richard goes to fat camp part 2

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richard goes to fat camp part 2
‘so dick what would you like for supper ?’
‘i’m so hungry maam whats on offer ?’
i show him the supper menu
‘please can i have fish chips and beans maam’
i hand him 3 shot glasses
‘any pudding ?’
‘uh could i have choclate cake maam’
‘of course ‘ i hand him another shot glass
‘you can start filling the glasses when you like , would you like to watch some tv ?’
‘yes please’
i take the remote and flick through the channels until i find football
‘there you are all men like football make sure you keep watching while you wank your cock’
‘please could i see something else maam something with women in it’
‘no watch and enjoy the football’
the doorbell rings
dick stops wanking and looks nervous
i answer the door my neighbour pam is there i invite her in ‘i have company but don’t mind him he’s fine’
dick puts both hands infront of his cock
‘dick stop being rude when we have company you have 2 choices hands on head or wank your cock ‘
‘but please maam please don’t make me do that’
‘do as you are told so whats it to be hands on head or wanking’
dick puts his hands on his head
‘what a fat boy his is’ says pam ‘why is he here?’
‘tell her dick tell her everything you may address her as miss’
‘i’m here to loose weight miss’
‘oh how does it work?’
‘um i can eat anything i want but every portion i eat must have 1 load of cum on it miss’
‘oh what a lovely diet are you gay then?’
‘no miss i’m not gay’
‘really but you were just wanking off to the football and you eat cum sounds gay to me’
‘no i’m not gay i have to do as maam tells me’
dicks cock is starting to droop
‘don’t forget you need 4 loads of cum before supper dick maybe you should continue wanking’
‘please don’t make me do that in front of miss maam’
‘your choice but do you want to eat today’
dick takes hold of his cock and starts playing with it to get it hard then starts slowly wanking it
‘while pam is here you will do whatever she tells you understood dick’
‘yes maam’
‘oh i like the sound of this game ‘ says pam ‘stop wanking’
he stops wanking
‘looks a bit dry spit on your hand and smother your cock in spit then continue wanking’
dick spits into his hand rubs spit all over his cock and starts wanking again
‘there i bet that feels better doesn’t it ?’
‘yes miss thank you miss’
theres a little precum dripping from the end of dicks cock pam catches it on her finger
‘open your mouth’
dick opens his mouth pam puts the finger in and wipes the precum on dicks tongue
‘swallow that and say thankyou’
dick swallows ‘thank you miss’
‘stop wanking again put your hands on your head’
pam takes hold of dicks cock and wanks it really hard and fast and holds her other hand in front of his cock
‘please miss please don’t’ dick pleads
but its to late he cums into pams hand
‘well thats 1 load of cum so now you only need 3 more don’t you dick ?’
dick looks at me i shake my head
‘no miss it doesn’t count i have to make my own sauce so have to wank myself off’
‘oh sorry but you said ”i can eat anything i want but every portion i eat must have 1 load of cum on it miss”
you didn’t say anything about making it yourself’
she looks at the cum in her hand smiles and says ‘get on your hands and knees and lick this cum off my hand
and remember in future to tell anyone that come in everything it will go much easier for you’
dick gets on his hands and knees and licks the cum from pams hand
she slaps his face hard leaving a red handprint on his cheek
‘remember your manners fatty’
‘sorry thank you for letting me eat my cum miss’
she slaps the other side of his face ‘what about all the effort i put in ?’
‘thank you for making me cum miss’ dick is crying now
‘how long before you think you are ready to wank again ?’ i ask him
‘not sure maam at least 20 minutes i’m very sore at the moment ‘
‘your cock is still quite hard are you sure’ asks pam she takes hold of the head of his cock and roughly rubs her
fingers over it squeezing and nipping it
dick hands go for her wrists ‘i wouldn’t’ i tell him ‘put your hands on your head
dick puts his hands on his head as pam torments his sore cock
‘just say when you are ready to wank again fatty and i’ll stop funny though your cock is very hard now’
‘please don’t miss i need more cum before supper my cock needs time to recover’
‘tough your choices are you wank it or i torment it i want to see you make yourself cum maybe i’ll stay for
supper so i can watch you enjoy your meal’
‘please miss i’m ready to wank now’
‘ok but be quick i’m going to time you you have 5 minutes then its hands back on your head and my fingers on the
head of your cock ‘
dick gingerly takes hold of his cock and slowly starts wanking away at it
‘oh dear i don’t think you can make it cum like that should i take over ?’ i ask
‘no maam sorry maam i can do it ‘ dick winces and moans but wanks his cock hard for several minutes
‘oh dear your time is almost up will you make it ?’ pam asks taking hold of dicks balls and squeezing them
dick grabs a shot glass and cums into it then takes his hands off his cock and puts them on his head
pam picks up the shotglass and looks at the cum ‘not loads is there are you sure thats a full load?’
she holds the shotglass under dicks cock and squeezes a few more drops of cum out by running her hand up from his
balls to the head a few times
‘there thats a bit better in future ake sure you get it all out otherwise it won’t count’ i say
‘yes maam and thank you miss’ dick says
pam stands up lifts her skirt and pulls down her knickers then sits on the sofa with her legs spread
‘watching you wank and playing with your cock has made me horny come here and lick my cunt i made you cum so
its only fair you return the favour’
dick crawls between pams legs and dips his head down to lick her clit but notices some cum dripping from her cunt
‘please miss its not clean please don’t make me lick that’
i walk behind him and kick him hard in the balls he sqeals like a pig and cluctches his throbbing balls
‘i told you to do everything she says so do as you are told make her cum’
dick is crying again but starts licking pams clit
‘no not like that if you are going to make me cum you need to stick your tongue up my cunt not just stroke
my clit with it , i don’t see the problem you have been eating your own cum so eat someone elses get on with it’
dick shoves his tongue up pams cunt
‘there thats better now suck while you are there i want you to get all that cum out’ pam says
dick sucks on pams cunt his mouth get filled with disusting cum from her
‘theres a good boy now swallow and say thank you’
dick swallows the cum ‘thank you miss’
‘good boy now carry on i’m close now make me cum ‘
dick gets back to sucking and licking pam soon squeals with delight and cums on his face
‘that was nice thank you dick stand up hands on your head again’
dick stands up with his hands on his head and his cock sticking out hard and proud
‘i suppose you still don’t think you are gay you ate cum from my cunt and your cock is hard again fatty’
‘i’m not gay miss i like girls i don’t know why i’m hard again miss sorry’
pam kicks him between the legs ‘where are your manners i let you lick my cunt and suck my husbands cum out’
dick doubles up but manages to keep his hands on his head ‘thank you for letting me lick your cunt miss and
thank you for letting me eat your husbands cum miss’
‘there that wasn’t hard was it , are you ready to wank again now ?’
‘yes miss i think so miss’
‘good boy take your shot glass outside into the front garden and wank into it you have 5 minutes like last time’
‘please miss what if someone sees me miss’
‘i don’t care and the clock is running fatty get on with it’
dick takes a shotglass and opens the door goes outside into the front garden and starts furiously wanking his cock
pam and i walk out to watch him
‘you’ll pull it off at that rate why so hard and fast’ pam asks
‘please miss i don’t want anyone to see me miss’
‘what the hell is going on here a voice shouts over the fence’
oh hi dear pam says this is dick and he has to eat cum with his meals its a way for him to loose weight
‘this is my husband don’ says pam you ate his cum earlier
‘dick why have you stopped wanking?’ i ask ‘don’t you want any supper tonight ?’
‘please don’t make me wank in front of a man maam’
‘your choice dick but you still need 3 more loads of cum’
dick takes hold of his cock and starts wanking again
‘stop’ says pam your 5 minutes are up ‘ hands on your head’
‘bloody hell he is a fat one isn’t he but what a cock i wish mine was as big as that and what do you mean he ate
my cum ?’
‘i’m sorry dear but i gave him a treat and let him suck your cum from my cunt’
thats ok with me i don’t mind helping him out
i slap dick across the face
‘don’t you think you should thank don and call him sir’
‘thank you sir for your cum’
don opens the gate and comes into the garden
‘you will do everything don tells you as well understood ?’
‘yes maam’
‘ok lets go back inside now as you didn’t want to cum’
we all go indoors again
‘did you like my cum’ don asks
‘no sir i don’t like eating cum sir’
‘but you do eat it was it better or worse than yours ? ‘
‘i didn’t really think about it sir’
‘ok well show me what you can do get wanking your cock i understand you still need 3 loads of cum before supper’
dick puts his hands down takes hold of his cock and wanks away at it
‘you have 5 minutes starting now dick’ says pam
don sits down so his head is level with dicks cock and reaches out and grabs dicks balls stroking them
‘please sir don’t sir i don’t like it i’m not into men sir’
don sqeezes dicks balls hard and twists them dick groans
‘i can play with them gently or i can cause you pain up to you but i’m going to play with your balls’
‘please play with them gently sir’
don gently squeezes dicks balls massageing them while dick wanks
‘only 1 minute left fatty go faster ‘ says pam
dick pounds his hand up and down on his cock , don massages his balls , dick grabs a shotglass and explodes a
load of cum into it then squeezes a few more drops out into the shotglass then puts his hands on his head
pam takes the shotglass and puts it next to the last one this one has a little more cum in it
‘still think you are not gay ? you came more with a man playing with your balls’
‘please miss i’m not gay miss i don’t know why i came more miss’
‘so you still need 2 more loads fatty can you do it ? its not long to supper’
‘you have just over half an hour dick can you do it ?’ i ask
dick starts crying ‘please maam i need to eat i havn’t had anything sinse breakfast maam’
‘yes you have you have eaten quite a lot of cum havn’t you ?’
‘yes maam but i need propper food maam’
‘well i suppose you could ask don for 1 load of cum then you only need to cum once more what do you think’
‘is that allowed maam i thought i had to make the cum maam’
‘you do you have to make him cum’
‘please maam i don’t think i can do that maam’
‘of course you can its just like wanking your own cock its just someone elses’
‘please sir may i have some of your cum ?’ asks dick
dick takes his clothes of and stands next to dick
‘you can make me cum but not with your hands i want you to suck it’
‘please i can’t do that sir please let me wank it sir’
‘no suck it or no cum your choice’
‘dick get on his knees and open his mouth hands behind your back’ says pam
dick does and don puts his cock in dicks mouth
‘no using your hands at all give me a really good blowjob come on get on with it you have 5 minutes to
make me cum , if it takes any longer than 5 minutes you have to swallow it not use it for your supper’
dick sucks and bobs his head up and down on don’s cock his head moving faster and faster
‘fuck me he is good at this’ says don
dick bobs his head up and down faster and soon is rewarded with a huge load of cum spurting into his mouth
dick takes a shotglass and spits the cum into the glass
‘thank you sir for the cum sir’
‘your cock is hard again dick you enjoyed that so quickly get wanking’ i say
‘the shotglass with don’s cum in is fuller than the other 2 dick i think you are giving half measures this time
make sure you have at least the same amount as don’s or it doesn’t count’ says pam
‘please miss i can’t control how much cum cums out miss i have cum several times today already miss’
‘just do as you are told make sure its a big load fatty’
dick wanks away at his cock while the 3 of us watch
‘faster’ says don
dick wanks faster
pam gets a drop of dicks precum on her finger and holds it to his face dick opens his mouth pam wipes the precum
on his tongue dick swallows
‘thank you miss’
dick wands harder more precum is dripping from his cock don gets some on his fingers and puts 2 fingers
in dicks mouth ‘suck them clean’ he says
dick sucks the fingers licking the precum from them
‘thank you sir for the pre cum ‘ he says
he wanks even harder grabs a shotglass and cums hard into it squeezing every drop that he can out
he manages to just about equal the measure that don gave
‘well i suppose thats enough’ says pam
‘well done dick you have your 4 loads its supper time you may sit at the table i’ll bring your food in’ i say
dick sits down i put the plate of fish chips and beans in front of him and the cake to one side
‘which is your favourite ?’ don asks
‘the chocolate cake sir’
‘ok keep my cum for that one use your cum on the rest’
i hand him a shotglass of his cum ‘tip that on your beans and mix it in with your fork’
dick does as he is told
‘lick the fork clean then take the 2nd shotglass and tip it over your fish use your fork to get it covered evenly’
dick tips the cum over his fish and spreads the cum over the fish
‘lick your fork clean again then you may start to eat you must dip each chip into the last shotglass of cum
if you run out of cum stop eating the chips’
dick begins his meal taking a chip dipping it in his cum then eating it
he tries a bit of fish then a few beans
‘remember to eat slowly and savour the flavour , is it nice?’ i ask
‘no maam i don’t like it maam its disgusting’
‘you don’t have to eat it i can throw it away if you want’
‘no maam sorry maam its very nice thank you’
don takes the shotglass with his cum in and tips it over the cake
‘looks a bit dry to me’ he says taking hold of his cock he starts to wank over the cake
‘please sir the cake looks good sir’ says dick
‘even with my cum on it ?’
‘yes sir’
‘then it will look even better with another load on won’t it ?’
‘um yes sir thank you sir’
don cums onto dicks cake just as dick finishes his fish chips and beans he only had half of his chips because he
ran out of cum
‘tomorrow make bigger loads the you might finish your chips’ i say
‘yes maam i will try maam’
dick moves the plate to one side and takes hold of the dish of cake swimming in cum
‘thank you sir for the cum sir’
‘no problem enjoy it’
dick takes a large piece of cake on his spoon
‘no dick not like that mash it up make sure you mix all the cum in i don’t want you enjoying the cake i want you
enjoying the cum’ says pam
dick crying now mashes the cake up mixing it up with the cum
‘make it into a paste’ says pam spitting into the dish
‘what a nice idea’ i say also spitting into the dish
‘mix it all in’ pam says
‘good boy now eat and enjoy’ says don
dick gags on the cake as he eats it but mages to get it all down
‘use your fingers to clean the bowl out then lick your fingers clean’ pam says
dick does
‘thank you for my meal maam’ he says to me
‘good boy you may go to bed now take a couple of shotglasses with you incase you feel like wanking during
the night’
dick takes 2 shot glasses and goes to bed

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