Camping Trip

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Angela White

DAY 1: Sunday

Josh had moved to a new city shortly after he graduated from college for the obvious reason be being offered a job. Looking to stay in shape and meet some people he started playing basketball at local gym after being told by a client about a regular pick up game. It wasn’t a very competitive group, more just a group of guys who enjoyed playing and needed the exercise. Josh became friends with Henry, the man who organized the games.

Josh had been playing for around a year when Henry invited him to go camping with him and his family, plus some family friends. Henry was married to a beautiful woman named Susan, and together they had a couple of kids. The first year Josh went with them the kids and their friends who also came along, were all in High School. Josh had a great time playing cards, hiking, and fishing with everybody.

Josh had not gone on the annual camping since that first time, as things at work became busier and schedules didn’t match up. He had gotten a promotion at work, which allowed him less spare time, which allowed him less time to play basketball. In turn, he had seen Henry and his family less than he would have liked.

One day was able to make it out to the gym and afterward while catching up, Henry mentioned the camping trip. The next day Josh checked the dates, saw he would be able to come, and called Henry to reserve his spot.

Going on the trip would be Henry, his wife Susan, their twenty-one year old son Doug, and 18yr old daughter Kathleen. Also, Kathleen’s longtime friend Samantha and Doug’s best friend Justin were coming, plus a new friend of Susan’s named Annie. It had been three years since Josh had attended the trip. Back then Kathleen was only a sophomore in High School and Samantha was a Senior. Now Kathleen was getting ready to start college.

On the day they were set to leave, Josh pulled into Henry’s driveway. Henry and Susan were loading up the Suburban and Doug and Justin were loading the camping supplies into the back of Doug’s pick-up.

“Take your stuff over to the guys they have room in the truck,” yelled Henry when he saw Josh get out of his car.

Susan came over and gave Josh a hug, “It’s good to see you again. If you’re hungry there is some food in the kitchen if the girls haven’t put it away. If they have, make them make you something.”

Josh brought his bags to Doug and Justin, “Do you know which car I am going up in?” Josh asked. “I want to throw my backpack in there”.

“Hope you don’t mind, but you’re with the kids,” said Henry as he walked over to make sure everything was being packed properly. Josh didn’t mind, even though he considered Henry a friend, he did not consider himself an “old person”, meaning he was not married and did not have any children of his own. Riding with the kids would be fun.

Josh walked into the house. As he entered the kitchen he saw Kathleen and Samantha. Josh remembered Samantha had been an athlete throughout high school playing a variety of sports. Since graduation she had not lost any of the tone to her body. Her brown hair was highlighted with some blonde and was shoulder length and straight, tied into a little ponytail.

“Hey Josh,” said Samantha smiling. She came over and gave him a hug. She had always been the most outgoing and friendly of her friends.

Josh then looked and saw Kathleen. The last time he had seen her she was a cute skinny girl starting high school. Now he saw she had grown up. Her dark-brown hair was straightened and long, falling to her mid-back. She was still really slim, but she still had plenty of curves with long legs, which were really on display with the short-shorts she was wearing. She also had on a tank-top which showed that while her breasts had not become large at all they had rounded into a real nice small b cup Josh was really shocked how beautiful she had become and had to stop himself from staring.

“Hey Kathleen, its been a long time. Good to see you.” Kathleen walked over and awkwardly gave Josh a hug.

“I’m so glad you could come. We were scared it was going to be really boring, just my parents and us. The guys are going home early because Doug has to work,” said Kathleen.

“So Sarah isn’t coming?” asked Josh. Sarah was Kathleen’s best friend and every time Josh saw Kathleen and Samantha, Sarah was there also.

“Nah, she has jury-duty. But if she gets released early she may come up Tuesday or Wednesday,”

Josh grabbed a small sandwich and made his way outside again. Everything looked loaded into the cars.

“Josh is that you? If so come over here,” called Susan, “I want you to meet my friend Annie.” Josh walked over to where Susan was. “This is Annie; she was in the horticulture class I took last semester.”

Annie was blonde, about average height, and wearing a sundress that showed her to have a great tanned body, with nice legs, and huge breasts with plenty of cleavage showing.

“It’s great to meet you,” said Josh, giving Henry a look. Henry always had joked about Josh bahis firmaları needing a wife, and it looked like he and Susan were using the camping trip as a set-up. “Are you riding with the kids also?” Josh inquired of Annie.

“No, I’ll let you catch up with the kids; I don’t know them at all. Susan and I haven’t talked in a couple of weeks and need to catch up. Hopefully Henry won’t mind all the girl talk,” replied Annie giving Josh a smile as she got into the backseat of Doug’s F-150.

Josh went over to the Suburban. Doug was driving and Justine was in the shot-gun seat. Samantha was lying down over the bench in the second row. Kathleen was sitting alone in the back bench.

“You’re in the back with Kathleen,” said Samantha. “I worked late last night and want to sleep.”

“You’re going to roll off when we start going up the mountains”, said Doug flatly. Doug had always been a quiet guy, but a nice one. Justin was more out-going, especially around girls, though he always treated Kathleen and her friends like they were his little sisters.

“So it looks like Henry and Susan brought along a lady for you,” said Justin. “She looks pretty good from here.”

Josh climbed in the backseat with Kathleen. There were so much luggage that Kathleen was sitting in the middle of the seat because there was a suitcase on the left side. Josh squeezed in next to Kathleen. The ride up was uneventful. It winded on a one-lane highway for about two hours, but since everybody had been up here a couple of times nobody was nervous. After an hour in the car Kathleen fell asleep and ended up resting her head on Josh’s shoulder. Josh didn’t mind at all having a beautiful eighteen year old girl sitting so close to him as he read and listened to his ipod.

When they arrived they set up camp. There were three tents, one for Henry and Susan, one for the guys, and one for the girls. Henry was setting up his supplies and Susan and Annie started getting out food for dinner. The kids were sitting around. Josh noticed there was no fire wood.

“I’m gonna go look for fire wood, anybody want to come with me?” he called out.

“I will,” replied Kathleen. Josh and Kathleen went walking around looking for wood. They didn’t find any real close to the camp so they had to hike a couple minutes out.

“Hey sorry for falling asleep on you in the car,” blurted out Kathleen. “You probably think I’m some stupid little girl trying to flirt with the cute older guy.”

“It was no big deal,” replied Josh. Kathleen turned around and seeing a log that would be good for burning bent over to pick it up. Josh watched and admired her long legs and tight ass. “And I would never call you stupid”.

“Thanks, have I told you I’m real glad you came?” as Kathleen said that she walked forward and gave Josh a kiss. Josh was shocked and before he had time to figure out what was happening Kathleen broke the kiss. “You should come around more often after the trip.” With that Kathleen picked up some wood and made her way back to camp.

When Josh walked back into camp Kathleen was stacking the wood she had brought back near the fire pit. She glanced back and smiled at Josh. He walked over and stacked up what he had brought back. “I’ll go and look for more,” said Josh looking at the small pile, figuring it was barely enough to last the night.

“Don’t worry about it, Sammy and boys took the truck to go get some bigger pieces. Pull up a chair and relax,” said Henry.

Just then Annie came out of the girls’ tent. She had changed from her sundress into some sweats. They were very snug, showing off her large butt. On top she wore a zip up sweat shirt. It was pulled down enough to show plenty of cleavage. Her blonde hair was pulled back into a pony tail. Annie grabbed a chair and sat down next to Josh.

Josh and Annie talked, getting to know each other. Annie shared she had gotten married to an older guy when she was only nineteen. By the time she was twenty-two she was bored, not wanting to have kids quite yet. They divorced, and she went back to school to become a physical trainer. Now she works at a rehab facility and never really has to worry about money because of the divorce settlement. She had decided a horticulture class would be good training to help her with her garden and yard at home. She and Susan had become friends as they were the only two women in the class. And since she had never really been to the mountains she decided to take Susan up on her invitation to come camping.

Samantha, Doug and Justin returned with lots of wood and built a fire. Dinner was soon ready as the sun was setting. Everybody sat around the fire and ate, talking and enjoying each others company. As it got later in the evening, the four youngsters started playing cards at the table.

“I’m gonna go for a walk up the hill to get a better view of the stars,” called out Josh, “Anybody want to come?”

Nobody responded, so Josh grabbed his flashlight and walked up a hill and onto a large rock. Away from the fire and in a clearing kaçak iddaa with no trees, there were no obstructions for the stars. Josh lay down and gazed at the beauty. Shorty he heard somebody walking towards him. He fumbled around for his flashlight and saw Annie making her way in his direction.

She really was hot wearing her tight sweat pants and low-cut sweatshirt. Josh figured her tits had to be fake, because they were huge and really stood out. She was carrying a blanket.

“I found you,” Annie said relieved. “I was scared I would come out her looking for you and get lost. “Do you want some company?”

“I would love some,” said Josh as he sat up a little.

Annie sat down close to Josh and spread the blanket over her legs. “Want to share?”

“Thanks, it’s getting pretty cold”.

As Annie spread the blanket over Josh’s lap she brushed her hand over his crotch. “Opps,” she said. She snuggled closer to Josh and put her head on his shoulder. “The stars are really beautiful aren’t they?”

“I think there are more beautiful things to stare at,” Josh replied.

“Oh really, do you only want to stare?”

“What do you have in mind?”

“Well the blanket is nice, but I know a better way to warm me up.”

“And what would that be?”

“You eating my pussy should get me pretty hot. And if you do a good job, maybe there is a reward for you”.

Josh could not believe what he was hearing. This girl is a freak he thought, but a really hot one.

“Well, let’s go.”

Josh’s eyes had become accustomed to the dark and the flashlight was left on giving enough light for him to see Annie stand up and pull her sweats down a couple of inches showing the top of her panties. She turned around and bent forward some. She was wearing a g-string, and seeing the top of her ass made Josh’s cock get really hard inside his pants. She pulled the sweats down all the way and turned around. She then sat on the blanket, pulled her panties off and spread her legs.

Her pussy was bald, except for a small triangle of hair at its top which was trimmed very short. Josh had not gone down too often on girls, and normally it was with a girl he had been seeing for a while. Still he knew enough. He rubbed his hand a little up and down her pussy. Then leaned in and stuck his tongue in and flicked it around.

“That’s a good boy,” said Annie. “Don’t be shy, dive right it.”

Josh pulled her pussy lips open a little bit and pushed his tongue in all the way. He kept at it for a couple minutes then pulled his tongue out and started sucking on her engorged clit.

“Oh SHIT, that is good,” moaned Annie. Josh continued to play with her clit. He then shoved his tongue back in and went to work. Annie’s moans were coming faster now. Josh started to speed up his tongue.

“Oh, god, that is so good, just like that. Oh fuck, oh fuck, OH FUCK!” screamed Annie as she orgasmed. Luckily she bit down on her hand and muffled the yell or half the forest would have heard. Josh licked her pussy a couple of times tasting her cum.

After a couple of minutes Annie sat up, “Well that was great, how about I pay you back. Sit down!” Josh sat down and Annie lay down next to him with her head by his crotch. She unzipped his jeans and tried to pull out his cock.

“Ouch, be gentle,” pleaded Josh.

He undid the top button on his pants and pulled them down along with his boxers. Out popped Josh’s hard cock in the cold night air. Annie with no hesitation lowered her mouth onto it and wrapped her lips around the head. Josh could feel her tongue flicking around the head as her lips made a seal. She pulled off with a popping noise.

“Was that gentle enough?” Annie asked teasingly. Before Josh could respond Annie swallowed half his cock into her mouth. She went up and down, keeping his dick inside her mouth.

Pulling away from his cock for a second Annie asked, “Ever been deep throated before?”

“No, but I bet I won’t be able to say that in a couple of seconds, will I?” replied Josh.

Annie took his entire length down her throat. Josh couldn’t believe a blowjob could feel this good. After holding his cock down her throat for a couple of seconds Annie came up for air, only to go right back down again. This time Josh held her face in his hands and started to thrusts his hips upward, fucking her face. Josh felt Annie pushing up and let go of her head. She pulled away coughing.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean…” said Josh apologetically.

Annie did not respond, only lowered her mouth down again onto his cock. Josh could see her nose was touching his pubic hair. He decided to stay out of it and just enjoyed Annie, sucking, licking and swallowing his cock.

Josh couldn’t hold out any longer and stammered, “Annie, I’m getting close,” She took her mouth off his cock, but started to stroke it with her hands. Josh started cumming, and Annie opened and lowered her mouth to catch what she could.

“Thanks, for the dessert” said Annie wiping the cum that hand not landed kaçak bahis in her mouth with her finger and feeding herself. “Hopefully we can find more time to play on this trip.”

Annie found her panties and pulled them on, then her sweat pants. She then walked off leaving Josh laying down on the rock with his cock hanging out of his pants. Eventually Josh sheathed his sword and hiked back to the camp. When he got there everybody, including Annie, was sitting around the campfire talking. Josh came and sat in the circle, but didn’t listen to too much. He felt tired and decided he would call it a night.

Josh walked to the guys tent and grabbed his flashlight. He started walking towards the bathroom. When he was about 30 feet away from the tent he heard Kathleen call his name. “Josh are you going to bathroom? I need to go too, but don’t want to go alone”. She raced up. She had changed into flannel pajama bottoms and a top with spaghetti straps on it. The cool night air made it obvious she was not wearing a bra.

“Aren’t you cold?” asked Josh.

“Yeah, I’m freezing, but you can keep me warm?” replied Kathleen as she wrapped her arms around him. She started moving towards the bathroom, pulling Josh along with her. Josh wasn’t sure what to do with his hands, since this was his friend’s eighteen year old daughter. He settled on placing one hand on her hip and the other on her flat toned stomach. They walked to the bathroom, which was nothing more than a wooden shack with two stalls, each with a toilet that presided over a large hole. Kathleen released her grip of Josh and opened the door on the left.

“You’ll wait right?”

“Of course, don’t worry.” Josh went into the other stall and pissed into the dark whole. He finished, zipped up, and walked outside. He stood outside for a couple minutes until Kathleen’s door opened and out she came.

“Want some?” asked Kathleen as she squirted some hand sanitizer into her small petite hands. Josh stuck out his hands and she squeezed some into his also. After she had rubbed it into her hands, she immediately wrapped her arms around him hugging him tight. “I got cold again.”

Josh again put his arms around her, and subconsciously put one of his hands on her ass. Kathleen jumped a little, “Ohh, someone is naughty,” she said. Josh pulled his hand away, embarrassed.

“I didn’t say naughty was bad,” said Kathleen. With that she pulled close to Josh and gave him a slow kiss on his lips. “You taste interesting,” Kathleen observed, before quickly kissing him again, longer this time. Their tongues played with each other.

Kathleen pulled away a little bit. “We should head back; I don’t want my Dad to come looking for us”. She gave him a peck on his lips, then grabbed his hand and pulled him back towards the camp. Kathleen let go of his hand as they approached the tents. “Thanks Josh,” she said loudly, “See you in the morning, and sweet dreams.”

Josh climbed into the tent, threw on his sweats and got into his sleeping bag. This has been a pretty crazy day he thought as he lay there. After a couple of minutes he heard the zipper open and in climbed Doug.

“Hand me a light bro,” called Justin. “I got to go drain the snake.”

Doug handed him a flashlight and then got ready for bed. “So how are you enjoying everything so far?” asked Doug. Ever sense Josh had known Doug he had been quiet, and did not often make small talk with people he did not know very well. Josh knew this was Doug being friendly.

“Its been pretty cool,” replied Josh. Then he considered making out with Kathleen, and getting a killer blow job from Annie, as well as eating Annie out, he corrected himself, “Actually its been better than I could have ever imagined so far.”

Josh and Doug had been talking for a while, when all of a sudden the zipper made noise, and opened and Justin’s head popped in.

“Boys, guess what just happened to me,” Justin enthusiastically exclaimed. Justin climbed into the tent and got into his sleeping bag. “Man, you guys will never in a million years guess what just happened.”

Josh and Daniel did not respond, both taking the comments as rhetorical in nature not needing a response.

“So I was walking to the bano and your Mom’s hot friend Annie started walking with me. So I told her she was hot, putting some of my charm on her, and then she asked me if I wanted a blowjob for being so sweet.”

As Justin talked his words came quicker with the excitement he was feeling. “She just pulled down my pants and sucked me off in the woods. It was wild and crazy, she is one crazy chick.”

“You’re joking, right?” said Doug with a mixture of awe and jealousy in his voice. “She just blew you in the woods?”

“She bent over and sucked me off right there in the woods. I know it’s crazy. I told you she is wild. Now that I know she is into me I got to work some more charm on her the rest of the trip so I can get some of that pussy. Doug, this trip is crazy, you should try and hook up with Sammy.”

“Yeah right, she’s not into me,” was Doug’s reply.

“I think the woods make girls horny,” said Justin. “Sorry Josh, if I’m banging Annie and Doug has Sammy, then that leaves you with Kathleen and…well good luck with that.”

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