Van Trip 2

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Van Trip 2
We’re still travelling in the van, Gemma’s smoking another spliff.

“Right, I’ve thought about what you have to do for me.” she says.

“So what is it?”.

“You have to be my submissive for the weekend”.

“Ha ha…you sound like Madam Whiplash”.

“Well I don’t have a whip, but you have to obey me. Anything I tell you to do, you have to do it”.

“Sounds like a doddle, I’m your mothers dogsbody most weekends anyway”.

“Aye, but don’t think you’re getting away that easily mister”.

I thought it was too good to be true.

“There’s a good shop just opened in town” she says.

“Is there really? This new shop sell clothes by any chance?” I say.

“Certainly does, they’ve got a gorgeous pair of ankleboots… a girl has to look her best if she’s going to be a movie star”.

“Ooh… are we doing a foot-fetish porno aswell?

“Very funny…hold on, feet isn’t another of your deviancies is it?”

“Ha ha, nope…I’m into legs, fannies and bums. I like a nice pair of tits aswell mind”.

“Do I have nice tits?” she says thrusting out her chest.

“Well… without having had a feel of them, I’d say you’ve got fantastic tits”.

“Buy me the boots, we’ll do the porno, and I’ll give you a grope of me tits”.

“You drive a hard bargain lass” I tease Gemma.

“Err, excuse me. How many young girls do you know who’ll happy sit wanking herself while you’re getting your rocks off and making a fucking porn movie??”.

“I know plenty, just none as gorgeous, sexy and as highly intelligent as the one I happen to be with at this very moment”.

“Righto Andy, full of shite as usual”.

“Anyway” Gemma continues “Are you going to pay for boots?”

“Of course I’ll buy you the boots” I reply.


“Actually, I’m not sure who’s got the better part of that deal” says Gemma sitting thinking.

“I did”.

“Why’s that?”.

“I would have bought you the boots anyway”.
-“I know you would have” retorts Gemma.

We start laughing and I reach over, put my arm around her and pull her towards me, and plant a little kiss on the top of the side of her head.

“That’s the first time you’ve ever done that, it was nice”.

“Can do it again if you like”.

“Err … just you concentrate on driving, thank you very much”

“Why don’t you buy something to go with the boots?” I say a few minutes later.

“Something like a short sexy skirt?” Gemma replies.

“Oh yes…we’ll be able to do some uppies, how about some stockings and sussies aswell, and some skimpy knickers, in fact get yourself a few pairs”.

“Is that because the ones I’ve brought with me will end up in your collection?” asks Gemma.

“Probably, and the ones you buy today will also end up in my collection. I want them drenched in your lovely beaver-honey”.

“I’ve a feeling you won’t be disappointed. In fact give me back that thong and I’ll stick it up me fanny, its fucking soaking. Talking about knickers Andy, and this movie, are you expecting me to remove them while I’m doing my stuff?”.

“That’s entirely up to yourself Gemma. Just leave them on at first, then if you’re in the mood you can take them off. I have seen you playing with yourself once before don’t forget”

“Ha ha, how could I forget that night? You strolling through the house withers a massive bonk on, complete with womens lingerie!”.

“You seemed impressed, your camera was going non-stop”.

“Turned out pretty good, the pics and vid. Jerked off over it a few times, especially the close-up of your jizz shooting into mams mouth! Always makes me cum”.

“Do you swallow spunk then Gemma?”

“Of course I swallow spunk, thought every woman did! It’s got health benefits… can’t let it go to waste. I was once jizzed in my mouth and my fanny, both at once, that was nice”.

“Threesome eh?”

“Couple of years back, house party. I was chatting to a couple of guys, one I’d fancied for ages, but his mate was pretty fit aswell. So I suggested fucking both of them.
We found an empty bed. I was in the middle… lovely hard cock in each hand.
One lad was playing with my clit, the other just seemed happy being tossed off.
I got them both hard then got on all fours and started giving the one I fancied a blow job, then his mate started fucking me from behind having a good feel of my tits in the process.
Quite an experience… simultaneous fucking and sucking, esp when they both shot their muck at the same time, plus an orgasm for myself.
We then smoked a couple of spliffs and started all over again, vise-versa this time.
Four lots of lovely jizz in one night, two up the twat, two down the neck… didn’t even touch the sides” Gemma laughed.

My cock is solid. I’m enjoying this!

“What about having your fanny licked?” I ask.

“What about it?” Gemma replies.

“Do you like it? Some women aren’t keen”.

“Yeah, I like having a tongue up my fanny”.

A man’s tongue or a woman’s?”.

Gemma finds that highly amusing.

“That’s a question and a half, what makes you think I’ve had a woman licking my muff?”.

“Err…the fact that you’re bisexual perhaps?”.

“Fair enough, women are better than men, some men won’t do it and the rest don’t seem to know how to do it”. Gemma replies laughing.

“That’s cause you’ve been with boys, you need a man to do a proper job”.

“Yeah right… I suppose you’re just the man are you?”.

“Certainly am, in fact I’ve been wanting to get my face buried between those legs of yours for a long time”.

“You’re obsessed with fannies aren’t you?” Gemma asks.

“Probably…I love fannies shaved or hairy, I love the look of them, the feel of them, the smell of them, the taste of them and when they’re getting a good pumping by two or three fingers, I also love the sound of them!
I’m often licking your mams quim for hours while she’s gently playing with my dick and watching porn or reading dirty stories”.

“Yeah, going off some of the sounds coming from her bedroom, it sounds as you’s are having a right old time, while I’m all alone in my bedroom having to make do with yet another wank”.

“Just knock on the wall and say your minge is dripping, you’re sick of wanking and you want to join in”.

“I might just do that”.

“That’ll be good… you sitting on me face and yer mam gyrating on me cock”.

“Yeah, righto…you couldn’t handle two women” Gemma replies laughing.

“You’d be surprised”.

“Ha ha…surprised? Me and mam would be completely astounded!!”.

“Less of yer lip madam, or you’ll be getting the bus back up to Durham”.

“No problem, I’ll just fuck the driver… male or female, a ride for a ride!!”.

“You’re a right dirty bitch… nowt but a common slag”.

“Yep, and that’s why you would love to fuck my brains out!”.

“Won’t argue with that”.

“Did you say you’re also wanting some upskirt shots?”. Gemma asks after a while.

“I wouldn’t mind”.

“Knickers on or off?”.

“Again, that’s up to you”. I tell Gemma.

“I was talking about your knickers!!” Gemma laughs.

“Well, I’d love to entertain you Gemma, but I don’t have mine with me”.

“Aww, that’s no good, I’ll buy some for you… and some sussies and stockings eh? Don’t want you to feel left out”.

“Very thoughtful of you”.
We leave the motorway and are now on an A road.

“I’m feeling horny once again, fancy a masturbation session Andy?” Gemma suddenly asks.

“Best idea I’ve heard all day ”.

“You better find a lay-by”.

“Get your cock out then” Gemma demands after we’ve parked up, removing her t-shirt and bra.
“Are you wanting that tit-grope I owe you?” she asks shoving out her ample breasts. then shoves her hands in her pockets and gets to grips with her minge. I also get a glimpse of her bush as her skirt rises up. Gemma notices aswell.

“Ooh…tits and a bit pubic hair! Make the most of it mister, it’s all you’ll be seeing this weekend” teases Gemma.

I hope she’s only teasing anyway

I am making the most of it… I’m enjoying every second of it!
Stroking her nipples with the back of my fingers as they slowly become erect. Gemma’s sitting with her legs akimbo moaning with self-pleasure, her fingers of her right hand moving in and out of her young cunt, her lovely teen breasts on display.

“Lets get some wanking material” she says, her phone in her out-stretched hand…videoing the whole show…getting some practice for tonight.

“Hold the camera and I’ll play with yer dick” she continues as she replaces her right hand with her left hand.

Her technique suspicously reminds me of her mams, did Laura also tell Gemma how I like my dick played with?
Who cares, she’s doing a grand job of it.

While she’s working on my dick, I sneak a sly upskirt shot.


“Yeah right…”.

“What??” she says with a cheeky grin.

“Err well lets see…hmm…you’re filming yourself playing with your mothers boyfriends cock, you’ve also got your knickers up your fanny so the same bloke can have a good sniff and wank over them.
…and that’s only the last five minutes!”

“Nowt perverted about that… plenty of lasses do it” Gemma laughs.

“Time to get rid of this skirt” she continues and unbuttons her skirt right up to the waist.

She’s now sitting absolutely naked frantically pumping her minge with her fingers…much to my delight!!

“Fuck me Gemma, that’s one helluva fucking sight!” I say aiming the phone at the action.

“Go on then, I’ll let you have a proper look…do you like my hairy minge” says Gemma as she stops masturbating and moves away her fingers.

Not quite a perfect camel-toe, her small labia can be seen and reminds me of a tiny flower petal. No spiders legs or hairs on the top of her legs, her pubes are cut short.

“Fucking lovely minge, nicely trimmed bush, is that a three or a four?” I ask.

“Three” she says giggling.

“You probably used my shears aswell”.

“Hope you don’t mind”.

“A sexy gorgeous young woman borrows my shears to trim her pubic hair?
…absolutely outrageous! I’m totally livid!!”. I reply teasingly.
“You can use my shears to trim your fanny anytime you want Gemma… on one condition” I continue.

“Which is?”.

“You leave me some of your pubic hair behind”.

“It’s a deal”.

I can see a bit of Gemmas thong, protruding from out between her lush labia.

“Can you take your knickers out? I’ll give them a good sniff”.

“Why don’t you take them out?” she replies purring.

I gently and slowly retrieve them out and hold them to my nose. Unsurprisingly, I’m about to cum. I position myself with my right knee on the seat and my left foot on the floor under the steering wheel, hoping I don’t get cramp in the process.

“I’m about to blow Gemma, are you ready for a good spunking?”

“Yeah, you come first, aim for my mouth. I want to see it all spurting out, it’ll make me come quicker. Make sure you get it all on the phone”.

My cock explodes. Gemma is fascinated, just watching the sperm coming out, spurt by spurt, spitting into her mouth.

“Hmm…very nice, you’ve got lovely tasting sperm” purrs Gemma, “and I’m about to cum myself”.

Which she does…complete with expletives and convulsions, the latter must have lasted at least a minute.

“Thats has to be one of the best fucking wanks I’ve ever had”, she says.

“Same here. Dying to get my tongue up your minge, give it a good licking and drink your juice”.

“Good idea Andy, it’s all yours” Gemma replies opening her legs even more.
No encouragement is needed as I dive in to her lush cave of delights. She smells delicious.

“Fucking hell” I hear Gemma slowly and quietly moan.

She’s now gyrating up against my face as I rub the bridge of my nose over her clitoris. The amount of fanny juice is unbelievable, my face is soaking.
I put my tongue right up, slowly licking the inside of her velvet twat and get rewarded with a mouthful of lovely quim syrup.

“Fuck me Andy that’s nice…keep doing it, get it up further” says Gemma as she’s holding my head and fucking my face.

I duly oblige.

“Fuck Andy…I’m going to cum again!”.

Her entire body shuddered as I got yet another load of minge mayo down my throat. I gently lick her curtains as she continues fucking my face.

Her camera’s recording all the action.

“That was fantastic, mam was spot on about your minge licking talents” says Gemma a few minutes later.

“I’ve wanted to bury my face in your fanny since the first time I saw you, well worth the wait” I tell Gemma

“Thats nice, did you enjoy it?…err hold on you mister, I was only f******n when you first seen me!
You wanted to lick my twat when I was only fucking f******n??”

“I wanted to lick your twat and give you a good fucking when you were only f******n” I tease Gemma.

“You dirty disgusting perv”.

“Yip” I say giving her a cheesy grin, “that’s why you eagerly volunteered to join me for the weekend”.

“Ha ha probably”.

We’re now just outside of town and we decide to get the paperwork out of the way first, seeing as Eric’s house is the other side of town and I really don’t fancy having to drive back in.
We follow the sat-nav to the postcode of the solicitors, the estate agents is in the same building. I spot a nearby pub with a beer garden.

“I’ll drop you off here and get parked up then I’ll see you in the beer garden later, send me a text when you’re done shopping. Oh here’s some money, I’m sure you’ll spend it wisely” I say handing over some twenties.

“Thanks Andy, I’ll be as quick as I can…then we can get to the house”, giving me one of her looks with them sexy-as-fuck eyes of hers. One of them “I’m-dying-to-get-you-into-bed” looks.


I take my sports bag, complete with my upskirt camera and spend the next hour or so strolling around being a pervert.
We’re having unusually warm weather for the north of Britain, better make the most of it -chance to be pissing down tomorrow.

The sun always brings out the girlies, complete with short cotton skirts, some of which are practically see-thru, showing outlines of tiny panties and thongs.

Upskirt bums are pretty easy to get, frontals are more of a challenge.
I avoid approaching lone girls, it’s best if there’s at least two of them, they feel less intimidated. It’s just a case of involving them in some dialogue, even if it’s merely asking directions. Then, as they’re standing preoccupied, thinking about it or discussing it with their friends, I’ve got the camera aimed up their skirts!
Working blind takes a bit practice but I usually get some good results. The camera’s connected to my phone via Bluetooth so I can view them as I’m walking about.
I love lacey numbers of any colour and them sheer see-thru ones get my prick going aswell. There’s always one or two not wearing any knickers, nice shaved smooth camel-toes on display, very nice.

The vids and the thought of the last two or three hours means I’m walking about with a fucking massive horn. Wonder if any of these young girlies fancy a fuck? I could text Gemma saying I’ll be half an hour late as I’m shagging some bit stuff, then take some lucky young lady back to the van, get her bent over in the back and give her what-fettle!

A man can dream.

Gemma texts me so it’s time to head to the pub, and meet up with my nympho nubile.

I find a suitable table in the beer garden. I’ve already got the drinks, half a cider for Gemma -I hope she’s brought her ID, and pint of real ale for myself.

“Phew…pleased that’s over with” she says smiling, putting her shopping on the table and picking up her drink.
“I was still stoned off my tits in them offices, got it all sorted though. Pleased you’ve got me a nice cool cider, weather seems to be getting warmer… not that I’m complaining”.

“Aye it’s a grand day, brings the girlies and the short skirts out”.

“I know, I’ve been walking about stroking my clit” Gemma says then she spots my bag. “Is that the infamous pervy bag?”.

“Certainly is” I reply.

“I don’t know Andy…can’t take you anywhere…
…anyway did you get some good ones??” she asks excitedly,
“Can I have look?!”.

“Course you can” I say, finding the vids and handing her the phone.

“Aww…jeez, you’ve got some great ones here…look at them gorgeous tight panties… some with no knickers aswell! Lovely set of quims. Great wanking stuff for later… in fact I could with one now, can I take your phone to the bog so I can have a quick toss?”.

“No probs Gemma”.

Shortly she returned from her swift jerk-off.

“That was good, I needed that. Fourth wank I’ve had today counting the one in bed this morning”.

“Yeah the one in bed this morning sounded good” I couldn’t resist mentioning it.
“You were listening to me playing with myself?” Gemma asks.
“We often listen to you having a good jerk with yourself, as you say them walls are pretty thin”.

“Pleased I provided some early morning entertainment. Not that I haven’t heard you or mam wanking yourselves plenty of times” Gemma replies as she hands me back the phone.

“We should just all sleep in one big bed” I reply.

“Looking at them bald smooth fannies on your phone, I’m sure I’m the only lass who doesn’t shave her pubes these days”.

“I’ve often thought that aswell”.

“What? About my hairy minge?”.

“I’m always thinking about your hairy minge”.

“And up until a couple of hours ago, how exactly did you know I had a hairy minge??”.

“Well, I’d seen your lush dark inverted triangle when you’ve been wandering about flaunting yourself in them see-thru sexy-as-fuck thong’s you insist on wearing while you’re leaning over me pretending to reach that high shelf in the sitting room”.

“I beg your pardon? I do not flaunt myself! And I don’t pretend I’m doing any such thing! And anyway, you shouldn’t have been looking!”. Gemma replies, feigning indignation.

“Err…excuse me madam, I can hardly avoid looking when your panty-clad twat is only about two inches from my face!
Besides, I’m a pervert… I’m supposed to look”.

“Fair enough” says Gemma laughing.

“What would you’ve done if I’d grabbed yer arse and shoved my face into your crotch?”

“That’s what I was hoping you would do!” Gemma replies smirking.

“You’ve shaved in the past though” I continue.

“I don’t believe it, you’ve been taking notes about when I’ve shaved my minge?”.

“Well, like you say… I am obsessed with fannies, and most of those knickers of yours are fairly transparent.
Anyway, talking of knickers and you flashing your wares, I reckon we should do a warm-up for tonights shoot”.

“Shoot as in film or shoot as in jizz?”.

“Well I can guarantee the jizz” I reply.

Gemma leans over, kisses me on the cheek and whispers in my ear…“In that case, I can guarantee the film. Thanks for boots and the other things Andy. I didn’t spend all that much, I managed to get some boots, a T-shirt and a couple of sexy skirts out of a charity shop”.

“Don’t mention it… I’m sure you’ll look fantastic, can’t wait to see you all dressed up….so how about we take some stills”.

“Stills? Who do you think you are? Quentin Tarantino? Anyway, I always thought they were called dirty pictures.
Oh, did you bring your laptop?” Gemma asks.

“I did”

“Great, grandas internet has a couple of weeks left to run, he says the log-in is on the bottom of the router”.

“Yeah no problem, I’ll get it hooked up” I tell her.

“Good, I want to see some them girlies you were telling me about, get some ideas and inspiration!”

“Nice to see you’re taking a professional attitude to your acting career”.

“Well you know I am interested in making films and that sort of stuff, I done a course at college, I’m aiming to be behind the camera rather than in-front of it.

“Come on then young Gemma”. I say getting the phone ready.

“Come on what?”.

“Let’s see yer knickers” I reply wondering if she remembers she isn’t actually wearing any, seeing as I’ve got them back in my pocket.

“Okay” she says grinning, as she stands up, unbuttons the front of her denim skirt and pulls it open.

I get a photo of Gemmas lush hairy puss.

“Give us a flash over here then”. One of the four lads sitting on the other side of the beer garden shouts over, being egged on by his mates.

Without batting an eyelid Gemma turns round and lifts the front of her skirt right up to past her waist.
She doesn’t say a word.
Cool as fuck.

The lads fall silent and their faces are a picture. Can it be they’ve never seen a hairy fanny? Can it be they’ve never seen a fanny??
Whatever it is, Gemma’s nice tight bush will be the highlight of wanking fantasies tonight, and for a long time after that I shouldn’t wonder.
One of them quickly manages to get a pic of the lovely view.

“That shut them cheeky buggers up” Gemma says laughing.

“Too right Gemma…you certainly showed them”.

“Why are you smirking?”

“Err, I’m not smirking… just laughing at them lads”.

“Hmm… I reckon you’re up to something”.

“Nope, not me.
Anyway…how come them lads get a full skirt-up-around-the-waist job, and I only get a glimpse through the curtains?” I ask.

“You’ve seen my knickers load of times!
Anyway… I’m an exhibitionist” she replies grinning.

Gemma opens one of the bags and retrieves a shirt skirt, sussie belt and a pair of stockings.
“Talking of knickers, there’s your stuff I promised to get you” she says smirking.

“Ooh lovely” I say holding up the outstretched sussies.

“Give us a twirl then mate!” one of the lads shouts over, his mates laughing along.

“Don’t encourage him” Gemma shouts back.

She see’s the glint in my eye.

“Don’t you dare!”

“Wouldn’t dream of it” I say grinning as I start removing my shorts underneath the table.

“I can see us getting barred from this pub” Gemma says laughing.

Dressed in my garb I stand up.

“So what do you think then guys?” I say lifting my skirt and displaying my finery and nine inch penis.

“Aww whoa -put that thing away you dirty bastard!!!” came the reply, the lads around the other table nearly choking on their pints and having a good laugh.
Camera Man getting some pics.

“I’m going to the bar, can I buy you lads a drink?” I offer.

“No way, the drinks are on us … you’s two are providing the entertainment” laughs one… “just ask the barman to put it on our tab, he also knows what we’re drinking”.

I’m greeted with a few wolf whistles and jeers as I enter the pub and approach the bar. Even though it’s only 12 noon the barman doesn’t bat an eyelid, perhaps the place is a regular c/d hangout or perhaps he’s just being professional.

I head for the door with a tray of drinks when someone shouts over asking if the pub has started waitress service.

“Be right over petal, I’ll even let you grope my arse” I call back, much to the amusement of his drinking buddies.
The guy himself doesn’t see the funny side and staggers over.

“You taking the fucking piss?”

The bar goes quiet, if there’d been a piano player he would have stopped playing.

“Beer isn’t that bad” I tell him looking down at my tray of drinks.

He gives a confused look and growls.

“Two possible outcomes mate, first one is you going outside and explaining to them lads why you’re wearing their drinks. Second one is you go back to your seat and we’ll forget all about it” I continue.

“Sit back over here yer daft bastard, he’s bigger than you
…and he’s sober” one of his pals advises.

The guy gives another growl and mumbles “fucking faggot” as he returns to his seat.

“…and a good day to you Sir” I reply before returning outside.

One of the lads asks what the relationship is between me and my young girlie friend, “this weirdo reckons you’re probably father and daughter” jestering towards his mate.

“Seems that weirdo reckons right” I casually remark, silencing four mouths.

“Never a dull moment” Gemma comments when I return to the table.

“Life’s too short” I reply.

“Getting a bit hassle in there Andy?”

“Just some bloke getting himself excited at the sight of a guy in a skirt, bit too much to drink aswell”.

“Must have started early… all mouth and no trousers eh?” Gemma’s smirking looking at my legs.

We finish our drinks and after saying farewell to our new friends we notice a newsagent over the road and decide we need some baccy and skins before heading to Erics place.

“We’re going in with you dressed like that?” Gemma asks.

“Unless you’ll be embarrassed…” I say knowing she doesn’t like losing face.

So we’re standing in the shop waiting to be served, Gemma standing behind me with her hand up my skirt getting a good grope of my bum.
Me with my hand behind me up the front of her skirt, playing with her minge hoping I don’t get too much of an erection.


Erics house is about 3 miles out of town, on a country road, separated from the neighbours by a small paddock. Hedges surround the front of the property, with a wooden double gate at the front.
Laura had told me her father had been a wheeler-dealer in his time buying and selling everything from eggs to ecstasy tablets… and from the look of his gaff he’d been pretty good at it.

We pull up on the gravel drive and I get the bags out of the van and follow Gemma who unlocks her grandfathers door and we enter the house.

Gemma shows me around the downstairs.

Most of the furniture has also been donated to charity. Thankfully Eric has left us a three piece suite and a coffee table. There’s also his TV and hi-fi, both of which we’ll be taking back in the van along with some antiques. A final house clearance will take care of anything that’s left.

The main living area is the back room which leads out via a climbing plant covered veranda to the well-secluded south-facing back garden. Surrounded by high walls it’s probably been a Victorian walled garden in it’s time.
Now it’s one big lawn, I’m assuming the lawnmower man has been kept on as it’s looking well maintained.

We enter the kitchen.

“Right, the first thing you can do is make me a nice cup of coffee”.

“Eh? ”.

“Let’s get one thing straight, from now on you’re my submissive, submissives do not back-chat their Dom”.

I’m stood there speechless. Gemma’s standing with folded arms trying to look stern and serious.

“I believe I asked for a nice cup of coffee, why am I seeing no signs of it?”

I just burst out laughing.

“Come on Andy, you agreed. I’m happy making the movie, you have to play along. It’s only a bit of fun. Oh…you also have to call me Miss. Anyway, I like the way you make coffee.”

“Fair enough and flattery will get you everywhere…Miss. A nice cup of coffee coming up, I take it you brought the relevant requisites?”.

“I did, along with other stuff we’ll need, even though it should have been your job”. Gemma smirks.

“I’m going to be treated like this for the whole weekend? What the fuck have I signed up for?” I say as I fill the kettle.

I don’t really mind, -there’s no such thing as a free lunch, and I can’t wait to get my dick stuck into Gemmas hairy-pie.

I make the coffee and Gemma shows me upstairs. There’s four bedrooms only one of which has a bed remaining.

“So what’s the sleeping arrangements?” I ask.

“Well you’re not sleeping with me! Your snoring’s ridiculous, I’m having the bed, you can sleep in the bath”.

“I’ll chuck you in the bath… Miss! I’ve got my camping gear, if you want me to sleep in the tent in the back garden”.

“Ha ha… I’m sure you’ll be fine on the couch downstairs”.

“Right, I’ll set the laptop up, I know you’re dying to peruse some porn”.

“Too right I am, but first I’m taking a shower.”

Back downstairs I’ve got the laptop out of the van, and getting the internet hooked up.


Oh dear, sounds like the shit just hit the fan!

“Is that you shouting Gemma darling? Is there a problem?”.

“Can you just come to bottom of the stairs Andy please?”. Gemma replies in that ‘you’re in deep fucking shit matey’ sort of tone.

The stairs double back on themselves with a wooden rail at the top. A rail supported by spindles spaced about nine inches apart. One of these spaces was now framing Gemmas wonderful furry pussy. She’d removed her skirt and was now only wearing a t-shirt.
She’s standing with legs apart.

“Fucking hell Gemma…what a gorgeous sight”.

Im looking right up at her cunt. From my vantage point her long smooth silky legs reach up to her cameltoe, her small labia can be seen through her short pubic hair. Her fanny nectar slowly trickling out.
I quickly get my phone out and take a pic of the beautiful sight.

“Nevermind taking photos and ogling my twat! Thanks for reminding me that I wasn’t wearing any fucking knickers!”

“I thought you knew!”

“As if I’d flash my twat to all and sundry, you must think I’m a right tart”

“Well you are a right tart”.

Gemma isn’t taking the bait.

“Them lads would have seen everything!…well not quite everything”.

Gemma opens her legs and slowly bends her knees lowering herself down onto her haunches holding on to the rail with her left hand, the index finger of her right hand slowly moving in and out of her delightful pussy. Her thumb rubbing her erect clitoris. Her legs can’t get any wider apart. Gemmas fanny is nearly coming through the gap in the spindles!

“They didn’t see this oozing… dripping…gaping cunt…just aching for a big fat cock…”.

All the time she’s playing me with those eyes, knowing exactly what she’s doing.

“Right that’s it… submissive or no submissive, a man can only take so much” I say as I turn and start running up the stairs.

She quickly gives out a mock scream, jumps up and runs giggling into the bathroom.

“Open this door this minute young lady!” I say playing along.

Gemma’s on the other side of the door pissing herself laughing.

“Oh dear me Subby, that’s no way to talk to your Dom. Are you standing with a huge erection?”

“Not really”.

“I think we know Mister Dong better than that, I bet you’re giving yourself a good pull aswell aren’t you? Do I have a nice fanny? Marks outta ten? I’d give your answer careful consideration if I were you” she says in a comical sexy voice, Gemmas loving this.

Okay…Miss, yes I’ve got a bloody big boner, I’m having a good fucking toss and yours is the best fucking fanny I’ve ever clapped eyes on. A resounding ten out of ten”.

“Well in that case you better come in then” she says laughing and opens the door.

“Awww,…fucking hell Gemma”.

She’s standing totally naked.

“Big fucking erection, that’s what I like to see. I also want it in my mouth, that’s if it’ll fit… I’ve never sucked one this big” she says as she’s kneeling down and handing me her phone.

“Vid time once again, I want it focused on the spunk shooting out of your dick and into my mouth. I’ll hold your bell-end on my bottom lip” she smiles.

“I’ve a feeling that won’t be too long!” I reply

“Tell me when you’re going to come”.

She gets to work. Her technique is pretty good, nice and slow, making sure my foreskin is kept pulled forward, the way I like it…the way her mother does it.
Seems like Laura’s also told her daughter how I like my cocked sucked!
-Well done Laura, you’re my sort of woman.

I’m holding her head and slowly fucking her mouth, she’s looking up at me with them damn fucking sexy eyes of hers.

“Fuck me…I’m going to shoot!”.

Gemma quickly stopped sucking and positioned her mouth, lips and my penis while I’m getting it all on camera. Spunk shooting straight into her mouth, there’s no mess, no waste when Gemmas in control your cock!

“Gemma that was fucking wonderful!”.

“Glad you like my style” replies Gemma.

“Right, I’ve had your cock-custard so can you now kindly piss off while I have my shower?”.

“Only if I can have a quick one first”. I ask.

“Go on then…I’ll wash your back if you like, got to keep my submissive clean and in tiptop condition” Gemma grins.

“Very amusing”.

“Anyway…I’ve got a slight confession” she says a few minutes later as she starts soaping my shoulders.

“Come on then, let’s have it” I say laughing.

“You know dont you?”.

“With you, it could be anything”.

“Cheeky” she says slapping my bum, “I knew all the time I wasn’t wearing any knickers”.

“Ha ha, I wasn’t quite sure… you’re a good actress”.

“Of course I knew, I’d just been to the toilet for a wank remember? I got a canny kick out of it mind…did you see the look on them lads faces?”

“I did, I even got a pic of them… funny as fuck”.

“Fancy you telling them I was your daughter”.

“Ha ha, I don’t think they believed me and if they did it’ll give them something to talk about for the next few weeks”

By now Gemma’s slowly washing my arse.

“You’ve got a nice bum, I’m always admiring it”.

“You mean you get off ogling your mothers boyfriends posterior??”

“I certainly do, bit like you ogling your girlfriends daughters entire body”. Gemma retorts.

“Err… don’t flatter yersel miss, I’m only into your arse, your cunt and your legs”.

With that she gives my bum another playful slap.

I turn to face her, and I’ve got a semi.

“My God, doesn’t take long for King Dong to come back to life!”

“Not when it’s being entertained by a young randy-as-fuck nymphomaniac”.

“Well, you better get it under control, all ejaculated sperm must go down my throat. Play with your willy as much as you want but no shooting your load if I’m not there!
I’ll be checking for semen stains”.

“Let me know if you find Master Bates”.

I finish showering and towel off.

“I’m off for a lie down, I’ve got the laptop sorted, just go to my home page I’m sure you’ll find plenty of things of interest among my bookmarks. Oh, you’ll also find something else of interest on the coffee table, it’s good stuff so be careful with it.”

“Sounds intriguing” Gemma laughs.

Aswell as making sure the tank was full on the van, Eric also insisted on
giving me a big bag of coke for my “time and effort”. Unlike a lot of folks who aren’t short of a bob or two, Eric is no tight-wad.

I leave Gemma to do her pampering and head for the only room with a bed.

I sit and roll myself a big spliff, fire it up and think about the bizarre day… even though it’s only two in the afternoon.

I give the situation a rye smile… Gemmas stitched me up!
I’ve a sneaky suspicion she was planning on making pornos anyway. I even devised my own honey pot, when I first suggested making the movie she decided to pretend it was my idea!

Out-smarted by an eighteen year old.
Andy, you’re losing your touch mate.
I blame the weed. Gemma was stoned out of her tits and she got one over on me. Seems I’m not smoking enough of the stuff!

The best way is to let women think they have the upper hand, or in Gemmas case there’s no thinking about it…she does they have the upper hand.

Accept defeat gracefully.

I don’t mind spending money on the lass, I often do… I’ve no c***dren of my own to spend money on. Laura says I spoil her.
And I can put up with this subby business, not sure how long for mind.

No doubt her mother’s in on the whole thing aswell.

I reckon it’s time for a siesta, get the batteries recharged for whatever else my teenage sex bomb has lined up.

I’m woken a couple of hours later by the phone ringing. It’s Laura.

“Hiya Laura”

“Hi Andy… …did you get down safely?”


“did Gemma get the paperwork sorted?”


“are you now at dads house?”


“have you had one of your siestas?”


“have you just woke up?”


“have you and my daughter fucked each other yet?


Slightly stunned silence?

“We had a wank together in the van, then I gave her dripping minge a good tonguing out. Then when we got here, she gave me a blow job in the bathroom, your daughter seems to love swallowing spunk. No actual fucking though, but of course you already knew all that”.

Laura’s sniggering.

“Do you not mind? Had a feeling Gemma was keeping you up to date”.

“Of course I don’t mind, share and share alike. Bad job if a mother can’t loan out her fuck buddy to her daughter for the weekend.
All three of us are obsessed with sex, all three of us are perverted, can’t see any problem with it, and I’ve a feeling you’re well up for it.
Yeah, we had a canny conversation the other night, knew she’d be planning something. Sure enough she just came out and asked if it was okay if you and her got it together when you went away for the weekend.
I’m surprised you two haven’t had sex before now anyway. I said yes on the condition that she brings back plenty of vid footage of the hmm… interesting bits.
Oh, she’s also promised me some fit young lad who’s into milfs”. Laura replies. Unlike her daughter, Laura doesn’t have a mouth like a sewer, not quite anyway.

“Don’t think you’ll be disappointed on the movie front, Gemmas phone camera has hardly been out of her hands.
Oh… she’s also got me as her bloody submissive!”

Slight tittering.

“You know about that aswell don’t you? Gemmas been texting you updates!”

“How did you cotton-on?”.

“Well, my suspicions were raised when she started videoing everything, she’s also brought her entire camera kit with her stashed in the back of the van. Will you not mention it to her about me knowing? She did do a good job of pulling a fast one, don’t want to piss on her parade”.

“Okay, I’ll try to keep it quiet” Laura replies.

“You’ll be out on the pull tonight then Laura”.

“Certainly am Andy, there’s a youngish couple I seen out last week.
I shagged him a few years ago, his girlfriends bi. I reckon he’ll be up for it, not sure about her, but I think I’ll give them a go and see what happens”.

“Hope you get fixed up and get plenty of pics and vid”.

“And I hope you get to shag Gemma… which I’m sure you will.

“Ha ha, we’ll see, if I do then I do, if I don’t then I don’t.
I’m having a good time anyway. I’ll give you a ring tomorrow Laura…”.

“Bye Andy”.

In the bathroom, not only can I hear music but also two female voices coming from outside, sounds like Gemma has company.
Mmm…she didn’t mention inviting anyone, no reason why she should I suppose.

I make my way downstairs and peer through the kitchen window

The only parts I can see of Gemma who’s lying on her back is her head, arms and legs, inbetween them there’s a lush small arse with a perfect moist, shiny, smooth shaved cameltoe, the type of fanny with the labia tucked inside. These are attached to an equally small torso and legs. A head of blonde hair moving between Gemmas legs complete the picture.

Gemma and her friend are having a sixty-nine!

Photography and video equipment abounds…all brought down hidden in the van…nothing like making your plans obvious.

My cock is now fully erect once again, slightly moving up and down with my heartbeat, the blood pumping right through, solid as a rock, ready for action.

I won’t get a fuck standing in the kitchen, time to join the party.

I’m standing bollock-naked just outside the veranda enjoying the view, when Gemma steals away from her licking and fingering to notice me wanking with one hand, joint in the other. She waves and then quickly puts her finger up to her lips in a ‘stay quiet’ sort of gesture.
Gemma then points to my dick and then to her friends minge, moving her pointed finger quickly backwards and forwards, a mischievous grin on her face.
She’s inviting me to fuck her guest!

“Kaz, would you like me to use my new dildo on you?” Gemma asks her friend.

“Oh… yes please” came a refined, well-educated accent. A bit posh totty??

“It’s a big one mind” Gemma and me are doing our best to keep our laughs in.

“Ha ha…the bigger the better” replies Kaz coming up for air, still not realizing there’s someone standing behind her and her girlfriend…someone who’s about to ram his dick up her tight little soaking wet quim.
Gemma grabs my now rock-hard cock and guides it in to Kazs gaping shaved twat as I gently start fucking.

Gemma has gone back to licking Kazs clit.

“Oh, oh ooh…………jeez……fucking hell……” moans Kaz.

I’ve now got my hands around her waist, humping away, giving Gemmas sexy little friend a good fucking, all pretence gone.
She must have cottoned-on by now.

“Is that nice Kaz?” Gemma eventually asks.

“Hmm…this dildo of yours feels pretty realistic Gemma…
in fact if I didn’t know any better I’d say there was a man on the other end of it”.

Gemma starts laughing.

“Yep, definitely a real-life penis, better than an imitation anytime.” Kaz laughs. “Is this dick attached to Gemmas man-friend I wonder? The one she’s never stopped talking about. Andy this, Andy that, Andys cock, Andys tongue, Andys jizz tastes really lovely”.

“Ha ha, I’ll kill you Kaz! Take notice Andy… she’s talking shite” Gemma retorts.

“Hi Kaz, are you enjoying this fuck as much as I am?” I ask.

“Hi Andy, too right I’m enjoying this fuck. I wondered how Gemma had magically conjured up a dildo out of thin air” Kaz laughed.

“First time I’ve fucked someone without having seen their face” I say keeping up the shagging.

“Ha ha, I’ve already seen pics of you…and your big dick” Kaz turns round and I see her face for the first time.
Very nice, pretty, blonde hair, brown eyes, button nose, cheeky grin.
Oh, and she looks a lot younger than Gemmas eighteen years…

“Hey Kaz, you’ve got one over on me…you’ve shagged Andy and I haven’t” says Gemma in-between licking my balls.

“Don’t worry Gemma, I’ll let you fuck one of my man-friends”.

“I’m about to shoot my load, who wants it?”

“Give it to Kaz, she hasn’t had any yet…unless she had some before she got here”. Gemma laughs.

“Nope, I wasn’t sucking any cocks at school this morning” came the reply.

I had a feeling I was fucking a schoolie.

“Kaz just sat her final exam this morning, so I invited her here to celebrate” explains Gemma.

“I’m on the pill if Andy wants to cum inside me” Kaz tells us.

“That’s a good idea, then I’ll be able to have a spunk and fanny-juice cocktail!” Gemma exclaims.

I promptly empty my balls into Kazs tight quim, one of the best fucks I’ve ever had!

I then pull off and let Gemma get stuck into her friends minge.

A wonderful Friday afternoon had by all!
Wonder what the rest of the weekend brings?

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