Lucky Neighbors

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Lucky Neighbors
Lucky Neighbors

By: Londebaaz Chohan

After the sudden death of Jeanine, Nelson’s house was really so empty. Both the boys had already gone abroad and there were so many hurting memories. So Nelson sold the house and moved to a new community. This house was small; 2-bedrooms only, it was in a street that had 3 houses in the start and then a lot of vacant land with abundance of trees and then near the dead end, there was this house and another house with no fence in between to mark the boundaries of the back yard and the property on the side. Nelson had married his High School sweetheart for 23 years, immediately after they graduated from the school and having spent a very active life; at 46, he was still very healthy and always a man of his own decisions and thus no one could convince him and he sold his business as well and preferred to live a quiet life with the enough money he had in bank and the investments. For all his life Nelson was known to be a philanthropist, donating, offering money and resources for the community where he lived to improve the health and the education of the poor but now he did not even want to do that. He only started volunteering his time and thoughts at places where he thought they could benefit from his experiences.

It was fine as he thought. The next door neighbor also seemed not to be very friendly and only a young boy was seen in the back yard once or twice and then gone back in the house as quickly. Nelson, went to work when he had to, extremely rarely to the supermarket, ate, watched TV and slept and never thought out of the imaginary box he had created for himself; only that there was no one in his bed, with him when he went to bed. Sex is something, nobody can easily control or ignore.

Two months passed and now the weather was changing, back lawn and the side property had to be mowed and kept clean. One evening when he came home; he was surprised to see it all mowed and cleaned along with the next house. He thought may be the previous owner might had arranged a lawn maintenance company and just smiled to think that now soon he will have to speak and negotiate with them when they came knocking for the payment. After about a week or so, it was Saturday and he was awoken to the loud and rumbling noise of the lawn movers outside. Who the fuck……. Nelson cursed and came to the small balcony off his bedroom wearing nothing but a long shirt, he usually wore for sleeping. Only luckily he was not tenting it with the morning stiffness, he usually woke up with. As he walked out to the balcony; he could not avoid talking with the neighboring youngster, who was looking in his direction and they said, “Good morning”.

“You don’t mind if I mow the lawn on your side as well”? Was the first talk he heard from his neighbor”.

“Hi, my name is Nelson”; he said. “I just bought this house and have not yet made any arrangements for the lawn maintenance”.

“But you don’t have to”. Hi, I am Alan and I have done it for the whole last year because this property was for sale and I wanted it to be kept clean for my own property sake. No you do not have to make any arrangements and I shall keep doing it if you did not object. Anything else, you want to discuss or help with, you are most welcome for the dinner tonight. I am a very good cook, I think and shall happily make the dinner for you. I shall wait at 7:00 pm” and he walked back in his house leaving the lawn mower there. “No formalities, sir; you can come dressed in jeans and shirt”; Nelson heard Alan.

Nelson stood there for a minute thinking but did not find anything wrong in it. The neighbors are usually like this. May be the youngster saw his salt and pepper mixed hair and wanted to help, but what about the dinner party. O’ fuck it, I will talk güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri and find out about it too, when I go to him in the evening. Nelson spoke to himself and walked back inside his bedroom.

At 7: 00, Nelson was at his neighbor’s door dressed in a safari like shorts and an old T-shirt; holding a Liter bottle of Johnnie Walker Black as the door opened and Alan chuckled that it was his favorite too and Nelson should have not, yada yada yada. They went straight to the kitchen. The steak smelled good. Alan had prepared a large platter of salad and grilled some vegetables also. They opened the bottle. Alan was young, absolutely gorgeous looking, even more so after the first glass. Soon, the bottle was more than half gone and the small talk was not small by any means. Nelson learned that Alan was an out of wedlock c***d. His mother got knocked by his father and then she got greedy and did carry the pregnancy but for the money only, without any feelings or emotions and left the baby to his father for never to be seen again. When his father got married later on in life, he kept the boy till he was in high school and then later on separated him from the family but nice that his father had made all arrangements that he will have a decently comfortable life. The house was in the youngster’s name with a large sum of money in the bank also and his father was paying for almost all of his tuition and education expenses till he was finished with his 4 years of Law college, he had just started couple months ago.

Alan seemed to be a very strong nerved man. Nelson found out that Alan was living all alone here in this house for well over a year. He was surely young, cutely handsome, broad shoulders, blonde hair; what was there not to be appreciated about him. Nelson saw Alan wore only a shorts and no shirt, he was exhibiting a hairy but not a jungle growth on his chest. Manly hard tits and well developed nipples and thought of course; he must be carrying an equally great package inside his shorts. Nelson was trying very hard not to let his eyes amble downwards to his groin, thighs and strong legs. He got pulled out of his thoughts when Alan asked him to help carry the food to the dining table and led the way letting Nelson watch the awesome looking rump of the teen aged youngster; he looked very good. Alan’s shoulders tapered down to his waist in a beautiful V shape with zero love handles but a grand looking, tight ass. Nelson felt a tingle in his body for the first time since his Jeanine passed away four years ago.

Nelson felt better as they sat for dinner because, now he could only see the top half of Alan’s body. Between the Johnnie Walker and good food; Alan made a mention of his fishing interest and now, having his driving license, he was looking for a small boat to satisfy his passion for fishing and taking Nelson along as well, when he went for the fishing trip.

For a while, there was a bit of pause in their conversation and Nelson shook his shirt, he was feeling hot; might be it was the scotch. Alan saw him and quickly interjected saying that he had not started the Air conditioning as yet but he would not mind if Nelson also took off his shirt and it will be perfectly sociable to be like the host. Nobody would know, if Nelson was really waiting for the encouragement; but he began unbuttoning his shirt and peeled it off. Alan remarked saying that he hoped Nelson felt good. It was getting darker by now, when Alan picked up both the glasses and asked Nelson to bring the ice and the soda bottle, suggesting that they better go sit in the family room. As they went and sat on the sofa, Alan put his beautiful arm up on the sofa back and his fingers touched Nelson’s shoulder sending him the güvenilir bahis şirketleri same sexy arousing tingle that he had felt few minutes back and they looked into each other’s eyes with a great smile on their faces. Alan thanked Nelson for coming over and that it was a wonderful evening to have him there. Nelson noticed that Alan’s hand was moving in his lap on the youngster’s semi grown cock. Nelson felt his cock jump in his groin too; fucking 4 long years and now suddenly something special was happening between them two. Soon Nelson’s hard adult cock was pointing straight up towards the ceiling fan with even greater tingling being felt in the erect muscle.

Alan leaned towards Nelson’s lap, asking; if it was all right and Nelson only nodded with a special smile knowing well what Alan was asking and what he will do next. Nelson gasped the hardest, not having experienced such warm and wet pleasure around his cock for years and surely it took only minutes for the juices inside him to come to the boiling point.

“Oh, my God; I am cumming”, he hardly could say in moans and clasping his hand behind Alan’s head he began blasting the strings of cream down the Alan’s throat while Alan’s face was hard pressed against Nelson’s stomach, swallowing every drop provided. Though the moment passed but Nelson, being out of practice; was gasping, with eyes being watery due to the high intensity felt in his balls and cheeks were totally red due to exertion. Alan noticed and took his mouth away even asking Nelson, if he was fine?

Being relaxed, Nelson said; he was okay and it really felt nice. Alan smiled. He sat up a bit and pressed his lips to Nelson’s. It felt weird to have a boy kiss him after long gone 30 years almost but Alan’s lips and tongue were so tender and satisfying that Nelson could not help and pressed back much harder. Slowly Alan had pulled Nelson over him such that he was lying on the sofa seat flat on his back and Nelson was on top of him belly to belly; Nelson producing mild sighs.

“Since how long she is dead and you have not….”. Nelson, knew what Alan was asking. He did not know if he wanted to answer him, but the young body heat and his allure had made Nelson go erect as quickly as he lost his first hard on and he said, “four years”.

“O’ my God; that’s long time, can I help”. Said Alan and there was no doubt or the ambiguity in what was Alan offering. Nelson just shook his head, saying, “you are very kind” and hesitantly reached for Alan’s young, soft but still long cock. “Oh! you did not cum”. Nelson said.

“It does not matter”. Alan smiled as he answered Nelson. “It is better that you cum again, you need it for sure”. By now Nelson had rediscovered the thrill of having his naked cock in a warm mouth and the moans producing pleasure of the Alan’s tongue ridges rubbing at his cock helmet. Surely soon he was being offered an access to the most private and vulnerable body part by Alan. He had also been reintroduced to the fact that a woman or a man; both enjoyed the taste of the brew readied in male balls especially when squirted directly in their throat from the cannon at source. He was ready; Nelson was ready to do it up the ass, Alan’s ass, young Alan’s ass, young Alan’s pretty ass. Alan was mighty persuasive as well for the offering. He had already taken a position on the sofa on his back, spreading and raising his legs, exposing his small, brownish cock entering hole. Fuck! His memory had jogged back and reminded of Jeanne but now it was Alan’s turn, who was wiggling his hips, enticing Nelson and moaning too. Alan gave the most toxic smile to Alan and with his eyes speaking; asked him to attack while his hands passed a KY gel tube to Nelson but not before taking some of the gel on his own canlı bahis şirketleri finger tips. He did not understand, why Nelson was looking like a bit double minded. Alan jumped and changed his position and now he was on his knees and shoulders. His ass was raised high in the air and also pushed out, showing the tiny hole for Nelson’s cock to enter through. With one hand he was ripping his ass cheeks apart while the tips of the fingers laced with KY gel polished the tight hole area making it further ready for Nelson to fuck and enjoy.

“I think you are ready, Daddy”; Nelson heard the boy as he extended his hand through his legs, reaching and rubbing the same gel to Nelson’s hard swollen cock and pulled him between the young gay legs. Swiftly there was a shriek released in the room by Alan as he felt the monstrous organ head pressing and knocking against his hole. Having realized the hugeness of Nelson’s cock his heart had rapidly gone thudding. With both hands at the gay boy’s waist, Nelson stroked his cheeks and remembered the one and only time when he had fucked a school boy in his ass. “I won’t lie to you, baby”; he remembered telling the faggot boy then; “It might hurt a little but it will be worth it”. How much he missed repeating this line to Jeanine, just for the sake of love they had in between them; but he knew she would never let him fuck her in the ass and how disappointed but he loved to fuck her pussy and so he did for all those married years.

“I won’t lie to you, baby. It might….”. Nelson could not say what he wanted to and was cut off.

“O’ come on, daddy”. Alan moved his hips in circles and even pushed slightly back as well. Next moment there was a huge and hard stab in Alan’s rear.

“Aahhhh, Daddy! It hurts. Alan cried. His gay ass was torn, ripped, destroyed.

“Just relax, I am going to be gentle and go slow but the pain is going to be all worth it”. Nelson repeated the lines he had memorized to say to the faggot boys. He pushed inside the Alan’s love hole.

Alan cried out again as the enormous object moved forward in his tight and hot musculature. He hardly turned his neck to look back at Daddy and saw his face filled with tenderness. He could do nothing but surrender. Daddy was of course giving his most prized possession.

“Your ass feels so good wrapped this tight around my fucking pole. I hope you feel good too, having me jabbed inside you”. Nelson said as Alan crooned vaguely.

Only few hard slams, in and out and Alan was feeling no more pain, instead warm fiery feeling was rising from his depths.

“Fuck me daddy”. Alan asked loudly.

“You got it baby”, Nelson said but swiftly slam, turned and had the naked gay boy on his back to see directly into his eyes and face, while fucking him hard and deep assaulting. With Alan’s legs pulled up and back; his ass was raised off the sofa from rougher slamming.

“Do it daddy, do it harder”, Alan knew; there was no other place on earth, he would rather be but pronged on his new neighbor daddy’s sex wand and clinging to his daddy like it was for his life.

Alan had also grabbed his big sized erect cock and began jerking on it almost in the same rhythm and pace as Nelson was thrusting in his newly designed and well dilated ass hole. That tumbled Nelson off the peek and with shouts he began splattering his cum inside and then outside Alan’s ass, on his chest and stomach where Alan had also spilled all his nectar.

“Oh fuck yeah, take my load Alan”, was repeated over and again by Nelson with each blast. He slammed one last time before collapsing on Alan’s chest. Their cum gluing them together as their breathing slowly returned to normal.

Alan grabbed Nelson hard in a hug and a kiss announcing that it was a real honor for him to find a daddy finally. Nelson also repeated that it was an honor to have found a boy toy for his sex instead of a pussy to keep him satisfied. They promised to satisfy each other’s sexual desires the best, the most often and repeatedly forever and always as it should be.

The End. Your comments are appreciated. Londebaaz Chohan April 7, 2019.

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