didn’t think it was weird I was home late. That night I told her I was having to be out of town that weekend for work. This wasn’t uncommon that I’d have to leave for it was a little unusual it was this short notice, that being said Elly didn’t as any questions about why so I was fairly certain she wasn’t going to question it just see it as a perfect opportunity. I booked a hotel in town for the weekend and waited to look at all the texts Troy gave me until then thinking it would be the perfect opportunity to be a lone and entertain myself with them while I had some free time. I was in contact with Troy so he knew when I’d be out of the house and back. I told him to tell me everything that happened with him and elly and if he could video tape it or take some pictures so I could see it later. He never said to much about my requests but I didn’t care, I was so turned on by the thought of Elly taking a huge cock that’s all I could think of.
The rest of the week went by terribly slow but when friday came I went out bought some beer, Troy also sent more texts that she had sent to him after they’d made their plans to spend the weekend and checked into my hotel. I had told Elly I’d be on the road but I’d call her when I got there but it might not be until 10 or so, I was thinking that’d give those two a little time to warm up to each other again and hopefully fuck before I bothered them. As I waited I went though and started reading all the texted Troy had sent me. I got to the texts she’d sent the day after I saw her texts and she had told him she wasn’t upset and he was right she missed his GIANT cock. I was half devastated, knowing she was just horny thinking about him and he is the one with the huge cock, but I was so incredibly horny reading that it’s hard to describe. As I looked through them I started to see that she had been sending him naked pictures and asking to see his cock. I was flabbergasted seeing the things she wrote to him, I’d never heard her say things like that. The thought of being with him again must have unleashed a crazed sex maniac. Then I got to it, a picture of his cock he sent to her. It was the biggest penis I had ever seen. It had to be 11-12 inches long and very very thick. His cocks veins looked like baby snakes running all throughout it. I came when I saw it and pictured he taking that.
How had she ever taken that before? no wonder she seemed like a different person when she talked to him. I wanted to call her immediately to try and find out if she had actually gone through with it and cheated on me, only to realize I had told her i’d call around 10 and it was only 6. Those four hours seemed like an eternity, with a gambit of emotions from indescribable horniness to regret, worrying I may have just helped ruin my marriage. At 9:40 I decided it was close enough so I called her, she didn’t answer I called her again at 9:45 no answer at 9:48 she answers out of breath. I instantly realize shes cheated on me, not knowing how to feel I ask her if she’s alright. She tells me she had already fallen asleep and I woke her that’s why she sounded weird, she then says she’s going back to sleep and she loves me then hangs up before I reply. I then immediately get a text from troy telling me not to call her again that weekend she was now “his property”. I sit there not knowing I had made a mistake leaving her with him and feeling regret and shame that I’m hard again stroking my cock because I know Elly is being fucked by this massive horse cock.
The weekend d**g on longer then I would have guessed. Sunday rolled around and I texted Elly saying I was about an hour away and I missed her. I get home and walk into a spotless house, had I not received that text from Troy I would have guessed she actually was catching up on housework. I call for Elly and find her in the laundry room and come behind her and hug her. As I kiss her neck I tell her I missed her with a raging hard on poking her ass, she tells me she is tired and not really in the mood. I continue saying I really need her. She finally relents and tells me “fine, but make it quick”. After jacking off so much over the weekend I’m not sure if anything will be quick but I don’t care. I take off her clothes as we make out and I start fingering her, I slip in two fingers and realize she is incredibly loose. usually two fingers would take a little bit to actually start moving in and out but not this time, I’m not sure if four fingers would have filled her up now. Not wanting to be suspicious, I acted like everything was normal and pulled out my fingers and easily slipped my cock into her sloppy pussy. I realize she is soaking and that my fingers had a creamy substance all over them. That mother fucker fucked her bareback and came in her pussy… a lot!
Each time I trust in and came out I had cum running out of her cunt. Her cunt looks nothing like it previously did, I can tell it took a hell of a pounding all weekend long. I should be furious, my wife is filled with another mans cum, her pussy is wrecked it was not tight on me at all, yet all this drove me wild. I lasted maybe 2 minutes before adding my load to her pussy. Elly looked concerned, maybe she was worried I realized, maybe she was just unsatisfied with my average cock and premature ejaculation. I started kissing her apologizing for cumming so fast, I told her she felt incredible and I couldn’t hold out any longer because it felt so good. She kisses me and tells me she has lesson plans to get done and goes to work on them. I text Troy asking how the weekend went and to tell me everything. No response. The next day it’s all I can think about hearing what happened over the weekend, Troy finally texts me around noon thanking me for giving them the weekend. I asked him if he took any pictures and to tell me what happened. He then told me he’d tell me about it on one condition, when I got home I’d have to tell elly I’d be home late the next day so he could have her again. I did what he told me to, I told her we were having to stay late and it’d probably be 10 before I got home.
I texted Troy that next day saying she was his till 10 then asked him to tell me about it. He was very vague saying that he fucked her around 20 times at first she was to tight to take him but he soon had her trained again. He told me she would say she was his pussy now and no one else compared. He then bragged that he bought condoms but she didn’t want him to wear them and he came in her pussy claiming it every time except a few where she sucked him off and he shot if on her face or she swallowed it. I tried to push to hear more details but he wasn’t willing to tell me anything else.
I decided if he wasn’t going to help me out I’d have to find out for myself. I left work at 2 knowing Elly wouldn’t be out of school till 3:30 so I had plenty of time to get home before her. I rushed home parked 4 blocks away at a local park I knew she wouldn’t drive past. I practically ran home from my car set up a skype call with my laptop with my office desk and hid my laptop in the our bedroom closet pointing at our bed. I was rushing but getting it all set up and hidden yet still having the laptop camera with a clear view of the bed took me longer than I expected. Generally Elly goes to the gym immediately after she gets done at school but today she showed up right at 4:15 meaning she stayed until she had to at 4 then rushed home. I didn’t mind it just met a little more time locked in my office watching and listening to her get ready for her fuck buddy to come and give her the fucking of her life. I see her walk through our bedroom to the bathroom and shower, a few minutes later she walks naked into our bedroom and pulls out a lingerie set I’ve never seen in my life, a matching bra and thong. Maybe she was saving it for a special occasion, or maybe she bought them last weekend for Troy, I’m not sure but fuck she looked sexy in them.
She spent the next half hour in the bathroom getting ready till the doorbell rang and she left in her lingerie to go answer the door. I sat at my desk with my pants at my ankles and my cock as hard as it’s ever been in anticipation. Moments later my plan worked like a charm I see them come into camera view while they made out. I feel horrible seeing her making out with someone else. It’s like I’ve been punched in the gut, but my cock is betraying me, it’s rock hard. Elly gets on her knees takes down his pants and out pops the biggest limp cock Ive ever seen. His cock limp was longer then my 6 1/2 inches hard and thicker as well. His balls were equally as impressive. It looked fake my how large it was, I sat in amazement as Elly started sucking and stroking him and I watched it grow larger and larger until it was completely hard and curved up somewhat. I watched as elly worked hard sucking him, trying to take him in as deep as her mouth would allow as she jerked him off as she played with his giant balls. He had barely been hard a minute and I found myself shooting a stream of cum all over my desk, this was without a doubt the most erotic thing I’d ever seen.
He then stood her up, her bra was off her, she must have taken it off as she was giving him a blow job but I didn’t notice my eyes never came off his cock, then he roughly threw her on our bed. He ripped off her thong and told him to beg for his cock. She started pleading with him to give her his cock, telling him she needed his cock so bad then he slowly entered her. she let out a loud OHH FUUUUCK as he worked his way deeper and deeper in her. Soon he was all the way in and slowly fucking her, Elly let out a loud scream as she tensed up, she was cumming, I had seen this before but not this intense and not after only a minute of sex. With me it was usually 10-15 minutes and we had her hitachi on her clit, never just with a cock but there she was cumming on his horse cock. She came down from her orgasm and pulled him in deep and made out with him as she was trying to recover.
She whispered something to him I couldn’t hear then he started slowly thrusting again then speeding up I could see his thrust were long and slamming into her hard again usually after cumming once she is done but not this time. I could hear the slapping noise of his balls slapping against her ass and her screaming begging him not to stop. After a few minutes of this he flipped her over into doggy style where he slammed hard into her. He spanked her ass and within a couple minutes she had came again, this was number 3 of their first session. I then see him pull out and she is telling him to take it it’s his, I’m not sure at first what’s going on until I see him rubbing lube on her. He’s going to fuck her ass. I’ve fucked her ass a few times but rarely and usually I have to take it slow I’m not sure how they think his monster cock is going to fit into her tight little ass but he slowly starts to slide in.

She lets out a long load moan, I’m not sure if it’s pleasure or pain but I can tell his cock head must be in. He slowly fucks her ass in and out inching deeper and deeper all the time. After what seemed to be an eternity ( It was probably only a couple minutes) he had all 12 inches in her and he is pumping probably half pumps slowly. Her moans are now definitely pleasure and she starts begging harder. He doesn’t need any encouragement he starts taking her ass like he did her pussy with hard long strokes. She puts her face in the pillow and starts screaming as her body starts to convulse shes had yet another orgasim she collapses on the bed. Troy takes no mercy and continues to fuck her ••••••• hard slamming into her ass like he’s mad at it until I see him thrust deep and clench up.
After unloading his balls in her ••••••• she rolled over and was whimpering and crying, he asked if she was okay and she just made out with him telling him she loved him. He had fucked her into submission and I knew it was probably just a thing she said in the moment but also realized this wasn’t just a fling for her she knew she was his. They laid there making out then she got on all fours and started going down on him and soon he was hard again and she was climbing on top of him to and started riding him slowly I watch her ride him moaning and going faster and faster. Fuck she was sexy.
Then before I realized what happened, my skype feed shut off. In all my rushing I didn’t think to run a power cord to the laptop and it ran out of battery. I sat there realizing how stupid I was. I didn’t check to see how charged the laptop was and had carelessly just let skype run for 3 hours. I decided I’d go listen from the hall, I was to addicted to this to stop now. I snuck down the hall and sat in a guestroom next to my bedroom where I could clearly hear everything yet felt pretty safe I wouldn’t get caught. I had the door cracked open so I could hear better but with how loud Elly was there probably wasn’t a need for it.
For the next half hour I listened to their skin smacking together and Elly moaning, screaming and saying fuck more than I’d ever heard. After their sex noises slowed I heard them get up and I peaked out of the cracked door to see Elly and Troy walk out naked down the hall and to the kitchen. They must have decided to eat something before I was suppose to get home. I figured this was probably my best time to get out of the house, as I crept up the hall I hear the them fucking in the kitchen again. I’m horny but I decided I better get out while I still can.
I make my way slowly to my car and wait awhile rerunning everything I just saw in my head. I get home that night and everything looks in order Elly is sleeping in our bed with new sheets on it. The rest of the week is pretty uneventfully on my end troy doesn’t respond to any of my texts Elly seems to be staying at the gym later and later. I know now they started fucking most days and that’s why she was late or always making excuses to go to the store. Throughout the next 3 months the only time troy would text me is to tell me to leave for the weekend which I would. When the school year ended Troy took all his lunch breaks at my house fucking Elly. I ended up setting up small cameras all around my house and have recorded them many times throughout the months, which is one of the reasons I always agreed to be working late or gone days for them.
In the next three months Elly only let me fuck her once a month otherwise she was always to tired or didn’t feel well. Around June Elly misses her period, and she gets a pregnancy test. Sure enough she is pregnant, I also find out she stopped taking the pill fulling knowing she’d get bred by him. I assume she let me fuck her once a month just to cover for this.
I talked to Troy and according to him nothing is going to change. She doesn’t want a divorce but she is still his property. She is going to have what I assume is his son in a couple weeks. Nothing has really changed, I still am ashamed that I love the fact that she is such a slut for him and he has bred my wife. I’m not sure what will happen in the future but at least for the time I’m assuming I’ll be raising his son while he is fucking my wife.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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