Cinema pt2

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Cinema pt2
His body was severely twisted now and he must have been feeling the torque. He certainly looked uncomfortable as with his arm d****d across her ample chest he resumed his manipulations across the top of her tight blouse. He gave her breasts equal attention, alternating between the two, cupping and massaging her lovely large mounds of flesh.

All this took place in a matter of seconds but to me it seemed like minutes. But then he must have squeezed too hard as Cheryl suddenly snapped out of her dream like state and slapped him away. She glared at him and I could see her clearly giving him what for.

He slumped back down into his seat and I finally exhaled. My stomach was in knots. I’d never felt this wound up, so jealous, so angry and so excited in my entire life. I’d read about men who want to see their wives seduced and fucked by other men but I never figured I could be one of them.

I was hopelessly conflicted. I wanted to go beat the living shit out of pudgy man but I also wanted to see how far he’d get with my wife before she shut him down. But worryingly and judging by my now rock hard cock, part of me wanted to see him succeed!

Did I really want to see my gorgeous, thirty odd year old blonde wife with a fabulous body and big tits and the mother to my two k**s seduced by a disgusting, fat old man? What the fuck was I thinking?

They sat side by side, neither of them moving. He must have still been talking to her as from time to time my wife would look sideways to answer him. Typical of a woman. They always have to look at the face of whoever they are talking to. Even when driving!

I saw him place his hand back on her knee. She brushed it away. He did it again with the same end result. And after a pause he did it once more. You couldn’t deny it; he was a persistent bastard!

She turned bodily towards him after the last time. He was clearly arguing with her. Not a good idea I thought.

She sat back straight in her seat. I’d now been gone a while so I thought I should let her know where I was. I reached for my mobile and sent her a text message.

Hi darling still stuck on loo. Got the trots!! Sorry x

I saw the light come on her phone as she read my message. It didn’t make a noise as she’d switched it to vibrate only. I hastily did the same to mine.

Her reply was instant. I bent over so she wouldn’t notice the light as I opened her message. It was short and sweet.

OK x

Okay! What the hell kind of answer was that? So she wasn’t fussed about my absence, didn’t care about how ill I might be and obviously had no concerns regarding pudgy man’s increasingly daring attacks on her body. She dropped her phone back into her purse and resumed watching the action unfold on the screen.

He waited for a few minutes then returned his hand to her knee. She removed it but he put it straight back. She turned her head and said something to him but this time she didn’t brush it away. He slid it slowly along her naked flesh until he reached her hemline. And there he paused before returning back to her knee. He was in no hurry. He repeated his action. And then again. And again. It was slow and steady. Almost hypnotic. She appeared to be totally engrossed in the film now and seemingly unworried with where his hand was located. Had she given up?

I glanced up to the screen myself. The film had moved out of the cinema and the husband and wife were walking through a field of long grass. I had no idea how they had got there. But who cares. They were now surrounded by a group of youths and the gang leader had just walked over to the wife and currently had hold of her hand. He led her away whilst the rest of the youths took a firm hold of her husband. I looked back at my wife. Her lips were parted and pudgy man’s hand was still rubbing gently up and down her sculpted thigh. She still hadn’t batted it away.

I looked back at the film. The action was hotting up as the gang leader pulled the wife down into the tall grass with him. He kissed her. Smiling sweetly she didn’t resist. He groped her breasts for a while then took off her top. They started to make out, with him sliding his hand under her skirt. He started to rub up and down, simulating masturbation of her pussy. The woman on screen exploded with her orgasm whilst the husband struggled to free himself from his captors.

I looked back to pudgy man and my wife just in time to see his hand slide further up her leg and vanish under her skirt. My cock was throbbing fit to burst. She was still looking at the screen but I didn’t think she was seeing much of the film now.

He shifted his body slightly and leaned in closer, changing hands as he did. He seemed to be whispering in her ear. I saw her head twitch. The bastard! He was nibbling on her earlobe. Fuck, it was her main erogenous zone and I knew she would be loving it!!


His left arm slid over the top of her shoulder and he pulled her closer to him. His right hand meanwhile was lodged high up my wife’s leg and judging by the angle of his right arm it was probably resting on her inner thigh. As he pulled her closer his right hand went higher still. I saw his right arm twist and knew instantly that the bastard now had his fingers firmly against my wife’s mound.

Her body visibly jerked as he took a firmer grip on her shoulder and as his right arm moved again I knew without a doubt that he had deftly moved her panties to one side and his fingers were now lodged deep inside my wife’s pussy.


I could see her hands were against his chest as she fought to push him off her but it was a contest she was never going to win. Her only hope was if he stopped of his own free will or I went to rescue her. Neither option seemed likely to happen any time soon!

And then he stopped. I was amazed. My wife was obviously saying something to him. He slumped back into his seat and I drew some much needed air into my lungs. I could feel an unwelcome wet spot inside my briefs. My cock was still throbbing and I desperately wanted to touch it, anything to relieve the pressure.

The action on the screen was getting really hot and heavy now. The wife was now being energetically fucked by the gang leader and was clearly into it in a big way.

I looked back at my wife. I just knew she would be getting more and more turned on. We’d watched a fair bit of porn at one time or another and even soft-core never failed to get her aroused, so I knew what she was watching on screen now would be having a massive effect on her libido.

A couple of minutes went by. Then two more. No more action from pudgy man. Was it all over?


Pudgy man half turned back into my wife, his right hand creeping up until his fingers were rubbing gently across her bra clad breasts through the fabric of her tight fitting blouse. She should have been slapping it away but there was no response from my wife.

He finally settled down to work on her right breast. It was the nearest one to him. I watched as he ran his fingers in circles across her large mound of flesh. There was a lot so it took him a while to cover every inch of it. He then seemed to focus on one particular spot. It had to be her nipple. He could have hours of endless fun fiddling with that I thought. Once her nips became engorged she could end up having one small orgasm after another if you played with them long enough. I just hoped he wouldn’t find out.

She turned to look at him. I could see her eyes were hooded even from where I was sitting. He said something to her as she took hold of his hand and removed it from her breast. She shook her head. No, she was saying.

About a minute later he moved his right hand back up to her chest. This time though he went straight to the buttons of her blouse. She turned her head towards him and spoke, pushing his hand away. He brought it straight back and just carried on, fumbling as he undid the first button.

She said something else to him as his hand dropped down lower. She tried to slap his hand away but he just ignored her as his fingers dropped to her second button. She was trying to fight him off but he was not to be denied. Her blouse began to gape open as the second button was eventually released to be followed almost immediately by the third. Despite her continued resistance he soon had all the buttons undone and tugging her blouse free of her skirt he pulled it wide open to expose her deliciously large, creamy white, bra clad breasts to his view. I saw him lick his lips. Who wouldn’t. I knew that her breasts would be over-flowing the top of her bra. it was a sight that never failed to arouse me and why would it be any different for him?

My wife meanwhile just carried on looking at the action on the screen. A quick glance up and I could see why. The gang leader had just flipped the wife onto her hands and knees and was now fucking her doggie style. It’s her favourite position and the guy in the film was simulating it pretty realistically. So much so that I knew my wife would be imagining it was her being impaled on the end of his cock. We do tend to role play a lot after watching porn!

Pudgy man probably couldn’t have cared less. He was far more interested in how far he’d got in the seduction of my wife. In somewhere around an hour or so he’d managed to get his fingers inside her panties and exposed her massive breasts. Not bad going.

Ignoring the film, I looked back to the action in the cinema seats. He had now slid his hand inside my wife’s blouse and was playing with her bra clad breasts. She finally responded and turned her head and spoke to him. He removed his hand and blew on it before putting back inside but this time he slid it under her lacy bra, where it closed around her full round boob.

What the fuck! Had she just asked him to warm up his hands? I could see him squeezing her breast quite forcibly now. She was starting to slump lower in her seat. It was a tell tale sign!


The old bastard knew he had her now. He fumbled with the zip on his trousers and pulled out his cock. It was hard to tell but even from a distance it looked quite fat. He stroked it a few times as he talked to my wife.

My whole body was shaking as I watched him take hold of my wife’s hand and place it on his cock. She jumped slightly and resisted at first but he held her hand firmly to it. He was talking to her, almost pleading with her as she struggled to free herself from his grasp.

She relented. He began to stroke up and down his ever lengthening and thickening shaft, holding her small hand firmly in place under his large mitt. Eventually he removed his, leaving her to carry on by herself. His hand returned to her bra clad breasts.

He took a look around. I could see the smug expression all over his fat face. The bastard! I so wanted to get up and smack him. But I didn’t.

He resumed his fondling of my wife’s boobs and for a long time he seemed to be making no further progress. He didn’t seem to care. It was clear he was just revelling in the fact he was groping an attractive woman’s big tits at the same time that she was pleasuring him by pulling on his big thick cock.


Eventually, and it was quite a while; his left arm went around her shoulder but this time dropped lower. He slid off her bra strap, tugging it down until it would go no further. He sat up a little and slid the bra strap off her right shoulder. Still sitting up he fondled both her breasts at the same time, squeezing them together to further deepen her already impressive cleavage. He dropped his head into the valley caused by the steep curve of her breasts and rubbed his face into them.

I was shocked at my wife’s reaction. She clearly loved it, judging by the way her body jumped. Her head went back and I swear I heard a soft moan escape from her lips. Or was it from the film? I shot a quick look at the screen. The heroine was still getting fucked mercilessly by the gang leader who currently had his head buried in her deep cleavage.

What the fuck! Was pudgy old man trying to mirror image the action on the screen. Or was it just a coincidence?

And then he leaned forward and his lips met hers. Fuck her, the bitch kissed him back. Has my wife no shame? My cock throbbed violently as my stomach turned over several times. My whole body was shaking from the mixture of arousal and disgust, so much so that I felt distinctly light headed. My breathing was ragged as I watched his hands slip around behind her body. As he kissed her again I knew he had unclasped her bra.

He sat back up and triumphantly pulled her bra clear of her boobs. Her large breasts jiggled and danced before his greedy eyes before settling back down to jut out proud and high from her chest. Not a hint of sag and I was proud of that sight. And not only did they look impressive but I’d never seen her nipples look larger. He must have liked what he saw too as he leaned forward and took one into his mouth. He sucked on it loudly. Even I could hear the slurping sound he made but no-one else in the theatre paid him or my wife any mind.

He sat back sideways into his seat but continued to play with one of my wife’s naked breasts. His hand was cupping and squeezing it as his fingers fiddled with her swollen nub. It must have been rock hard as it barely moved as his fingertips brushed against it time after time.

He must have been at it for a good three minutes or more before I saw the next tell tale sign of my wife’s eventual capitulation.

Her hips started to twitch. It was only very slight at first but I recognised it immediately. Having been with this woman for nearly twenty years I know all her moves intimately.

There it was again. And again, this time a bit stronger. Pudgy man realised it at long last. He kissed her again and I nearly threw up. I could see that he had forced his tongue into her mouth and the bitch was responding and french kissing him back! With passion! She hadn’t kissed me like that since … since I can’t remember.


He disengaged her hand which was still stroking up and down his thickening shaft and shifted his position.

Leaning down, his hands went back under her skirt but to the outer side of her thighs. He pushed them up towards her waist and I knew instantly what he was doing.

He said something to her and she lifted her ass off her seat. My god she was helping him now! He pulled back and I could see my wife’s panties come into view as his hands reappeared from under her skirt. He slid them down her shapely calves and I saw her lift each foot in turn as he took them off completely. He crumpled her panties into a ball and brought them up to his nose. He inhaled deeply. My wife must have said something because he laughed at her and shoved them beneath her nose. She turned her head away to one side.

Tucking her panties in his pocket his hands went back under her skirt. I could see my wife was objecting to this, why I didn’t know. Surely her protestations should have begun in earnest a long time before they’d reached this stage!

He slumped back into his seat but left a hand up under her skirt. His arm began to move energetically as he fiddled with her pussy. I knew what he was doing although he might be surprised to find my wife was clean shaven down below. It was something she’d come to late but now she couldn’t bear to have any pubic hair.

Yep, he was surprised. I could tell as he looked at my wife and asked her. He shook his head at her reply and resumed his activities. His other hand had reattached my wife’s small hand to his now gigantic cock. Even from here it looked enormous.

He frigged her pussy for what seemed like a few minutes but was probably only one before he removed his hand. He held it up and nudged her. She opened her eyes. I could see she couldn’t focus them properly, another tell tale sign of her growing arousal!

He said something and then stuck his fingers in his mouth and sucked. He laughed and stuck his hand back under her skirt. He fumbled around a bit more and I could see she was squirming in her seat as her passion grew.

He withdrew his fingers again and held them up. From the light emanating from the screen even I could see her juices were liberally coated all over them. He moved his hand towards her mouth. She shook her head. He nodded and said something. She shook her head, no again. He pushed his fingers at her lips and spoke to her again. Her lips parted and he slipped his fingers into her mouth. She sucked them clean. He withdrew his fingers, pushed his hand back into her pussy and as he rammed them furiously into her he leaned forward and kissed her hard. As her hips rotated and she squirmed in her seat they deep throated each other.

It was no good. I unzipped my trousers, freed my cock from my sticky briefs and started to wank myself off!


The film was irrelevant now, there was more action going on between pudgy man and my seemingly extremely horny wife.

He broke the kiss but carried on shoving his digits up inside my wife’s pussy. She was continuing to squirm as his fingers did their business. He must be strumming against her clit judging by the way her hips were now moving and the fact she had now shoved a fist into her mouth, presumably to stop screaming.

His left arm went round the back of her neck and he pulled at it. I knew what he wanted but it took my wife a little longer. When she realised, she resisted. He kept pulling, she kept resisting. He spoke to her. Still she resisted. He shoved his fingers deeper inside her causing her to jolt. I was pretty sure she’d had a minor orgasm. It seemed to relax her enough to enable pudgy man to pull her head down.

He took her hand off his cock and brought the head up to my wife’s lips. He pushed at her harder as she tried to resist but he just pulled her head lower using more force. He managed to wipe the bulbous head of his cock across my wife’s lips, smearing his pre cum all over her cheeks. And then he had her. A look of extreme shock turning quickly to pleasure flashed across his face as she took his cock inside her loving mouth. Her head was still for a while before she settled to her task. It began to move. Tentatively at first. He was nearly too big for her mouth!

I saw him relax back with a slight sigh of contentment, dr****g both his arms over the rear of the seats either side of his. His head fell back and I could see his eyes were closed and he had a sick smile on his lips. My wife was leaning over his body now.

I couldn’t see clearly what she was doing so I craned my head. I could just make out the top of her head moving. It was slow to begin with. I could see her honey blonde hair being pulled away from her cheeks by pudgy man. He wanted to watch my wife deep throating him. It looked like a loving caress and I didn’t like it. His hand moved down to grope one of her dangling breasts. I could see him working it over pretty good before his fingers began pinching and pulling at her rock hard nipples.

I craned forward a bit more. She was apparently really into this blow job now, her head bobbing up and down a lot quicker, her hand a blur as she worked it up and down his thick shaft. The head plopped free of her mouth and I gasped. Judging by the way she wiped her hand across her mouth, saliva must have been pouring from her lips and she was struggling for breath. How she was managing to get that thing inside her mouth and down her throat, let alone suck on it like it was a popsicle was a miracle. Pudgy old man was hung like a horse!

She clearly couldn’t get her hand closed around his cock and not only was it thick but it was fairly long too. My stupid brain kicked in. We all know that our wives dream about being fucked by men with massive, gigantic cocks; don’t we? And why? Because obviously only men with huge dongs can satisfy them! It’s all they think about; right? And here was my wife’s chance to fulfil what in my mind would be her greatest wish. She was living her dream.

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