Reward or Punishment

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She took a shower after he left. Tired and pleasantly tingling all over, she laid down on the bed. ‘Just for a few minutes,’ she told herself. But a few minutes turned into several hours and she slept deeply. Normally, a light sleeper, she never noticed her lover standing in the doorway watching her sleep.

His eyes roamed over her body. She lay facing him, her expression peaceful and content. Her damp hair waved and curled over her shoulders and the pillows in a dark riot. The setting sun peeking through the curtains lit her hair from behind, glinting red and copper. She’d pulled a thin sheet over herself as she’d lain down and it covered her from just under her arms to the tips of her toes. One foot peeked out from under the sheet, her toenails painted a vibrant red. Still, as his eyes slowly wandered over her, he could tell she’d fallen asleep in nothing more than what she’d been born wearing.

As he watched her, she moved in her sleep. Her lips parted and she sighed contentedly. He licked his own lips, his breath caught in his throat, as she turned to face him more. Her arms reached out and embraced the pillow next to her. In the process of turning over, the sheet slipped down, baring one of her breasts to his appreciative gaze. Her body curled up next to the pillow in a position he found achingly familiar. He’d woken up that very morning with her arms around him that same way: her head pillowed on his chest, one hand on his shoulder, one leg draped over his.

He crossed the room quietly, coming around the bed to sit behind her. She murmured softly in her sleep as the side of the bed dipped under his weight. From the back, the sheet covered far less, and his eyes followed the line of her spine as he tenderly ran one finger from the back of her neck down to her waist. He watched her body react to his touch. Even in her sleep, she arched into his hand, murmuring softly.

He leaned over and gently swept her hair off her face. He took her earlobe into his mouth and sucked on it for a moment as his hand slid around her waist to settle on her bare stomach. She gasped softly and, still dreaming, tilted her head, offering up the column of her neck and the ear he had already captured. His teeth grazed over the tender skin of her earlobe as he pulled away and whispered softly in her ear.

“Hi baby. Did you miss me while I was gone?” The words were said softly, directly into the shell of her ear. His warm breath on her skin and the sound of his voice woke her. She smiled languidly and reached down to wrap his arm tighter around her waist. Her answer came in the form of a throaty hum as she moved her body closer to him.

When she finally spoke, her voice was husky with sleep. “You’re home,” she murmured.

“Uh huh,” he kissed her neck.

“Mmmmmmm. Good. I never wanted you to leave this morning.”

He smiled into the curve of her neck. “Neither did I, but I had to go into work.” His hand slid higher, curving around one of her breasts. “Did you have a good day while I was gone?”

“Mmm hmm,” she replied. “Got everything done I needed to. Even had time for…”

“A nap?” he teased gently. She nodded and his hand dipped lower, running over her stomach and between her legs. His fingers rested just over the smooth skin of her pussy. “Did you have time for anything else today while I was away?”

“No,” she said as his fingers teased her lazily. They dipped even lower, into her, causing her to inhale sharply. The tips of his fingers came back wet and he brought them to his mouth, tasting her.

“Oh really?” he asked as he licked her juices off his fingers. “You wouldn’t be lying, would you? Cause you know what happens when you lie, don’t you?”

She shivered and closed her eyes, remembering past “punishments” and turned over to face him. “No, I’m not lying. You asked me this morning? to keep my hands to myself and I have.”

His hand trailed over her body again, his finger dipping back into her. He brought his hand up and rubbed his finger over her mouth, covering her lips with her own wetness. Her tongue snaked out to flick over the tip of his finger and her lips, moaning at the sweetness. He groaned softly as he watched her tongue slip from between her parted lips and felt it swipe over the pad of his finger. She stared at his face as she sucked his finger between her lips, and he groaned again. “Are you sure?” he asked her again.

“Mmm… positive.” He took his finger out of her mouth and ran it down her chin and throat as she kept talking. “I was having the most wonderful dream when you woke me up.”

“And ataşehir escort bayan what were you dreaming about baby?”

She grinned. “Last night. This morning. Woke up feeling so…” She stared at his face, her expression so amused.

“Mmmm… I know exactly what you were feeling, baby,” he grinned. His hand roamed lower again, cupping her breast again. “So you didn’t touch my pussy while I was gone?” He noticed her expression changed slightly and her asked her again, “Did you?” He teased her nipple between his thumb and forefinger as he spoke.

She exhaled, shuddering at the pleasure that shot through her body. She locked eyes with him. “Only as much as I had to when I took my shower.”

“Good girl.” She smiled at his approval. “And you know what good girls get, don’t you?”

She grinned. “They get their reward.”

“Yes they do baby. And what do you want for your reward?”

She pretended to think for a moment. That was the fun part. Getting to pick anything she wanted and he’d let her have it. Of course, it was fun being bad too… because his punishments were just as exciting as her rewards. She trailed a finger innocently down his chest. “I know what I want.”

“What’s that, baby?”

She reached down and cupped him through his pants. “This.”

He grabbed her wrist. “Uh uh… you know the rules. You have to say it or you don’t get it.”

She pretended to look embarrassed, lowering her eyes and looking up at him through her lashes. “I want my cock, baby.”

“That’s better. And where do you want it?”

She murmured softly, hoping he would guess what she was trying to say. Knowing what she wanted came easily for her… It was saying it aloud that she had trouble doing. Giving voice to her desires… It still embarrassed her sometimes still. She was trying to work up the courage to speak her mind when he moved. His hand slid over hers, cupping it tighter over his hardening cock. He leaned closer to her again, his mouth mere inches from her ear as he whispered to her. “Tell me what you want baby. You know whatever you want is yours tonight.”

She groaned, feeling his cock twitch under her hand as she did. She found her inspiration suddenly, her words coming out in her next rushed breath. “I want my cock, baby. In my mouth. In my hands. In my pussy. Anywhere I can get it.”

It was his turn to groan. “Yes baby… anything you want tonight.” He lifted her chin to look into her eyes, leaning in to kiss her softly. He ran his tongue over her lips, teasing them open, dipping inside to met hers. He pulled away from the kiss to look at her face, flushed and wanting. “You’ve been such a good girl today.” His lips trailed along her jaw to her ear, kissing it again. When she moaned and arched into his body, he continued on, kissing her neck.

He rolled her onto her back under him, still kissing her neck. She brought one of her hands up over the back of his neck, wanting him to continue. She turned her head, pushing it back into the pillow. He took the silent invitation and grazed his teeth over the juncture of her neck and shoulder. She gasped, bucking her body up into him, then hummed loudly as his mouth closed over the same spot, sucking softly.

He knew that was her weakness, this one spot on her neck. He’d discovered it once at a party. She’d been sitting in his lap and he’d been teasing her as she talked to friends. Running his fingers along her exposed skin. Pushing her hair aside to whisper huskily in her ear, then nip her earlobe. Rewarded with her shivers of delight and soft admonitions to stop, he’d moved on to her neck. From her position in his lap, he’d only been able to tease the right side of her neck and he’d done so unmercifully. She’d squirmed in his lap as his mouth moved lower and lower, but when he’d reached the place where her neck and shoulder met, and his tongue had swept over it lazily, she’d nearly come unglued. She moaned and ground down on his lap so hard that they left not soon after. As soon as they walked in the door of her apartment, she pushed him against the wall, slammed the door behind them and proceeded to tear him out of his clothes and ravage him.

He loved remembering that night. And making her go wild on him. He sucked harder on her neck, swirling his tongue over the skin, sinking his teeth into it and biting her until she moaned throatily. When she was writhing under him, breathing rapidly, he gave her a tender kiss and pulled away. He looked deeply into her eyes, loving the look of utter lust that swept over her.

He didn’t get to look escort kadıköy long. She growled low in her throat in frustration, and pushed him onto his back. She moved above him, straddling his thighs. She pulled his shirt out of the waistband of his pants, unbuttoning it and pushing it open. She dragged her nails slowly down his chest, watching the skin turn slightly red, feeling him squirm on the bed under her.

She grinned and reached for his belt, unbuckling it without letting her gaze leave his face. She tugged on his belt and he raised his hips, letting her slide it from the loops. She held it up like a prize and dropped it over the side of the bed. Her hands returned to his pants, unbuttoning the waist and teasingly sliding the zipper down. He moaned as the pressure on his cock lessened, until one of her hands slipped into the open fly and closed around his cock.

She leaned over him until they were almost nose to nose. Her hand stroked over him lazily. her smile broadening. before he knew it she was moving off of him and pulling his pants down off his hips. She pulled and tugged until his pants were around his ankles, then sat back on her heels to look at him. She licked her lips, her eyes on his erection, and he swallowed hard.

Her hand settled on his chest and stroked lazily down his body as he lay back and watched her. Over his stomach and along his hip. Down his thigh and back up as he watched her, anticipating. She straddled his legs again, and his hands came up to rest on her hips. His head arched back into the bed as her mouth closed over on one of his flat nipples. She swirled her tongue over it, teasing the sensitive skin with her lips and teeth as well.

She looked up at his face as she suckled on him and grinned when he moaned, pushing his hips up at her. She let herself slide gracefully down his body, her tongue trailing over his skin to his stomach. She dipped her tongue into his navel and he bucked his hips up, inhaling through clenched teeth. She looked up at him and giggled mischievously, her hand closing around his cock again. She licked her lips, wetting them, and leaned closer to his cock.

She ran the sensitive head over her closed lips, watching his face as she did. He propped himself up on his elbow to watch her, shoving a pillow behind his back to recline on. He loved watching her go down on him. She always showed such enthusiasm, her mouth teasing him with promises of what it would like later to be buried in the wet heat of her pussy. She flicked her tongue over the head as he watched her, dipping the tip of her tongue into the slit on the head of his cock before closing her lips around him and sucking gently.

Her tongue circled the head of his cock and he groaned, pushing his head back against the pillow behind him and brushing her hair away from her face so he could see better. His hand rested on the back of her neck, urging her to continue.

She closed her eyes, sucking on him slightly harder as she took him deeper into her mouth. Stroking her mouth over him, each downstroke took him deeper into the wet heat of her mouth. “Yes baby,” he moaned under his breath as she took him in. “Suck your cock baby.” She moaned at his words, the sound vibrating down his length. She shifted her body as the head of his cock brushed the back of her throat. Raising her body higher over his, she tilted her head and slowed her movements.

He groaned again, knowing what she planned to do next. Her body was very still as she relaxed and began inching his cock into her throat. He moaned, holding his body as still as possible, not wanting to hurt her as she worked her lips closer to the base of his cock. He fought to keep from bucking into her mouth, fearing she would choke if he moved even the slightest bit. He watched as her mouth engulfed him completely, her lips tight around him.

God, the things she could do with her mouth. He couldn’t even watch her eat an ice cream cone without wanting to drag her off somewhere and take her.

She swallowed around his cock several times, the rhythmic squeezing of her throat around him causing him to moan her name distractedly. She pulled her head back, sucking harder as she did. Her fingers came up around him, circling him, stroking the wet length as she moved lower on his body. He opened his legs wider, giving her room to lie between them. She stared up at him as she traced over his balls with the tip of her tongue, then took one into her mouth.

That was all it took to drive him crazy. His head pushed back into the pillow, his eyes squeezed shut as he bostancı escort groaned. Her other hand roamed up his stomach and over his chest and back as she moved back and forth, sucking first one ball into the heat of her mouth, then the other. When she finally stopped, he made a sound of disappointment. He looked down at her, wanting so much for her to keep going.

She only smiled as she slid up his body, her tongue dipping into his mouth to meld with his. And he found his cock sheathed somewhere as tight and wet and hot as her mouth had been only moments before. His arms came up around her to drag her closer to him as he pushed himself up into her. She gasped as his cock filled her and began rocking her hips. She sat up, straddling him, and began riding him. An endless stream of moans and sighs fell from her lips as they moved together. She rode him that way through five orgasms, each taking her higher and higher until the last made her fall exhausted onto his chest.

It took only a slight movement from him for her to moan in response. They didn’t even have to look at each other to know they were far from finished. He rolled her onto her back on the bed, his cock never leaving her body, and slid his hands under her back. He gripped her shoulders and drove into her deeply. Her face flushed, and she arched under him.

“This is what you want, baby. Isn’t it?” He asked, driving into her again. “For your cock to fuck you?” She nodded her head, her pleasure so intense she couldn’t speak. “Harder?” He plunged into her again, pushing her up the bed slightly, and she moaned. “Faster?” He pulled her down onto his cock, meeting his thrust. She moaned louder. “Deeper?” He drove her again, going as deeply as possible and she locked her legs around his waist in reply.

“Yes!” She finally screamed, her fingers digging into the skin of his chest, her heels beating against his ass. “Oh god… fuck me.” Her body bent backward until only her head touched the bed below her. She met each of his thrusts with her hips, fucking back into him almost as hard as he slammed himself into her.

He knew she loved being fucked this way. Her orgasms hitting harder and coming closer together until it seemed like one started just as the previous ended. What started as low murmurs rose to higher-pitched gasps and then deep, throaty moans as they moved together. He knew when she started screaming, her nails digging so deeply into his skin that it stung, that she was very close.

“God, baby, I’m going to cum,” he groaned into her ear. And he was… he was so close to his own completion that it was almost painful to hold back, but he did.

“God, cum with me,” she pleaded brokenly, her whole body trembling under his.

“Mmmmmm….. you want your cum like a good girl, don’t you baby?” He kept fucking her as he spoke.

Her eyes were closed, and her voice was breathless as she answered him. “Oh yes… Please…”

He could feel her getting closer, her body tightening around and under him. “And where do good girls get their cum baby?”

“Oh god… In their pussies… please baby…” Her last two words rose in pitch as she screamed.

“You need your man’s cum, don’t you baby?” He couldn’t hold back any longer. He was going to cum soon, but he wanted to hear her say it first. To feel her orgasm start, knowing that feeling him cum inside her would push her that much further over the edge.

“Ohhhhh…… yes!” She screamed. “I… Oh god…” And he felt her body clamp down on him tightly. It was more than he could take and he came, thrusting, inside her.

Their voices mingled together in moans and murmured affirmations as they gradually slowed. He collapsed on top of her and she accepted his weight. They shakily caught their breaths, her arms wrapping around his back, her legs sliding down his to entwine around his calves.

He brushed her hair away from her face, where tendrils clung to the sweat-dampened skin, to bury his face in her neck and kiss her softly. She hummed and her arms squeezed him tighter. He pulled out of her and she groaned at the loss, until he pulled her up against him. She curled up next to him much like she had that morning. Her head lay on his chest. One hand rested over his heart as it gradually slowed back to its normal measured beats. Her body pressed tightly to his side. One leg negligently tangled with his.

His thumb stroked idly up and down her arm as he pressed a kiss to the top of her head. He felt, rather than saw, her smile sleepily in response. Their arms tightened around each other for a brief moment, and he laid his cheek on her head.

“Go to sleep, baby,” he murmured wearily against her hair. She nodded into his chest, nuzzling him. He kept stroking his thumb over her arm soothingly, until he felt her relax in his arms, and then, he too fell asleep.

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