A Massage and More

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Today was awful. You had to wake up earlier than usual, just to go to a longer than usual workday. The traffic was worse than usual on the way in, and your usual coffee shop wasn’t open today. At work, you didn’t have any time to stop to eat lunch or to even take a break for that matter. You’re so tired you can hardly see straight. Even know on the way home you feel your eyes begin to drop and your vision gets fuzzy you’re so tired.

The only thing keeping you going is the thought of your wife waiting for you at home. Her name is Sabrina, and she’s the loveliest woman you’ve ever seen. Just thinking of her now fills you with a warm joy that starts just inside your chest. You think of her kind smile, her round face, framed by her black curls. You long to kiss her lips, to feel her in your arms. Thinking of her waiting for you at home fills you with the willpower to get home.

Sabrina promised you something special today. You can remember her words from this morning as clear as day in your head, “Sweetie, you’ve been working too hard. Just look at you. I can see the bags under your eyes. Today is Friday and you deserve a break. I’ve taken tonight off just so I can be here for you at home… I have something special planned for us that I’m positive you’ll love.” She ended the conversation with a peck on the lips and then you had to rush out the door.

God, if only you could have stayed behind for just one more minute. You could have held her in your arms. Pulled her tight into your embrace. Feeling the smoothness of her lips on yours, her warm chest pressed against yours. The feel of her back through her thin nightgown. You think of all the places you want to kiss her, all the things you want to do with her.

Your daydreams are broken up when you drive over a particularly deep pothole. The car dips down before snapping back up with a jolt that sends you bouncing around the cabin of your truck. You blink the spots from your eyes. God, you’re so tired.

It’s past midnight by now. You’re lucky no one else is on the road with the way you’re driving. At least you’re almost home by now. You feel a bit bad, Sabrina must have waited all night after taking work off for you to come home. And then you had to go and work an extra three hours later than usual. Her plans must have been ruined. Well you could eat whatever she cooked for you tomorrow morning, it would be your first day off in a while.

You pull into your driveway. Home at last. The light’s are off. Not even a light on the second floor where you and Sabrina have a bedroom. You sigh with disappointment. You hadn’t expected her to be awake, but it had been a hope of yours. Now that was gone.

The door feels like a thousand pounds as you push it open and hop out of the truck. Your boots crunch in the gravel driveway and you start to trudge towards the door. Your entire body feels like lead while you walk towards the door. Was your front path always this long? It feels like a million miles after today.

You finally reach the front door and you reach for the door handle. Before you can take it the door flies open and your met with such a beautiful sight you’re left speechless. It’s Sabrina. She stands in front of you in her little heart patterned pajama bottoms and one of your old T-shirts that she stole when the two of you had started dating. Her rosy skin is illuminated by the flickering light of a candle she carries in one hand, she canlı bahis uses the other to take your hand and pull you close to her. Her hand feels so soft pressed against your calloused hand. You let yourself be pulled close to her, so close that her head is almost pressed against your chest.

“You’re home late my love.” She whispers into your chest.

You’re so tired you can hardly talk, doubly so with a woman as beautiful as her pressed against you. You manage to grunt an affirmative.

“Mmm, it’s a bit late to have dinner. But I have something else in mind.” Sabrina looks up at you, her face framed against her curls, you’ve never wanted to kiss someone as much as you do now.

After taking off your muddy boots, Sabrina leads you by the hand through the house. She takes you past a clean kitchen with an array of pots and pans still in the drying rack. Past the dining room with fancy candlesticks and a table set for two. She must have made quite the meal, it’s too bad you missed it.

Finally the two of you arrive in the living room. It’s not much to see, just an old couch from one of your college friends facing a newer TV that had been a gift from Sabrina’s dad. A bookshelf sat in the corner next to a little card table you and Sabrina would play board games at sometimes. And of course, your favorite armchair. It was an old armchair that Sabrina had given to you as a surprise gift a couple years back when the two of you had moved into the new house and you’d loved it ever since. It felt like it was meant for you, your body just melted right into the chair perfectly. You felt like you were sleeping on a cloud when you slept on that chair.

Sabrina sits you down and places the candle on a nearby endtable. It gives off the perfect amount of lighting. Not too much to hurt your eyes, but just enough to see your favorite person in the world. This is a good way to go to sleep. Led to your favorite place by your favorite girl. You even get to watch her as you fall asleep. It’s too bad she can’t cuddle up with you on the armchair.

She leans forward and kisses you on the lips. It feels like a breath of fresh air after being inside all day. You feel great just feeling her lips on your own. She pulls away and you just want to lean forward and kiss her again and again forever. You go to hold her but she places her arms on your shoulders and pushes you back down, gently, but firmly.

“You’ve been working so hard lately and my favorite guy deserves a reward for everything he’s done.” She trails her hands across your skin letting them slide down your biceps to your forearms before resting on your hands, “If you want to stay up a bit longer, I could give you a massage. I learned how to give them back in college and I’ve always been told I give great massages… would you like that before you go to bed honey?”

You’re so tired you don’t even bother saying a word. You just nod your head and make an affirmative grunt. Sabrina giggles. She walks around the chair until she’s directly behind you. You look up at her and she smiles back down at you.

“Let’s get you out of that shirt to start, it’s drenched in sweat.”

You raise your arms helpfully and she pulls the shirt up and over your head before tossing it into a corner. The cool air feels nice on your body after being stuck in that shirt all day. Sabrina starts to rub your shoulders. She moves fingers in small circles around your upper bahis siteleri back, pressing into all the tight spots in your muscles. Where you feel the most sore. You groan with relief as you can feel all the worked up stress and tension drain away from your body under your wife’s loving care.

Sabrina gently leans you forward so she can get to your back. You feel her hot breath on the nape of your neck while she works. The tickle of her hair against your shoulder. Her hands feel simply divine while they work their way up and down your back. Pressing and pushing all the tension right out of your body. You let out another prolonged groan of relief while she does her work.

As she finishes up with your back she leans forward to whisper in your ear, “I always loved giving you massages the most… you’re just so perfect for me.”

She leans forward even farther to give you a kiss but tumbles over the back of the chair into your lap with a soft thump. Sabrina is light enough where it’s more cute than painful to have her land in your lap like this. She looks up at you, her hair obscuring her face, and she laughs. After a moment you laugh too. She’s so pretty when she laughs. You lean forward and brush the hair from her eyes, then you kiss her.

This kiss is different from the last one. she’s surprised at first, but then she happily responds. Pulling herself tight against your chest, her arms wrapped around your body. She feels so soft pressed against you. You realize that her shirt has fallen down around one shoulder. You also become intensely aware of your growing erection pressing directly into her bottom.

Finally you two break off the kiss. She’s panting a little as she draws away and you can see a new look in her eyes. A look she usually reserves for the bedroom.

She slips out of her shirt in an instant. Her body is lithe and toned, but at the same time curvy. Your eyes are drawn down to her breasts. She never wears a bra to bed so she wasn’t wearing one now. You reach out with both hands to take her full breasts in your hands. They’re round and pert under your touch. Sabrina’s breathing comes heavier as you start to stroke her hardening nipples with your thumbs.

“I love you so much.” You both whisper together.

Sabrina sits up in your lap so that she’s straddling your legs. You keep rubbing her breasts. Your own mini massage just for her and one of your favorite parts of her body. Her legs tremble against your own and you can feel the rise and fall of her chest come fast now.

She’s not the only one that’s aroused though. Your erection is almost painful in your pants. You glance down at the growing bulge. Sabrina follows your gaze and she unzips your pants. Her hands lingering a for just a second on your cock. You moan through your teeth, desperate to feel more. Sabrina unbuttons your pants and then stands to tug them down to your ankles.

Before she sits back down, she tugs at the drawstring of her pajama pants and lets them fall to the ground. Puddling on the floor around her shapely legs. You can’t take your eyes off of her underwear. Cute bikini style panties that were hot pink with a little bow on them. God, you just wanted to rip them off of her.

Sabrina sits back down on your lap. Her groin rubbing against your own. You felt such a need to be deep inside of her. You could hardly contain yourself. She hugs you close and lets her breasts press against bahis şirketleri your chest with nothing to separate the two of you. Her head rests on your chest, listening to your breathing.

“I know how much you want me…” She moans into your chest, “I’m going to give you everything you want.”

You tug down your underwear letting your dick out. Your so hard right now it almost hurts. Sabrina’s groin rubs against your cock, teasing it. Just that little scrap of cloth keeping you from everything you want right now. She smiles up at you and hooks her fingers in the waistline of the panties. Sabrina gets up on her knees and shimmies her way out of the panties revealing her already moist pussy.

She lets herself rest back in your lap. Her pussy resting right against your throbbing cock. You’re so close. So fucking close. You can already imagine yourself fucking her. The way she moans in your ear. Her tight pussy around your cock.

Sabrina moans as you buck your hips against her, running your cock between her pussy lips. She rubs herself back against you. The two of you hump against each other, getting more and more passionate with each pass. Your cock runs up and down her pussy lips, never quite entering her. Just teasing you.

Until finally she brings herself up a bit farther than usual and as she brings herself back down, the tip of your cock finds the entrance to her wet pussy. She freezes. Poised with the head of your dick resting just inside of her.

You take her hips in your hand and gently push her down onto her cock. You slowly enter her tight pussy until she’s resting back on your lap again. Your dick entirely in her vagina. Sabrina gives a long moan and collapses into your chest, she’s so close you can feel it. You are too at this point.

You start to buck your hips again while she holds you close. Pushing your cock in and out of her pussy even while she rests in your lap. Sabrina’s moans get louder and louder as fuck her faster and faster. Her breaths are shorter and more frenzied now and she starts to move in rhythm with you.

The two of you move against each other. You bucking your hips up even as she bounces up and back down onto your cock. She’s so tight you can barely contain yourself anymore. Each time she drops down her pussy clamps tighter around your cock.

Finally Sabrina cums. She lets out one long shudder and collapses against your body again. Her breathing comes out in quick moans and pants of breath. Your shaft is coated with her juices by now while her pussy clamps down around your cock.

You lean backwards into the chair pulling her with you even while she climaxes. Almost subconsciously, Sabrina still grinds your dick into her pussy. Rubbing around and around until you can’t hold back either anymore. You erupt right into her hot, welcoming pussy.

The two of you gasp and collapse together. You into the armchair, and Sabrina into you. You hold her against you. After a couple minutes she crawls off of your cock to snuggle up close to your chest. The two of you lie together like this in the candlelight. Enjoying each other’s company, enjoying each other’s warmth, enjoying each other’s love.

“I love you so much” Sabrina whispers one more time before the both of you fall asleep.


Hi everyone! This was my first story that I’m publishing here on this account and I’m glad you read it! I hope everything was to your liking and I’ll try and publish more stuff like it in the future. If you have anything you want me to write about in particular feel free to send a pm, I’d love to hear your ideas! Until then I hope you enjoy this piece I have~~

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